Information For Writers

Staff members in the Writing Center are committed to the idea that becoming a better writer is a process that takes place over time. Working with the Writing Center is best done on an ongoing basis, as this allows writers to become familiar with the writing process and provides them with writing strategies and methods that will help them become better writers.

What to Expect in a Tutorial

Writers work with tutors in one-to-one sessions, typically 60 minutes in length. A tutor will attempt to best understand the writer’s context and how the writer sees him/herself in relation to the project or assignment. Tutors are trained to use tutorial time efficiently and to make decisions about which issues can and should be addressed within the framework of a given session, usually working with "global" issues (organization, logic, structure) first, then moving to "local" issues (sentence and word level problems).

Please note: tutors do not proofread or simply correct grammatical errors; instead they engage the whole writer and his/her writing process.

Tips for a productive Writing Center Experience:

1. Make an appointment ahead of time. Although walk-in appointments are possible, it is advisable to make an appointment if you want to work with the same tutor you worked with previously and/or if you have specific assignment deadlines.

2. Plan ahead! If you bring in work the day it is due, it is difficult for any real learning to take place.

3. Bring the assignment question with you to the tutorial. If you are revising a draft that your professor has seen, bring in the draft along with your professor's comments.

4. Do not expect your tutor to "fix," "correct," "edit" or "proofread" your paper.