Rumi Coller-Takahashi

Rumi Coller-Takahashi

Writing & Critical Inquiry Program

PhD, University at Albany

portrait of Rumi Coller-Takahashi

Rumi Coller-Takahashi earned her PhD in English at the University at Albany in 2023. Her dissertation focuses on nineteenth-century American print culture to examine how print materials construct reading experiences and envision democratic engagement. She also serves as one of the editors for Living in Languages, an online, open-access journal on translation and languages, collaboratively published by the English and the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Departments. She joined the Writing and Critical Inquiry Program in Fall 2023. 

Research Interests: Nineteenth-century American literature, print culture, democratic theories.

Course Description: This section of UUNI110 will utilize writing and academic inquiry to explore how we can talk through differences within a community. The long history of oppression and violence based on race, gender, sexuality, and other factors has led to heated debates surrounding issues, such as police brutality and women’s reproductive rights. To learn how to proactively engage in conversations that involve multiple perspectives and positions, students will analyze and reflect on how they can contribute to creating a safe environment for every member of society.