Rae Muhlstock

Degree & Institution: Ph.D., English, University at Buffalo-SUNY; M.A., English, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT;  B.A., English, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Areas of interest: Narrative theory, 20th and 21st century fiction, experimental fiction, film studies, popular culture, TV, and cats.

Office Location: LI B 95A

Email: rmuhlstock@albany.edu

My classes are generally constructed with some narrative in mind, be it how forms and structures evolve from writing about the self to writing about others or how best to survive a zombie apocalypse. I believe in appropriation as a pedagogical goal, and my approach is hands-on and interactive; students use what they learned in class to make and understand things.

WCI students can expect: My students should expect to work hard, but to have fun doing so. You should expect to use your own interests to propel your writing. And you should probably expect to hear a fair few stories about my cat.