University Life Council (ULC)

About the ULC

The University Life Council is responsible for the quality of university life outside of the formal instruction program, which is recognized to have significant impact on the overall educational experience. In addition, this group will recommend policies to the Senate governing university community conditions that affect the overall health, safety and wellbeing of students, faculty and staff. For further information, please refer to the Charter of the University Senate, Section X.9.2.



Membership 2022-2023

Kate Averett, Mark Benson, Jess Chong, Michael Christakis, Dolores Cimini, Bridget Collins, Todd Foreman, Carly Gailbraith, Moriah Hampton, Ekow King, Kenneth Levine, Clarence McNeill, Marie Rabideau, Heidi Reale, Sathvik Thandra, Ariel Zylberman.

ULC Co-Chairs: Ilka Kressner, Lawrence Schell
Staff Support: Jillian Mertzlufft


Collaborations and Dialogues for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives on Campus
Climate Action Resolution
Student Fees Concerns
Communicating Pathways and Resources for Student Emergencies
Indigenous Peoples' Day Recognition and Campus Education
East Campus Access
University Libraries Community Access
Senate Forums
Racial Trauma 


University Senate Forum April 26, 2021 12:30pm-2:30pm 


Indigenous Peoples of the Northeast: Past, Present and Future

We invite all of the UAlbany community to come learn more from some of the leading scholars
and voices from Indigenous communities in the Northeast today!

RSVP - Register in advance for this meeting:
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  • Fair Trade University Task Force
  • The Committee on University and Community Relations (CUCR)
  • The Committee on Health, Safety, & Well-Being
  • The Committee on Athletics
    The Committee reviews and makes policy recommendations to the Council on athletics programs, including, but not be limited to, intercollegiate and intracollegiate sports programs. In addition, the committee oversees policies governing the development and maintenance of education, facilities and resources for recreational physical activity and health maintenance programs for all students and other University members. For further information: Please refer to the Charter of the University Senate, Section X.9.6.
  • The Committee on Residential Life
    The Committee shall review and make policy recommendations on all matters concerning the quality of student life in campus residences, including both academic and co-curricular activities taking place in University residential areas. Please refer to the Charter of the University Senate, Section X.9.7.


Lawrence Schell (Chair)
[email protected]

Jillian Mertzlufft (Staff Support)
[email protected]