Committee on Academic Freedom, Freedom of Expression, and Community Responsibility (CAFFECOR)

About the CAFFECOR

CAFFECoR is responsible for establishing and interpreting policies and procedures concerning academic freedom and ethics which shall govern the conduct of the University community, and also for those matters for which it is given responsibility by negotiated employment conditions. Any member of the University Community may ask, via the Senate Chair, that CAFFECoR discuss their issue(s). For further information, please refer to the Charter of the University Senate, Section VII 7.3.


2023-2024 Membership

  • Zakhar Berkovich
  • Sarah Cohen 
  • Deborah LaFond
  • Cecilia Levy
  • Elba Matos
  • Dana Peterson
  • Lee Spitzley



CAFFECoR meets on an as-needed basis; it has no meetings scheduled.



Cecilia Levy (Co-Chair)
[email protected]

Deborah LaFond (Co-Chair)
[email protected]