Weapons on Campus

Adopted Policy 6.1

Policy Purpose

To set forth the University at Albany policy regarding the possession of Weapons by any
person on its Campuses.

Responsible Office

University Police Department/Division of Finance and Administration

Responsible Executive

Chief of University Police

Policy History

  • Date of Interim Approval:
  • Date of Permanent Approval:

Policy Statement

To ensure the safety of the University at Albany’s students, faculty, staff, invited guests, Campus visitors, and Third Parties, the University regulates use and possession of Weapons by any person on its Campuses. In doing so, the University also ensures compliance with all appropriate and applicable New York State laws, New York State regulations, SUNY policies, and Campus policies, procedures and regulations.

Persons Affected

Students, Faculty, Staff, Third Parties


Campus or Campuses is any University owned, leased, licensed or operated space, facility, property, grounds, equipment, motor vehicle or building.

Possession is defined as being on the person or in a person’s custody or control such as in a holster, clothing, shoes, purse, bag, briefcase, backpack, suitcase or any other carrying case of any type and/or motor vehicle of any type.

Third Party or Parties is any person, organization, group or entity not legally affiliated with the University including, but not limited to, the general public, contractors, vendors, guests and visitors to the University or Campuses, those using 2  University facilities or property under a University revocable permit, and volunteers not enrolled as such on University systems.

University is the University at Albany, State University of New York.

Weapon is any deadly weapon as defined in the NYS Penal Law Section 10.00(12), any weapon listed in NYS Penal Law Section 265, and as listed in the SUNY Board of Trustee Regulations 8 NYCRR Part 590 and SUNY document #5403. Note: in addition to University policy restrictions, possession of a weapon on school grounds, including the University at Albany campus, is a felony under NYS Penal Law Section 265.01-a.


  1. Possession, and therefore use of any Weapon or any device capable of use as a weapon by release of explosive material, noxious material, electric discharge or projectile, is prohibited on Campus.
  2. Exemptions to this Policy
    1. The President, as the chief administrative officer of the Campus, and consistent with 8 NYCRR Part 590, grants the following exceptions to the prohibition of Weapons on Campus:
      1. Military or law enforcement of the United States or the State of New York in pursuit of their official duties, as provided for under 8 NYCRR 590.1, SUNY Policy 5403.
      2. Contractor of the University or an affiliate organization who are authorized by their employer and duly licensed to carry a Weapon and who are performing legitimate business responsibilities with authorized University employees, such as employees of affiliate organizations contracted to collect or transport cash, checks and other valuables.
      3. Possession of a self-defense spray as allowed under New York State Penal Law Section 265.20(a)(14).
  3. Compliance with Policy
    1. Failure to comply with the University’s prohibition of Weapons on Campus shall be considered an intentional violation of University policy.
    2. Violation of this policy may result in criminal prosecution, disciplinary action, including termination from employment or expulsion from the Campus, and/or other sanctions.
  4. This policy will be effective immediately.


There are no procedures to accompany this policy.