E-Time Reporting

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 For information on accruals and leave, please refer to Accrual Plans and Leave Policies.


 Frequently Asked Questions

E-Time Reporting is the online time and attendance system for Research Foundation employees. Research Foundation Regular, Graduate Student, and Hourly employees must use this system to submit timesheets to report time worked and leave taken.  Access it via RF Employee Self Service.

E-time reporting increases efficiency and reduces risk by automating workflows and eliminating the need to re-key data. Benefits of this new system include:
1. Employees can track leave balances and the status of their time sheets.
2. Leave balances will automatically calculate and employees will not be able to take more than their current balance.
3. Overtime hours will automatically calculate based on campus rules.
4. Employees will be able to track where their time sheet is in the approval process.
5. Employees and supervisors will receive reminder emails when timesheets are due and ready to approve. Hourly employees will not receive reminder emails as their hours will fluctuate and the work is typically performed on an as needed basis.

This system allows RF employees and supervisors of RF employees to submit, review, and approve time reports through the Research Foundation business applications portal. This is accessed using your Research Foundation web account. This is the same account that is used to access RF business applications, and Employee Self-Service.

You can access E-Time Reporting via Employee Self Service from anywhere you have Internet access. You will need your user name and password. If you are a first-time user, you will need to set up an account.  Use the following steps to access the system:

1) Go to www.rfsuny.org
2) Click LOGIN in the upper left corner of the screen.
3) Enter your Research Foundation ID Number as your user name. This ID was sent to you via email when you were first hired.
4) Enter your password. TIP! If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Your Password” on the login screen. Your information will be emailed to you.
5) Click on the Business Applications link and then click the Self Service link.


How do I report Holiday Leave Usage?

Accrual: E-Time updates holiday leave balances after the holiday has occurred on the calendar, so you will not have holiday leave to use until the process has run on the actual holiday. 

Usage: E-time looks for holiday leave to be entered on the actual holiday.  If the holiday falls on a weekday, and you took the day off, enter the appropriate amount of holiday leave on that day.  If you worked the holiday, simply enter "Worked Holiday" in the Comments box and the leave earned for that day will stay in your holiday leave balance.

If the holiday falls on a weekend day and you used it for a day off after that date, enter the appropriate amount of holiday leave on the day you used it.  If the holiday was not used, do not enter any leave used. 

During months where a holiday occurs, non-accruing summer employees must indicate "Summer only" in the comments box, prior to submitting their timecard.

When is my time report due?

Hourly and Biweekly Attendance Reports and Exception Reports must be submitted at the end of the work period for which time is being reported.

Why are my accrual balances off at end of the calendar year?

The RF's accrual system is based on the calendar year. In order for balances to be properly reflected in the new year, an initial process is run on 1/1 to carry over the prior year's balances.  Biweekly timecards that cross over the end of the calendar year (e.g. for pay period ending 1/6) will only reflect the balances for that one pay period until the that process has run on 1/1.  Additionally, balances will not include reported usage from final timecards of the year (December for Exempt and second December pay period for non-exempts) until a second carryover process has been run once all those final timecards have been fully processed into the E-Time system.

How do I enter time for the correct period?

The drop down list to select the reporting period for your timecard defaults to the current period which is not necessarily the next period you need to submit.  Go through the list and be certain to select the reporting period for which you want to report time.

Can I submit my timecard before the end of the reporting period?

Be careful to select the reporting period for which you want to report time.  Also, you should not submit a timecard prior to the close of the period unless it's the last day you will work during the period.  

How do I know what reason to use when reporting sick leave usage?

Entering sick leave usage requires entering a reason for the absence.  Most often, you will be reporting your own absence in which case be sure to select a reason that includes "Employee".  If reporting for an absence relating to family illness or medical appointment, be sure to select a reason that includes "Family"; for bereavement, select "Bereavement".

I am a Non-Accruing Exempt Employee - do I enter something on every day?

It is not necessary to enter something for everyday of the month.  If you have met your FTE obligation for the month, simply check the certification box and click Submit. If you did not meet your FTE obligation for the month, record your non-worked time in full day increments only, select the appropriate reason that includes "Non Work", check the certification box and click Submit.  See also the E-Time Reporting Guide for Exempt Non-Accruing Employees.

I made an error on my timecard - how can I make the correction?

If you submitted your timecard, but your supervisor has not yet approved it, simply ask them to reject it and it will be available in your timecard list again.  Make your correction(s) and hit submit once you are satisfied with the changes.

If your timecard has already been submitted AND approved, you will need to submit a paper timecard with the corrections.  If you are an exempt accruing employee, use the simplified Exception Report (which does not include accruals), if you are an exempt non-accruing employee, use a Non-Accruing Exception Report, or if you are a non-exempt salaried employee use the Bi-weekly Timesheet.  If you are an hourly employee, please use the Hourly Timesheet.  NOTE: the forms linked in this section should only be used to effect corrections to already approved timecards or where RFHR has given express instructions to use the form.


Step-by-Step Guidance for Entering, Submitting, Reviewing, & Approving Timecards in E-Time can be found in the following guides:

E-Time Reporting Guide for Supervisors

E-Time Reporting Guide for Exempt Employees

E-Time Reporting Guide for Non-Exempt (Salaried and Hourly) Employees

E-Time Reporting Guide for Exempt Non-Accruing Employees

Recorded live WebEx demonstrations for how to use the E-Time Reporting System:

WebEx for Exempt (Accruing and Non-Accruing) Employees

WebEx for Non-Exempt (Salaried and Hourly) Employees

WebEx for Supervisors