Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

Guide to DARS


What does DARS mean?

DARS stands for Degree Audit Reporting System. It is a computer based degree audit system developed by Miami University in Ohio and is in use throughout the country. The audit provides the student and academic adviser an analysis of degree requirements for a particular degree and major. The DARS report displays the courses from which you may select in order to complete specific degree requirements and shows how the courses already taken apply toward those requirements.

What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is a road map to graduation for a student, instructing them which requirements have been completed and which need to be completed. A degree audit will match a student's academic record against the requirements in a particular degree program. A Biology major degree audit, for example, would report how completed courses and in-progress courses from UAlbany or transfer institutions would apply toward the Biology degree program. In addition, it would report if any of these courses satisfy the General Education Requirement, Writing Intensive Requirement and/or major/minor residence requirements.By running an audit against a specific major, the degree audit will automatically match courses taken by a student in all the requirements in which the courses can be accepted. As the requirements are completed a "+" will appear, a "-" will appear when the requirement is not completed. A degree audit will be used to award a degree.

What the audit is not.

The degree audit is not an official transcript. It is an internal document to assist students and advisors on degree requirements. It also does not replace written information, such as the University bulletin.

What is transfer articulation?

Transfer articulation is a term used to define the process whereby courses taken elsewhere are assigned an equivalency at UAlbany. Course equivalents can be assigned as a specific catalog number at the University (e.g. ASOC 115M), or as a generic equivalent within a departmental rubric (e.g. A.ENG 010, meaning a 100 level English course) or as an Applied Elective (e.g. APLE 010). Courses that do not carry transfer credit are identified as NOCR.


The degree audit does not eliminate the need for advising. Rather, DARSWeb and the audit should serve to enhance advising and encourage student contact with an advisor for further academic and career counseling.

Audit Description
(This could be considered the same as "What is a degree audit?")

Each audit represents a degree progress report presented by individual requirements in text form. Each requirement displays additional specifics

Header Information

Header information, contained at the top of the audit, displays student information for that audit which includes: name, Empl ID, major, advisor and bulletin year.

Requirement Categories

This section of the audit includes all the University degree requirements: BA, BS; grade point, residency, limitation, graduation with honors, and general education requirements.

Requirement, Sub-requirement, Course lists

Students:  The + (plus) sign indicates that the requirement has been completed. The - (minus) sign means that the requirement is INCOMPLETE. The designation is carried throughout the audit in all sections. If a requirement is incomplete, the audit will list courses that a student may choose from in order to complete the specific requirement.

Faculty Advisors:  Each requirement is detailed in its sub-requirements. DARSweb offers two unique functions that only faculty advisors and staff members may be able to use. "Expand All" and "Collapse All" functions are located at the top of the audit or can be individually used for each requirement. By clicking "Expand All" or the + box next to each requirement this enables an advisor to see all requirements and courses. By clicking "Collapse All" or the - box means that all of the requirements and courses will be hidden. The requirements in Red Text means that the requirement is not completed. A requirement in Blue Text means that the requirement is completed or not needed.

Requirement and Sub-requirement text

Earned:  Reports the calculated number of credits completed applying toward the requirement and sub-requirement.

Needs:  Reports the number of credits/courses, and/or GPA still needed to complete the requirement and sub-requirement

Not From and Select From:  Is text identifying the course list that will be rejected from or accepted by the sub-requirement.

Status Indicators

+: The sub-group is complete - the number of courses and/or credits taken, and the courses used are listed; the SELECT FROM typically displays until the entire requirement is completed.

-: The sub-group is not complete.

Course Summary

This is the summary of all courses taken at the University listed by academic year. Remember that the symbol "IP>" indicates those courses which are still in progress and for which no grade has been assigned.

Obtaining a DARS Report


- Log on to MyUAlbany
- Click on the “Academics” Tab
- Click "View My Degree Audit” under the “Enrollment Tools” section. Print as needed.

Inside the DARS Report