Sylvia Roch

Sylvia Roch

Professor, Area Head
Department of Psychology
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Social Sciences 383
Sylvia Roch

Areas of Interest: My research focuses on three general areas: (1) performance evaluations, (2) organizational justice, and (3) group decision-making. Specific areas of interest follow.

Performance Appraisal: Areas of interest include rater motivation, accountability, team ratings, and format issues. Current projects investigate the difference between team ratings of performance versus individual ratings, the influence of rater accountability on performance ratings, the role of the behavioral specificity of items on rater agreement, and the relationship between perceived rating accuracy and rating accuracy.

Organizational Justice: Areas of interest include the relationship between procedural, distributive, and interactive justice and various organizational outcomes. Current projects include two survey studies investigating justice and outcomes such as organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and performance.

Group Decision Making: Two areas of group decision-making are among my interests:

Computer-Mediated Communication. Areas of interest include the influence of computer-mediated communication on group outcomes and process. Current projects investigate the relationship between perceived decision accuracy and decision accuracy and the role of member familiarity.

Social Dilemmas: Areas of interest include social value orientation, uncertainty, and cognitive processes when determining request size from a common pool of resources. Current projects include an investigation of the relationship between social value orientation, type of group interaction, and requests from a common resource pool.

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Organizational Justice
  • Group Decision Making
  • Resource Dilemmas