James Boswell

James Boswell
Associate Professor
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Social Sciences 307
James Boswell

My research interests span two overlapping areas: (a) psychotherapy process and outcome, and (b) the integration of science and practice. My psychotherapy research program focuses on identifying important participant factors, technical factors, and relational processes that influence the process and outcome of psychological interventions, as well as the development, testing, and dissemination of effective intervention strategies. I am particularly interested in identifying mechanisms and principles of change that cut across different therapeutic approaches. Largely conducted within the context of innovative emotion-focused cognitive-behavioral (CBT) interventions, most of this research has focused on the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders and involved both quantitative and qualitative methods. The impact of the knowledge gained through this research on health care is likely to be minimal if it cannot be integrated into training and routine practice (i.e., science-practice integration). As such, my research program is also focused on identifying effective training and implementation strategies, the development of Practice Research Networks (PRNs), and the integration of outcomes monitoring and feedback systems into routine clinical practice.