Dev Dalal

Dev Dalal

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology


Social Science 385
Dev Dalal

My three main areas of interest are Applied Judgment and Decision Making; Personnel Psychology Issues; and Measurement Theory, Research, and Quantitative Methods. Within the JDM area, I explore applied personnel judgments (e.g., performance judgments) and decision making (e.g., selection decision making). I seek to understand core personnel issues from the theoretical and methodological lenses of human judgment and decision making.

Within the realm of personnel psychology, I am interested in employee attraction/recruitment, selection, and performance. I study issues related to aversion to decision aides; improving performance judgments; factors that influence applicants’ attraction to organizations and organizations’ influences on applicant job search behavior; and how to better communicate research findings to key organizational stakeholders.

Finally, I research classical and modern measurement theories as they apply to psychological testing for pre-employment testing. Likewise, I study existing and novel research and quantitative methods to improve research in the social sciences. The goal of these areas are to provide social scientists with improve methods and techniques to advance their research and practice.