Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)

The University at Albany is committed to the protection of human and vertebrate-animal subjects involved in research. In pursuit of this commitment, and to satisfy the requirements of federal regulatory agencies, a post-approval monitoring (PAM) program has been implemented. The purpose of the PAM program is to review and evaluate research activities involving human and vertebrate-animal subjects conducted under the auspices of UAlbany. The program ensures the safety and welfare of these research subjects, provides education to researchers, and identifies strengths and areas for improvement in research practice at UAlbany.

The PAM program provides internal oversight on compliance issues relating to the conduct of research, and focuses on the following:

  • ensuring the rights and well-being of human and vertebrate-animal research subjects;
  • identifying educational and research-support needs;
  • ensuring compliance with federal, state, local and institutional regulations, policies, and guidelines;
  • ensuring the quality and integrity of research conducted under the auspices of UAlbany; and
  • identifying areas of strength and needs for improvement in UAlbany research policies and practice.

For more information please contact the Office for Regulatory and Research Compliance at: [email protected].