Tools for Researchers

The Division for Research is responsible for a broad range of research activities. Specific priorities include stimulating and supporting sponsored research, enhancing the dissemination, application and commercialization of research, and ensuring research protections. The activities of the Research Division are designed to help facilitate the overall grant process while balancing the need for institutional and sponsor regulatory compliance 

This page is designed as a “one-stop-shop” for reference and tools, allowing researchers to locate information quickly.  Some of the tools include:

  • identifying funding opportunities
  • submitting proposals through PACS, a web-based tool used for all UAlbany pre-award research activity
  • protecting and licensing University technologies or copyrightable intellectual property
  • securing institutional and regulatory approvals for proposals
  • obtaining veterinary care and laboratory animal husbandry services
  • completing required compliance education and training
  • managing awards

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) helps faculty find and administer funding for their research. Links to many of the tools that the office provides can be found below.

The Office for Regulatory and Research Compliance (ORRC) supports faculty, staff, and students with training and resources in order to establish an environment of accountability and research integrity while encouraging scientific exploration, innovation, and safety. 

ORRC serves as a liaison for researchers, study participants, federal agencies, and the research review committees to ensure the efficient and ethical conduct of research at the University at Albany.

Researchers can contact compliance for assistance in the application process, interpretation of committee guidelines, and locating information to assist with protocol development.

The Office for Innovation Development and Commercialization works with members of the UAlbany community to identify, protect, develop and commercialize innovations so that the broader society can gain benefits from research and creative activities conducted at UAlbany.  The following forms and templates are commonly used in carrying out our work.

New Technology Disclosure Form (NTD):  Use this NTD form to describe and report your innovation to us.  Please ensure all inventors sign the form before submitting it to the Office for Innovation Development and Commercialization.  If your innovation is software, please complete the Software Addendum appended to the NTD form.

Mutual Confidential Disclosure Agreement (MCDA):  When you need to exchange confidential information with someone outside of SUNY or The Research Foundation for SUNY, this MCDA is used to establish an understanding of how the confidential information will be exchanged and protected.

Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) Implementing Letter:  This is used when a UAlbany researcher wants to share a specialized biological research material with a researcher at another non-profit institution that is a signatory to the UBMTA.

Material Transfer Agreement (Outgoing):  This Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is used when a UAlbany researcher wants to share a unique non-biological material with a researcher at another non-profit institution, or a specialized biological research material with a researcher at a non-profit institution that is not a signatory to the UBMTA.

The Office of Laboratory Animal Resources provides information and services for researchers who work with animals. We offer online and hands-on training in animal handling techniques and occupational health and safety for animal users.  Veterinary consultation and protocol review, and facility tours are also available through the Director’s office.  A library of standard operating procedures to assist in protocol development is located in the secure area (intranet) of the LAR website.