CITI Training Program for Laboratory Animal Research

The University at Albany offers research ethics and compliance training to faculty, staff and students through the online CITI Training Program. ALL investigators, key personnel, and student advisors involved in research with laboratory animals must complete and provide documentation for the required training(s). “Key Personnel” means any person involved in the care and/or use of laboratory animals. Training certification is effective for three (3) years after completion. Training requirements are outlined below. Refer to the Compliance Education and Training page to create and manage your CITI account.

Laboratory Animal Research Training Requirements

All persons using or caring for animals in research, testing or education at the University of Albany must complete the IACUC Basic Course AND all relevant Specialized Courses.

IACUC Basic Course:

IACUC: Animal Care and Use (Investigators)

IACUC Specialized Courses:

IACUC: Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats
IACUC: Reducing Pain and Distress in Mice and Rats
IACUC: Working with Amphibians
IACUC: Working with Hamsters
IACUC: Working with Mice
IACUC: Working with Rats
IACUC: Wildlife Research

IACUC Members and IACUC Staff must complete the following course:

IACUC: Animal Care and Use (IACUC Members, IACUC Staff)