Training Certifications

IACUC Training Requirements

Basic Requirements

All persons using or caring for animals in research, testing or education at the University of Albany must complete the CITI IACUC Basic Course AND all relevant Specialized Courses. Training certification is valid for five (5) years after completion. In order to renew a training certificate the course must be retaken. Training requirements are outlined below.

IACUC Basic Course:

IACUC: Animal Care and Use (Investigators)

IACUC Specialized Courses:

IACUC: Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats
IACUC: Reducing Pain and Distress in Mice and Rats
IACUC: Working with Amphibians
IACUC: Working with Hamsters
IACUC: Working with Mice
IACUC: Working with Rats
IACUC: Wildlife Research

CITI Training Registration and Curriculum Setup Instructions (PDF)

Animal User Occupational Health and Safety Program Training

The objectives of the Animal User Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) are to provide a safe working environment and practices for University at Albany faculty, researchers and their staff, animal facility personnel, and students involved with the care and use of research animals. This program supplements the University's general program for occupational health and safety.

Initial participation includes completion of an online course and the submission of a health history form to the contracted physician.  Health history forms are then required on an annual basis for personnel continuing in the OHSP.

More information can be found at this link, Animal User Occupational Health and Safety Procedure

People who must participate in the OHSP include:

  • Animal care staff; and
  • Personnel listed on an active animal protocol.

Animal Facility Training

Individuals who will handle animals for research, training or education in one of the University animal housing facilities must complete Facility Training prior to given access.

For assistance or questions about training requirments, please contact:

Office of Regulatory and Research Compliance
Phone: (518) 437-3850