Institutional Review Board (IRB) Reliance

What is IRB Reliance?

IRB Reliance (or “single IRB review”) is a legal arrangement that allows one institution to review a study that is occurring at multiple institutions (sites) or to review a single-site study that involves personnel from multiple institutions. Opportunities for single IRB review are established by entering into formal IRB reliance agreements.

Under what circumstances can single IRB review be arranged?

  • When the University at Albany IRB is being asked to serve as the Reviewing IRB for a multi-center study;
  • When University at Albany personnel plan to participate in non-exempt research covered by another IRB of an institution with a federalwide assurance for human subjects protections;
  • When University at Albany investigators plan to conduct research at non-University at Albany; locations and personnel from the non-University at Albany location will be part of the study team; or
  • When non-University at Albany personnel come to University at Albany to participate in our research

How do I get started with a request for single IRB review?

Forms for requesting single IRB review are available on our SharePoint site for investigators. The site also contains additional guidance information on when agreements are appropriate.

Completed forms should be submitted to [email protected]

Forms, templates and guidance documents are available to the UAlbany community from the human research protections SharePoint site (link).