Noteworthy: Research grants, awards and publications

Portrait of a man with shoulder-length black hair and black beard, wearing a black suit jacket and purple tie, against a blue background.
Arun Richard Chandrasekaran, senior research scientist at the RNA Institute, received a grant supporting his research into treatments of Alzheimer’s disease.

ALBANY, N.Y. (Jan. 30, 2023) The latest developments on University at Albany faculty and staff who are receiving research grants, awards and other noteworthy attention.

  • Arun Richard Chandrasekaran, senior research scientist at the RNA Institute, has received a $112,420, 1.5-year grant to bolster ongoing research on developing new ways to deliver drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease using DNA nanostructures. The funding is a diversity supplement awarded by the National Institutes of Health that will allow recent UAlbany grad and former student researcher Arlin Rodriguez to join the lab full time for the duration of the grant.
  • Sociology Professor Angie Chung was interviewed on NPR’s The Takeaway, discussing the recent mass shooting at a dance club in Monterey Park, California. Chung is working on a book on Koreatown and Monterey Park.
  • The Millionaire Next Door, the 1996 book co-written by School of Business Associate Professor Emeritus William Danko was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal by economist Burton Malkiel as one of the five best books on business. Danko was a longtime member of the marketing faculty, and his research focuses on consumer behavior and wealth formation.
  • CTG UAlbany Director J. Ramon Gil-Garcia co-authored two recent articles, “Do different presentations of performance information on government websites affect citizens’ decision making? A survey experiment” in the International Public Management Journal, and “Open data innovation: Visualizations and process redesign as a way to bridge the transparency-accountability gap” in Government Information Quarterly.
  • Jorge González-Cruz, professor of Empire Innovation at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, was awarded $407,713 by the University of Puerto Rico to build a “Caribbean Climate Adaptation Network” in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  • Leonard A. Slade Jr., professor emeritus of Africana Studies and former adjunct professor of English, has been named a member of The Academy of American Poets. A Collins Fellow, Citizen Academic Laureate and Lifetime Poet Fellow at The Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, Slade has published 22 books of poetry and has received The President's Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • English Professor Lynne Tillman's latest book, Mothercare: On Obligation, Love, Death, and Ambivalence, was selected as one of the titles for the Notables 2022 catalog by Chicago's Seminary Co-op Bookstores, one of the largest national retailers of academic and special interest books. The Notables list celebrates books published in 2022 that helped define scholarship and inquiry. Tillman’s memoir was also reviewed by The New York Times last year.
  • School of Education researchers Kristen Wilcox and Aaron Leo were interviewed for the latest episode of the University's Engagement Ring podcast. They discuss their study, "Gendered impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-method study of teacher stress and work-life balance," published in Community, Work and Family last September, which found female educators experienced the COVID-19 pandemic more negatively than their male counterparts. Listen to the episode here.