Animal Orders

Approved Vendors-
Laboratory Animal Resources encourages all PI’s to order animals from an approved vendor- Refer to SOP 501. Our approved vendors are, Charles River Labs, Jackson Labs, Harlan, and Taconic.

Unapproved Vendors-
Animals ordered from unapproved vendors must be received into quarantine for approximately 8-10 weeks and must be approved by the Attending Veterinarian. Refer to SOP 605

Animal Orders

  • An animal authorization form must be filled out and on file for each approved protocol prior to ordering animals for the purpose of charging per diems.
  • Fill out a purchase requisition with your approved protocol number located in the lower right hand corner
  • Make sure that the PI has signed the purchase requisition
  • Send your purchase requisition to the LAR Facilities Manager either by fax- 518-591-8810 (LSRB) or 518-591-7161 (East Campus) or email
  • Once your purchase requisition is received by the LAR Facilities Manager it will be approved and sent to the purchasing department for processing.



For PI's associated with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) please contact the Facility Manager concerning the ordering process.

For more information about approved vendors and delivery dates please contact the LAR Facilities Manager.