Module 8 – Other Topics to Consider


There are many other topics that we can explore in discussions of justice and multiculturalism. Among them:

1. Genocide:  See this section on our Justice and Multiculturalism website:

2. Mass incarceration:  Here’s our link to the resources for Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow:

We have not touched on issues related to:
  -  Disability
  -  Age
  -  Religion
  -  Sexuality
  -  Veteran Status

Suggested Activities

Activity 1:
Select one of the topics above and think about issues related to criminal and/or social justice. For example, what about age? Do you think older people (over 65) are sometimes stereotyped and discriminated against?  What about younger people (under 21)?

Activity 2:
Now that you have made your way through these modules, begin to think about what really interest you. What didn’t you know before you came to this website? What would you like to know more about?