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Policy on Surveys of UAlbany Populations

It is continuing policy that all survey and focus group activity involving UAlbany students, faculty, staff or alumni must be coordinated with the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (IRPE).

  • This policy applies even when you are surveying within your own unit of the University.
  • This policy applies even to surveys and focus groups used only internally for assessment purposes.
  • Exceptions are surveys: (1) used only for course evaluation or teaching purposes; or (2) involving the Psychology 101 student pool.

A copy of the most recent memorandum of this policy can be viewed here.

Obtaining Approval for Surveys of UAlbany Populations

As a first step, contact UAlbany's Office of Regulatory Research Compliance to determine whether your survey or focus group activity requires IRB approval.

  • If you are going through the IRB process, please forward electronic copies of all the files you are submitting to the IRB to Jack Mahoney at UAlbany's Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness (IRPE), at
  • If the IRB determines that you do not need their approval, please contact Jack Mahoney the Assistant Vice Provost for Academic and Resource Planning ( as soon as possible to begin the process of coordinating your survey.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    If the survey is confidential, why did the e-mail contain my name?

    This information is automatically piped in from our emails lists and is used to personalize the email. In many instances this information is not retained. Whether on not we retain any identifiable information depends on the type of the survey. Most of our surveys are one of two types. These include:

    Anonymous Surveys: If a survey is anonymous we do not retain any information that can identify a respondent. This includes but is not limited to email addresses, ID numbers, names, and IP addresses. You will be notified in the invitation for the survey if it is anonymous.

    Confidential Surveys: If a survey is confidential we often retain your UAlbany ID number. This allows us to match your survey responses with key academic and demographic variables so we do not need to ask you for information that you have already provided. In these instances, we guarantee that any responses that you provide will be kept strictly confidential and any reporting of the survey data will be in aggregate form. You will be notified in the invitation for the survey if it is confidential but not anonymous.