Student Testimonials and Reviews

At UAlbany, we COIL in multiple languages, including Spanish. Here is feedback from Spanish language students who co-created original ceviche recipes and demos with culinary students from the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito in Quito, Ecuador:

  • For me, the COIL experience means new friends, fun, practicing Spanish, and opportunities.
  • It was difficult to find a time that would work for all members. The time difference didn't impact our collaboration. It was easy to agree on the ingredients. I like working with students from another country.
  • It was fun to create a recipe with ingredients from two countries. I like working together in a group. It was interesting to see how the Ecuadorians learn in school.
  • The COIL experience was good. It was really interesting to compare cultures through food and language. There are a lot of unique phrases used in different countries. We could also talk about other things besides food, like their experiences in the university and the things that we like to do.
  • We liked this project a lot. It was fun and interesting. We will use it after the semester. We made new friends. 

Check out a documentary film, “Educational Innovation in Times of Crisis,” created by UCAB (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela) students on their COIL experience with UAlbany students, presented in Spanish with no subtitles (yet)

Read reviews from graduates of the 2021 UAS7-SUNY Virtual Academy representing multiple nationalities, living in the U.S. (Albany, NY) and Germany (Berlin, Bremen, and Osnabruck)

This course has helped me to become a better leader... This course was also a new and exciting experience - allowing for diversity and learning about culture and differing viewpoints. The two teachers did a great job combining their experience in leadership and complementing each other’s teaching styles. Both teachers were excited and motivated to teach this course helping students in any way possible. The course was very well structured and organized in teaching us about leadership then transitioning it over to us to incorporate leadership amongst our groups to work towards a final presentation tying the class to an end. (UAlbany Leadership student, 2021)

The exchange of ideas from such an internationally diverse group of students brought such a thorough analysis to our discussion on leadership and the Mt. Everest disaster. One of my favorite courses of the year! (UAlbany Leadership student, 2021)

This course was my first opportunity being able to work with students from another country.  Being that all of the students in the course were interested in leadership, I believe that it made this opportunity especially beneficial for everybody involved. And on top of that, both professors - our wonderful UAlbany professor and our German professor, were so helpful, supportive, encouraging, which just made everything so easy. (UAlbany Leadership student, 2021)

In the beginning, I was worried about the language difference, but I was surprised by how well the students and the instructors dominated the English language. I was also surprised that despite being on a different continent, the embedded applications that the students were developing could also apply to the U.S. I would recommend that other students enroll in international collaboration courses because I feel that it will help prepare them for the global business world where it is common to have to work with teams located in different countries. (UAlbany Engineering student, 2021)

The joint course is a nice change from everyday study, especially in times of Corona. In addition, learning other ways of working is good preparation for our later professional lives, where we will certainly often work in an international composition. (Osnabruck UAS Engineering student, 2021)

The course design was very appealing to me and very interesting thanks to interactive assignments. We have been given two exciting tasks: The first was to create a photo-journal. The idea was to visit and photograph places where negative or positive effects on air quality can be observed. It's exciting to walk through your own city with a completely different perspective. The second task was a case study on how the air quality changed during the lockdown last year. The results from German cities were compared with cities from the U.S.. Thereby, we explored exciting aspects of the topic and gained intercultural experience in international teams. It's been an enriching experience for me. (Bremen UAS Engineering student, 2021)

I am really grateful to have been able to participate in this project. It was a great experience to have worked with students from the U.S., deepen my knowledge of the topic and encounter a new type of teaching format. I can only recommend the COIL Project to other students in the future! I enjoyed the COIL project very much and it exceeded my expectations. Especially in the difficult times of lockdown, when you don't have any face-to-face teaching and it is harder to exchange ideas with your fellow students, I found the opportunity to work on a topic with other students really great. (Berlin School of Economics and Law student, 2021)

The COIL-project was a great way for me to connect with other students, work together on a case, and share ideas. Each of us had a different perspective on the approach. It was interesting how our views varied and yet we settled on a common solution. The collaboration was constructive, with each individual contributing their share to the process. (Berlin School of Economics and Law student, 2021)

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