Maeve in Ireland

In the spring, online MPH student Maeve Brennan conducted an internship at University College Dublin (UCD)

Maeve stands in front of a poster of her project, wearing a University College Dublin green sweatshirt.

She worked with the college’s health initiative, Healthy UCD, to promote healthy lifestyle choices amongst the campus community through various programs and events. She coordinated and promoted UCD’s participation in Ireland’s Marchathon step challenge and played a major role in the college’s Wellbeing Week, Wellness Wednesday and the launch of the Resilience Tree, an area of campus designed to be a space for people to reflect on their mental health and provide advice to others.

“I think it’s important for people to get out of their comfort zone and experience different people, places and things,” Brennan said. “It has opened my eyes to my own strengths, and the power of diversity. I hope to use my experience abroad to bring a new perspective to the field of public health. And work to give everyone an equal chance to live a long happy life.”