Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy Student JJ Kathe Takes Third Place in 3MT Competition

At left, JJ Kathe poses outdoors in black overalls and a blue long-sleeved shirt in front of green plants with the sun shining on her face. At right, a Spotted Lanternfly crawls on a branch.

Third Place: JJ Kathe, Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy - MS
Title: Bugs, Woods, and Drinking Water
Advisor: Riobart Breen

Abstract: The New York City Water Supply system largely relies on natural filtration by forests to maintain water quality. The spotted lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive forest and agricultural pest which has devastated the Northeast since its 2014 introduction to Pennsylvania, and is swiftly spreading into New York State and towards these critical conservation areas. This multi-faceted assessment identified, quantified, and predicted correlations between SLF, land cover, and water quality, to provide recommendations for SLF management where it will be needed most within the NYC Water Supply watersheds. The assessment ranked the New Croton, Kensico, and Diverting reservoirs in the Croton Watershed as highest priority for management based on these factors.

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