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Stormwater Pollution Prevention

The University at Albany is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. One of the key area where members of the University Community can have a positive impact in reducing pollution is in stormwater management.

Many of you may not be aware that on the University's Uptown Campus, the majority of our storm water catch basins, located on our roadways and parking lots, collect stormwater that ultimately ends up in Indian Pond. It is then pumped from Indian Pond and used to irrigate our athletic fields. When too much stormwater gets to Indian Pond, a spillway directs the overflow, via an underground culvert, to the Krumkill and ultimately to the Hudson River.

Indian pond

Any substance, such as motor oil, anti-freeze, brake or transmission fluid, gasoline, etc. which can pollute our waterways, could ultimately get to the Hudson River if it enters the storm water catch basins on our roadways and parking lots.

If you spill or leak motor oil, anti-freeze, brake or transmission fluid, gasoline, etc. from your vehicle, contact the University's Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 442-3495 or the University Power Plant 24 hour emergency line at 442-3444.

  • Do not place any automotive fluids (oils, anti-freeze, transmission and brake fluids, gasoline, etc.) into the storm water catch basins, rather collect the used fluid in a suitable container and contact EH&S or the Power Plant for proper disposal;
  • Make sure any fluid leaks from your vehicle are repaired;
  • Report any spills or discharges as noted above;
  • When washing your vehicle, park on a permeable surface away from any storm water catch basins;

By following these simple steps, you can make a tremendous difference in preventing water pollution and help the University at Albany do its part to protect this precious resource.