Universal Restrooms, Lactation Rooms                and Shower Locations

Locations of Single Occupancy, Universal Restrooms

Purpose: Provide single occupancy restroom facilities.
Description: : Typically includes storage bin and a coat hook, baby changing station, toilet with handicap railings, toilet paper dispenser, sanitary disposal container, hand sink with mirror and soap dispenser above, hand dryer, paper towel dispenser and trash container and emergency communication device.

Uptown Campus

Building Name Location Room Number(s)
Beverwyck (Dutch Quad) First floor, near Student Success Center 0104
Biology Basement near north stairs BI 0008A
Campus Center Basement, near Financial Aid office 015A, 015B
Campus Center Expansion CC West - Sub Basement, Basement, 1st Floor SB64, SB88, B96, 0187, 0188
Campus Center Extension CC East, basement near dining area B60B, B60C
Casey Stadium 1st Floor main corridor, 3rd Floor press level 0109, 0307, 0308
Catskill First floor 149
ETEC Basement near elevator, 1st Floor B014, 0163
Fine Arts Basement, in 0018 Workshop 019
Health & Counseling Services Basement B006, B008, B010, B012, B015, B017, B021, B061, B063
Hudson Basement B007, B01, B021
Information Technology First floor 0109
Lecture Center Sub-basement, Basement SB39, SB41, 0030R, 0031P, 0033, 0045, 0056
Life Sciences Basement, (limited access) B036D
Linear Accelerator Lab Basement, in lab 0004A
Performing Arts Center Second floor, near south elevator 0255
Physical Education Second and Third floor 0211, 0236, 0306, 0318, 0319
Science Library Lower level/sub basement, near elevator lobby L31
SEFCU Arena Second floor 0209, 0210
Service Building A Second floor 0206
Social Science Second floor near north stairs SS 0202
Taconic First Floor, lobby 0108
Track and Field Trailer First Floor 0121, 0119
University Administration Building Third floor 329A
University Hall Second and Third floor 0204, 0205, 0210, 0211, 0303, 0304, 0309, 0310
UAS Offices First floor 0100E, 0100F
University Library Sub Basement, Basement, First floor SB29, 068E, 0114, 0134

Downtown Campus

Building Name Location Room Number(s)
Draper Hall Second floor 0243, 0244
Hawley Hall First floor 0104, 0113, 0133A
Husted Hall Basement 0020C
Milne First floor, across from corridor to Page Hall MI 0126
Richardson Hall Basement, near Classroom 0002, Second Floor 004, 0290A

Health Sciences Campus

Building Name Location Room Number(s)
George Education Center First floor, main corridor near stairs 130A
George Education Center Second floor 200B3

Universal Restroom-Future Locations

Building Name By Date       Room Number(s)
Chemistry       Spring 2023       CH 0031A
Colonial Quad Basement       Fall 2024       B48B2-B48B6, B48A2-B48A4
Earth Science       TBD       TBD
Humanities       Spring 2023       202
Lecture Center       TBD       TBD
Physics       Spring 2023       202
CEAS       Fall 2024       120A

Locations of Lactation Rooms

Purpose: Provide a single occupancy, quiet space for nursing mothers.
Description: Typically includes carpeted flooring, soft seating and side table, counter top with sink, power for a pump, wall cabinet, soap and paper towel dispenser, full height mirror, and emergency communications device.

Uptown Campus

Building Name                 Location                 Room Number(s)
ETEC Second Floor 0243
Fine Arts Basement 034A
University Library     Basement 68C

Downtown Campus

Building Name                 Location                 Room Number(s)
Draper Hall     Second Floor 244C

Lactation Room-Future Locations

Building Name                   By Date                         Room Number(s)
Colonial Quad Basement       September 2024             B54
Lecture Center       In planning             TBD

Locations of Showers


Uptown Campus

Building Name Location Room Number(s)
Campus Center Expansion Campus Center West, Basement, Women's room B93A
Campus Center Expansion Campus Center West, Basement, Men's room B94A
Catskill First floor 149
ETEC Basement B066, B068
Hudson Building Basement, near north stairwell B12, B21
Information Technology Building First Floor, main corridor 109A
Massry Center for Business Basement, single-stall restroom B029
Performing Arts Center Basement, dressing room 0049
Physical Education Basement, women’s locker room B010
Physical Education Basement, men’s locker room B029
Physical Education Second floor, men’s room 215
Physical Education Second floor, women’s room 234
Service Building A Annex First floor, Men's room 159
Service Building A Annex First floor, Women's room 163
University Hall Basement B05

Downtown Campus

Building NameLocation                 Room Number(s)
Husted Hall                     Basement, near north restrooms                 0016A
Milne Hall Basement 008

Revision date: July 13, 2022