Facilities Management Staff Directory

Zach NewswangerAssociate Vice President for Facilities ManagementEmail ZachPhone: 442-3400
Zach NewswangerFacilities Data Analysis & Space ManagementEmail ZachPhone: 442-3400
Michael VadneyDirector of Physical Plant Email MikePhone: 442-3400
Christina Phillips Director of Administrative Services UnitEmail ChristinaPhone: 442-3400
Randy OlockiDirector of Planning, Design & ConstructionEmail RandyPhone: 442-3400
InduChief Energy OfficerEmail InduPhone: 442-3400
Karl KiltsInterim Director of Environmental Health & SafetyEmail KarlPhone: 442-3400
Karl KiltsDirector of Code AdministrationEmail KarlPhone: 442-3400

Maintenance and Operations Department Contacts
Custodial ServicesHumanities B11Phone: 442-3706
Facilities Management (FM) Operations Center Humanities B43Phone: 442-3480
Downtown Zone Humanities B11Phone: 442-3706
Grounds Department & Pest Control Humanities B11Phone: 442-3706
Maintenance Shops Humanities B11Phone: 442-3706
Materials Management Humanities B11Phone: 442-3706
Power Plant / Utilities Humanities B11Phone: 442-3706
Special Event Support Humanities B11Phone: 442-3706
Vehicle Operations Center Humanities B11Phone: 442-3706