Scenes from the University at Albany

Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Management - AECM

Director - Randall Olocki, R.A.

The office of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management is staffed with experienced and qualified design and construction professionals ready to serve the university community and assist the University in meeting its goals and objectives.

Staff Listing (In alphabetical order)

John Baldwin Engineer, Assistant Director, Project Manager
Brad Bunzey, CEO Engineer, Project Manager
Diana Delp, RA, CEO Architect, Assistant Director, Project Manager
Arthur Devoe Designer/Drafter
Mark Hahn, P.E.,CEM, CEO Engineer, Project Manager
David LaComb, RA, CEO Architect, Project Manager
Ed McMahon Site Supervisor
Glenn McMahon Site Representative (SUCF)
Elena McCormick, MCE, CEO Engineer, Project Manager
Patricia Meyer Architect, Interior Designer, Project Manager
Laurie Thompson Assistant Project Manager
Jay Minkler Construction Manager, Project Manager
Robert Morawski, CEO Construction Manager/Estimator
Robert Nazzaro Construction Manager
Randall Olocki, RA Director
David Radzyminski Engineer, Project Manager
Danny Williams CAD Drafter
Matt Whaley Construction Manager