Aashish Kaul

Aashish Kaul

Assistant Professor
Department of English
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Humanities 317

DA, University of Sydney

Aashish Kaul

Aashish Kaul's research and teaching span modern and global anglophone literature, nature studies, narrative theory, hybridity and creative writing. His work has been published in Australia, Britain, India and North America. His books include A Dream of Horses & Other Stories and the chess-inspired novel The Queen’s Play.

A new novel, Bliss Mountain, touching upon economic and financial history, modernist architecture, romantic literature, and the natural world will be published in 2025. 


Cover of "The Queen's Play", with an image of a statue of a carved head and text that reads, "The Queen's Play, Aashish Kaul"
Cover of "A Dream of Horses & other stories," featuring a black and white photo of an outdoor staircase with railings and streetlights, a quote with text too small to read, "A Dream of Horses & other stories" written in white text on orange, and "Aashish Kaul" written in white text on blue.
Cover of 'Of Indian Origin' with an illustration of people standing in the shape of India superimposed over a map of Australia


Recent Courses

AENG 516: Workshop in Fiction: Trends in Contemporary Writing
AENG 560: Hybridity & Liminality in Modern Literature
AENG 581: Studies in a Literary Period: Nature and Landscape Writing
AENG 402Z: Advanced Writing Workshop: The Short Story
AENG 402Z: Advanced Writing Workshop: The Art of the Novella
AENG 302W: Creative Writing
AENG 305V: Studies in Writing about Texts: Autofiction
TENG 270: Living Literature: Challenges in the Twenty-First Century
AENG 222: World Literature