The University at Albany is committed to promoting a culture of equal opportunity and respect for all students, faculty and staff. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion fosters critical discourse that is strategically focused upon areas of Institutional Equity and Diversity Transformation in an effort to build upon and reinforce existing campus culture and climate that is dedicated to both diversity and inclusivity. It is through this effort that we realize our responsibility in effecting change and promoting academic excellence at the University at Albany.

Your active engagement and support of the critical priority is needed to create a campus that is welcoming, safe, and inclusive. As always, your thoughts, concerns, and/or questions are welcomed. 


Tamra Minor, Ph.D.
Chief Diversity Officer


Mission and Vision

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will build capacity, identify, generate and disseminate knowledge necessary to create transformational change at UAlbany so that faculty, staff and students value and respect different ways of learning, living and working, deepen personal and intellectual horizons and make thoughtful and responsible contributions that support the University's mission to empower our students, faculty and campus communities to author their own success.

The University at Albany will be a learning, living and working space where dialogue is encouraged, faculty, staff and student voices are heard, differences are embraced, all will flourish and the entire community makes a positive contribution to a diverse, inclusive and globally integrated world.


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