Documents & Forms

Note: We highly recommend downloading all forms directly from the website each time you need them, as opposed to using versions saved on desktop computers, which may be out of date.

For detailed instructions, please see the Step-by-Step Process for Faculty and Step-by-Step Process for Staff pages.


Search Process

Affirmative Action Recruitment Plan (AARP): The hiring authority downloads and completes this form, then submits it with the search packet.

Diversity Recruitment Resources: The hiring authority uses these resources to build a recruitment plan that includes at least one diversity source.

Announcement of Faculty Vacancy (UP-5): The hiring authority downloads and completes this form to create a job posting (faculty positions only). For an example, please see Sample Announcement of Faculty Vacancy (UP-5).


Rubric and Applicant Flow Analysis (AFA)

The hiring authority, or their designee, downloads and uses the appropriate template to create a Rubric & AFA.

Rubric_AFA — Five committee members

Rubric_AFA — 10 committee members

Rubric FAQs and Instructions

For examples, please see Sample Rubric_AFA and Sample Qualification & Criteria for Rubrics.


Downloadable Letters

The search committee chair downloads and completes these letters when communicating with all applications in Interview Exchange.

Acknowledgment of Application

Incomplete Application Letter

Interview Request Letter with Salary Disclosure

Interview Confirmation Letter

Non-selection Letter

Reference Checks

Post-interview Regret


Sample Interview Questions

The search committee can use these sample questions and must include at least one diversity-related question in each interview.

Interview Questions for Staff

Interview Questions for Faculty

Diversity-related Questions


Appointment Forms

Please refer to the Hiring Proposal Instructions from Human Resources for next steps.