Know the Code

August 21, 2023

Dear Great Dane: 

As we begin the 2023-24 academic year, we want to highlight important information as it relates to student behavior and expectations both on and off campus. 

Community Rights and Responsibilities

Community Rights and Responsibilities is the official code of conduct outlining behavioral expectations for all University at Albany students. All students are responsible for reading and knowing the code. These regulations and the procedures for their enforcement apply to all student conduct and behavior, both on and off campus. It is important for you to understand the 29 Prohibited Conduct codes included in Section 3 and the sanctions associated with violations of these policies included in Section 6.

A copy of Community Rights and Responsibilities and additional supplemental policies, including the Community Standards Sanction Guide, are available online and can be printed for your convenience. Students can also review and obtain copies of the University’s Title IX and sexual misconduct policies.

New York State Cannabis Law (March 2021)

In 2021, New York State legalized the use of cannabis, also known as marijuana or recreational marijuana, for those age 21 and older. Despite this change to state law, the use and possession of cannabis on UAlbany’s campuses remains prohibited under federal law. Please review our Marijuana Policy for additional information.

Lastly, UAlbany’s Good Samaritan Policy supports students who act responsibly by reaching out for assistance in the case of a medical emergency due to alcohol or drug use. Generally, the student who calls and the individual receiving assistance will not be subject to disciplinary action as it relates to the possession or use of alcohol or other drugs. Support your peers by knowing the Health and Well-being Resources that are available through the Office of Health Promotion.

Thank you in advance for doing your part to uphold these expectations and keep our community safe.

Clarence McNeill
Dean of Students
Assistant Vice President

Craig Brewer
Assistant Dean of Students
Community Standards & OCSS