Breastfeeding Grand Rounds


This annual webcast is sponsored by the University at Albany School of Public Health Center for Public Health Continuing Education, in partnership with the New York State Department of Health Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program. Breastfeeding Grand Rounds (BFGR) webcasts feature clinical experts paired with public health experts to provide education on current breastfeeding health issues with both clinical and public health significance.


“Breastfeeding is the most precious gift a mother can give to her infant. When there is infection or disease, it may be a life-saving gift. When there is poverty, it may be the only gift." R.A. Lawrence 1992

As a founder of Breastfeeding Grand Rounds, Dr. Ruth Lawrence has been an integral part of the program and has broadcast since its inception. Dr. Lawrence, a pediatrician, toxicologist, and neonatologist, has provided valuable insights to viewers. She continues to support, protect, and promote breastfeeding in her career. For more Information, please view previous broadcasts from Dr. Ruth Lawrence.