Social Media Policy

The social media sites represented on the University at Albany’s home page (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube) are produced and maintained by UAlbany's Communications & Marketing office. Links to content or other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement for the organizations, entities, views or content contained therein. The University is not responsible for the content of those external web sites.

Posting as an Individual:

The Communications & Marketing office at UAlbany regularly reviews content posted to its social media sites. We appreciate your comments, posts, and responses. We encourage your questions and constructive feedback. In an effort to create and maintain a quality environment for everyone, we request that participants post content and commentary that is relevant and respectful to our online community. Specifically, please refrain from posting content including:

  • Profane, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise inappropriate language
  • Racist, sexist, obscene and/or abusive content
  • Spam (commercial or advisements)
  • Promotions not related to or affiliated with the University at Albany
  • Comments not relevant to the conversation topic

The University reserves the right to remove any content for any reason from its social media sites.

By submitting content to any of the University's social media sites, users understand and acknowledge that this information is available to the public, and that the University may use this information for internal and external promotional purposes. Please note that other participants may use posted information beyond the control of UAlbany. Users who do not wish to have information they have made available via these sites used, published, copied and/or reprinted, should not post on the social media sites.

Never pretend to be someone else and remember that tracking tools may be able to trace the authors of supposedly anonymous posts. Refrain from harassing, abusive, intimidating, endangering, fear-provoking, dishonest and deceptive behavior as well as other forms of cyberbullying. You can be held legally liable for what you post on your own site, on the sites of others and on anonymous sites. Remember, your individual social media participation is a representation of you as a member of the UAlbany community.

Posting on Behalf of the University:

To promote the successful use of social media by the University-related entities, we have developed and will continue to provide ongoing social media guidelines including some common best practices and recommendations for posting in social media communities.


Our only official names are “University at Albany” and “UAlbany.” Please be sure to use one of our official names in all communications including user names, bios, hashtags, logos, flyers, posts, t-shirts, signs, tabling materials, emails, etc.

Never Use:

  • “UA”
  • “SUNY Albany”
  • “University OF Albany”
  • any other iteration

Only use: “Great Dane” or “Great Danes

Never use:
  • “Danes”
  • “Lady Danes”
  • “Dane”
  • Damien by himself, use "Damien the Great Dane"

For more information about the University's social media and its policies, please contact our office at (518) 956-8150 or [email protected].