University President Havidán Rodríguez at commencement.

On behalf of the University at Albany, it is my distinct honor to congratulate you on the conferral of your degree. It took years of hard work, perseverance, and dedication, but you have crossed the finish line on this remarkable achievement.

Today, as we applaud your accomplishments, we also extend our gratitude for your unique contributions to UAlbany. Through your scholarship and research; your participation in athletics, clubs, and community service; and through friendships and mentorship of your fellow students, you have made an indelible mark on this institution, and left it a better place than you found it.

Regardless of the degree you are receiving today, you have been an integral part of a culturally and intellectually rich campus community—which will prove invaluable as you navigate an increasingly diverse and globalized society. As you join the ranks of 201,000 proud UAlbany alumni worldwide, I assure you that the time, energy, and spirit you have invested in this degree will pay tremendous dividends throughout your life and will enhance your every endeavor.

Again, felicidades – congratulations to you on this significant and transformative accomplishment. And never forget: we are the Great Danes!


Havidán Rodríguez

Students taking pictures at commencement.

Degree Recipients

Degree recipients from August 2023, December 2023, January 2024 and degree candidates for May 2024 are listed as of April 2024, alphabetically by school/college and degree. Please accept our assurance that being or not being listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status. If there have been any errors, please accept our sincerest apologies.

Doctoral Degrees

College of Arts & Sciences - PhD

Saleh Afroogh, Ph.D., Philosophy
Toward a Trustworthy and Responsible Artificial Intelligence
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jason D’Cruz

Lamyaa Mohammed Almehmadi, Ph.D., Chemistry
Novel Applications of Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Drug Discovery, mRNA Vaccine Stability Assessment, and Forensic Purposes
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Igor K. Lednev

Natalie Erika Amiama, Ph.D., English
Connecting Nothing With Nothing: Tracing Fugitive Subjectivity in Modernist Monologues
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kir Kuiken

Samadrita Biswas, Ph.D., Chemistry
The Effects of Aggregation of Tetrafluoro(trifluoromethyl-lambda6-sulfanyl) ethanes on the Secondary Structure Stabilization of Melittin: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Elana B. Gordis

Roy O. Cardenas, Ph.D., Mathematics
Two matrix-weighted norm inequalities for commutators with fractional integral operators and fractional matrix-weighted dyadic Littlewood-Paley theory
Dissertation Chair: Prof. John Welch

Courtney Elizabeth Breiner, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Acceptability and feasibility of ARFID-PTP: A brief, virtual, parent-training intervention for avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder in children
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Julia M. Hormes

Xuemei Cao, Ph.D., Sociology
Deserving Care: How Older Chinese Immigrants Seek Support
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Angie Y. Chung

Xinhao Fan, Ph.D., Chemistry
Methodology studies for dearomatized dimer and ß-lactone-mediated native chemical ligation in organic synthesis
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Angie Y. Chung

Robert Leon Cardona, Ph.D., Mathematics
Variations and Approximations of Interleaving Distances
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Justin M. Curry and Michael Lesnick

Zhihua Chang, Ph.D., Chemistry
Development of Small Ligands Targeting Pathogenic RNA Repeats in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jia Sheng

Muqian Deng, Ph.D., Chemistry
The Trifluoromethyltetrafluoro-Lambda6-Sulfanyl Group in Organic and Polymer Chemistry
Dissertation Chair: Prof. John Welch

Corey Joseph Frank, Ph.D., Behavioral Neuroscience
Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Rage and Lrp1 In Stz And Hfd Models of Diabetes: Relationship with Cognitive Function and Aß Clearance
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ewan McNay

Paige Lynne Gee Graney, Ph.D., Behavioral Neuroscience
The Effects of the Clinically Relevant Synthetic Progestin, 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone Caproate, on Neural Development and Behavior
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Christine K. Wagner

Beenna Han, Ph.D., Sociology
Intergenerational Ties, Sexual Orientation, and Health and Well-Being of Sexual Minority Adult Children
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Katherine Trent

Matthew David Hanson, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Barking up the Wrong Need: How Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction at and Outside of Work Interact to Influence Work Recovery
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jason Randall

Mengdi Hao, Ph.D., Economics
Accounting for Student Performance in Online Higher Education
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Chun-Yu Ho

Dan He, Ph.D., Sociology
Focal Concerns in China's Misdemeanor World: An Empirical Investigation of Prosecutorial Dismissal of Misdemeanor Cases
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Steven F. Messner

Jingyi Huang, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Effect of Hope on Contingent Faculty Members' Engagement in Professional Development Activities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kevin Williams

Tao Jin, Ph.D., Economics
Three Essays in Health Economics
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Pinka Chatterji and Chun-Yu Ho

Mahera Juzar Kachwala, Ph.D., Chemistry
CRISPR-Cas Enabled DNA Nanotechnology for Advanced Pathogen Detection
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mehmet V. Yigit

Yunmi Lee, Ph.D., Communication
The Role Of Community-Based Organizations in the Mental Health or Wellbeing and the Media Use in Receiving Social Support Among Asian International Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Fan Yang

Han Liu, Ph.D., Sociology
Early Health Conditions, Family Processes, and Educational Achievements
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kate Strully

Kaitlin Stephanie Meck Long, Ph.D., Sociology
Intergenerational Transmission of Gendered Cultural Traditions and Environmental Stewardship Values Among Adirondack Hunters
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Joanna Dreby

Li Lu, Ph.D., Economics
Semiparametric Distributional and Quantile Models Applications in Health, Labor and Banking
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Zhongwen Liang

Johnsi Mathivanan, Ph.D., Chemistry
Exploiting Natural RNA 2'-5'-linkage in Nucleic Acid Aptamers and DNA Nanostructures
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jia Sheng

Edward Charles Merritt, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
The effect of autonomic nervous system functioning and childhood maltreatment on empathy in early adulthood
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Elana Gordis

Michael Matthew Muller, Ph.D., Mathematics
A spectral classification of solvable lie algebras
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Rongwei Yang

Daisuke Nakamura, Ph.D., Economics
Labor Market and Inequality
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Benjamin S. Griffy

Jinman Pang, Ph.D., Economics
A Postmortem Analysis of COVID-19 Ensemble Forecasts: Forward or Sticky Information?
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kajal Lahiri

Nishat Parveen, Ph.D., Physics
Modeling the Wall Background in the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Dark Matter Experiment
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Cecilia Levy

Matthew John Pennachio, Ph.D., Chemistry
Planar, Twisted, and Macrocyclic Polyarenes: Structures, Reduction Limits, and Reactivity
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Marina A. Petrukhina

Yazmina Giovanna Rojas Beltran, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
Characterizing and Understanding Orographic Precipitation over the Mountains of Extratropical South America
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Justin Minder

Alison Hart Romain, Ph.D., Communication
Volunteer Fire Departments Confront a Challenge: Socializing for Trust While Diversifying for Survival
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Annis G. Golden

Sarah Rubio, Ph.D., Spanish
La adquisición de variación sociolingüística en el aula: El caso del pretérito perfecto compuesto y pretérito perfecto simple a través del enfoque cognitivo
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Sara L. Zahler

Kahini Sarkar, Ph.D., Biology
Bookending the Germ Cell to Maternal Transition: Dynamics of Gene Regulation in Drosophila Oogenesis
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Prashanth K. Rangan

Adela Constance Cranley Scharff, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Community perceptions of therapist support after media coverage of anti-Black violence
Dissertation Chair: Prof. James F. Boswell

Eric Daniel Tifft, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Acceptance: An Experimental Evaluation of the Acute Impact of Intentions Guiding Mindfulness Practice on Psychological and Emotional Experiences
Dissertation Chair: Prof. John P. Forsyth

Luna Fernandes Ueno, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
PTSD, cannabis use, and expected symptom relief: gender-moderated mediational effects
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mitchell Earleywine

Aminah Zanette Wallace, Ph.D., Spanish - Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o Studies
Black Migrants in Harlem, 1900-1942: West Indian Migrants and the Ideologies that Helped Shape Garveyism and Black Politics in New York City's Interwar Period and Harlem Renaissance
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alejandra M. Bronfman

Ruogu Wang, Ph.D., Mathematics
Contributions to Robust Statistical Learning and Its Applications in Biological Spectral Imaging
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Yunlong Feng

Laura Morgan Welch, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
The Association between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Executive Functioning: An Adaptation-Based Perspective
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Betty Lin

Xue Wu, Ph.D., Economics
Health and Health Care Access in Rural Hospital Markets in the US
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Chun-Yu Ho and Pinka Chatterji

Ya Ying Zheng, Ph.D., Chemistry
Chemical Biology Approach to Study RNA Modifications
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jia Sheng

Fangze Zhu, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
The Role of Atmospheric and Oceanic Feedbacks in Orbital and Millennial Timescale Variability of the Coupled Climate-Carbon System
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Brian Rose


Kathrin Alber, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
Understanding Variations and Trends in Convection over the Congo Basin from a Diurnal Perspective
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Liming Zhou

Pheonah Badu, Ph.D., Biology
Transcriptional control of the antiviral response during Zika virus infection
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Cara T. Pager

Zhixue Bai, Ph.D., Chemistry
Decoding Molecular Recognition Mechanism of Small Molecule Ligand-RNA Binding Pocket Systems Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Metadynamics
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Alan Chen

Eli Mackenzie Bashwinger, Ph.D., Mathematics
Von Neumann Algebras of Thompson-like Groups from Cloning Systems
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Matthew Zaremsky

Ricardo Rashawn Brooks, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Exploring the “Risky-Business” of Employee Informal Field-Based Learning: Implications for Employee Engagement in Informal Workplace Learning Behaviors
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Kevin Williams

Jordan Corner, Ph.D., Philosophy
Prop-Oriented Make-Believe in Metaphor and Morality
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Bradley Armour-Garb

Andrew L. DeCesare, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology
The Role of Self-Determination Theory in Explaining the Relationship of Challenge Demands with Engagement and Burnout
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kevin Williams

Alana Rose Elia, Ph.D., Communication
Managing Work-Life Interrelationships among High School Teachers through ICTs
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Annis G. Golden

Jesus Alberto Frias, Ph.D., Biology
Probing the mechanism of action of small molecule therapeutics in DM1
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Andy Berglund

Brendan Patrick Gallagher, Ph.D., Social/Personality Psychology
Testing an Integrated Dual Diathesis-Threat Model of Authoritarianism
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Mark Muraven

Kate Helen Auguste Howell, Ph.D., Mathematics
The Characteristic Polynomial and Its Applicationsa
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Rongwei Yang

Jennifer M. Hults, Ph.D., Mathematics
Square Functions For Ritt Operators In L1
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Karin Reinhold

Samantha Rose Ingenito, Ph.D., Chemistry
Development of RNA Aptamers for Kainate Receptors
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Li Niu

Matthew Todd Jenkins, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
The Role of Climate Feedbacks, Poleward Energy Transport, and Clouds in Causing Arctic Amplification and Their Link to Sea-Ice Loss
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Aiguo Dai

Olaedo Ugonna Elizabeth Kalu, Ph.D., Sociology
Reviving Southern Divides: Multilevel Explorations of Neighborhood Changes and Their Role in School Resegregation in Tallahassee, Florida from 1999-2015
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Hayward D. Horton

Eric C. Koch, Ph.D., English
I Know Not Seems: Contemporary American Fiction and the New Sincerity
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Paul Stasi

Wen-Ling Kung, Ph.D., Sociology
Conceiving a Moralized Market: The Development of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Local Cross-Border Services in Taiwan
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Elizabeth Popp Berman

Wenqing Li, Ph.D., Economics
Mergers and Acquisitions in the US Nursing Home Industry
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Chun-Yu Ho

Chin-An Lin, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
The Impact of Wildfire Activities on Air Quality and Solar Energy in New York and California
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Cheng-Hsuan Lu

Tyson Alfred Luneau, Ph.D., History
A Reimagined Periphery: Environment and the Construction of the French Colonial Empire in North Africa
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Richard Fogarty

Samantha Lynne Misa, Ph.D., History
Making War in the Mountains: How Conflict Shaped the Landscapes of New York's Catskill Mountains, 1860-1945
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Richard Fogarty

Nerisha De Nil Padilla Cruz, Ph.D.,Spanish
El rol de la mujer dentro de la subcultura narco en novelas, películas y series de Colombia, México y Puerto Rico
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ilka Kressner

Katherine Parra, Ph.D., Behavioral Neuroscience
Maternal experience-driven changes in oxytocin neuron co-localization with CRF receptors in the hypothalamus of mice
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Damian G. Zuloaga

Tina Marie Peabody, Ph.D., History
Wretched Refuse: Garbage and the Making of New York City
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kendra Smith-Howard

Audrey Lenore Peterson-McCann, Ph.D., English
The (Dis)Obedience Politics of Victorian Literature
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kir Kuiken

Jeremiah Otero Piersante, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
Diurnal to Seasonal Hurricane Variability and Predictability
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Kristen Corbosiero and Robert Fovell

Yolande Gallouet Schutter, Ph.D., English
Algerian Poetry without Borders: Jean Sénac, Assia Djebar & Mohammed Dib in Translation
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Eric Keenaghan

Efrat Shani, Ph.D., Mathematics
Trivial Units in Truncated Group Rings
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Anupam Srivastav

Mónica Ivonne Ventura, Ph.D., Chemistry
Advancements in Forensic Anlaysis: Development in Mass Specrometric Approaches for Identification of Synthethic New Psychoactive Substance and Plant Materials
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Rabi Musah

Alexis Renee Weber, Ph.D., Chemistry
Determining the Time Since Deposition of Bloodstains Based on Vibrational Spectroscopy for Forensic Purposes
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Igor K. Lednev

Yimeng Yin, Ph.D., Economics
Social Security Disability Applications: Seasonality, Cross-sectional Correlations, and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kajal Lahiri

School of Criminal Justice - PhD

Shaina Marie Herman, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Morality, Context, and Crime Decision-Making
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Greg Pogarsky

Matthew Kijowski, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Constructing, Integrating, and Testing the Choice Set for Models of Offender Decision-Making
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Theodore Wilson

Rachel Novick, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Exploring Intersectional Differences in Employment and Desistance
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Justin T. Pickett



Bruce Davis, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Indecent Exposure and the Court as Custos Morum
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Graeme Newman

Guillermo Jesus Escano, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
State Action, Homicide, and Civic Trust: The Causes and Consequences of Interpersonal Violence in Latin America
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. William Pridemore and Matthew Vogel

Alysha Gagnon May, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
School Resource Officers: History, Efficacy, and Unintended Consequences
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. David McDowall and Giza Lopes

School of Education - PhD, PsyD

He Zhou Breunig, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Social Emotional Engagement in Knowledge Building in Grade 5 Science Classrooms
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jianwei Zhang

Kewsi Javin Burgess, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Black Boys' Experiences Navigating Middle School English Language Arts: A Multiple Case Study of Youths' Dynamic Literacies
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Julie E. Learned

Kayla Victoria Campaña, Psy.D., School Psychology
Classification Accuracy of i-Ready Diagnostic for High-Stakes Exam Outcomes for Elementary School Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Benjamin G. Solomon

Margeaux Cannon, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Opioid misuse by patients with chronic pain: The impact of illness and medication belief
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jessica L. Martin

Sarahlee Desir, Ph.D., Literacy
Exploring Family Experiences in Supporting Children's Literacy Development during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jaime Puccioni

Timothy Michael Foran, Ph.D., Literacy
Mapping the Dynamic Literacy Practices of College Bilingual Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kelly K. Wissman

Andrea Lynn Gardner-Bixler, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Sibling Relationships: A Qualitative Analysis Of Typically Developing Siblings' Feelings About Play Experiences With Their Sibling With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kristie Asaro Saddler

Maria Haji-Georgi, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Lovingkindness Meditation: Effects on Teacher Burnout, Emotion Regulation, and Teacher-Student Interaction Quality
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kevin P. Quinn

Ayaka Hisanaga-Probst, Psy.D., School Psychology
Three-Factor Model of Behavior Intervention: Psychometric Properties of the Behavior Intervention Self-Efficacy (BISE) Scale
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Kimberly F. Colvin and Benjamin G. Solomon

Kyu Yon Kim, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Dimensions of International Students' Social Well-being and Their Measurement: Validation of Social Well-Being Instrument for International Students (SWBI)
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kimberly F. Colvin

Haley Loretta Muir Knox, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Postsecondary Transition for Students with Disabilities: Provider Perspectives
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Bruce T. Saddler

Phoebe Edgerton Long, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
The Grass Is Greener on the Other Screen: A Moderated Mediation Analysis of Social Media Use, Upward Social Comparison, and Social Support on Depression and Social Satisfaction Among College Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Hung-Bin Sheu

Allison Ann Megale, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Intentions to Seek Couple Therapy: The Role of Attachment, Relationship Satisfaction, and Expectations
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Myrna Friedlander

Jose Antonio Mola Avila, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Review of the Use of Standardized Achievement Tests for Accountability Purposes in Education: The Colombia and Chile Cases
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gilbert A. Valverde

Lawrence Phillip Peterson, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Efficacy of a Single Session Act-Based Intervention for Public Defender Attorneys: A Multiple Baseline Single Case Study
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Myrna Friedlander

Ruirui Sun, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
College Decisions and Earnings over the Life Cycle: The Effects of Timing
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alan P. Wagner

Samuel Sutton, Psy.D., School Psychology
Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Functioning among 5th Grade Students: An Evaluation of a Pilot Screening Assessment Protocol
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Deborah K. Kundert and Tammy Ellis-Robinson

Michael Verile, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Masculinity and colorectal cancer screening intent among men: Examining moderated mediational effects
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Hung-Bin Sheu

Mengfei Xu, Ph.D., Counselingl Psychology
The Dance of Storytelling: How Therapists Facilitate Clients' Narrative-Emotion Shifting in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Trauma
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Myrna Friedlander

Limei Zhang, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
The Transition from Topic-Prominence to Subject-Prominence in Chinese Learners' Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Istvan Kecskes

Shangyun Zhou, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Suicidal Ideation of Asian College Students in the US: The Roles of Family Perfectionism, Imposterism, Thwarted Belongingness, Perceived Burdensomeness, and Relational Meaning in Life
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Hung-Bin Sheu


Vanessa Asencio-Trezza, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction
The Subordination of Teaching to Learning: Teacher Adaptability and Awareness
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Carol Rodgers

Jaime Lynn Bellini, Ph.D., Literacy
Supporting at-risk kindergartners’ subtraction knowledge and language use through shared book reading
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Erica Barnes

Cecilia Bibbo', Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
The Process of Policy Change in Higher Education Accreditation: An International Multi Case Study
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Susan D. Phillips

Erin Joan Brewer, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Academic Outcomes
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kevin P. Quinn

Autumn Joy Florêncio-Wain, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction
Educating for Wholeness: Impacts and outcomes beyond academics, voices of the holistically educated
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Reza Feyzi Behnagh and Caroline Williams-Pierce

Susan Victoria Henry, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Understanding Engineering Students’ Ethical Decisions: Machiavellianism, Ultimatum Bargaining Choices, Student Experience, and Implications for Engineering Education
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Heinz Dieter Meyer

Yanghyun Kim, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction
Investigating U.S. Entrepreneurship Instructors' Critical Pedagogy and Innovative Teaching Practice
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alex K. Kumi-Yeboah

Wuri Prima Kusumastuti, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction
Curriculum and Instruction
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Carla J. Meskill

Chelsea Marie Quezada, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
The Socialization of Urban Secondary Special Education Teachers: Why Stay?
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kristen C. Wilcox

Alexander Douglas Silva, Psy.D., School Psychology
A Systematic Literature Review of Online Learning and Mathematics Achievement Among Students With Disabilities, English Language Learners, and Impoverished Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. David Miller

Zachary J. Snyder, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Deskilling or Reskilling: The Impact of Increased Digital Technology Use on Teaching as a Craft
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Heinz Dieter Meyer

Frances Tria, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction
Developing Historical Empathy for Enslaved African Americans: Teaching and Learning Difficult History During a Field Trip to a Historic Site
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Brett Levy

Daniel Uriel Ventura Caceres, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Role of SES and School Characteristics in English as a Foreign Language Proficiency in Colombia: Implications for Educational Policy
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gilbert A. Valverde

Paul Wilner II, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
The Stratification of High School Learning Opportunities in Mathematics and Science in Rural Schools and its Effect on Engineering and Healthcare Employment
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kathryn S. Schiller

Connie Frances Catalano Woytowich, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Running for School Board: Motivations and Perceived School Board Challenges
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kathryn S. Schiller

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity - PhD

Monica Lynn De Tuya, Ph.D., Information Science
Using Classroom Assessments to Validate a Curriculum Sequence for System Dynamics Education
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Reza Feyzi Behnagh

Elisabeth Vansey Dubois, Ph.D., Information Science
Cyber Insurance as an Effective Cyber Risk Management Strategy for Local Government Resiliency: The Case of Municipalities in New York State
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Unal Tatar

Dima Kassab, Ph.D., Information Science
An Exploration of the Impact of Playing a Puzzle Game on Collaborative Problem Solving Skills
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Caroline Williams-Pierce and Jennifer Goodall

Yueqi Li, Ph.D., Information Science
How Emerging Technologies Are Reshaping Audit Success Factors
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Sanjay Goel


Thora Knight, Ph.D., Information Science
Regulation of Privacy Concerns (RoPC): Effects of Privacy Regulation on Behavioral Advertising Practices and Perceptions
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Unal Tatar

College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering - PhD

Michael Jack Dolan, Ph.D., Nanoscale Engineering
Identification of Genes Conferring Resistance to 2-Amino-3-Methylimidazo [4,5-f] Quinoline Genotoxicity in Budding Yeast Using High-Throughput and Targeted Approaches
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Michael Fasullo

Ravishankar Padmavathi Iyer, Ph.D., Computer Science
Mining and Black-Box Learning of Relationship-Based Access Control Policies
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Amir Masoumzadeh

Vincent Meyers, Ph.D., Nanoscale Engineering
Advancing Selective-Area Doping and Annealing Strategies for High-Conductivity p-Type (Al)GaN System
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik

Hesham Mohammed Hussien Mohammed, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cross-layer Cryptography for Wireless Communication
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Dola Saha

Jacob Nicholas Sitterly, Ph.D., Nanoscale Sciences
Solubility, Reactivity and Diffusion in Polymeric Bilayer Thin Films
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Robert L. Brainard

Ashley Marie Suchy, Ph.D., Computer Science
Studies in Prefix Rewriting
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Paliath Narendran

Aakriti Kumari Upadhyay, Ph.D., Computer Science
Near-Optimal Motion Planning Algorithms via a Topological and Geometric Perspective
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Chinwe Ekenna


Karyn Elizabeth Doke, Ph.D., Computer Science
Information Access for Infrastructurally-Challenged Environments through Enhanced Network Connectivity
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mariya Zheleva

Sujith Chander Reddy Kollampally, Ph.D., Nanobioscience
Design and Fabrication of Injectable Alginate Hydrogel Microstrands for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Delivery in Salivary Gland Tissue Regeneration
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Yubing Xie

Justin M. Lynch, Ph.D., Nanoscale Engineering
Optimization and Fabrication of Semiconductor Power Devices on 4H-SiC
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Woongje Sung

Benjamin Arthur McEwen, Ph.D., Nanoscale Engineering
Development Be p-type doping techniques for III-Nitrides
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik

Maxwell McNeil, Ph.D., Computer Science
Sparse Representation Learning for Temporal Networks
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Petko Bogdanov

Fathima Imara Mohamed Nazar, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering
Radio Frequency Interference Detection In Microwave Radiometry Using Multi-dimensional Data Mining Techniques
Dissertation Chair: Mustafa Aksoy

Stephen C. Rose, Ph.D., Nanoscale Engineering
A Three-Dimensional Co-Culture Model of Senescent Cell Burden and Salivary Gland Fibrosis
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Susan Sharfstein

Tuan Nguyen Anh Tran, Ph.D., Computer Science
Machine learning approaches for processing high-dimension data
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Chinwe Ekenna

Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy - PhD

Heasun Choi, Ph.D., Public Administration and Policy
Street-level Goals and Teacher Discretion: An Exploration of Antecedents and Consequences
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Edmund Stazyk and Stephen Holt

David Michael Ferkaluk, Ph.D., Political Science
A Broader and Deeper Foundation: The Alternative Vision of James Wilson's Political Philosophy
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Peter Breiner

Esra Gules-Guctas, Ph.D., Political Science
Naming and Blaming Automated Decision-Making Systems: Analysis of Contesting Algorithmic Injustice
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Julie Novkov

Jisang Kim, Ph.D., Public Administration and Policy
Understanding the Dynamics of Accountability in the U.S. Public Sector
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Edmund Stazyk

David Andrew Siracuse, Ph.D., Political Science
The Role of Sexual Scandal in Politics & Policy
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Patricia Strach

Charmaine Noelle Willis, Ph.D., Political Science
Right Frame, Right Time: A Study of Anti-American Military Base Protests in East Asia
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Meredith L. Weiss

Ju-Ying Yang, Ph.D., Public Administration and Policy
How Municipalities Transition to Renewable Energy and Address Problems that Occur in the Process: A Comparative Case Study of Four Texas Municipalities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jennifer Dodge


Beomgeun Cho, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
How Regional Innovation Networks are Governed: Three Essays on The Role of Network Management in Network Effectiveness and Evolution/em>
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. J. Ramon Gil-Garcia and R. Karl Rethemeyer

Heeun Kim, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
State Policies on Maternal and Infant Health in the United States
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Ashley M. Fox And Erika G. Martin

Arzana Myderrizi, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
Advancing Equity: An Examination of Education Policy Impacts on Students with Disabilities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Lucy Sorensen

School of Public Health - DrPH, PhD

Jeancarlo Cordoba, Dr.P.H., Public Health
Electronic cigarette cessation program in Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS)-Costa Rica: An assessment to guide the future development of an educational intervention for CCSS's health practitioners
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Christine T. Bozlak

Douglas Harley Done, Ph.D., Epidemiology
The Association between Maternal Exposure to Traffic-related Air Pollution and Neonatal Death, Low Birthweight, and Orofacial Clefts among Newborns in New York State, excluding New York City (1999-2019)
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Michele L. Herdt

Rachel Lucy Fay, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
Characterizing the role of temperature on West Nile virus evolution and vector-virus interactions
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alexander T. Ciota

Sarah Christine Fisher, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Associations between maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and selected musculoskeletal birth defects among offspring in the National Birth Defects Prevention Study
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Marilyn L. Browne

Jordan Marie McAdam, Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences
Factors Associated with Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (Pfas) Concentrations: Implications for Exposure Assessment and Highly Exposed Communities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Erin M. Belld

Lindsey Elizabeth Tolman, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
Induction of Protective Immunity in the Respiratory Tract with Ricin Toxin Immune Complexes
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Nicholas J. Mantis


Beverly Obeng Amofah, Dr.P.H., Public Health
Assessing Antiretroviral Therapy Prescribing Practices in New York State for Pregnant People Living with HIV
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Elizabeth Vasquez

Donghong Gao, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Extreme temperature, social, built, and other natural environments on diabetes admissions
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Shao Lin

Tamba Solomon Lebbie, Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences
Assessing Associations Between Emergency Room Visits for Respiratory and Cardiovascular Diseases and Criteria Air Pollutants Exposure in New York State from 2010 to 2018
Dissertation Chair: Prof. David O. Carpenter

Tristan Anthony Nowak, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
Implicating North American Lizards in the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto Sylvatic Cycle
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Yi-Pin Lin

School of Social Welfare - PhD

Mette Christiansen, Ph.D., Social Welfare
The Hidden Curriculum in Social Work Graduate Programs: Implications for Professional Socialization and Practice
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ricky Fortune

Priya Anne Winston, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Program evaluation on employment outcomes for women with disabilities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Nancy Claiborne

Chiao-Yu Yang, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Incarceration Experiences and Post-Release Drug Addiction Recovery among Previously Incarcerated Women with a Drug Addiction
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Heather Horton


Jordan Aspen Dyett, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Substance Use and System(s) Impact: A Mixed-Methods Community-Based Participatory Action Research Study
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Sarah Mountz

Erin Samantha Gardner, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Understanding Attitudes Among Professionals Who Interact with Youth who Exhibit Problematic Sexual Behavior
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Nancy Clairborne

Anne-Marie Gomes, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Intersectionality Between Poverty, Physical and Mental Health among Mothers with and without Disabilities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Victoria Rizzo

Jinhee Koo, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Stress Coping in Caregiving Among Korean Immigrant Parents of Children with ADHD
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ricky Fortune

Catherine Susanne Kramer, Ph.D., Social Welfare
“I felt from that place”: A Qualitative Case Study of Emerging Practices to Build Youth Peer Supports in Residential Care
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Nancy Clairborne

Jinhee Koo, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Stress Coping in Caregiving Among Korean Immigrant Parents of Children with ADHD
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ricky Fortune

Three graduating students standing in front of a UAlbany bus.

Master's Degrees and Graduate Certificates

College of Arts & Sciences - MA, MFA, MRP, MS, CGS

Master of Arts


Annabelle Armah
Thabo Bakhuluma-Ncube
Tao Chen
Bailey Deonigi Cordell
Susana Cruz Garcia
Connor Dean Darmetko
Caitlin Corleen Denny
Pasan Vinura Joseph De Silva
Krista Nicole Drapalik
Joshita Duvvuru
Clayton Edmunds
Kirsten Ferguson

Elizabeth Theresa Gannon
Cody Sykes Gilbert
LaReva Frances Greene
Nicole Greenman
Jerome Chinua Hall
Colby Joshua Harvish
Marla Hasin
Kei Yan Leung
Lakota F. Levandowski
Ilva Llakmani
Stanley Raphael Luvanda

Teresa Mejia
Yesenia Melo
Lucas Paul Novko
Austin David O'Connor
Eileen Park
Emily Rose Peters
Andrew Yuichi Post
Taylor C. Post
Kristian Koenig Price
Alexander Patrick Quellhorst
Daniel Salage

Katherine Schultz
Christopher R. Schwabe
Ryan Douglas Skunda
Alaina Smith
Jeff Thielmann
Katherine Michele Tote
Brittany Iyanla Wafer
Sara Vasquez White
Xiaodong Yang
Sijie Yao
Guorui Zhao


Syed Aajmain
Sarah Amplo
Nicole M. Arco
Kirk Alexander Bedward
Karan Bhasin
Khushi Samira Bhatt
Shelby Janeé Bigsby
Nathan Parker Byrne
Ludith R. Campos
Daniel Robert Coutu
Ava Marie Cristiano
Lauren DeGeorgia
Nina Nhu Dies
Audrea Lee Din
Kyle Edward Durkee
Yaochen Feng
Iván Ramón Francos Medrano
Nathan Francis Gillespie

Ariel Gonzalez
Arezoo Hajighorbani
Irma Mayte Hernandez
Javon Elijah Hicks
Lily Beatrice Hughes
Mira Samer Sameeh Iskander
Chelsea Jones
Joel Kapapa
Aminata Kargbo
Nant Mu Say Khaleim
Jessica Leigh Kirker
Delphine Caroline Laura Le Jeune
Sydney M. Lemire
Rui Li
Zhendong Li
Augustus Finn Lovett
Christina May Lownie
Sade Lubin

Andrea Lurie
Kenneth Hale McCabe
Aidan M. McLaren
Morgan Jeanne Mulroe
Bria Nickerson
Everlyne Omondi
Alexander Pechacek
Alexander Zi Perry
Danielle Elizabeth Peters
Morgan Ayn Petty
Dallia Amari Phillips
Danny Faustino Pintado Sacaquirin
Claudia Pique
Evelyn Faye Preston
Joseph Michael Puccio
Kate Reddy
Jeiselynn Nichole Rios Rivera
Jillian Christine Risavi

Falmari Estefania Rojas-Barrios
Emilia Romero Hicks
Brianne N. Schmid
Sophia Lynn Schultz
Katim Seck
Shailee Shah
Peter Sage Shirey
Jackson M. Snaith
Drew Somoray
Yen-Jung Tseng
Chanthanome Vilaphonh
Shonly Emme Wallace
Tyler James Warman
Grace M. White
Sarah Bronwyn Winden
Emma Ruth Woods
Ming Yang

Master of Fine Arts


Alison Bachorik
Isabella Burnett

Sean Chamberlain
Albina Luisa Cook

Annabelle Mona
Chayel Moses

Adrianna Sakamoto Oropello
Yin Zhang

Master of Regional Planning


Sondos Fadle Assallami
Andris Blumbergs

Julian Hicks

Mohammed Ibrahim

Melissa Marton


Nahid Abbasian
Ian J. Desoucey

Melia Kiana Kalei Hema
Stephen Edward Hiney

Mathew J. Lee
Sergio Adal Ramirez

Victoria Taylor Roberts
Grace M. Sherburne

Master of Science


Wadiah Hamed Allahyani
Sowmya Bandla
Cheryl Lee Blank
Tyler David Bobko
Deniece Brown
Siddhartha Chappidi
Mabel Alizah Chenier
Prashanth Deekonda

Grace Elizabeth Dines
Desirée C. D'Moore
Alexander H.C. Evans
Tarun Balaji Gajula
Mikhaela Gillman
Sowjanya Gopireddy
Bailey A. Hoplight
Israt Hossain

Md. Anwar Hossain
Bhavishya Chowdary Katragadda
Stephen R. Klein
Ping Li
Amarnath Reddy Malkireddy
Sri Venkata Chaitanya Raghava Mamidi
Sumanth Nag Patibandla

Raviteja Paturi
Erin Potter
Senia Quevedo
Kelsey Rae Ruffino
William David Stikeleather
Sai Veera Saketh Teki
Shelby Ann Turner
Guibing Zhang


Vijay Kumar Akavaram
Aram J. Alaxanian
Vinay Kumar Reddy Aleti
Tarun Kumar Bandaru
Maitri Bhatt
Samantha Hope Biaesch
Sindhu Chamakura
Chin-Han Chan
Santhosh Kumar Charagonda
Sameeksha Chiguru
Revanth Kumar Chinthagumpala
Sai Deekshith Chinthalwar
Cara Li Czech

Thapaswi Dama
Cassandra Mae Davis
Samantha Lynn DeSousa
Rachel Eldridge
Nithin Kumar Ellendula
Matthew Thomas Friedkin
Nikhil Gannu
Justin Varughese George
Vishal Girijapuram
Mahesh Naik Guguloth
Eric Haarer
Farishta Hamdard
Quetsia Jean-Baptiste
Vennela Kakarla Nanda

Sai Prasad Reddy Kolan
Jithin Reddy Kommidi
Peter J. Lofrumento
Yashwanth Reddy Madireddy
Shivani Managari
Cassandra Nicole Mendez
Sai Teja Miyapuram
Katharine Heaher Moser
Kishore Muchintala
Vikram Teja Nanduri
Isreal Ayobami Onifade, Jr.
Lasya Naga Sai Lakshmi Paida
Prashant Patel
Milan Angelina Pfister

Jaji Lakshmi Purnima Pokuru
Raghava Ponugoti
Alanna Devan Richman
Daliza Nanette Rivera-Matos
Rohan Sattarapu
Mohammad Arif Shaik
Princi Sharma
Aditya Suggala
Satish Kumar Suravarapu
Sathvik Thandra
Vinay Vaida
Praveena Vennam
Bhemeshwar Yeturi
Yunjie Zhang

Certificate of Graduate Study in Autism


Aleeza Bella Cohen

Certificate of Graduate Study in Communication


Scott Bryan Houseman


Jacob J. Piseno

Certificate of Graduate Study in Economic Forecasting


Andrew Yuichi Post


Alexander Pechacek

Certificate of Graduate Study in Geographic Information Systems & Spatial Analysis


Sondos Fadle Assallami
Caitlin Corleen Denny


Alanna Devan Richman

Certificate of Graduate Study in Geospatial Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics


Chin-Han Chan
Julia Margaret Destino
Sergio Adal Ramirez

Certificate of Graduate Study in Topological Data Analysis


Ali Farhat

Certificate of Graduate Study in Urban Policy


Stephen Scaduto

School of Business - MBA, MS, CGS

Master of Business Administration


Farzana Akhter
Padraic Bambrick
James Arthur DeConno
Amanda Delacruz

Erik Bradley Wise Dollman
Jayne L. Marzello
Joanita I. Muwanga

Whitney Rose Rector
Mayur Ashok Sakhare
David Brian Sawicz

Raymond Soto, Jr.
Anthony J. Toffenetti
Julie Webb


Jaibear Ahmad
Elizabeth C. Akujuo
Moiz Aslam
Brianna Attanasio
Aissata H. Barry
Rebecca Lynn Bitman
Edwin K. Boampong-Appiah
Camryn E. Burrell
Henry Bush
Borja Cantero-Tubilla
Reginald Celestin
Sean Chahal
Victoria-Alexis Emma Wanita Charlotten
Devashish Chaturvedi
Haley Ann Chaykowski-Jewett
Ryan Choi
Dakota Corapi
Amelia Rae Courtney
Christopher Crapanzano
Kemena Coronel Cruz
Jeannie Kim Cuddeford
Ciara Delaney Cullen
Abir Das
Sheila M. De Jesus Pineda

Marissa Danielle DePaola
Aboubacar Diallo
Dean C. DiBenedetto, Jr.
Kayla Elizabeth DiLiberto
Megan F. Dunn
Dana Janessa Duvalle
Ewansiha Michael Edobor
Juan Ignacio Ferrero
Jason Matthew Floumanhaft
Heather Foley
John Robert Foster
Kiara S. Goris
Helene Haegerstrand
Bu Hyun Ham
Wendi Jo Hammond
John Connor Hanson
Alec Hansraj
Cardisha Harford
Hasnain Hashmi
Marley Hawthorne
Justin Hickok
Lucienne L. Hymes
Curt David Jones

Sarah Marie Karpell
Dylan J. Kelly
Jonathan A. Kelly
Tegan M. Kondak
Benjamin Theodore Kose
Jack Longin Krokos
Darien C. Lapietro
Lucy Thu-Lien Lerman
Grace Marie Lewandowski
Kevin Brian Li
Logan Taylor Lis
Steven Richard Lopeck, Jr.
Daniel Paul Mahoney
Marcus Jordan McFadden
David P. Meisenzahl
Francesco Paolo Meles
Stephen Miller
Danielle Gianna Modica
Nikos P. Moisidis
Massimo Molina
Elizabeth Louise Newman
Edmark Yaw Nyantakyi
Alexander Michael Ody

Somtochukwu Godwin Okpalor
Hnin Ei Ei Oo Shein
Sterling Pagan
Melanie Ashley Peterson
Ava Pina
Jana L.T. Mercedes Putzig
Abha Raghavan
Rohini Janaki Ramani
Kevin J. Regan
Jamall Reyes
Daniel Rodriguez
Marcus M. Ryan
Patrick Conroy Ryan
Ethan C. Sabini
Clarissa Tang Shaw
Jyoti Shrestha
William Simkin
Nimota Omowunmi Surakat
Weibing Teng
Leonard C. Trippen
Ruonan Wang
Adam R. Wingate
Fangxin Zhu

Master of Science


Sylvia E. Ighodaro
Shibai Li

Sarah Catherine Sampson

Emma Elizabeth Whitney

Jonathan F. Wojcik


Nolan Maxx Adelsky
Austin Ali
Lina Alia
Stephanie Alvarado
Daniel Alvarez
Peter Robert Barry
Zachary J. Bauer
Clelie Anne Belizaire
Katherine Dorothy Bencivenga
Lockeshia Bennett
Shareef R. Booker
Mackenna R. Bruner
Adryana A. Campusano
Steven Gerald Chale
Jason R. Chapas
Marlon Chapman
Raymond Chee
Reilly Byrne Coleman

Zachary Paul Colwell
Colleen S. Crino
Christina Cucinotta
Evan Alec Davis
Christopher J. Dormer
Kristopher Fok Downes
Matthew Anna Dwyer
Amal Faheem
Danielle M. Farleigh
Annaleigh Fernandez
Benjamin T. Fish
Patrick Vincent Foley
Shauna M. Fowler
Shawn George
Zaylan T. George
Samantha Lynn Haines
Kevin T. Hegarty
Matthew T. Henderson

Nicholas Jeffrey Hickok
Ozzie N. Hutchinson
Annemarie Radinka Kathriarachchi
Aurora Kenney
Mehreen Khan
Joelle Rose Koutsantanou
Joseph C. Lasorsa
Amy Li
William Andrew Mann
Madison Malya McKay
Emily R. McKendry
John Lester Sorbeto Mendoza
Matthew M. Molinaro
Fama Niang
Nicholas R. Nosbisch
Roshni Merlyn Philip
Matteo Ramos
Renee Rattigan

Luke Reagan
Calvin McClaine Rickard
Troy Robert Schauwecker
Shania Shannan Scott
Giovanni G. Scotti
Tetyana Shpit
Shaan P. Singh
Lindsay M. Stancampiano
Phillip Daniel Tam
Muhammad T. Tassaddaq
Sarah Poovappallil Thomas
Hannah James Truglio
Michael P. Vertolomo
James A. Vlachos
Maxwell James Woodhull-Fuget
Anqi Wu
Ryan Stephen Yavinsky
Zitong Zhao

Certificate of Graduate Study in Information Security


Eric Bosen
Martina Glab
James F. Rosse


Lawrence Savas Durudogan
Ahsen Khan
Ashlley Lopez

School of Criminal Justice - MA

Master of Arts


Dawelys A. Almonte
Sean Asaeda
Asmaou Balde
Emma Britten

Haleigh K. Gaston
Ashley M. Keane-Dawes
Grace Denmark Kohl
Anika Bushra Lamia

Michael Justis Manchur
Lauren M. Marble
Alexandra Nicole Natale

Carolyn Rose Pforte
Alyssa Natalya Richiez
Meaghan Noelle Romaguera


Andrew J. Anavim
Richard Michael Arcangel
Jeffrey Baio
Jillian G. Benedict
Adrianna Lyn Bradt
Manuela Belén Brunner Carrasco
Shadez Cabrera-Jordan
Zoe Ann Capanna
Martin Gonzalez Chavez
Joseph A. Choiniere

Sierra Coleman
Kierra Coffey
Akashraj Matthew Dammar
Brittany R. K. Ellis
Amie Patricia Feroleto
Ashley Leigh-Ann Hall
Edward T. Hernandez
Meghan Elizabeth Hunziker
Brendan M. Kanoza
Dylan Young Lee

Bethany Joy Mastan
Irene Nelson
Junsu Noh
Annamarie Pellegrino
Reece Lawrence Penk-Masucci
Joseph Ernest Penniman
Orsy Arturo Quezada
John William Quinn
Ryan Saint-Aude
John Nicholas Sira

Amauris Rafael Soler
William Edward Vasoll
Mei-Ella Vickers
Jonathan D. Waldorfer
Andrew Wang
Michaela Webb
Zhuoning Wu
Xin Zhen
Yu Zhuang

School of Education - MS, CAS, AGC, CGS
Master of Science


Michael Anthony Abare
Keturah Jean Abdullah
Dennis Abruzzi
Aiyana Jasmine Adams
Caitlin Marie Adams
Mai Alawamleh
Margaret Catherine Allen
Megan Eileen Anders
Katherine Austin
David C. Azarow
Marciana Baltazar
Livia Rose Bascom
Carlo Delacruz Basconcillo
Daniella Maria Bertrand
Dawn C. Betke
Jessica A. Billitier
Simona Borkina
Joseph Bertrand Boyle
Kaley Marie Brindisi
Alysa Marie Brino
Caitlyn Mae Brown
Sophia F. Burger
York M. Bush II
Sophia Rose Calabrese
Alison Ann Callagan
Megan Cattarin
Jade Ivy Chang
Michelle Christine Chapman
Peter Robert Chiacchiaro
Adrianna Ciccarelli
Samantha Marie Cignarella
Jennifer Paige Claburn
Zareya Nicolette Cole
Sean P. Connell
Monica Ann Cooley
Rachael Coons
Laura Leigh Cormack
Maryrose Coughlin
Fiona M. Cray
Nina Crimi
Rebecca Nicole Cropsey
Sarah Johanna Crosky
Margaret Ann Daley
Kaitlynn Anne Decker
Hope Cameryn Dedrick
Gabriella C. Degennaro

Amelia K. DeJarnette
Ashley De Kraai
Hannah De Oleo
Annette Marie Diguiseppi
Alyssa Enlow
Olivia Jean Ennist
Shirell India Favor
Briana K. Feldstein
Gabrielle Fish
Briana Kathleen Flaherty
Marissa Noelle Flaherty
Emily Flanagan
Alissa Kate Folts
Ian W. Freightenburgh
Isabel R. Fry
Ashley Fulcher
Vanessa Fulmore
Nicolette Lynn Galante
Mia Brady Gangi
Steven Gatje
Alexander Robert Gebur
Kari Gehrke
Rachel Elisabeth Giroux
Abigail S. Goes
Gordon Ivan Gottlieb
Dorla L. Grant
Jaelyn Jones Green
Maya Guzman
Nickolas Dean Harrian
Katherine LeeAnn Hayes
Heather Rose Hoeffner
Julia R. Imbo
Fozia Iram
Megan Alyssa Jankowiak
Madeline Hope Jenkins
Cassandra Rose Jones
Leanna Marie Kavanaugh
Isabella Ryan Kazanjian
Caylee Kelley
Kyle James Kelly
Maryellen Kieser
John Kirk
Luisa Viktoria Knapp
Leah Marie Koerber
Carli Grace Korik
Rheonna F. Koss

Melissa Marie Kraich
Emily Rose Krompier
Morgan Kurtz
Emmalie Marie Ladouceur
Alana Alexandra Lake
Gehrig John Peter Laniewski
Morgan Rose LaRocca
Adriana Laurendi
Brittany Rae Law
Ashley Jean Lawless
Julia Nicole Lembach
Cassidy Rose Leto
Jacqueline Marie Lewis
Yu Ying Li
Krystyna Lilland
Gianna Rose Maccarino
Sarah Carolyn Machina
Amanda Kate Maltz
Jessica Ann Marsh
Abigail Weston Maycock
Jennifer R. Mazujian
Sarah McCormick-Bachorik
Mikayla Annora McGarry
Jillian Kathleen McPherson
Antonio Elias Medina
Emily Therese Michalak
Emily E. Monahan
Elizabeth Margaret Morgan
Allison Catherine Moser
Grace Murae Muir
Kayla Nannariello
Elizabeth Nicole Neese
Mariah Lillian Nichols
Margaret F. Nuss
Catherine Ann O'Connor
Chioma M. Ofodile
Chinemerem Cypril Ogbonna
Sara Ann Oliveira
Alicia A. O'Neal
Brianna Painter
Jalen Trey Parson
Nicole Marie Perugino
Elena Kristine Pochodylo
Richard Poganik
Isabella Prince
Grace Raffa

Meghan Olivia Rees
Wendy Rendon
Nicole D. Reuter
Nathan Rieger
Christopher J. Rogers
Mary Rose Romano
Michelle Rossi
Thomas Andrew Ruhl
Emma Rupert
Andrea Jean Russell
Jenna Elizabeth Russell
Isabel Sarah Rutkey
Adrianna Ryan
Kathryn Alice Sancilio
Brenda Y. Santana
Nicole Ann Santoli
Emily Nicole Scheiba
Alexandra Lynne Semenza
Jessica R. Seney
Jessica Kate Sheldrick
Jacob Smith
Shannon Elizabeth Spina
Faith St. Arromand
Taylor Marie Stoddard
Sarah Mae Stolberg
Victoria Lynn Stubba
Jesse R. Sturtz
Qi Sun
Abigail Taylor
Emily June Thomas
Corinne Elise Toussaint
Chrystyna Maria Tsuvanyk
Jody-Ann Nickay Turner
Hailey S. Vannatten
Kiera Elizabeth Vanwormer
Saiesha Venkatagiri
Hunter Burke Wallace
Ashley Mary-Elizabeth Walsh
Vanessa Weber
Shea Kathryn Wenzler
Ashley Veronica Williams
Owen Thomas Williams
Mallory Wittlin
Nolan D. Wolfe
Lauren Wood
Jie Zhao


Syed Irfan Abbas
Kassidy Kim Aiken
Georgia Alvaranga
Rebecca Andersen
Kelly Brianna Angell
Nicole Isabel Askenas
Jake Barrett
Alyssa C. Belcastro
Brianna Benitez
Margaret Katie Berger
Simeon A. Bien-Aime
Alyssa Nicole Bierwirth
Kaitlyn Marie Bordone
Justin Benjamin Bourne
Gemelli Briceno
Luke Brush
Alexandria F. Burt
Jacqueline Ofelia Camacho
Christopher W. Carmack
Evan Michael Carrier
Jenna Cavale
Brad Clark
Heidy A. Cobar
Marie Combs
Kelsey Elizabeth Cox
Gianna Coyne
Liam M. Creaser
Morgan Rae Davis

Brittany Faith Defraia
Rachel Adel Dickson
Luke Douglas
Stephanie Draxdorf
Rachael Duchnycz
Alicia Marie Esposito
Shayla Johnay Farris
Zackery Flanders
Justin Lee Frankel
Carmen Flores Garcia
Nicholas Joseph Gentile
Paul L. Guay
Brandi Hafelin
Samantha Hayes
Kayla Marie Henriquez
Michal Herman
Brandon Hillier
Jessica E. Hinds
Megan Honey
Megan E. Jara-Gallegos
Amelia Abigail Jones
Elizabeth S. Jones
Madison Elizabeth Kousoulas
Cayla Kuey
Shelby Kwarta
Yu Yu Kyaw
Hannah Carolyn Lansing

Carolyn Celia Lavigna
Melanie Jeanne LaVigne
Rachael Lynn Lebo
Linden Lee
Michaela Elizabeth Libutti
Ariel Grace Loucks
Jessica L. Loyer
Giovanna Rose Maloney
Emily Maniak
Emily Rose Mann
Timothy Jordan Massie
Kaitlyn Nicole Mazierski
Elizabeth Milazzo
Brandon Donald Miller
Samantha Marie Miller
Aye Nyein Minn
Corey Michael Monley
Lauren Ann Murphy
Jenna Nimmer
Emily Oleary
Edmund Walter Orlowski
Doris Afriyie Osei
Shayna Marie Ostrowsky
Aaron David Pamel
Alexandria Rane Parker
Molly Ann Perrone
AnnMarie Helga Persad

Olivia Louise Prince
Catherine J. Regitano
Alexander Leonard Rollo
Alexandra Lyn Romanoff
Jose Romero
Emily Sautter
Kathleen Saxton
William Bennett Schiele
Olivia Rene Schroeder
Farzin Shargh
Kathryn Marie Sirianni
Kayleigh Margaret Smith
Sarah Jane Stolz
Steven J. Sturman
Stephanie Rose Timpe
Gianna Marie Tufano
Kacie Olivia Voigt
Raven Akira Walker
Crystal E. Welsh
Piet Magnus Wesling
Ahteras Corlynn West
Elizabeth Wilcox
Emily Williamson
Kerry Winters
Jacob Gary Wojtowecz
Castiel James Wornell
Jenna Nicole Zeller

Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Research


Jason Gallacchi

Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy


Abigail Emily Ferris

Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology


Joseph Anthony Arnone
Alexandra Nicole Keen
Erika Rae Korzeniewski

Melissa Anne Markowitz
Louise Maria Olson

Jacqueline L. Rodda
Shaneka Rayleen Rodriguez

Sara Sleiman Tellaoui
Isabella Marie Staiano


Sydney Morgan Johnson
Ruby Siegel

Advanced Graduate Certificate in School Building Leadership


Karleen Brookshire
Stephanie A. Conklin
Nancy Hyde

Advanced Graduate Certificate in School District Business Leadership


Stephen Thomas Gennett
Kiante Eli Jones

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Kalyn Deans
Daysi N. Mina

Certificate of Graduate Study in Community College Leadership


Castiel James Wornell

Certificate of Graduate Study in Computing Education


Brooke Marie Ebersold
Christopher W. Masters
Daniel Wender

Certificate of Graduate Study in International Education Management


Kaleigh Claire Herman
Tereza Ana Pintur
Cayla Leigh Sanelli

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity - MS, CGS

Master of Science


Ritesh Reddy Allada
Nora Evita Aresti
Kisa M. Baginski
Kelly Nicole Bartlett
Dulcie Anna Beauregard
Alexis Bhagat
Laura Jane Boland
Wyatt Borwick
Hannah E. Brewer
Eleanor Bronder-Major
Kalyan Kumar Brungi
Rebecca Jo Byrne
Mary P. Carrier
Monika Chaganti
Samantha Marie Christensen-Tripi
Stephanie Marie Cook
Matthew D'Angelo
Angela Daniels

Megan Davis
Jennifer L. Diehl
Elvira Santiago Dasig Donuk
Arianna Kristen Dookhu
Graham Ebbecke
Danling Ebel
Asha Jamila Francis
Ke Gao
Lindsay Rose Gerard
Shilpa Hanamanthreddy Hanchinal
Meredith Ellynn Hazelton
Kyle B. Hirsch
Melissa Iaria
Briuana Alicia Jackson
Sathvik Jakkula
Elizabeth B. Jamison
Chloe Janis
Rachel Lynn Jeffers

Bonnie Lee Kirkland
Brooke Tyler Kraus
Suzanne Cole Krohn
Chris C. Lastovicka
Michelle Ling
Victoria Lowe
Allyson A. Macci
Sowmya Malempati
Merissa Leigh Marthage
Angela Marie Maxwell
Kristin N. McClune
Dana Merrill
Anne Messley
Adriana Navea
Amanda Elizabeth Ospina
Christopher Abidemi E. Osamudiamen Otasowie
Laurie J. Pascucci
Owen D. Payne

Lilian Aracely Perez
Marilyn Marie Petreshock
Tom Reeves
Gabriela H. Rodriguez
John Michael Ruquet
David J. Salvadori
Smita Sharma
Alaina Smith
Julia Nicole Sollin
Geraldine Soto
Susanne M. Stone
Heather Ann Thomas
Caylee Mae Trostle
Jessica Anne Vanore
Angelina Victoria Webb
Lauren Weisholz
Alison Wells


Teja Satya Sai Pavan Adabala
Shannon Sylvia Alessandroni
Julia Elia Auerfeld
Paige Felicia Band
Matthew Batchker
Yara L. Bonifacio
McKenna Noel Bourgeois
William R. Buchanan
Samantha Frances Carollo
Swetha Chalapathy
Anna Eileen Charlebois
Patricia Marie Colucci
Autumn Taylor Cook
Jessica Rae DiSibio
Allissa Dobson
Dheekshith Reddy Enugu
Melanie Lynn Fales
Ian Gabriel Fiore
Chloe Marie Fisher

Gillian Gail
Moira Caitlin Geary
Lauren Greenstein
Sonia Gulipalli
Autumn Holladay
Madison Jurado
Gareth Eileen Fitzgerald Kaedy
Kyle Anna Keefe
Madeline Klein
Colleen Kochensparger
Liron Kofman
Rahul Varma Konda
Paul A. Lavigna
Anne Leavitt
Cherie Litvin
Paytan May Mann
Julia Christina Marshall
Amanda Katherine Mele
Joanna Mercer

Katelyn Merchat
Naveen Kumar Moraboina
Mounika Moram
Melissa Mounier
Eshwar Nidadavolu
Sarvotham Reddy Nimma
Jennifer Overocker
Gabrielle M. Palmigiano
Jaclyn Alexis Parisi
Kellyann Pascarella
Rachel Elyse Petrone
Kelly Soley Petrosino
Yashoda Rishita Pothunuri
Gayathri Rajkumar
Marci F. Ranzer
Akhil Rapole
Ialiyah Yashmik Reese
Christopher Andrew Romeo
Melina Michele Rosario

Hannah Justice Rothman
Lydia Russo
Farzana Yeasmeen Sabah
Beth Anne Sanger
Nipun Sethi
Amesha Priyanka Shamraj
Carolyn Shields
Emily Simonds
J'Hahna Najwa Thomas
Jessica Karena Thompson
Marie Lena Tupot
Sriram Santosh Vanaparthi
Matthew Van Buren
Cataline Vincent
Chelsea Buda Visalli
Venkata Sai Varun Voleti
Cheyenne M. Watson
Deanna Elizabeth Wetmore

Certificate of Graduate Study in Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity


Robert Benoit
Meg Fryling


Richard Michael Arcangel
Julia Christina Marshall
Junsu Noh
Taylor R. Oathout
Matthew Van Buren

College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering - MS

Master of Science


Dare Victor Abere
Likhith Reddy Adla
Sarika Bhoomreddy
Koushik Chandra Billa
Osman Bulut
Krishna Praneeth Chandana
Jacob Peter Clouse
Subodh Dadi
Jayanth Damera
Keerthi Dasari
Marc Steven DiRaimo

Saideep Durganala
Moemen A. Elmegahed
Dharma Teja Enjam
Tanoj Kumar Innamuri
Arshdeep Kaur
Sai Sahithya Kodali
Yasaswi Kolasani
Soumya Kollipara
Sri Saravana Konganapuram Narasimma Bharath
Vilok Lakkimsetti

Huiying Lin
Lavanya Saraswathi Mandadi
Dhvanan Pritish Mehta
Prasanth Nagisetty
Manasa Nannuru
Muhammad Hasher Nasir
Sindhu Reddy Palli
Het Nileshkumar Patel
Kavya Patlolla
Fernando Alexander Pesantez Torres

Naga Rajesh Polu
Sai Rakesh Polu
Jyoshna Priya Rakam
Praneetha Ravi
Dhairya Rakesh Shah
Utkarsh Shukla
Manideep Thotakura
Sai Jyotsna Vykuntam
Hongzhi Xu
Daniel Yee


Likhith Reddy Addela
Naga Sai Manikanta Alapati
Susheel Kumar Ambati
Meghanadh Reddy Annapareddy
Vignesh Appani
Skanda Krishnan Balasubramanian
Ramkishore Bandla
Abhiroop Reddy Barla
Edgar Onofre Barranco
Nicholas George Bernard
Brinda Ramesh Bhanderi
Satwik Bhasin
Prathyusha Bobba
Bargav Boini
Venkata Karuna Siva Naga Sande Bonda
Sireesha Bondalapati
Caleb Nathaniel Bondy
Ajay Kumar Reddy Boreddy
Peter Buonaiuto
Yasaswini Chandolu
Bhanu Cheryala
Ramya Chinta
Sukumar Chinthalapudi
Sujitha Chittiprolu
Harshalkumar Hasmukhbhai Dankhara
Praneeth Reddy Darapu
Thrishitha Dendi
Hema Srihitha Dendukuri
Manan Anilkumar Devani

Saksham Dewan
Sai Vamshi Dhanalakoti
Sri Harsha Chowdary Dhanenkula
Rohith Dharuru
Pranay Virat Dontula
Rahul Kumar Edara
Jotheeswar Raghava Reddy Eeda
Bradley J. Evans
Hunter James Frost
Srinivasa Rao Ganta
Hemanth Kumar Gara
Navya Sree Gavini
Sai Dedeepya Gongati
Nicholas A. Green
Gayatri Gundavarapu
Rohith Jellipalli
Sai Vishnu Anudeep Kadiyala
Durga Kalli
Mahesh Babu Kambala
Usha Sri Kamepalli
Jyothi Sri Kanagala
Monika Kapa Murali
Trupti Sagar Kesavaraju
Thejas Keshava Murthy
Sai Kumar Reddy Ketham Reddy
Rhutvi Jayesh Khatri
Abid Adnan Khawaja
Prathiksha Yadav Kola
Jaswanth Kolli

Sri Tanuja Komatlapalli
Nikhil Raja Kottur
Vishnu Priya Kunapareddy
Amulya Kunchala
Sai Shankar Lakkineni
Shreya Reddy Lethakula
Yaswanth Reddy Mandapati
Venkata Gowtham Matcha
Sreeya Meela
Armond Vernon Minor
Sai Karthik Nagabhairava
Prabha Prasad Nair
Praneeth Reddy Nakka
Sujith Eshwaraiah Narnavaram
Blessing Andrew Okoro
Susmitha Oppula
Akhil Reddy Pabbathi Reddy
Bharath Kumar Pakam
Sowsilya Palakurthi
Dhruven Kalpeshkumar Parvatiya
Harsh Rakeshbhai Patel
Sarang Jayeshbhai Patel
Sai Swaroop Peddakotla Venkata
Dhana Lakshmi Peeta
Chakri Praneeth Penugonda
Keerthan Perli
Sangeeth Reddy Podila
Madhurima Pothireddy

Bhanu Pravallika Pothuru
Susmitha Pusuluri
Kavya Rachamalla
Suraj Goud Rachamalla
Rashmitha Raghunayakula
Jeevan Reddy Saddikuti
Forum Dipen Shah
Vishwam Paras Shah
Muskaan Mohammed Yahya Shaikh
David Sikander
Madhuri Somavarapu
Mahesh Tanneru
Vineela Reddy Tekula
Dheeraj Kumar Thanda
Vamsi Uppala
Rajashekar Vaddelli
Sravya Vaddi
Sunil Vattem
Mani Veeravalli
Karthik Veerla
Lokesh Vetcha
Eric William Wales
Randall Ayers Wheeler
Sai Sree Mani Chandana Yalamarthy
Vikas Yallanki
Deepshika Yedla
Sai Kousik Yellala
Praneeth Yennam

Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy - MA, MIA, MPA, CAS, CGS

Master of Arts


Nicholas Raymond Gonzalez
Stephen Joseph Lansing
Catherine Elizabeth Seifert
Jamus W. Socker
Jarred Thomas Woodward
Julia N. Zaremba


Kira Mae Gruber
Christine Danielle Hooker
Tessa L. Wisloh
Mehmet Furkan Yilmaz

Master of International Affairs


Ethan David Goldmeer
Andrew Bane Hewitt
Htet Naing Oo
Raymond Martin Weber
Noah Wetzel
Tyler Jacob Wilk


Jeremy Hezron Mbeki Baker
Charles Andrew Bernet, Jr.
Taylor Kathleen Browning
Kyle James Dillon
Alyssa M. Espiritu Guiang
Sonja Ellen Hahne
Manahil Haroon
Alexander Jodush
Grace E. Kwiatkowski
Sarah Little
Anna Mohammed
Frederick Dizon Rillo
Katie Sullivan
James Marcin Wadolowski

Master of Public Administration


Waffah P. Ahmed
Skyler Louis Berry
Molly Bulla
John Carroll
Colin Michael Dennis

Sarah A. Felson
Matthew Lamar Gamble
Yasser Arturo Guerra Garcia
Jacqueline Joseph
Jaekyung Kuak

Aquila Levara Luncheon-Jemmott
Sarah Marie Lusardi
Joanna Daria Ogrodnik
Jeesun Rho
Donnella Mishka Smith

Julio Suarez
Sarika Yadav
Jeason Yeung
Robert Thomas Zullo
Samantha Zullo


Brianna Louise Bace
Sonnah Barry
Carla May Fernandez Bautista
Alex Benjamin
Cori A. Bichteman
Chester Junchuan Cheng
Patricia Rose Cronin
Robert Della Rocco
Abigail Linnea Evans
Mame Ouleye Tooli Fall
Gaetano Febbraio
Danielle Feldman
Rocio Abigail Figueroa

Abdoullah Goudiaby
Ronald Hicks
Thin Aung Htoo
Hnin Thazin Htwe
Ori Jean Charles
Won Jun Jeong
Marie D. Joseph
Matthew J. Kordziel
Timothy Lansing
Ebony Liriano
Nicholas Joseph Marino
Jonathan Smith Mattingly
Edward Joseph McGlone

Ella McGrail
Daniel E. Minns
Danielle Muth
Kayla Myers
Oluwatosin O. Oluyede
Ifeoma Onyeka
Phaiboun Panyasavath
Brendan John Perperian
Jessie Lee Purton- Lenzen
Ashlea Raemer
Alexander Jo Ruffo
Lauren Marie Ryan

Giorgio Sciacca
Alessia Kathryn Thompson
Roseanna Elizabeth Vanca
Kaylyn Alexis Vazquez
Michael Patrick Vera
Cassandra Marie Von Krusze
Madeleine L. Wadeson
Jacob K. Weissenburg
Ryan Andrew Wilcox
Dylan K. Winters
Andrew Peter Wrede
Victoria Paige Yeager

Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Sector Management


Scott Charles Jarzombek
Julie Ilana Kovach


Marcie Rhein

Certificate of Graduate Study in Women & Public Policy


Lisa White Witkowski

School of Public Health - MPH, MS, CGS

Master of Public Health


Patricia Acheampong
Taylor Louise Anderson
Tazmara Britney Anderson
Kayode Moshood Balogun
Sydney Aletha Barber
Courtney Lee Bonesteel
Yolanda Brown
Desiree A. Farley
Emiko Jane Fergusson

Kathryn Fontana
Rachel Elizabeth Gentles
Jalindikumari Parsotam Ghetia
Alix Megan Greenblatt
Emma Heubel
Amanda Therese Horner
Nabil Mahmoud Jamal
Rainier Manuel LeBlanc
Nicole Kate Lee

Susan Medina
Joseph Mellinger
Farzana Ferdous Musomi
Alina Anne Naismith
Mendon James Neyerlin
Hannah Olatunde
Hayley Rose Pawlowski
Gopichand Pendurti

Jason S. Price
Anne M. Pysnik
Easton Joseph Reagan
Anna Salnikova
Noah Paul Savage
Rachel Ann Scott
Meseret Meshesha Tena
Daniel D. White


Aleah Faizah Abdellatif
Olubukola Adebayo
Johnson Oluwajuwon Adekile
Hamidat O. Adeyi
Aicha Shade Akindele
George Akwetey
Sean Gerard Amberger
Faith Amber Angus
Princilla Anyamesem
Janet Oyetoba Awobode
Nicole Chinyere Azubuike
Nichole M. Banfield
Kaitlyn Bertleff
Isha Padmini Bhushan
Rachel Kelley Bievenue
Amelia Rose Canonica
Spencer T. Cavallaro
Amanda Tori Chambers

Kimberly Jasmin Chamorro Perez
Khrystin Michelle Comerford
Kathryn Connell
Samantha Cruz
Karan Atulbhai Desai
Devi Dinghoor
Heather Anne Duncan
Brooklyn Fensterer
Kwasi Ferkah
Kayla Cathleen Giglia
Matthew S. Goldman
Alyssa Gloria Goodman
Ciara Griffin
Noreen Elizabeth Guilfoyle
Erin Kristine Hallenbeck
Zannatun Naim Hoque
Karla Huwae
Alyssa Marie Indelicato

Claire Trinicel Jennings
Bibek Karki
Erin Elizabeth Kennedy
Sabrina Khan
Kari Ann Kimball
Patrick Kwapong
Gabriella Brianna Serene Mayers
Mahasin Gulnaaz Mehmood
Maha Omar Mohamed
Mackenzie Marie Mortimer
Cynthia Mosher
Shamor Muir
Michelle Nanda
Sophia Blake Nehama
Kirstin O'Sullivan
Madison E. Petrella
Prabhjot Kaur Rai

Alexandra Ada Romero
Jordan Seth Rosen
Daniela Sanclemente
Kyle Anthony Sasso
Tristan Connor Sharratt
Lequela Steen
Shanteesh Stewart
Qi Sun
Manika Suryadevara
Alizah Zainab Tariq
Assel M. Terlikbayeva
Ashma Thapa
Elijah Torres
Ousmane Babalaye Toure
Jennifer Leigh Trudeau
Zari Joyce Ward
Shelly Sue Wells

Master of Science


Jericho Lindee Paul Adams
Megan Di Maio
Deepika Reddy Kandhi
Khadija Rafiqi
Marum Sadiq


Anna Colleen Beckius
Roxann Brna
Yichun Liu
Charity Lynn McManaman
Sarah Smolinski

Certificate of Graduate Study in Global Health Studies


Aicha Shade Akindele
Patrick Kwapong
Rachel Laliveres
Jason S. Price


Beverly Obeng Amofah
Brooklyn Fensterer
Alix Megan Greenblatt
Zari Joyce Ward

Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Disparities


Ruth M. Murcia
Renae Joy Williams Atkinson


Kaitlyn Bertleff
Sarah Johanna Crosky
Gabriella Brianna Serene Mayers
Daniela Sanclemente
Kyle Anthony Sasso

Certificate of Graduate Study in HIV Studies


Shamor Muir

Certificate of Graduate Study in Maternal & Child Health


Kayla Cathleen Giglia


Hamidat O. Adeyi
Faith Amber Angus
Princilla Anyamesem
Janet Oyetoba Awobode
Nicole Chinyere Azubuike
Nichole M. Banfield
Kimberly Jasmin Chamorro Perez
Samantha Cruz

Kwasi Ferkah
Theekshana Madhura Fernando
Mahasin Gulnaaz Mehmood
Prabhjot Kaur Rai
Alexandra Ada Romero
Lequela Steen
Alizah Zainab Tariq
Ashma Thapa

Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health Fundamentals & Principles


Sharfaa Ahmed
Tuba Ahmed
Samuel Axten
Rachel Carney
Feyjon Cobos
Andrew Eli Dookhan
Julie A. Hine

Annique Hines- Giannotti
Jay Manzo
Nisa Ameera Mohamed
Emily Sarah Jean Penrose
Holly Sorenson
Arlyn Gibaga Verba
Samantha C. Wagner


Ericka Cave
Jacqueline Feliciano

Abigail B. Kaiser
Charles Ragone

Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health Surveillance & Preparedness


Jack Celuch
Stephanie Nicole Williams


Virgile Barnes
Emily Beth Crimmins
Wyatt J. Houde
Shamor Muir
Ousmane Babalaye Toure

School of Social Welfare - MSW

Master of Social Work


Rosemond Aba Baah
Asmaou Balde
Zoe Ann Capanna
Thomas J. Ceballos

Amarissa Crescenzi
Kathryn Helm
Stephanie S. Hertel
Karli J. Keator

Elena Isabel Lopez
Meagan Lee Ortiz
Acadia Catherine Pezzolesi
Dominique Christine Stippa

Kelsey Stoddard
Melanie S. Whiteley
Kate Leigh Wood


Jessica Nicole Abriel
Henry Chimereucheya Amadi
Tahirih Anthony
Dana M. Barrett
Shalini Barrow
Katherine Marie Baumgartner
Elizabeth Madlyn Beswick
Isha Padmini Bhushan
Devin James Blaisdell
Samantha Bond
Mairin Bray-Hayes
Dominique Buffa
Tyeara Burton
Matthew J. Bush
Maimouna Camara
Benjamin D. Candib
Alexis Nicole Candido
Dana Marie Cardona
Abigail Louise Carnevale
Kayla Christine Cassin
Madison Amaya Clark
Erika Michele Coleman
Sierra Coleman
Nora Collins
Shannon Curtin
Sarah E. Davidson

Shayna Eliana Davner
Caitlin Ann Derway
Sydney Nicole Dethomasis
Casey Lynn Dickeson
Rebecca Nicole Dugatkin
Melita Janet Dzelilovic
Brittany R. K. Ellis
Jennifer Katrina Emrich
Hala Azam Enbawe
Carly M. Forestieri
Olivia Fraser
Bridget Marie Theresa Frenyea
Santaliz Guale-Hilario
Veronica Ann Guinto
Grace Catherine Gutch
Sarah Elizabeth Harbison
Stephanie Alex Heim
Meredith Hummel
Star-Quana Jackson
Julie JooHee Jeong
Jasmine Sabrina Jones
Emma Elizabeth Juneau
Erin Elizabeth Kennedy
Gwyndolen Morningstar Kloepping
Daphne Isabella Mary Lapoint
Shaquinte D. Lenoir

Darianni Lopez Taveras
Cheyanne Autumn Mack
Carissa Marino
Theodore Morton Marler
Felix Luis Martinez
Sarah Gabrielle McCabe
Liliana Ortiz McCaffrey
Elise Catherine Miller
Lily A. Morrighan
Kelly Mucci
Francesca Deborah Nare
Sophie Rose Norton
Shanil Nunez
Yumeno Nagata Oliver
Christian Bartholomew Pappas
Madison Brianne Pastoriza
Annamarie Pellegrino
Haley Elizabeth Peterson
Vanessa Lynn Prashaw
Julianne Reddan
Jessie Rae Louise Reiff
Carla Andrea Reiner
Caitlyn Angela Roden
Ashley Brookes Ross
Lindsey Rowley
Haile Margaret Rowsam

Aaron A. Saia
Rumi Sarkar
Jacob Charles Schoff
Gabriel Joseph Segar
Oretha Sekyere
Mariam Shah
Brianna Sinclair
Madelyn Rose Smith
Megan Grace Smith
Emily Catherine Souter
Robyn Elizabeth Spateholts
Jamie Michelle Spiezio
Naomi Spivey
Caroline M. Spore
Samantha Ann Stalzer
Amber J. Stephens
Jared Valleau
Shanelle Vasquez
Julene Ventura
Jessica Lauren Vincent
Kateri Grace Vumbaco
Alexa Rayne Waldron
Kathleen E. Watt
Sadiya Victoria Wright
Kiley Zachs

University-Wide Interdisciplinary Studies - MS, CGS

Master of Science


Jullian Adriano
Gianluca F. Ancona
Ramakrishna Bollavulla
Tarun Preetham Bulla
Jyoti Chakma
Vincent Dellacorino
Sampath Kadumuri

Kartik Karalia
Vamsi Venkat Kolati
Yuva Surya Konatham
Matthew Langley
Leah E. Mandrova
Sri Naga Akhil Medisetti

Dhruti Darshankumar Mehta
Robert C. O'Brien
Chima C. Okereke
Francis P. Pepe
Luke Richard Price
Kanaka Durga Puvvada

Sabeeruddin Shaik
Srushti Namdev Shinde
Radhika Nandkumar Shirode
Titus Fon Tekwe
Andrew Tsui
Lakshika Vaishnav


Michael Joel Danquah
Lawrence Savas Durudogan
Koushik Gaini
Shegufa Haque

Ram Madani
Janavi Santosh Mohite
Jason P. Moon
Bryant Alexander Olivas Cerros

Angelica Belen Ramirez Hernandez
Venkat Sai Resham
Lizmary Mabel Reyes
Eric Victor Riemer

Shivas Sahni
Reafa Tamanna
Ferdinand Tamukum Fonjiyang

Certificate of Graduate Study in Nonprofit Management & Leadership


Christopher Joyce


Nathaniel Larkins

The Torchbearer walking down the aisle to begin the commencement ceremony.

Bachelor's Degrees

SCL: Summa Cum Laude: signifies a cumulative grade-point average of 3.75 or above
MCL: Magna Cum Laude: signifies a cumulative grade-point average of 3.50-3.74
CL: Cum Laude: signifies a cumulative grade-point average of 3.25-3.49

College of Arts & Sciences - BA, BS

Bachelor of Arts


Naylan Agosto
Kamila Akabirova
Calil Amran Akel
Andrea Qian Akers
Nathaniel Alegria
LMarc Karl Roberto Alexandre
Conor Alund SCL
Adam Alexander Alvarez SCL
Adam A. Anasa
Marlene Andrea Anderson
Brandon M. Antico
Jeremy George Arnold MCL
Fombo Awajia Azah CL
Maimouna Foly Balde
Alexis Christina Barnes
Molli Bates SCL
Charles Anthony Batts
Cali D. Beasley CL
Gabrielle Nitifini Bell
Jaylah Marie Bell SCL
Jacob Ryan Bickel
Kieran Lykan Amanita Willem Blokhuis MCL
Chelsea Nichole Bogart
Christopher Jacob Borowiec
Callen D. Bott
Tayia Boyd CL
Mikayla Sole Boykin
Noa Linn Brach
Taylor Brady CL
Kiara I. Brito
Pierre D. Brown
Melina Bueno
Bri-Anna Antoinette Burke
Wenjie Cai MCL
Chiara Laura Calicchia
Salvatore Caltabellotta
Matteo M. Camarda
Caitlyn Elizabeth Canastra CL
Madison Paige Cardone MCL
Matthew Robert Carr CL
Kimberly Cavanaugh
Daniel Chavez-Rodriguez
Erika Joy Chester
Victoria Eve Chizek MCL
Alex Hunter Chlud
Paul S. Cho
Andrew Martin Cihocki SCL
Taylor Blue Gil Clarke
Delbert Edward Clement MCL
Tyler Andrew Clemente MCL
Kiarra Chantel Coleman SCL
Margaret Mae Collins MCL
Liam Francis Connelly
Erin A. Conner MCL
Maria Alicia Cooley
Zanaya L. Cooper
Bry Crandall MCL
Kayla Victoria Cruz
Rachel Marie Cruz
Brenda Cuevas Tatis
Dakota Lynn Curtsinger
Anne Gabrielle Damis CL
Sharon Davila
Briana Angelica Dela Cruz
Nathalia Delgado
Medween Jessica Desrameaux
Anthony Michael Devizzio SCL
Gillian Faith Dirr CL
Jacqueline DiVietro
Phillip John Donnangelo
Emil Duda
Edmund T. Easter
Jack E. Ehrichs
Ariana Ehsani MCL

Mohammed Mahir Eisa CL
Victoria Lizette Encarnacion
Lillian Adaora Chinedu Esedebe
Tara-Lynn Hannah Felliccinni
Kaleigh Claire Fitzgerald
Gabriel M. Formica MCL
Destiny K. Francis
Christopher Nicholas Frandino SCL
Matthew Joseph Fredericks
Eoghan J. Gagne SCL
Max Garcia
Selom Sydney Gasu
Karen Lenyce Gilmore MCL
Leilani S. Glasgow
Jared P. Gonzalez
Melissa Ann Gonzalez CL
Camille Gordon MCL
Chenelle Jahane Gordon MCL
Kara Lauren Graner
Olivia R. Green
Tracy-Ann Taina Green
Anthony E. Grimaldi
Christian I. Grizzle
Raiden Centurea Guialdo
Quentin G. Hall CL
Thaddeus Hall
Shannon Ashley Halter
Dana Rose Haney
Alexander Charles Harding MCL
Caitlin Anne Harper
Reid Hartl
Armani J. Harvey
Nadia Hasan SCL
Orion Xavier Hazelton
Andrew L. Herlihy
Michael Joseph Hermance III
Emma Hildebrandt
Janelle Alicia Hogges
Justin Robert Holzman
Xavier Kal-El Hunter
Jamika Jaya Hypolite
Kyra Rose Iannuzzi
Aaron Idemudia
Anafrancesca Impeduglia
Omokhele E. Itebe CL
Blake Christopher Jackson MCL
Jamila Kamaria Jackson SCL
Kyana Johnson
Mia Kelsy Johnson CL
Cassendrea Johnelle Jones CL
Destiny Danita Jones
Mia Antonia Jones
Quaron M. Jones
Tiana Monica Jordan
Nicholas Karpins CL
Lauren M. Kelley MCL
Dwayne Kendall
Victoria Kathryn Kennedy
Maninder Singh Khela
Emily Jule Kollarik MCL
Emily Grace Koudelka SCL
James Charles Koudelka
Tammy Lai
Erin Taylor Lanzer CL
Alana Rose Latella-Devine MCL
Rachel C. Leccese SCL
Joe Lee
Joyce Lee
Kerron Oshayne Leslie MCL
Sierra Isabel Levine SCL
Sophia Kiara Levit SCL
Ruofeng Liu MCL
Alaina Marie Livecchi SCL
Joseph Jordan Lockridge-Hetko

Jacob Avery MacDonald
Dominique Michelle Madore
Daniel Paul Manning
Molly Elizabeth Mann Miss CL
Keren E. Markovitch
Daniella Marsicano
Christopher S. Martz
Christina Judith Mason
Anthony McBurnie
Jacklyn M. McCarthy
Hailey Parke McLaughlin
Madeleine Mehl
Rachel Mensah
Caitlin R. Meoli
Nicolas Mignone
Kynesha B. Milwood
Chanell E. Molina
Akilah Yaacine Mollineaux
Steven K. Moore
Zachary Moore MCL
Siera Morales
EmmaLee Morgan SCL
David Alan Mors MCL
Caitlin E. Morse SCL
Aarushi Narula
Alexander Christian Needham MCL
Kayloni Jewel Nelson MCL
Alexandra Elizabeth Rose Newberry
Olivia Nah-Nella Ngu SCL
Princess O. Ngwu CL
Austin Nicholos
Andrew Vincent Nicolella SCL
Duncan J. Nix
Brianna Nichole Nugent SCL
Liliya Ogiyevich MCL
Farouk Adesina Olowu
Nardeli Rubi Perez Ortega
Brianna Lynn Osborn SCL
Tiffany Osei Kokofu
Kyle Jacob Ostrander
Lucas Robert Owens
Tori Lynn Pantalone
Jacqueline Paredes
Tyler Pastula CL
Tristan Teague Pelfrey
Ashley Pena Encarnacion
Ava Victoria Perros
Dylan Gregory Perry
Daniel Robert Petrillo SCL
Samuel Thomas Piazza SCL
Cale Robert Pillion
George Pitsillides
Tayla O. Porter SCL
Brianna Poy Fong
Amanda Marie Preischel MCL
Alfonso Joaquin Prieto
Izabella Rose Purdy
Ahsun Shayan Qazi
Nina Alidia Rose Quick
Raneen Asim Raja
Steven Ramkissoon
Mariam Atif Rehman MCL
Joelle Victoria Reid
Ronald Reid CL
Sadiqka Reid
Vanessa Eleudis Reyes CL
Larry Rhabb, Jr. MCL
Zykeria Louise Robinson
Bryana Lynnette Rogers
Tayana Cassey Romulus MCL
Isabella Marie Ronda SCL
Brenna Renee Rosenbaum SCL
Marisa Renee Rosenblum
Julian S. Rosicke

Sarah Frances Rucker MCL
Schuyler Ruschmeyer
Mae K. Ryan
Nashca N. Saint Joie
Kelim Saljanin
Amina Sall
Rafael J. Sanchez
Jacob Robert Sanford
Rory E. Santana
Hannah Alizabeth Scott CL
Keelan Ray Seneca
Johans Severino
Areeba Shahid SCL
Ankit A. Sharma
Chhiring Y. Sherpa MCL
Thomas Kaname Shimazu
Andrew Joshua Silva
Navdeep Singh
Katelyn R. Singleman CL
Tori Taylor Smith
Mitchel Smith-Warrington
Brandon B. Soares
Lia A. Soares
Katherine Nicole Songer SCL
Siobhan Spies CL
Jared Thomas Spring SCL
Matthew Anton Spuches
Kaylie Marlene Squires
Brendan Staton
Keziah Alexis Stewart
Grace Elizabeth Stipe CL
Paul M. Streicher
Alen M. Stupar
Emily Christine Szary
Grace Williams Taylor
Victoria Alyssa Taylor
Sydney Lyn Torrisi SCL
Emily Trippodo
Mikhail Troyan
Dylan Vy Truong
Marshall T. Tryon MCL
Grace Jennifer Tyrrell
Julia R. Upeslacis
Andy Christopher Urbano
Indira Amanda Urbano MCL
Michael Ivan Vallejo SCL
Tyanna T. Van Allen
Alexander G. Ventura
Mariela Vera-Briggs CL
Pamela Guadalupe Veronica
Nathalie R. Vicente
Addrich Chad Vick
Owen Greyson Virgilio
Deanna Wallace
Jason C. Walter
Yixuan Wang CL
Ziyi Wang
Jaidyn Warren
Korianna Shonte Washington
Joseph R. West
Daniel O'Keith Whaley
Prince White
Gabrielle S. Whyte MCL
Mikaella R. Wielgos
Keynan C. Williams MCL
Keihasha Hi'Asia Wilson
Kathryn Anne Wood SCL
Karen Xie CL
Andrew D. Zahn MCL
Alexandra Susan Zanghi CL
Joseph Alexander Zarakas
Luke Thomas Zauner
Yifan Zhang CL
Sahara Shamiso Zingano


Mariam O. Adetunji
Blessing Ifeoma Ajah
Roy Kareem Alexander
Sharde Azaria Alexander
Treven Ancrum
Jackson Degan Anderson
Freddy Eduardo Anzurez
Faith Archer MCL
Angie M. Ardon CL
Alexander Arfin SCL
Ariagna Estephanie Arias Nunez SCL
Edward Tayi Armah
Kayla Brianna Arnoux MCL
Troy Ashcroft SCL
Ashley Marie Ashelman
Versai Augustin CL
Thomas Joseph Aumack CL
Theodora Avramidis
Adalis Selena Ayala CL
Jacqueline Grace Ayers
Natalia Alyia Azad SCL
Aidan J. Bachar MCL
Alissa D. Banfield SCL
Amelia Barkevich
Tatiana Maria Barragan
Kimberly Barrios Lopez
Aaron Samuel Basar SCL
Anna Christina Bass
Justice W. Batista CL
Autumn Ashely Becker
Jaasiel Serenity Bellamy
Sheima Benchaita SCL
Alexis D. Bergleitner
Bardha Berisha MCL
Stephanie Marie Berkeley
Morgan Berman CL
Gregory Thomas Bern CL
Jacob Paul Bernard
Lorrain Olivia Bernard
Amal H. Berredjem
Nicole J. Berry
Nyla V. Best
Leidy V. Betances
Abigail Denise Biancaniello
Kayla Elizabeth Birch CL
Gabriel Bennett Bissell
Lauren T. Bosch MCL
Emily Madison Bossert
Nasir Boston
Julianna Angelina Bovino SCL
Nasir Malachi Bowie-Griffin
Maegan Elizabeth Bradley
Paige Alexandra Brinsko
Emily Giorgina Brizuela
Skyla Broadus
Haydon M. Broockmann SCL
Treasure Armani Brooker
Annmarie Brosnan
Alexis Brianna Brown
Brianna Nichelle Brown
Zaire T. Brown
Claire Constance Brumlik
Katerina Rae Bucek SCL
Jack Christian Buff
Colin Michael Bump
Hannah Mary Burgess
Rozlyn Avery Bush MCL
Carly A. Bussey
Catherine Elizabeth Caban MCL
Andrew A. Calvacca CL
Justin D. Camacho MCL
Joeanna Marie Camilo
Ashley N. Campione
Eric Canales-Ramirez
Mia Elizabeth Cannizzo
Thomas Aiden Cantrell
Alyssa M. Carnesecchi
Brendan Michael Carr SCL
Will Carroll CL
Isabella Marie Cary
Rachel A. Cassel SCL
Jordan Chau SCL
Christopher John Chirico
Meghan K. Christie
Cara R. Chrystal MCL
Aaliyah Christina Chung
Liliana Fay Cifuentes CL
Malene Clausen SCL
Laura Rose Clayton
Jade Alexis Clemons
Emily V. Coleman SCL
Tyler Anthony Coley
John Keenan Collard
Caylin Collazos
Kyla Rae Colon
Eren J. Colvett MCL
Alexys Victoria Conti MCL
Melanie Kareymar Contreras MCL
Krystia Grace Cook MCL
Sydney Elizabeth Cook
Benjamin James Cooke SCL
Kayla Cianne Mya Cooper CL
Sania Cooper Kaleel
Joseph Costa
Shanyah Ashanti Coston
Jonathyn James Coughtry
Karsen Ginelle Keilah Cowan CL
Katelyn M. Coward
Jill Allison Cox
Mia V. Cox CL
Ambria Carlene Creary CL
Dajasha Selia Culpepper
Declan Thomas Cumming CL
Chantal Dominique Daley MCL
Jezelle Jahniel Daley
Aidan Damon
Maxam Abraham Brown Daniels SCL
Derek M. D'Annunzio
Langston Dion Dansby
Ava Kim Danziger MCL
Helena Brooke Danziger MCL
Keneeff Danzy
Anthony J. Daria CL
Britney Gloria Davila CL
Laila Davis MCL
Mia Nicole Davis SCL
Alexander DeCresce-Lawson SCL
Fabrizio Domenico De Laurentiis CL
Kaitlyn Mae Dembowski SCL
Brina Denise Deppoliti CL
Fanta Diallo
Mariam Diallo
Emma Marie Dickinson SCL
Jaime Marie Dickinson SCL
Sassiry Dicko
Eva Bella DiFondi MCL
Megan Grace Dineen SCL
Ronan Patrick Dougherty CL

Shiryn S. Downing
Julia N. Drake SCL
Nia Dufour
Kiara Lynn Dutra SCL
Haley Mairead Earing
Jayden Earl
Adria Elayna Edwards
Alicia J. Edwin MCL
Joy Efiom
Amber Mariah Ellis
Jared William Elwell CL
Roshaun Dwayne Emmanuel
Dora Ercosgun CL
IliYah Faith Evans
Joliene Camille Ewan
Tsing Yuan Farh SCL
Aicha Faye
Emma K. Feinen MCL
Tyler Feliciano CL
Daniel J. Fiechter
Naji J. Fievre CL
Brianna N. Figueroa SCL
Doneida A. Finley
Peter L. Fiscina
Henry Michael Fisher SCL
Jillian Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Fiona H. Fitzpatrick CL
Sana Inam Fletcher MCL
Kyle C. Flood
Christine M. Focken
Alexander Gabriel Foland
Lillian Grace Fondry
Donnie-Lee James Frazier
Jullia Barbosa Freire
Morgan Taylor French
Alexandra Gabriella Frumusa MCL
Jeremiah Ulysess Funchess CL
Nicholas Gaetano
Donna Taylor Gahl MCL
Alexa Galeano CL
Haley Victoria Gallo
Jaqueline Michelle Garcia
Roseli Garcia
Shane D. Gardner SCL
Sean Michael Garland
Kya Gay
Taniya K. Gayle CL
Ashley Marian George
Stacey Germosen
Lia Morgan Gerry
Nikolas Gheiler CL
Aidan Vincent Giglio CL
Abbie Marie Gillespie SCL
Mitchell Richard Jakala Givens SCL
Florinda Gjypi SCL
Anastasia L. Glisson
Angel Alexis Godfrey
Evelyn Xian Qi Golding MCL
Timothy Ryan Goldsmith MCL
Estefania Gomez CL
Janelys Odalis Gomez
Maria Fernanda Gomez Barrientos
Demetra Gonis
Denisse Aracely Gonzales
Alijah Jayden Gonzalez MCL
Antonio Darius Gonzalez MCL
Laura D. Gonzalez
Austin Gray
Patrick Scott Greenseich SCL
Ricarlo-Luis David Grevely MCL
Rachel Nicole Grottola SCL
Edward John Gubelman SCL
Benjamin L. Guevara-Chancey CL
Alexander R. Gutierrez
Aamir J. Hall
Mikayla Elizabeth Hamel MCL
Jared Alexander Harmon
Devon Kathleen Harris
Zoe Rachel Harris
Jasmine Lynne Harrison
Megan M. Hart
Leah Elizabeth Hatch
Erin Hayes
Angela He
Taylor Rae Head MCL
John P. Healy
Michael Heaton
Jaden Alyssa Henry CL
Naomi C. Henry MCL
Sherquanna Annifer Henry-Duplessis
James Edward Hickey MCL
Nia E. Hickland MCL
Ainara Elixabet Higgins Casas MCL
Christian P. Hince SCL
Mekela Alexandria Hinds
Ryan William Hoak SCL
Taryn Hunter Hodge CL
Joshua Aaron Hoepelman
Jessica Carol Holmes
Nafisa Kiconco Hood MCL
Abby J. Houser
Kristen Ashley Howe
Deborah Janine Hoyte SCL
Emma Caroline Hughes
Emily Laraine Hunt
Christina Leanne Difang Huntress
Ellie Natalia Hylton
Ruth Chioma Mofaramade Ifebuzo MCL
Efe Joy Ilaide MCL
Oluwaseun Adedoyin Ebun Ilori
Kaitlyn A. Iocca SCL
Munira Isa
Shahida Islam
Aida Marie Ismaiel
Jayonna Monea Jackson MCL
Madison L. Jacobellis SCL
Assan Jallow
Kyle H. Javier
Diana M. Jean
Elainna Marie Jennings
Tingye Jiang
Odette P. Jimenez
Jenna Claire Johnson CL
Lindsay Ellen Johnson SCL
Severin Johnson
Addison C. Jones
Jeanisa N. Jones
Shawndaya Nakeema Jones
Taylor Shaye Jordan
Joselena Dante Joseph MCL
Colin Joseph Karic SCL
Hannah Michelle Karim MCL
Johnathan Micheal Karner
Nicholas James Karnes
Kylie P. Kataoka
Karen Leah Keefer CL
Kevin Thomas Keegan MCL
Aayan Khan
Zara Rida Ahmad Khan

Lauren M. Kingsland CL
Allison Marie Klein SCL
Jude Klein SCL
Bria Tuborah Knox
Alexandria Koenke
Jasmine Rain Kolonics CL
Minseo Koo SCL
Alesca F. Korcz
Anfesa V. Korobova SCL
Nishini Avinshya Koththigoda SCL
Nicolle Renee Kouw CL
Jayme Lynn Laing
Paul Laviano
Phoebe Elizabeth Lawson CL
Keyonca Mishell Leasure MCL
Emily Anne Ledyard SCL
Seanessa Estella Lee SCL
Keyla Omaira Leger CL
Andrea Marie Leippe MCL
Mary Janeen Lemak SCL
John Thomas Leonard CL
Michelle Leon Vasquez
Carter Kamilah Lepin MCL
Iyana M. Lettman
Samantha N. Lewis MCL
Andi Shidi Liu
Joshua Liz
Naiomi Lopez
Vanessa Lopez
Jose Miguel Lopez-Quinones
Sophia C. LoRe SCL
Andrea Louro
Harvey Charles Luft
Erica Kim Lundquist
Daniel Joseph Lusignan
Raven Arlie Lyn SCL
Hailey Marguerite Lynch
Amirah Sarah Macdonald
Payton Alexandra Mance MCL
Grace Ann Mannweiler
Nicholas John Mantica
Griffin Riley Maresca
Odaia Marte
Abigail G. Martin MCL
Alyssa Trista Martin SCL
Jesús Martinez
Max Harrison Martinez
John V. Martinez Soliz
Ella Martirosian
Christine Mathew SCL
Jahnay Yihana Matthews
John Paul Matthews
Treasure Mattis
Diana B. Mayorga
Ava May Mazzotta MCL
Caylie Rose McAree SCL
Camille Rose McCalla CL
Aalany Anais McCatty SCL
Mikayla Yasmine McClain
Erin L. McGovern CL
Erin Elizabeth McGrath SCL
Michaela Jessy McHugh
Madelyn McKay
Jessica K. McManus
Thomas James McNicholas
Keiana Chloe Aaliyah McPherson
Jillian Maya Meakem
Aryssa Medford-Dimino
Ciarra Nina Medrano
Winnie Mei SCL
Aliyah Jacy Melendez SCL
Iqra F. Memon CL
Princess A. Opoku Mensah
Lauren Mercer
Maggie Mae Meyer SCL
Riley Cricket Michaels MCL
Kiran Paige Miller CL
Dani Lynn Mills CL
Shonia Amora Mills CL
Marlette Corii Minott
Larina Naomi Miranda SCL
Lauren Jia Misco SCL
Sydney Rae Mohr
Michael Alfio Mollica MCL
Kacey Mery Moloche CL
Liam Monahan SCL
Jessica Montalvo CL
Mya Angelize Montoyo CL
Kate Frances Morano MCL
Federica Muller
Yuki Nakagawa SCL
Jordan Demi Nastos MCL
Shawn Miles Ness CL
Tyra Nhyira Nkrumah
Pushtana Noory
Amanda Nicole Nyhus MCL
Aizlyn Cara O'Connell
Erin Callahan Odell CL
Rachel Lauren O'Donnell MCL
Chukwudi Samuel Ogechukwu MCL
Deborah Olohigbe Ogunlowo
Jacqueline Marie Ohehir
Mitchelle Hillary Okang
Benetta Barkers Okwan SCL
Kelvin Kwame Olafimihan
Emma Jane Ottendorf SCL
Brendella Owusu CL
Mikayla Hope Pabon
Molly Kathleen Pace CL
Josiah Palmer
Kevin R. Pangburn CL
Ryan Oswald Pare MCL
Liliana Parise
Callysta Anaiza Ginel Parisien
Kanyce Parlor
Kellianne S. Parrett MCL
Jonathan R. Paulino
Melina Peguero-Gonzalez SCL
William J. Pepe
Matthew Joseph Percival
Kiara Carmen Perez
Leilany Marie Torres Perez
William Donald Perkins
Leila Perry
Benisha Pierre Louis SCL
Emily Pinckney MCL
Rachel M. Pinna
Jessica S. Porco SCL
Kristian Edward Powell MCL
Ashley Jeanne Predvil SCL
Jordyn H. Prensky CL
Haylee Morgan Price CL
Vinny Prime
Deborah Jean Purcell
Steven Edward Ramirez
Kayla Amina Rankin MCL
Aroobah Raza MCL
Alana S. Redick

Madeleine Grace Reynolds SCL
Anthony Joseph Reynoso CL
Lauren Elizabeth Rhynders
Nolan John Richards
Jaret Rivera
Addison S. Robbins MCL
Aidan Joseph Roberts MCL
Amber Renee Robinson
Jayden Alex Dale Rodriguez MCL
Sierra Lynn Rogers CL
Ashley Johanna Rojas CL
Samson James Roschinsky
Alivia Jane Rounds CL
Ananya A. Roy
Konnor D. Rudich
Emma Catherine Rumney SCL
Alice Russo SCL
Andie J. Gabriella Saint-Fleurant
Jamie Nicole Sales
Dakari Isaiah-Barnwell Sanchez
Jennifer Sanchez
Aiseata Sanfo
Miranda Nicole Santos CL
Nicole Beatriz Sarvis
Cregg J. Scherrer
Luke Defrancis Schur
Jack Paul Christopher Schwan
Nathaniel J. Schwartz
Marquis Izaiah Scott
Biancamaria I. Scricco SCL
Tyler Seaburg CL
Natalie Rose Semprebon CL
Lindsay Anne Sentochnik
Michael A. Shannon CL
Caitlin Ann Shea SCL
Paige Ashley Shellhammer SCL
Emily E. Shepard CL
Kailyn Sheppeck
Ali Sheroze
Moe Shirata
Shane Shorter
Christian Nicholas Sica
Michelle Joy Siegel
Nadia C. Singh
Tiffany Amber Singh
Michele Jane Sirotkina
Kayla Ayana Smith
Kelly Elizabeth Smith MCL
Kobe D. Smullen
Selena Snow
Victoria Anne Spencer MCL
Makayla Arianna Springer CL
Mia Caitlyn Staley
Brayden Steen
Sierra Dominique Stevenson
Stephanie Hope Stevenson
Ainsley Elizabeth St James SCL
Savanna Claire-Janice Stoddart
Sebastian Ober Stone SCL
Valmaria M. Strobel CL
Matthew L. Strocchia
Bailey Erin Styles
Wendy Frances Summers
Spencer Derrick Sundeen
Shruthi Sunil SCL
Nicole Melissa Supliguicha
Jacqueline A. Sushko MCL
Chloe K. Swift
Darlyn Tapia
Jatnna M. Tavarez
Param M. Tejani CL
Sienne Alexandra Tejera Velazquez
Mahlet Mo Temesgen MCL
Ashley Meredith Tenney SCL
Jordan Michael Thomas
Carolyn Thomson
Tatiana Brielle Tiangco
Emily Michelle Tooley CL
Matthew Torraco SCL
Arielle Marie Torres
Gabrielle Torres MCL
Huyen Anh Nguyen Tran CL
Ariana S. Tredger CL
Fiona J. Tredger SCL
Alexis Renee Trendell SCL
Marston Jared Trotz
Toni Lauren Tudor MCL
Eric Turner CL
Zyleen S. Tyler SCL
Luca T. Tzimas SCL
Rachel H. Ulrich
Alexander Raymond Valerio
Marissa Maryonna Vancott
Katie Lynn Van Schaick
Megan E. Van Vort SCL
Mayhelly Vargas Infante
Brianna Altagracia Vasquez CL
Jefferson Daniel Veras CL
Connar Elijah Vidman
Justice Tyler Ivan Vincent
Julia A. Vitkin
Jannelle Arlene Volk
Adonia Joyce Wade SCL
April- Destiny Sequoia Walcott
Myles David Walker
Philip Nathaniel Walsh
Masen David Webster SCL
Kyra Weitz CL
Levi Wentz
Shanell S. West MCL
Derek Bradley Westcott SCL
Hannah Elizabeth White MCL
Emma J. Wiitanen
Hailey Williams CL
Kalani Cupid Williams
Rachel Rose Williams CL
Nya C. Wilson
Alyssa Jeanne Winters
Molly Lynn Wolcott
Ava J. Wong
Charles Tate Woodard SCL
Lenton Woods
Chloe Clover Woodward
Grace E. Wright SCL
Alexandra Elle Wurzel
Yeongji Yoo
Olivia Zoë Youmans
Jacob Griffiths Young
Jessie Yuan SCL
Eunice Lokyi Yuen
Aliza Zahid CL
Melissa Zengin CL
Yunfei Zhao
Kirsten Elizabeth Zubini
Hannah Isabel Zvirzdin SCL

Bachelor of Science


Sahil Adil SCL
Bridget Adjeiwaah Aduasare CL
Alondra Esperanza Aguilar
Fahamida Akther CL
Abdullah Abdo Alfalahi
Ahmed Al Zaydan SCL
Gilda Anane-Agyei
Meisha Simone Anderson
Shiva Baina Anglade
Rachael Anthanial CL
Matthew James Asencio
David Neil Barbakoff
Matthew James Barbey
Emma R. Barron
Kevin Bimpey
Terrance Rashaan Blatche, Jr.
Joel Moises Bonilla CL
Ethan R. Bonk
Nicolas Italo Bossero
Andrew James Alan Bouffard CL
Gabriella Jenelle Boyd
Okan Bozbas CL
Joseph John Brady
Michael Simon Bratslavsky SCL
Tychira Shakiara Brown
Matthew Mahesh Bruitcher
Crystal Buckner CL
Caer-Lynn Alannah Burns CL
Reed Burton
Daria Alexsandrovna Buyantueva
Tanisha Inez Castello CL
Alliana Maya Charles MCL
Kenny Charles
Isis Emani Chernak SCL
Ashley A. Cobena MCL
Dadrian Cole SCL
Jazmin Colon
Macarthy D. Connor CL
Christina Helene Corley
Patrick Cruger SCL
Rashard L. Cummings
Alex James Cunningham
Francklyn Dacruz
Nahimat Dawaod
Caitlyn E. Dinardo
Mariam Diomande
Yashina Donawa

Timothy James Doodnauth CL
Jordan M. Due SCL
Alexandra Marie Egnaczak CL
Noor Ekad SCL
Lamice H. El-Tilib SCL
Julianna Faustin
Jordan N. Fields
Shawna Marie Fioco CL
Daniel J. Fiorello
Peter Fleischer
Kofi Fosu SCL
Siarra M. Francois
Cy'Anne Desiree Frazier
Abbey K. Fruiterman SCL
Peter Galitzine
Ruomeng Gao CL
Alejandro Giner Murillo SCL
Louis Steve Gordon
Kelsey Elizabeth Granger
Marissa Lee Guilbault
William Hackett
Miltiadis Hadjipanayiotou SCL
George R. Hanerfeld
Joshua Foster Hanlon
Kyle S. Harris
Tighe Hartloff
Elizabeth L. Hathaway SCL
Adia Haye
Justin Hector
Alexander Michael Hedley
Solomon David Hemingway
Celisha M. Henry MCL
Ryan John Hogan
Jackson Davis Howe
Wenhan Huang CL
Jude Jumelle Innocent
Arion K. James
Ann Elizabeth Jarvis SCL
Yvonnè Denise Jenkins
Adrian Joachim MCL
Shayne Johnson
Anika Nusrat Kabir
RoseAnn Kamagate
Shruti Kamat CL
Marufa H. Kasham
Sevda Kavga
Zaryab Khan CL
Matthew G. Kinlock

Raven Moon Kirby SCL
Andres Knight
Braelynn Marie Lasher CL
Steven Leal
Jenelle Leon Saravia
Katie N. L'Herminier MCL
Kechen Li CL
Katherine Gene Loeffler
Matthew J. Long MCL
Sarah Ann Loya CL
Ryan Patrick Malone
Chelsea Manu
Chelsea Eden Marcellus CL
Caneele S. Marshall MCL
Laura E. Martin
John C. Marullo
Soyer C. Mattson SCL
Marc McAdoo SCL
Sabrina Jasmine McCray
Ariyana McGowan
Michael Louis McPheron
Cameron Jacob Migliori
Lawrence A. Momanyi
Katherine Morgan
Nafisa Tasneem SCL
Moriah Saige Nichols MCL
Dona Ninan
Ariana J. Nobles MCL
Rei Nofulla
Peyton Olden SCL
Anna Sophia Oliveri
Aslam Ahmed Omer CL
Abimbola A. Omotade
Arietty Lyann Ortiz Acevedo
George Papastefanou
Manav Hitesh Patel
Sarmi Rani Paul SCL
Conrad Perry, Jr.
Ava L. Phoenix CL
John Ryan Picciano
Olivia G. Piraino SCL
Andrew A. Pizzoli
Aparajita Poddar
Jakob Scott Podkowka
Elly Nataline Raea
Amesegenallo Recille CL
Huda Rehman SCL

Ryea Rinck
Jordan C. Rivera
Fatima Rizvi MCL
Aaliyah Moné Robinson
Isabella Grace Rodriguez SCL
Caden L. Rosenblatt CL
Elijah Edward Sales
Erin E. Salvadore CL
Tahira Sardar SCL
Albert Edward Schmidt
Abdallah Selly Yamie
Zainab Jeneba Sesay
Batool H. Shehadeh MCL
Jessica Silverio
Ashna Singh
Darcie Jo Sirota
Serigne C. Sow
Matthew Edward Stark MCL
Anna Lucia Stern
Mariah Hayley St Onge SCL
Chaohan Su
Andrew Peter Suarez
Helen Sullivan
Charlotte Takacsy SCL
Eshan Talukder MCL
Jenna Elizabeth Tarbell
Raheem Taylor
Pujan Thapa
Celina Rose Tomlinson
Justin Tran
Gerasimos R. Tsilimidos
Toria Iyie Udida CL
Ethan Van Nostrand SCL
Yolenny Margarita Vargas
Britney Carolina Villeda Polanco CL
Shaenelle D. Walford CL
Evan Reid Walters CL
Sydney Ray Warmt SCL
Mackenzie Evans Whiting
Terrell D. Witherspoon
Nicole Ashley Wright CL
Pen Jui Yang
Alaina Hope Yarger MCL
Sheina Youdim


Sadia Abbas SCL
Marvin Boateng Aboagye
Brayn Abreu
Amarie A. Acosta
Alexandra Addae Boateng SCL
Kelvin A. Addo
Sarah Adewale
Etinosa Adodo CL
Cedric E. Agelus
Andrea Frances Aguanno SCL
Oscar Alejandro Aguilar
Jimsheed Ahmad CL
Ailikemu Aierken
Jason A. Akhbari MCL
Malak M. Aldohni
Kyla A. Alexander
Ryan Michael Alfiero
Antonio Andres Alvarez MCL
Angelia Marin Alvarez-Brodhead
Ioannis A. Amaxas SCL
Will J. Amica
Morsil Leena Amiri CL
Joi Anahliese Anderson
Amber Anna Andre CL
Sarah E. Andres
Chiamaka Precious Ani CL
Samantha Nicole Arnone MCL
Dorothy Nshira Arthur
Nicholas Arthur SCL
Stacey Nana Yaa Asantey
Kevin S. Augustine
Isaac Ayensu
Chioma F. Azubuike
Nikki Teddy Baah CL
Nathaniel Rodriques Backus
Opal Delores Barton
Madison Nicole Basnight MCL
Sean Robert Beck SCL
Camryn Alexis Beckles CL
Evan Andrew Belkin SCL
Olivia Stassy Alabre Benoit
Meredith R. Beringer CL
James Thomas Berry
Khishana Bhoge
Sophie Marie Biernacki
Emma Christine Bilinski
Owen Birkman
Matthew Philip Birnbach
Alan Warren Birnbaum MCL
Meghan Grace Blanch SCL
Michael Boafo
Christopher S. Bodden
Sydney Taylor Boschulte
Kimberly Boucard
Paige Elizabeth Boucher CL
Eric Duncan Bovee
Khalia Ashley Bowen
Savia Louise Boyer SCL
Nevaeh Lynnette Boyrie CL
Gianni Jevon Bright-Asante
Micah Benjamin Bristol CL
Miranda Bristol SCL
Austin Britten
Robert Edward Brown
Sashenie Isheeka Brown MCL
Solomon A. Brown CL
Barbara Olive Buck SCL
Mia Nichole Buckingham MCL
Teja Rathnam Buddhavarapu SCL
Johnathan A. Buonanno MCL
Shania Blossom Bute
Marleigh R. Campbell
Madison Taylor Campos MCL
Peter Louis Cappa
Jonathan D. Cargill SCL
Sarah M. Carrillo
Hayden Robert Carter MCL
Kelsie Carter
Rubysses Delavin Casaol
Brett Anthony Castro SCL
Dimitri George Cavanagh SCL
Carissa Hanna Cavanna
Amelia Grace Cerio MCL
Jacob Chacko SCL
Marvin Gabriel Chacon
Michael Christopher Chalk CL
Tyler Charles
Angela Chen
Harry Chen
Jackie Chen
Ching Yat Cheung CL
Angelo Chiera
Gianna R. Chimenti CL
Hardhik Chirra SCL
Areej Chishti CL
Connor D. Christie CL
Stephen Chu
Kasim Clarke
Shawn William Clarke SCL
Hannah E. Clavijo SCL
Christina Ann Clevenger SCL
Brooke Irene Connolly SCL
Mairin Elizabeth Connorton
Evan Michael Corwin SCL
Iola Kathleen Cotter SCL
Zachary Chase Cotter SCL
Naisha Chrisline Couamin MCL
Zachary Cozza
Alexa L. Crespo
Johnny Crespo
Logan Kampf Cronin
Sorcha Grace Crowley
Shelly Vivaldo Cuateco
Kayla Rose Cummings
Dianne Elizabeth Curtis
Cameron Brackett Cutter
Nicholas Dacosta
Hilal Dagci MCL
Iran Alassane Dao
Catherine Ann Davi SCL
Aminah S. Davis
Latae Lavonni Davis-Hamm
Sarah Deering
Sierra Degeorge

Jose Deleon Barrios
Ivan J. Delgado
Stephanie Rita DellaRocco CL
Morgan Rose Delsignore SCL
Melinda Denn
Zoe Ethline Denton
Jonathan Axel Diaz
Michael Giovanni Dimartino CL
Laurent Dorvilier, Jr. CL
Engjel Duhanaj CL
Kebba Dumbuya
Austin R. Dungey
Joseph Michael Dziewulski
Sindhu Edupuganti
Tiffany Elise Edwards
Devin Joseph Egan
Danielle Katherine Ehresman MCL
Alexis Melinda Erazo MCL
Marlyn Espinal
Genesis Estrada SCL
Ekemini A. Etor
Darvensky M. Eugene MCL
Naiema Michelle Evans
Ryan John Faccone
Hiba Faheem SCL
Aryani Cecilia Fajardo MCL
Liam Mos Fentazi
Melanie Nicole Fiallos
Brendan Filancia
Nicholas Francis Patrick Flannery IV CL
Gabriella Maria Fontana MCL
Adwoa Birago Fosu SCL
Keymaura Jaydah Francis
John Anthony Matig A Francisco CL
Quinn P. Gaffney MCL
Sean Randall Gamido SCL
Mike A. Garcia Umana MCL
Eric Kofi Gbekley
John A. Geary MCL
Kelly Marie Geiger MCL
James Genao Nunez
Victor Cristian Ghercoias
Christopher Anthony Gilberti SCL
Jaylen Jeffery Gilmore
Jocelyne Estefany Giron
Chaya M. Gitelson MCL
Alex M. Glasser MCL
Anthony Gonzalez
Kayla N. Gonzalez
Camilla M. Greene CL
Jakob Douglas Greenwood MCL
Casey K. Grogan
Amanda Kaci Guirastante MCL
Zoryah Beauty Guity
Joseph A. Gutierrez
Michael James Guzman SCL
Joel Stefphon Hardware
Ashley Jo Harmon SCL
Reem Hashmi SCL
Umair Hassan SCL
Kelvin Hatcher
Cole Charles Heintzelman
Carolina Hernandez
Lexie Ruby Hernandez Agustin
Thalia Ivette Hernandez Wilson
Sara Gwendolyn Hinman SCL
Quintin Jaryn Hodge MCL
Baron Holder
Lucas Hooker SCL
Maeghan N. Howley
Lejla Hrelja SCL
Narmeen Ijaz
Hadia Iqbal
Daniel Nnadozie Isiguzo
Elizabeth Israel
Hadassah Iyonsi
Joshua Johanan Jackson
Thomas Vincent Jackson MCL
Ambia Jamal SCL
Lawrence Jean-Charles
Rachel Jean-Francois MCL
Lyndsie Jicha
Tyler Matthew Jones
Ashanty Joseph
Aleasa N. Julian
Judith Jun SCL
Fatoumata Kaba SCL
Chai S. Kam SCL
Rebecca Grace Kane CL
Christina M. S. Karadiakos SCL
Punit Kaur CL
Grace Jean Keefe MCL
Rachel Brianne Keene
Rudendorf V. Kela
Tevin G. Kelly
Hyder Khan
Mohammad Faraz Khan
Sohraab Ali Khan CL
Do Hun Kim
Elizabeth Kincaid MCL
Michael D. King
William Anthony King
Cassandra Grace Klingbeil
Jacob M. Klossner
Robert Lee Kohler
Jeff Ngmenasong Suntah Korbieh
Venkat Madhav Kota
Angelo M. Kourkoulos
Kathryn Lynn Krupa
Paige S. Kuzniar MCL
Frederick S. Kyambadde MCL
Mark N. Lam
Sokhna M. Lam
DaVonia Alexus Beatris LaMar
Alissa J. Lance SCL
Megan Elizabeth LaPlante
Shanya L. Lassiter
Emma Kathryn Leary SCL
Matthew Patrick Ledwith
Erika Lee
Rebecca S. Lee MCL
Michael P. Leschinsky
Juanna Alexandrea Levine
Patrick Li MCL

Yuting Lin
Sabaa H. Logman CL
Jaden Alia Luna MCL
Hailey Jeanne Maher SCL
Amadou Maiga
Theodore David Maiorescu
Gregory Amari Malcolm
Robertino J. Mancabelli SCL
Kevisha Condoleesa Manning CL
Samanda Marcelus
Gianna Louise Marino
Omar Abdoulaye Marone CL
Ana Maria Marquez CL
Khalyhia Marshall
Karina Martinez CL
Gwyneth Marie Matthews
Julianna Grace Mayor
Meagan F. McAuliffe MCL
Zikomo Sadiki McBurnie
Thomas Fitzgerald McCarthy
Jack Ryan McDermott
Eleanor Belle McDonald SCL
Marissa Margaret McGuire
Kayla Marie McLarty CL
Shanna S. McLean
Kevin Joseph McMullen
Edward James Megello
Shaw Meh CL
Jasmin Marie Meola Delgado
Aadil Ahmed Mian
Andrew Joseph Mika SCL
Margo R. Miller CL
Molly Eileen Miller
Hana Farhat Mir CL
Saanvi Ramesh Mirchandani SCL
Kardelen Mirlay
Meghan Jane Misuraca MCL
Onoseta Liz Momodu MCL
Jillian Diamond Moore SCL
Matthew Rhyan Mootoo
Alycia Marie Morales
Mya Nhi Moriconi SCL
Kasey Dion Morton
Erick Anthony Munoz
Akayla Darri-Ann Murray
Heather Marie Murray CL
Katrina Verity Murray MCL
Samantha Ndhlovu SCL
Frank J. Neri
Callum Shaylen Newton SCL
Pham Son Hai Nguyen
Jonathan Uchechukwu Ejikeme Nnebe
Atara Jasmine Norman-Prince
Annie Elizabeth Norton CL
Erica A. Nunoo
Kiya Alise Nurse MCL
Emmanuel Chukwumaobim Nwade CL
Jacquelyn Nancy O'Brien
Michaela Nicole O'Clair
Nicole Anuoluwa Odiadi
Emilyn Ofosuhene CL
Autumn Rose Ogden CL
Ga Kyung Oh
Onyinyechi Princess Ohia-Enyia MCL
Izehuwa T. Ohikuare
Joshua N. Okang CL
Ashley Okwan SCL
Ross William Olsen CL
Efetobore Omokeni
Emelia O'Neill MCL
Kelly-Jean O'Neill-Knasick
Johnathan Henry Opalko
Christian Issac Ordonez
Mariam N. Osei-Poku CL
Rafal Luay Othman SCL
Amelia E. Ouellette
Serena Ovenseri
Olivia R. Pabon
Sarah Nicole Palmieri SCL
Elisavet Papageorgiou
Jacob B. Papalcure
Evi Fernando Pardo
Annabelle Carola Parham CL
Jackson Troy Parker
Jessica Lynn Pavone CL
Diana Pena CL
Roslyn Janella Petrovich
Victoria Petruzzi
Breanna Gabrielle Phillips SCL
Lillian Margaret Phillips SCL
Jaelin Ann Philo
Isabella Margaret Piazza SCL
Alexander Charles Pica CL
Nicholas Picarazzi
Gianna Picariello
Brooke Marie Pickett MCL
Rubyana Claudiana Pierre
Ashleigh Rose Plante SCL
Jared T. Podmayersky
Nicholas A. Polizzi SCL
Haylee Elizabeth Pollock
Zoe Pope SCL
John F. Prego CL
Myles Joseph Pressil CL
Ashley Delores Preston
Jayda N. Primus
Benjamin Procaccini SCL
Alwynique Ashanti Prophet
Jamaal R. Purdie
Erin K. Putnam
Thomas Kilian Quinn
Soleil Evan Quinones
Rehnuma Rahman
Mohammed Raian
Ashley Hope Ramos
Maria Sabrina Ramos Peralta
Jeffrey Michael Randazzo MCL
Olivia Noelle Ransiear MCL
Katelyn A. Raynaud MCL
Leeza Rehan
Zainib Rehman CL
Dylan Nathaniel Reid
Michael F. Reilly MCL
Ke Ren

Samuel James Richard
Sydney Bryce Robertson
Sydney Renee Robinson MCL
Kaitlyn Rodriguez
Yureidy Rodriguez
Angelica Maria Rodriguez Tellez
Nicole Rogalski CL
Alyssa Jade Roman
Wilkelis Rosario
Kalia Cara-Ann Rose
Bianca Clarissa Rosemberg
Guy Rozenman
Anthony P. Ruquet SCL
Jack Thomas Russo MCL
Olivia Anne Rust CL
Madison Mackenzie Ryan CL
Masiel Grace Salas CL
Masiel Elena Salazar
Jay Salcedo
Deana Sanchez SCL
Kevin Sanchez
Hawa K. Sano
Alisha Marie Santagato SCL
Ryan Santoro
Nazeer Awais Sarwar MCL
Michael G. Scaccianoce SCL
Eric James Scanlon
Meaghan Elizabeth Schaumburg CL
Tyler James Scherer MCL
Christian Schmidhauser
Devon E. Schmitt CL
Haiden James Schnagl
Frankie A. Schwab CL
Zane Richard Secor CL
Shawn Lee Secore
Avery R. Seigler
Katharine Justine Serio CL
Peter C. Shine CL
Charles Shoderu
Michelle Rebecca Shtudland
Deana Hillary Simon
Shaina Simon MCL
Angelie Elizabeth Singh MCL
Gabriel Tristan Sisco MCL
Tiffany Cheryl Slocum
Pria Smalls
Brianna Jada Smellie SCL
Jeniece Elizabeth Smith MCL
Krista Nicole Smith
Janki Haresh Sonani
Macky Sow
Zoeryana Tessa Stachowicz MCL
Lauren Stange SCL
Joshua J. Stanley
Amandine Marie Stephens
Che Joseph Stephens
Meghan Stern SCL
Dehana Paige Stevens MCL
Homer Del Rosario Stinson
Emily Gladys Suarez CL
Karly May Suhr SCL
Yeon Wuk Sung SCL
Sean Curtis Sutton
Robert Andrew Sweet
Savanna Sy
Nam Hanh Ta
Lukman H. Tahari CL
Hannah Claire Talbot CL
Niitiggya Taneja SCL
Escarle Tapia SCL
Camryn Marie Tarkos MCL
Bailey Marie Tator SCL
Kianna Ashay Tatum MCL
Frederick Laurence Taylor
Madelyn Grace Teale SCL
Mariel Isabella Acero Tee CL
Paige Ashley Tegtmeier
Julia Teixeira Gomes
Jasmine M. Tharakan
Peter James Thiele
Brianna Mae Thier
Annasia A. Thomas
Ralph Thomas
Taniya Nicole Thomas
Markel Thompson
Christian Alexander Thoresen
Alexsa Lyn Torres SCL
Marcos Torres
Brandon Michael Truong
Mya Angela Tyler
Nihat Uddin CL
Akunna Marychrystal Tobechi Ufomaduh
Nicole K. Valente CL
Madeline Rose Van Aken
Jesse C. VanCleave
Jordan Marie Van Wie
Amanda Vasile-Cozzo SCL
Joshua Vasquez
Jared Vazquez
Anthony M. Vendome CL
Daniella Stephanie Vera Castro
Kyle Thomas Vigna SCL
Fernando Viscarra
Luis A. Waldstein-McCabe
Eric Anthony Walter
Ommar Edward Waraich CL
Emma C. Weaver SCL
Kiara Elise Welsh CL
Jada Darjane White MCL
Sean Michael White CL
Sierra Lillian White
Amajah Kyessence White-Tatum
Vanessa I. Wilkins
Klaudia Anna Williams
Terrance Avery Williams
Elise E. Wilsey MCL
Alison Rose Wojciechowski
Hong Shen Yang
Jason Yang
Sophia Pucherly Zephyr CL
Helen Zheng CL
Frank H. Zickas MCL
Daniel Zielenski MCL
David R. Zywiczynski CL

School of Business - BS

Bachelor of Science


Jeanah A. Aguilar SCL
Madina Ahadi CL
Rokhsana Ahmadi
Mohammed Albaker MCL
Ryan B. Ale
Maya Alsaadi CL
Louis Anthony Arket CL
Nicholas Armano
Amina Baldwin
Drake Richard Barker-Bigos CL
Diana Lage Barros MCL
Clelie Anne Belizaire CL
Christina D. Bitzer
Stuart Davis Bond
Ashley Nicole Brandimarte
Colin F. Brennan MCL
Michael Vincent Cancilla
Ryan Andrew Cannon SCL
Tyler J. Christensen SCL
Shaneeka Clarke MCL
Jonathan Nelson Diaz
Brian A. Dinh
Tommaso A. Dizon SCL
Kevin T. Dowling SCL
Shane Joseph Duffy CL

Michael Dwarika CL
Mina Farhat SCL
Aisha Moné Fofana Washington MCL
Emily Galick MCL
Michael Garcia Then
Anna R. Giannetti MCL
Zachary A. Gibs
Benjamin Robert Grant SCL
Kayla Marie Green SCL
Ashley Viveka Harris MCL
Isabella Carolina Hernandez CL
Nicholas Jeffrey Hickok SCL
Joshua Marc Kelson CL
Thomas Kempster
Matthew William Langlois CL
Jemima Davidnire Laplante CL
Jared Lascar MCL
Natalie Lawoo SCL
Mackenzie E. Lawrence MCL
Chung Jae Lee CL
Vasiliki Lefkaditis SCL
Ethan Leventhal SCL
Wenqi Li CL
Jon Michael Licht MCL
Dylan Lindsay CL

Jamaal A. Lucas
Jake Lynott CL
Daniel D. Machado MCL
Kenjoh Majima
Jamison S. Marroquin
Benjamin Ronald McHugh
Nermin Metjajic
Aurianne Jacqueline Lucie Mignot SCL
Matthew M. Miller
Roman Vincent Millet CL
Michael Joseph Morreale CL
Muhammad Ramaz Nasir CL
Eleni A. Northrop CL
Taylor Grace Orapello SCL
Ryan Palmbaum
Prit Patel
Noah William Peters
Patrick J. Piampiano
Jason Qiu
Abdur H. Rahman CL
Jacqueline M. Robinson CL
Johnathan Robert Rowe
Ibraheem Saafir
Shamil Mercedes Santos

Ellianna Francesca Sarratori MCL
Darryl Francis Scalzi
Blake Owen Schildt CL
Garrett D. Schilling CL
Kyle Joseph Schmitt CL
Jaden Scott MCL
Shania Shannan Scott
Dravid Daniel Seecharran
Joshua T. Segal
Nathan P. Serling
Elise P. Slaughter SCL
Arleigh F. Soule SCL
Otis S. Spencer CL
Marissa Nicole Staffa SCL
Qing Sun CL
Thomas James Tidd MCL
Jack V. Turner
Cole Garren Wichard
Kayla Lian Huai Wong MCL
Jason Wurzel MCL
Nilsu Deniz Yilmaz
Jean Yoon SCL
Joseph Gifford Yoxall CL
Wupei Zhang CL


David O. Abril Torres CL
Elizabeth Adebisi CL
Wilhelmina B. Adusei MCL
Talha Ahmed
Haley Elizabeth Aiken MCL
Matthew Joseph Alfano
Michael Joseph Alfano
Zain Ali CL
Jomarie Ann Almeus MCL
Sarah M. Alterio SCL
Annielle Ramona Alvarez MCL
Kevin Junior Amendano-Sanchez
Megann M. Andrew
Mark Lawrence Avseyevich CL
Algassimou Bah MCL
Bridget Mercedes Bajana CL
Jamie Danielle Baker SCL
Rebeca Valerie Barrientos Alpha SCL
Jennifer M. Barrios De Leon
Katherine J. Bartsch CL
Laetticia Lise Bazile CL
Nicholas R. W. Beardsley SCL
Shawn W. Behrent MCL
Max R. Bell CL
Andrew Francis Bennett
Matthew A. Bernstein CL
Jacob Christopher Bett CL
William Ravior Binder CL
Nicholas Francis Bisio MCL
Michael Boateng CL
John Kingsley Kwame Bonney SCL
Jhon Anthony Bosch
Keojhi T. Branch
Justin Madison Brooking CL
Sean Isaiah Brown MCL
Daniel Stephen Brucker
Shae Brunette SCL
Zachary A. Buckman
Sherly L. Cabrera
Christopher Michael Campbell SCL
Jasmine Cao MCL
Elijah R. Carrasco
Richard Jack Casaccio SCL
Liam T. Cassady MCL
Nicholas A. Cassamassino CL
Joseph F. Castellano CL
Dominique Elizabeth Castelluccio CL
Alina Chan MCL
Priya Chang-Sang CL
Ashlyn Leanne Chartier SCL
Angel M. Chehade
Jiaqing Chen MCL
Yitong Chen SCL
Jack Chevalier SCL
Thomas John Chivattoni MCL
Christopher Christensen MCL
Jason Ronaldo Chunchi MCL
Jaden Anthony Chung
Ryan Cicio
Raymond Cirella
Joseph Rory Cisarano CL
Marcos Clemente
Derek M. Coffey MCL
Cameron James Coleman
Sean Patrick Collins
Stephanie Confesor-Lopez
Haberle Francis Conlon MCL
Alberico T. Conte SCL
Daniel S. Cooke CL
Christopher Cooney SCL
Kristin E. Corso
Anthony Thomas Costello
Haleigh P. Coville CL
Eduardo Cruz-Figueroa MCL
Anisah L. Davis CL
Jessica Lynn DeGennaro
Joseph Edward Delgado SCL
Boubacar Diallo
Peter Anthony Diblasi
Cameron Joseph Di Gangi MCL
Hailey Anne Dippel MCL
Nicholas Joseph Diute SCL
Karly M. DiVirgilio MCL
James E. Donaldson SCL
Robert G. Donaldson CL
Daniel T. Donato
Kaan Donmez
Stephan Joseph Doolin
Hugh Dorsey SCL
Alexa M. Driscoll MCL
Kaitlyn X. Ducroiset
Gabriel E. Durant
Theodore Efstathiadis MCL
Elias Ehlin MCL
Joshua Lawrence Eichenbaum CL
Connor T. Eisenmann

Anthony James Esposito
Cole Nicholas Esposito
Jacob Esterman
Oliver M. Exware SCL
Othmane Fardaoussi SCL
Adysen Farrell CL
Isabella Maria Fokas CL
Genevieve Hope Foster MCL
Emilia L. Francis SCL
Eric Logan Frank MCL
Kanyinsola Nosifat Gafari SCL
Jacob M. Garcia
Max Brian Garcia SCL
Jalil D. Garibaldi
Sierra Lynn Giamportone MCL
Joshua L. Gittman
Michael Antonino Gitto
Krista M. Godbee
Christian T. Gooding
Daniel Robert Gowans MCL
Meaghan Elizabeth Graham CL
Richard T. Grant
Lenox Grayson CL
Stephanie Laura Green
Charles M. Greenfield CL
Alexcia Georgia Guthrie MCL
Aidan Zachary Hackman CL
Fisnik Hadzovic CL
Zaibunisa Hamdard MCL
Jake Hammel CL
Anthony Haripersaud CL
Christopher J. Harris CL
Jonah Alexander Hauf SCL
Justin Ronald Haughton
Dylan G. Haynes CL
Muhammad Haziq
Patrick Joseph Henry SCL
Sophia M. Hofer CL
Bryar Victoria Hogg MCL
Kevin Dale Holder MCL
Nevin Brandon Hood SCL
Anthony Edward Hope
Emma Horowitz MCL
Thomas William Houck CL
Benjamin Josiah Howe-Jones CL
Zachary Craig Hubmeier MCL
Ahmed Asif Redha Sabir Hussain CL
Anthony Joseph Ibelli MCL
Edison L. Ingberman MCL
Cal William Insero CL
Nicholas Richard Ippolito SCL
Max Andrew Jacobs MCL
Alyson Sara Jairam MCL
Justyna Krystyna Jakubowska MCL
Wens Jerry Jean Francois
Max-Amillion Jean-Philippe CL
Da-Shaun Jenkins
Ashton Paul Jensen CL
Saul Jimenez
Kiersten Lynn Johansson CL
Dylan Jones
Jayson Lavon Jones
Levon Rakim Jones
Alna R. Joseph SCL
Christein Kezhaplackal Joseph
Sebastien Richard Joseph CL
Vasiliki Kaci SCL
Charlotte Kalumbwe CL
Sobhan Karki
Oluwabukunmi Praise Kasali CL
Erin E. Kelly CL
Lauren Nicole Kelly
Erin M. Kennelley MCL
Alex Kessler SCL
Joseph A. Kikel SCL
Richard Kohler
Tyler Philip Kong
Sharin S. Kuriakose CL
Braeden Robert LaBonte
Benjamin Joseph Lambek-Demarco MCL
Eric Martin Lee SCL
Omaira A. Leger CL
Fernanda Leon SCL
Matthew Jordan Leonoff
Gretchen Bei Levy SCL
Sarai Lewis
Justin Li CL
Bingying Lin
Jane Lin
Jason Patrick Lisciandro SCL
Stephanie Lumene
Michael Patrick Lupoli MCL
Sean Lyder CL
Keiler Macneal
Tasmia Z. Maliha
Noah Z. Mandel

Thomas Joesph Marchese
Michael Nicholas Mariani SCL
Owen P. Marlow MCL
Danielle Ashley Dumaran Marquez
Quentin T. Marrtinez CL
Alexander M. Martin
William Jack Martin
Justin Emilio Martinez CL
Sofia F. Massari MCL
Dylan Jacob Masterson SCL
Dean Michael Mauro MCL
Tara A. Mavinakere CL
Ashlee Jordan McCabe
Madison Olivia McCarthy CL
Devon Marie McGovern SCL
Molly Elizabeth McGraw SCL
Aston J. McKenzie MCL
Kyle Matthew McKibbin SCL
Christine V. McKnight
Connor B. McMains
Nicholas Joseph McPherson SCL
Sean J. Meinecke MCL
Emily Mejia CL
Alexander Mendez
Penelope J. Milano CL
Melany Natalia Milian SCL
Monica Anne Miranda
Shafeena Mohamed
Gyelle Moise
Samuel Joseph Monastero MCL
Jessica Monterroso CL
Mauricio Samuel Moran Lazo MCL
Shannon Olivia Morgan SCL
Sean Derek Morillo
Leonna Jem Morris
Isabella Mosca MCL
Jack Mota
Kiely Moy CL
Kayla Nicole Muratore CL
Brandon Myers SCL
Mason Richard Nack MCL
Mia Sara Naim
Isabelle Sofia-Rose Najah SCL
Iulius M. Negel
Emma Marie Nesbitt SCL
Adam Joseph Newdorf CL
Thanh Ngo SCL
Liam Farrell Niesz CL
Jason F. O'Brien CL
Christopher Logan O'Connor CL
Brianna Marie Olbrych
Mai Ono MCL
Rachel Audrey Orenstein SCL
Mustafa Fethi Orhan
Kailyn Ivette Ortega SCL
Yesenia Osorio
Nicholas Sebastian Otiniano
Marlon Andres Palacios
Nikita Umesh Parikh SCL
Eunice H. Park
Minji Park CL
Katherine R. Pascale MCL
Dhyey Vipulkumar Patel
Om Dharmendrakumar Patel MCL
Shivanshu Ketanbhai Patel
Taliah D. Paul CL
Usmita Rani Paul
Shawn Edward Pawlows CL
Allison Rose Pekurar
Cayey Noa Pena-Djordjevic
Aidan Michael Perna
Melissa Dana Persaud SCL
Anthony Matthias Peters CL
Jonathan D. Picchione MCL
Chana Piekarski CL
Jadira Caroline Pinos
Sebastian Polanco MCL
Steven Ponesse
Sean M. Powers CL
John Hikari Powhida CL
John Ignatius Prizzi
Delia M. Quinones CL
Joseph M. Ragozzino CL
John R. Rainey SCL
Jack Louis Ranaldo CL
Sara R. Rappaport MCL
Domenico J. Rastello CL
Jason Redrovan CL
Connor James Reilly MCL
Patrick Jack Revelant CL
Joshuah Reynoso
John James Rice CL
Katelin Delaine Richards CL
Tyler Christian Rico CL
Jason A. Riehl CL

Matias Scott Robinson SCL
Travis Tavaugh Robinson CL
Avery O. Rock CL
Madison Rose Roman
Cassidy Romero CL
Brandon C. Ross
Justin A. Ross CL
Alexander J. Rubin
Finlay D. Rubman CL
Erin Mackenzie Rue CL
John Ruoff CL
Sarah Rebekah Russo
Anthony M. Sabatino MCL
Carlo Sebastian Saint-Hilaire
Hector Joel Salazar
Idonia E. Salfarlie
Andres Sanchez
David Alejandro Sanchez CL
Christian Jeremy Santiago
Dominic James Santiago SCL
Gregory S. Santora
Hardy Jose Santos- Del Villar
Matthew Stephen Sanzo MCL
Krina Yashavant Savaj
Meghan Elizabeth Schramm CL
Nohl J. Schwandtner SCL
Keith R. Seims CL
Dharanishri Selvaraj
Mark Sherpa MCL
Devin Kyle Sherron SCL
Savannah Silva
Katrina Therese Siriban CL
Ryan Jacob Smith CL
Sydney Smith MCL
Samantha Solanto SCL
Dustin Edward Spehar CL
Marli Stafa MCL
Joseph A. Staples MCL
Adam Aryeh Steinbuch MCL
Adila Strachan
Samuel O. Stratton CL
Nia Rochelle St Rose CL
Owen William Sutton
Joshua David Szwarcberg
Michael Angelo Tallarino SCL
Matthew R. Tamis MCL
Jocelyn Tapia CL
Barbara J. Taylor CL
Jonathan P. Terry MCL
Rony Tharakan
Kevin G. Thompson MCL
Shikha Paresh Thothawala SCL
Daniel Frank Timmerman
Michael Anthony Tomaro
Ethan Ryan Torres MCL
Karleen René Tracy SCL
Matthew Joseph Trapani CL
Jonathan Thomas Troffa SCL
Jeffrey Tse SCL
Jessica Tsui
Steven Francis Turk CL
Joshua Samuel Turner CL
Chloe Rhian Tuttle
Ferhat Ulukaya CL
Riya V. Upadhyay SCL
Edison A. Urdiales
Kseniia Valihunda MCL
Alicia L. Vaughan
Brandon O. Velazquez
Malek R. Vigilance CL
Dario Xavier Villa MCL
Emma Lucia Wade
Pahal Wadhwa MCL
Jada Gloria Walker SCL
Aiden Christopher Walsh MCL
Claudia Raven Walsh MCL
Tyler B. Walsh CL
David Wang CL
ZiYi Wang
Natapol Wannakitti MCL
Zohar Weiman
Inmay J. Weinstein CL
Tyler Christopher Wertz
Ava Jude Willis SCL
Chance Wilson CL
Shannon Elizabeth Wingert
Dominic James Wood
Tori Olivia Woodward SCL
Ivy Qiong Yang SCL
Justin C. Yeadon MCL
Vicky Yee MCL
Betul Yucedal SCL
Ashar Zahid CL
Jack Ryan Zarzana MCL
London Zeng SCL

School of Criminal Justice - BA

Bachelor of Arts


Maithaa Ali Salim Al Amry SCL
Alexa Michelle Argueta MCL
Theresa Amoya Ashman
Violet F. Belt CL
Mackenzie Catherine Brown SCL
Matthew G. Charles MCL
Jared Samuel Cooper SCL
Samaya Christina David CL
Emily A. Devine CL
Arianny M. Diaz MCL
Daniela Dobrova MCL

Joseph A. Doherty
Filip Michal Drozdow MCL
Christopher R. Evangelista MCL
Mya Asanti Ferguson
Natalya Antonya Rubelee Grant
Brian Grogan
Liam Bennett Hageman-Scettini CL
Jhairlyn Hernandez
Aliyah Hiciano CL
Gabriel A. Imbert CL
Samerpreet Kaur
Zahra A. Khan

Emily Ann Kingman MCL
Dilek Kuruca MCL
Olivia Madison Librett SCL
Courtney L. Maule
Ryan P. Mulvey CL
Irene Nelson SCL
Angelina Irene Oliver
Brianna Ortiz
Eliot Junior Perez MCL
Lily Polczak MCL
Tamesha Elizabeth Ridgell
Rebecca Joanna Romelus MCL

Cashawnda Rowlett
Alexandra Saige Ryan SCL
Kelly Colette Sarbou MCL
Natalie Anne Satterfield
Nyah Shaun Seiferheld MCL
Samuel J. Sherlock MCL
Amitral Simon, Jr.
Jahyra Speights SCL
Christian DeShawn Spivey
Maeve Harvey Stone SCL
Kathryn Rose Thompson SCL


Jennifer Anne Acevedo SCL
Jakyra Amerie Adorno
Aisha Mehrabi Ahmad
Farhad Ahmad MCL
Autumn M. Anderson
Akeem Elijah Cody Answer
Angel M. Badillo
Jedida Danielle Yipéné Bado CL
Francisco Romeo Beltran
Equan Zion Blackman CL
Jasmine Ashley Boneparte CL
Daniel J. Bosco MCL
Nikki Lynn Brill CL
Jessica C. Bueti CL
Jordan A. Carr SCL
Lauren S. Cash SCL
Ethan R. Caveda CL
Vincent Chen
Kevin Michael Doherty SCL
Joy Dumas MCL
Norman D. Dupree CL

Brianna Estrada SCL
Elizabeth Foster MCL
Amelia Elizabeth Gleason
Drew Michael Goodale
Jordyn Elizabeth Graier
Jeffrey Michael Gregg SCL
Dafne Juliana Guzman CL
Kevin Thomas Henning MCL
Tiana Trijean Hewitt SCL
Emma Rae Hollander CL
Jordan Melissa Holman SCL
Andrew J. Hong MCL
Zubair Hossain SCL
Anthony Ingleton
Jaden Lamont Jackson
Breyana Morenike Jegede
Ana Jeranashvili SCL
Joy Johnson MCL
Juliette Kerzhner SCL
Maksymilian Kiec SCL
Bella Jiexiang Kinch CL

Natalia Kliszcz MCL
Ana Kotrikadze MCL
Shan Tina Marie Lagrassa SCL
Joseph Duane Lawton SCL
Amilynn Lombardi
Chuyi Lou
Cassie A. Mackey MCL
Hilary Yolicsy Martinez CL
Jackelyn Merino
Joseph Augusto Merritt CL
Brennan Matthew Miller MCL
Megan Monaghan
Angely Montero
Marissa Ann Moreno SCL
Samantha Hope Nutig SCL
Faridah Omoteleola Odukale CL
Victoria Rose Papaleo CL
Trinity Sole Parker CL
Michael V. Pena MCL
Shakira Iyana Pendley CL
Cynthia Jazmin Perez

Leslie Ann Polanco MCL
Kevin Andrew Post SCL
Nicholas Michael Puig
Nicole Sumalee Rivera
Danna Ruiz
Carl Moses Saint-Aude
Rozanna Balqis Sasa CL
Margaret Saunders
Mariam Shakishvili MCL
Dylan J. Short MCL
Hannah Faye Slavsky CL
Kaylen Jade Smith MCL
Erin Special CL
Paige Elizabeth Stelley MCL
Sariyah Cheyenne Maxine Taylor
Chase Michael Toth SCL
Alexander Hunter Townsend
Trejan Nicholas Vacianna MCL
Amaris Carolyn Washington
Ashley M. Weir
Emily Lynne Wilson CL

School of Education - BS

Bachelor of Science


Danielle Elizabeth Bradway MCL
Dana Lynn Cierniak
Aicha Drame
Daniela Duran SCL
Mikayla R. Ganswith
Hailee Heuer CL

Shanesa S. Jackson
Brianna J. Jones MCL
Meghan Elizabeth Jordan MCL
Kayla Martin CL
Danielle Allyce Morales CL
Tiffany Munoz-Gonzalez CL

Alexandra Elizabeth O'Hara CL
Natalya M. Perez
Kebony Perry MCL
Gionni Javon Reddick CL
Ashley Celeste Rose
Kaya F. Sindler

Deonte Pierre Thompson
Lillian Irene Usen SCL
Eva Van Grinsven SCL
Aly Rose Wildeman MCL
Victoria Wilson SCL


Oreoluwa E. Afolabi CL
Renee Juliette Agne SCL
Jillian S. Alberici CL
Ashley Elizabeth Antippas MCL
Aliyah Bacchus SCL
Cara M. Beirne
Annika Rose Bjornsson MCL
Reagan Annabelle Boera SCL
Destinee Lea Botts CL
Annalise Burdick CL
Madison Elizabeth Campbell MCL
Mia Faith Carrington-Payne
Emma Renee Cassin SCL
Sarah L. Clamser MCL
Jewel Jhavya Carol Collins CL
Kaeleigh Rose Commisso MCL
Abagail Madison Countermine MCL
Kristiana Cowan CL

Eleanor R. Derosa SCL
Christine Mary Desain SCL
Amnik Kaur Dev MCL
Olivia Lorraine Dirla CL
Emma Nicole Donovan
Hanna Doulman MCL
Marissa May Escalante CL
Katherine Ann Fay CL
Pauline Janet Flynn
Liam Matthew Gallagher
Hunter Gary Gardner SCL
Mary Gill
Alexandra Genette Hernandez SCL
Alicia J. Hludzinski SCL
Skylar N. Hollingsworth MCL
Jaden Mae Hromada CL
Emma Rita Hutchens
Alexis Emma Johnson SCL

Destiny Najaè Johnson
Rachel E. Klein
Jordyn Avery Kossow MCL
Ashley Rose Ladner
Maria Therese Latorre SCL
Tiyana T. Levy
Amanda Nicole Lewin MCL
Adriana Alyssa Liranzo
Nadia Reina Lopez-Neal MCL
Michael A. Lupo
Matthew Daniel Maldonado SCL
Allison R. Maloney MCL
Samantha M. Mehrkens
Danielle Frances Nichols
Daniel Ellis Nisoff SCL
Shayna Ashley Norton SCL
Mollie Kathleen O'Hanlon SCL
Lily W. Potter SCL

Jeremy S. Rivito SCL
Karinna Faith Rodriguez MCL
Kassandra Rodriguez
Bryn Olivia Sample CL
Isabel Sanchez SCL
Alexis M. Sasso SCL
Mary Margaret Searle
Brianna M. Sowle CL
Nicholas G. Thanasoulis CL
J-Lyn O. Thomas SCL
Tionna Thrasher
Sylvia A. Vitoulis
Christina B. Vittorio
Abigail White
Nazjier M. Williams
Brittney Mercedes Wong SCL
Kai Wynter SCL
Eric Zhang

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity - BA, BS

Bachelor of Arts


Daniel A. Aldrich
Olivia Antonik MCL
Tara Elizabeth Bertolino
Nathaniel John Brockmyre MCL
Caeli C. Conklin CL
Brandon H. D'Angelo SCL
Michael A. Dilorenzo
Elijah Garrison Donofrio

Sean Duffy
James Ryan Fisenne SCL
Erick Franklin Galicia CL
Desire Mercedes Jimenez-Pichardo MCL
Anton Juncaj
Ian Gavin Kelley
Kenneth Andres Mady-Aguiar MCL
Garrett A. Maxwell

Tung Alexander Nguyen
Temitope Oluwatuyi
Genesis Maria Quezada
Keith J. Rusinko MCL
Christopher R. Scarazzini CL
Robert Austin Shepherd MCL
Maxiel Sosa
Anthony Joseph Tarquinio MCL

Nicholas J. Tassielli CL
Andrew P. Thomas
Maeghan Torres MCL
Shante N. Tracey
Larry Lamar Walker
Matthew Ryan Winoski MCL
Charles Benjamin Wright


Icely Boadu Amoh
Scott W. Berntsen CL
Molly Jeanne Bisceglia MCL
Diamond D. Booknight
Ryan Patrick Boyle SCL
Matthew Thomas Colvell CL
Johaan Matthew Cuellar
James Edward Daley MCL
Nicolas H. Del Rio Kostenwein MCL
Mekhi Francis-Senior
Nathan Kyle Galante-Conway CL
John Thomas Gaspard CL

Christopher Louis Gauthier MCL
Rollin K. Gold CL
Taylor A. Hall MCL
Anna Joan Hershey MCL
Thalia Infante
Trevor Charles Lanier CL
Dennis Brian Lapham III
Christopher J. LaSusa SCL
Mercede Lebron MCL
Alexander Isaiah Leon
Michael Joseph Linnekin CL
Christopher Lulgjuraj

Jason T. Marques CL
Benjamin Marzouk
Noah Marzouk
Melville Maurice
Christian Samuel Mercado SCL
Nixon Mercado CL
Shane Modlin CL
Hannah Elizabeth Moore
Vincent Quintana CL
Jackson Cooper Rung-Wile
Marcello S. Santana
Sara Marie Schleef SCL

Neel M. Sheth
Elaina G. Shipe
Tyler Matthew Shook CL
Vincent Sorrentino
Emma N. Stoddard MCL
Ryan Thomas Swift
Liam Rolston Travis
Derrick Thanhtrung Trinh
Connor John Williams SCL
Edward J. Wu SCL
Jake Ronald Wunder SCL

Bachelor of Science


Lauren Kristen Adams
Jarod G. Aleman
Ashley S. Allen CL
Lawrence Ampadu
Amber Baker
Paul Michael Bauccio MCL
Jankarlos Beato
Jaden Beausejour
Ari J. Berman
Bidhan Bhurtel
Vanessa Binet
Latifa Boujia
Connor Michael Bowden
Reinaldo Geovanni Morgan Brown SCL
Alex C. Bruso
Tanisha Lashaun Hilicia Caesar
Kimberly M. Cerniglia
Eddie Chan
Cliff Justin Charles MCL
Timothy David Charles
Matthew Cheng CL
Nelson Chow SCL
William Andrew Christopher CL
Tyrese Alton Collins
Liam Ryan Connors

Anna Conway
Austin F. Cottrell
Dylan Patrick Coyle
Gent Demaj SCL
Michael DeSocio CL
Matthew Raymond Desousa
Marcus Downer
Kyle Anthony Draghi
Oluwaseun Kolawole Durosinmi-Etti
Maxwell X. Fisk SCL
Akua Afriyie Frimpong MCL
Samuel Oluwamuyiwa Gbadamosi
Ruben Seth Gbegnedji
Perry Michael Grandis CL
Tommy Hak
William Aaron Halat
Allester Howard Hall
Micaela L. Harmon
Luis Manuel Henriquez SCL
Jose Holguin CL
Tahed Iqbal
Iain Patrick Janecka MCL
David Komar SCL
Michael D. Koppie

Zaire Lancaster
Tariq A. Lewis
Muhang Li
Dyonne Lindsay
John Logiudice SCL
Antonio J. Lomascolo SCL
Patrick Curtis Lounsbury MCL
Shanyn Mattocks
Amaya Rose Mateo Mayhew
Jason Patrick McDonough
Joseph Michael Moscato
Jordan-Marie Moulton CL
Smrithy Mudavangattil Sajan SCL
Ahmad Nassar
Shivangi Nayak CL
Anthony Obondi Njoga
Laura J. Nohlgren CL
Tony Nwaneri
Estella Madison O'Connor SCL
Jemsy Kris Mirando Ong SCL
Aidan Pierce O'Riordan MCL
Jonathan M. Pieck
James Denis Pinto
Joyce Anne Purcell SCL

Alexander Refner
Joseph Michael Reilly MCL
Santino Michael Resciniti SCL
Michael Samson Riley
Victor Edwardo Rodriguez MCL
Sean Alexander Romanski
Nicholas Joseph Rose
Joseph John Ruberto SCL
Andrea K. Sampson
Isaac Sardar
Dennis Kwaku Serbeh
Melissa Sheffer
Ilan Shefi
Diego Soto
Oliver Colby Stiteler
Marlouie Danao Talattad MCL
Hafsat Hadja Tanko
Brandon F. Traver
Aidan J. Tripodi SCL
Charles Conrad Verdier MCL
James A. Woytysiak SCL
Igli Xhukellari MCL
Jeffrey K. Yinusa
Shuo Zhang


Elijah A. Acero
Olanrewaju A. Adeolu
Adetona A. Adesina CL
Jaylen Isaiah Adison
Theodore Adjei
Zakria Mamad Ahmadzai
Jonathan Albert
Ravi Ali MCL
Ethan Christopher Almodovar CL
Aidan Paul Amarante
Sabbir Reza Amin MCL
Kenneth Andrews MCL
Prince E. Armah
Nikit Singh Arora MCL
Tiffanny Arroyo
Hayden Ball CL
Aaron Beatty SCL
Olivia BenAoumeur SCL
Aiden J. Berges
Samantha Bergman MCL
Dylan Joseph Betances MCL
Christopher Tyler Blick
Reese Thomas Bowe CL
Khadijia Bulli
Ethan N. Burchell MCL
Trevor Chung MCL
Dwane Stefan Clarke
James Montagnino Corona SCL
Joseph F. Corrado
Kasaan Amir Crosson
Nicholas Ross D'Alessandro MCL
Sarah M. Decker SCL

Ethan Isaiah De La Isla MCL
Joseph Dominick Devito III SCL
Princia D. Diallo CL
Ethan J. Eichenlaub CL
Robert L. Elfie MCL
Juan Carlos Encarnacion
Ianjose Fonollosa
Shane K. Frederick
Martin A. Fretes Leguizamon
James Gillanders MCL
Sarah Alexandra Golden
Kyle Gorman
Andre Graham
Thomas D. Greene
Joseph Christian Harris CL
Bryan Herrera Mendoza
Madyson Rae Heslin MCL
Anup Fernandez Hulyalkar
David L. Iskowitz SCL
Raheem Jackson
Rodney Saajaan Jaglal
Alex K. Jean
Deandreh Jerome
Seunghun Jung
Nicholas Joseph Kammerer
Samuel J. Kean MCL
Babita Khadka SCL
Evan Michael King SCL
Chad Alan Kirkmon
Raymond Koranteng
Jasmin Kostka CL
Jeremy James Lam SCL

Ayman Laroui
Mark Christopher Lautenschlager MCL
Megan LaValley SCL
Marlow Leon CL
Tasmine Anisa Demania Lester CL
Bangyen Lin CL
Matthew Isaiah Liz MCL
Matthew J. Lupi
Alyssa Kate Martinez
Rubi Daniela Martinez
Frank J. Martorano CL
Bryanna Nicole McClement
Jeffrey Landon McConnell SCL
Tevon Anthony McDonald
Sarina Doreen McKinley MCL
Liam James Francis Mengler MCL
Geoffrey Lawton Moore
Jack Anthony Mottola CL
Johnny Munoz CL
Nisanth Nadimpalli
Oliver Naumov
Sabrina Nazim
Bill Roland Nchang H. Ndikum
Konia Le Newkirk
Courtney Ng
Shaun Patrick Nugent SCL
Joshua Okanlawon
Jordyn Donnel Oyola
Robert Joseph Pavone MCL
Ana Carina Pereira CL
Jake Miller Pilger MCL

Colby James Piotti CL
Alex Rolando Portugal
Jeancarlo Posso
Logan Anthony Radcliffe CL
Ravid Rahman MCL
Tai Reale SCL
Daemon M. Reed MCL
Keme David Rex-Ezonfade
Maryna Christine Richardson
Ashley Joselyn Rosete
Jack Michael Ruffner SCL
Aneeha Sahar MCL
Jason Anthony Samulik CL
Gino A. Santana
Hadley David Santos-Del Villar MCL
Wylaimee Karah Shalders
Kristin A. Silva
Jesse Randolph Slater
Joseph Angelo Sorrentino CL
Sharad Stephenson SCL
Scott John Strain MCL
Saad Tariq MCL
Milca Tedros
Vianna Vy Tran
Godswill U. Utionkpan CL
Louis Emanuel Valdivia
Jaydon O. Veitch
Elaine Volkov
Ryan Williams MCL
Lenora Wright
Jacob Anthony Yusaitis SCL

College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering - BA, BS

Bachelor of Arts


Subrina Huda
Dylan Porter
Jacob N. Torres


Ian Michael Anderson
Dylan Carl Brierton
David C. Guerra SCL
Antonio Halkiadakis
William Lahaise

Bachelor of Science


Marvellous Tolulope Ajayi
Nico Gabriel Mabunay Bongalo SCL
Andrew Carvajal
Tyler Nicholas Cooper
Nour Ghanem
Ryan Martin Granoff
Sarah M. Hudi SCL
Myles D. Jeune
Michael Lee Kerr

Zahir Rahaman Khan
Do Hoon Kim SCL
Yihongyan Kong MCL
Jacob H. Koplik SCL
Dingcheng Li
Angelo Lloti MCL
Thomas John Lloyd-Jones
Malik Shamar Maitland
Dawn Jayne Moore MCL

Justin Tyler Moran
Daniel Najafi MCL
Samarpita Podder
Ryan D. Reilly
Tyler J. Richard
Nikita Romanovsky SCL
Maxwell Antonio Solomon
Victor T.A. Sotannde
Daniel R. St Andrews

Anusha Tiwari SCL
My Tran SCL
Nangu Bagate Traore
Nidhi Balasaheb Vadnere SCL
Gregory Anthony Vincent CL
Benjamin Michael Wyman CL
Christine Dorothy Zampa CL
Dario Vincent Zeni


Nuha Al-Badi MCL
Buthaina Mohammed Al Balushi MCL
Ashley Jane Aldrin CL
Nasser Yahya Nasser Al-Maskari
Stephen Daniel Alvarez
Joshua Matthew Angulo
Jack R. Arevalo
Johann Arias Juarez
Oluwasogo Enoch Awofeso
Alex Christopher Bailey CL
Amadou Balde
Alexander Thomas Barry SCL
Amanda Rose Berryman
Jay Curtis Boehm
Brayden Nathaniel Box SCL
Julia Anne Boyne CL
Kristjan Michael Bruno CL
Tristan Anthony Bucknell
Cecilia Simone Cabiya
Dylan E. Cabral
Enling Cao
Jonathan Andres Cevallos
Seoyeon Choi MCL
Alexander Crowe
Andre Anthony Cruickshank MCL

Joren Marie Cruz
Cody William Davies CL
Gregory Dixon CL
Ryan P. Dugan
Eavan Feeney
Blake Antonio Funderburke CL
Samuel E. Ginzburg MCL
Zachary Timothy Goddeau
Bryan A. Gomez
Mikail Edward Gordon
William Victor Grice MCL
Grace Elise Shan Hammond SCL
Connor James Hing
Aaliyah Z. Hussain SCL
Shaima Hussaini SCL
Gavin Nicholas Ingrao
Nicholas T. Iverson
Michael T. Jacques SCL
Enzo Journet Novoselic SCL
Junyi Jung CL
Bhanu C. Kakulla
Ramneet Kaur CL
Sanghyo Kevin Lee MCL
Yixiao Li

Yujia Li
Yulong Li
Joseph Lohman
Markus Ricardo Maldonado
Anthony Kian Manning SCL
Yuchen Mao
Karl Kenechukwu Mark
Joshua McDonald MCL
Kevin Edward Mendoza
Isaac Menis
Elijuwon J. Mitchell
Spencer Reid Moran
Abdoulaye J. Ndiaye CL
Wolfgang Neal SCL
Robert Ocloo
Michael Joseph Paglia SCL
Joshua Harlon Peck CL
Tara Kim Pedigo
Byron Peregrim
Phi Phan
Billy Plantin
Ethan A. Prescott
Kenneth Matthew Rapp CL
Joseph R. Regan

Nicholas W. Repp MCL
Kevin J. Reyes
Salwah Riaz MCL
Hyo-Jean Shin
Muhammed Nooru Shuaib
David Sikander
Collin Michael Smith
Michael Alexander Smith CL
Stephen Thomas Smith MCL
Max Jacob Solomon MCL
John C. Syracuse MCL
Zineb Tamnat
Diego Tapia Araiza
Daniel Alfred Titcombe SCL
Robert A. Tully III
Peter H. Van Erp
Sandeep Vepuri
Saad Mustafa Waheed CL
Daniel Wang MCL
Elizabeth Ann Wells
Andrew Brendan West CL
Shakur Paul Williams
Nicholas Joel Yung
Xinyi Zhao MCL

Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy - BA

Bachelor of Arts


Avery Evangeline Aguas SCL
Jennifer Mariam Alex MCL
Alexis Jacqueline Annabi SCL
Athena Ann Avella
Patrick M. Barnett MCL
Katelyn S. Batson
Larissa Juliet Borglum
Taylor R. Bronson
Cassandra Burke CL
Hailey Ann Bussa CL
Bryant Stuart Caizachana Pilataxi SCL
Jodiann A. Campbell

Ahtziri Campos SCL
Ashlen Hussen Chevalier MCL
Carly Elle Cohen MCL
Connor Devin Cutugno MCL
Dylan Matthew Depaul SCL
Dah Eh
Flynne Baylei Fasso CL
Khadijah Fatty CL
Sean Patrick Hart SCL
Connor Lincoln Hosley CL
Cassandra Emily Jones CL
Marie Elizabeth Kelly SCL

Nicholas Lamarche
Karen Lu MCL
Shaima E. Mannan SCL
Willow Helena Marshall CL
Jamie S. McLeod CL
Jonathan T. Q. Moore
Timothy R. O'Toole MCL
Joel Menya Oyuo
Brent Ashton Richardson
Alex Raul Salvagno
Sudesh Shew
Claire Justine Silvestri

Anton Edward Skamperle SCL
Yehuda Sprei
Zaniya Ann-Marie Summers
Ceren Nur Sumnulu
Ayisha R. Swindler SCL
Alexander Jason Thaniotis
Iliana Jasmine Torres
Shawn Michael Waldron
Madeline Aileen Walker
Robert Raymond Wheatley
Justin Andrew Zehr MCL


Sarah B. Abdou SCL
Ryan Jared Aizer SCL
Emily E. Alamprese
Joseph A. Alamprese
Eva Maria Alvarez Ero SCL
Sofia Maria Andrade MCL
Maxwell E. Berman SCL
Faraz Bham
Matthew George Boyle SCL
Chloe Branshaw CL
Imani Julianna Brown
Kyle Bruns SCL
Giovana Pasqualina Calamunci CL
Maurice Prince Canady
Joshua Abel Chan
Grace Vivian Cleary MCL
Kayla Irene Cooper CL
Isabella Grace D'Amato SCL
Erin H. DeVinne MCL
Maeve Rita Donnelly SCL
Michama Medji Dorvile CL
Nia Lexington Dove
Reece Lawrence Dowd SCL

Natasha Kate Edwards SCL
Raquel Egea MCL
Benjamin Charles Eisert
Razan M. Elsir SCL
Sydney R. Ferraro
Zinab Fofana
Mariela Frias
Jayden Louis Fritz Berrios
Astrid Ihvana Fuentes-Dimas CL
William Samuel Galeota-Alpern
Griffin James Galvin SCL
John M. Giannisis CL
Calvin Stanley Giudici SCL
Anastasia Karina Glover SCL
Princess Alicia Grant
Megan Elizabeth Gregory
Kayla Patricia Haegele
Peter Ryan Hagan SCL
Harmony L. Hamilton MCL
Asia Ayisha Harris SCL
Kolton Charles Heft
Ryan Michael Herrmann
Natalia Gillian Hinds CL
Tyler Simone Howard

Adriana Huerta MCL
Amaris R. Huerta
Numa Rahman Khan SCL
Joshua Kim MCL
Dylan J. Klein
Kourtney Li CL
Tyler Lindner SCL
David Lopez
Emily T. Lyons MCL
Patrick Joesph Mackessy CL
Brooke Lynn Marino
Jenifer Cristina Martinez-Peraza SCL
Mario Louis Mascaro
Kathryn J. McDermott
Jalen L. Miller MCL
Anjalee Modasra SCL
Janelle Christen Moe SCL
Anthony Peter Moffre
Alicia A. Mordjikian
Kerri Ann Muckey MCL
Ameerah S. Muhammad
Billkiss Abass Na-Aata
Andrew Ong Garcia SCL

Marco Dominic Palumbo SCL
Christopher M. Pappacena MCL
Jada Hanson Pearson
Madelaine Pena-Miranda
Grace M. Phelps MCL
Bryson Jack Post
Omesh Ramoatar SCL
David George Regina SCL
Victoria L. Reid
Katerina Elizabeth Retzlaff
Ashlye Reyes Berroa
Geeta Devi Rohit
Molly Ann Rossi CL
Julia Kathryn Ross-McGuire SCL
Dmitriy Samuel Sandul MCL
Erica Danielle Cecilia Strand SCL
Ria Sumita
Tatiana I. Summers CL
Grismely Tejada Taveras
Calla M. Thonus
Jhayde Armelia Warren
Fatimatu Suraju Yahuza
Phebe Grace Zeiser SCL
Jonathan Matys Zuckerman

School of Public Health - BS

Bachelor of Science


William O. Ajibola
Sanai J. Augustin
Jonas Matthew Barkevich CL
Gillian Clarize Belarmino MCL
Kollin C. Chandler

Jaden Llanee Deanda MCL
Anduena Driza
Millicent Haibor CL
Tianna Monae Hazel
Lauren M. Matter CL

Fabricio Monroy CL
Garcelle Montfleury
Lylia Amira Niakh
John Martin O'Dea SCL

Olasubomi Boluwatife Ojo
Ashlei M. Pearce
Jordan Reannee Rucker
Grace Ann Willard


Akima S. Aberdeen CL
Ashanti Adams
T'Oluwanimi Emmanuel Samuel Ademola-Thomas CL
Darryl Jo Adler
Flora S. Akosah
Jasmine Anima Amoateng
Ashley Oseremen Azekue
Thierno Souleyman Bah
Paeton Jane Barnes MCL
Shriya Bedi MCL
Shreya Bohara Chand MCL
Afua Agyeman Bonah SCL

Marilin Vidalina Broncano CL
Isabella Lauren D'Ambro SCL
Asees Kaur Dhaliwal MCL
Nicole Ashley Diaz
Andy Dong
Omone Nneka Kikelomo Eirebamen
Oghenekaro Emmanuel Ekor
Fiona Evelene MCL
Allana R. Fraser
Gabriella Lucia Gargano CL
Jessica Paige Giandomenico CL
Caylah E. Graham

Naliah Ivy-Alexis Grannell MCL
Meghan Mary Greene CL
Yehara Gutierrez Rodriguez MCL
Kerstyn A. Healy SCL
Alanie Alyssa Hew
Michael Andrew Jakakas SCL
Alyssa Aminata Kamara CL
Razan A. Khalafalla
Brianna Kara Lewis
Chantel Danielle Lewis CL
Cheriene Mannings
Esther Manu

Neyssa Marc CL
Laila Mohammed CL
Carmen Emilia Muñoz-Medrano
Nicolas Fernando Ortega Preciado CL
Jenna Mae Piezzo SCL
Michael Arthur Prisco MCL
Ahmad Andre Reid
Justin David Reynolds SCL
Tishan Gemis Roye CL
Nevaeh Katiana Slater
Chanthida Sok MCL

School of Social Welfare - BS

Bachelor of Science


Sarah Behan SCL
Kayla Carter
Estheisy N. Cruz Almonte
Luis Vazquez CL
Victoria Lynn Zelows


Gabrielle Jolie Araujo Cortez MCL
Hadia Aslam SCL
Anaijah Bigby SCL
Kylebear Brown SCL
Aylannie Doreen Campbell MCL
Brittany Meredith Clarke SCL

Violette Rose Davenport
Natalya Aryann Diaz
Deirdre M. Doherty
Nilija Foendoe
Alexandra Jacqueline Glebocki
Rachel Chinyere Mofaramoluwa Ifebuzo MCL

Bruce Irving Kraeger
Brianna H. Lennon
Johanna M. Mainville
Hannah Olivia Mealy SCL
Amanda C. Moran SCL

Kayla Peter-gay Myers SCL
Sara Valentina Ramos
Juliana Elizabeth Schiavo
Avinna Pachéa Vasconcellos
Corynne Marie Wildrick SCL

Latin Honors for degree candidates were computed using the cumulative grade point average as of April 2024 and a projection that the student will have completed 56 or more credits at the University at Albany, including a minimum of 40 University at Albany credits graded on the A-E basis. Official Latin Honors status will be recalculated when semester grades are recorded and will appear on the diploma and transcript.


Students holding flags from their countries at commencement.
Flag Bearers

The following students have the honor of carrying international and local flags representing members of the graduating class:

Rebeca Valerie Barrientos Alpha
Buthaina Mohammed Al Balushi
Shreya Bohara Chand
Chiara Laura Calicchia
Priya Chang-Sang
Seoyeon Choi
Malene Clausen
Elias Ehlin
Florinda Gjypi
Do Hoon Kim
Jeff Korbieh
Nishini Avinshya Koththigoda
Yulong Li
Federica Muller
Alejandro Giner Murillo

Samantha Ndhlovu
Andrew Ong Garcia
Mai Ono
Elisavet Papageorgiou
Brianna Poy Fong
Chaimaa Srour
Shruthi Sunil
Mariel Isabella Acero Tee
Huyen Anh Nguyen Tran
Toria Iyie Udida
Natapol Wannakitti
Shakur Paul Williams
Taishi Yamasaki
Nilsu Deniz Yilmaz

Purple & Gold Student Ambassadors

Purple & Gold Student Ambassadors are comprised of a select group of students who represent UAlbany at high-profile functions, serving as ambassadors for UAlbany to its multiple constituencies. Listed below are members who are graduating this Spring.

Eva Alvarez Eró, B.A. Political Science

John K. Bonney, B.S. Business Administration

Kayla I. Cooper, B.A. Political Science and Public Policy & Management

Taniya K. Gayle, B.S. Psychology

Shannon O. Morgan, B.S. Digital Forensics

Kayla Rankin, B.A, Political Science and Sociology

Travis Robinson, B.S. Business Administration (Marketing)


Class of 2024 Memories

  • Students with donated gifts being delivered.
  • Students walking around campus on a tour.
  • Track teammates in a huddle.
  • Students sitting outside in chairs by the fountain.
  • Students outside putting pinwheels in the grass.
  • Students marching on campus for Black Lives Matter.
  • UAlbany football players holding a trophy.
  • Students sitting in the grass watching the homecoming football game.
Four female students in regalia on campus.
Congratulations and welcome to the University at Albany Alumni Association!

For more than 150 years, the University at Albany Alumni Association has been keeping alumni connected – to each other and to their alma mater.

The UAlbany community extends well beyond the campus, with alumni in every state and more than 120 countries. We urge you to tap into the power of this 201,000-strong network! All UAlbany graduates are automatically considered members of the UAlbany Alumni Association.

There are many services and programs offered to you, including the UAlbany Career Advisory Network (UCAN), Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) and affinity-based programs that will help you stay connected to the groups you participated in as a student. Our engagement opportunities are modified for virtual platforms, too – so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the perks of your most valuable network.


Alma Mater

UAlbany Video


"College of the Empire State"

College of the Empire State,

Mother of an army great,

Thou the molder of our fate,

Thee we sing today.

Thine the hand with clasp so strong,

Holding tho' the years be long,

Thou the burden of our song,

Thee we sing today.

Ways of pleasantness are thine,

Leading where in wisdom's shrine,

Joy and cheer, and hope divine,

Ever dwell for aye.

Thine the voice whose call we hear,

Thine the hand which holds us near,

Thine the heart, so true, so dear,

Cherished, loved alway.

Wisdom's duty heeds thy call,

Ever in Minerva's thrall,

Pass the torch from one to all,

Guide each destiny.

'Neath the Purple and the Gold,

Let thy history unfold,

Sons and daughters, young and old,

Hail to Albany.

Generous Donors & Grateful Students

The success of our students would not be possible without the generosity of our donors.

Alumni, parents, and friends of UAlbany support student success through gifts to scholarships, awards, and prizes. The impact these benefactors have on our students, particularly our graduates, cannot be overstated. Our thoughtful donors create a legacy, inspire others, and prepare future generations of leaders through their support.

View our Great Dane Gratitude page to learn more about our grateful students and the encouragement they received that helped them complete their academic journeys.

Doctoral student at commencement holding a '1st Generation Graduate' sticker.

Class Gift

An annual tradition led by UAlbany’s Student Philanthropy Council, the Class Gift is a way for UAlbany students and parents to give back to UAlbany, serving as a living tribute to great memories, an outstanding education, and a bright future

This year’s Class Gift supports The Sean O’Reilly ’86 Healthy Danes & Well-Being Fund. Well-being is crucial to a student’s overall academic success and this fund provides financial support for programming and initiatives that promote the health and well-being of students, including suicide, drug & alcohol prevention programming.

Members of the graduating class who made a gift representing their class year received a purple and white generosity cord to wear with their regalia to symbolize their gift to future Great Danes … purple because they are forever a Great Dane, and white for being a Proud Donor.

Donors listed are as of May 3, 2024.


Michael Abare
Kelvin Addo
Darryl Adler
Wilhelmina Adusei
Andrea Aguanno
Jimsheed Ahmad
Andrea Akers
Georgia Alvaranga
Susheel Kumar Ambati
Marlene Anderson
Amber Andre
Tahirih Anthony
Faith Archer
Prince Armah
Nikit Arora
Adalis Ayala
Natalia Azad
Alison Bachorik
Jennifer Barrios de Leon
Opal Barton
Katherine Bartsch
Cali Beasley-Carroll
Jaime Bellini
Brianna Benitez
Alexis Bergleitner
Bardha Berisha
Bidhan Bhurtel
Abigail Biancaniello
Gabriel Bissell
Nico Gabriel Bongalo
Sydney Boschulte
Kimberly Boucard
Paige Boucher
Duncan Bovee
Julia Boyne
Keojhi Branch
Colin Brennan
Gemelli Briceno
Nikki Brill
Mackenzie Brown
Sashenie Brown
Zaire Brown
Teja Buddhavarapu
Colin Bump
Hannah Burgess
Aylannie Campbell
Ryan Cannon
Madison Cardone
Brendan Carr
Dana Lynne Castillo
Priya Chang-Sang
Cliff Charles
Chloe Charles- Rweyemamu
Jordan Chau
Isis Chernak
Sukumar Chinthalapudi
Beomgeun Cho
Malene Clausen
Dadrian Cole
Margaret Collins
Alexys Conti
Catherine Cosgrove
Jonathyn Coughtry
Andre Cruickshank
Shelly Cuateco
Izzy D'Ambro

Anisah David
Britney Davila
Cassandra Davis
Natalya Diaz
Jaime Dickinson
Emma Dickinson
Skielor Dodd
Kebba Dumbuya
Haley Earing
Tiffany Edwards
Raquel Egea
Alexis Erazo
Anthony Evangelista
Abigail Evans
Henry Fisher
Fiona FitzPatrick
Sana Fletcher
AutumnJoy Florencio-Wain
Adwoa Fosu
Alexandra Frumusa
Vanessa Fulmore
Max Garcia
Kelly Geiger
Florinda Gjypi
Krista Godbee
Drew Goodale
Jada Gordon
Caylah Graham
Yasser Guerra Garcia
Mahesh Naik Guguloth
Harmony Hamilton
Kerstyn Healy
Susan Henry
Alexandra Hernandez
Carolina Hernandez
Ryan Herrmann
Anna Hershey
Hailee Heuer
Alanie Hew
Emma Horowitz
Abby Houser
Ruoyu Hu
Kyra Iannuzzi
Ana Impeduglia
Munira Isa
Rohith Jellipalli
Claire Jennings
Lyndsie Jicha
Desire Jimenez
Tao Jin
Shayne Johnson
Joy Johnson
Lindsay Johnson
Jeanisa Jones
Taylor Jordan
Aleasa Julian
Rebecca Kane
Oluwabukunmi Kasali
Punit Kaur
Erin Kelly
Jack Kelly
Lauren Kingsland
Jude Klein
Allison Klein
Dylan Klein
Richard Kohler

Braeden LaBonte
DaVonia LaMar
Megan Laplante
Joseph Lawton
Seanessa Lee
Rebecca Lee
Fernanda Leon
Carter Lepin
Sophia Levit
Michael Lupo
Hailey Mahady
Hailey Maher
Tasmia Maliha
Sri Laxmi Sai Keerthi Mamillapalli
Noah Mandel
Daniel Manning
Chelsea Manu
Thomas Marchese
Gianna Marino
Owen Marlow
Danielle Marquez
Laura Martin
Rubi Martinez
Felix Martinez
Jenifer Martinez-Peraza
Dean Mauro
Christine McKnight
Nixon Mercado
Jackelyn Merino
Safirah Milien
Hannah Moore
Kasey Morton
Jordan-Marie Moulton
Shamor Muir
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Confetti falling on robed students at the commencement ceremony
About UAlbany
University Officials May 2024

John B. King, Jr.

SUNY Board of Trustees

Merryl H. Tisch, Chair
Cesar Perales, Vice Chair 
Joseph W. Belluck 
Courtney E. Burke ’96 
Eric Corngold 
Marcos Crespo
Robert J.  Duffy 
James Haddon
Keith Landa
Eunice A. Lewin 
Stanley S. Litow 
Alexander Ruiz
Edward Spiro 
Cary F. Staller 
Camille Joseph Varlack
Christy Woods

The University at Albany Council

Michael J. Castellana ’84, ’92, Chair 
Robert P. Balachandran, Esq. ’88 
Matthew Batchker, Graduate Student Representative 
Patricia A. Caldwell ’75
Kat Coddington, Faculty Representative 
Jill Delaney '96, Alumni Represenetative
Mark Eagan 
John R. Fallon Jr., Esq. ’77, ’81, Vice Chair
James O. Jackson, Ph.D.
Abner JeanPierre ’93 
Jeremy Zheng, Undergraduate Student Representative 

Senior Leadership of the University at Albany

Havidán Rodríguez, President 
Carol H. Kim, Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Mark Benson, Director of Athletics 
Samuel Caldwell, Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and Equity
Michael N. Christakis ’01, ’05, Vice President for Student Affairs 
Melissa Connolly, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Todd D. Foreman, Vice President for Finance and Administration 
Claudia Hernández, Chief of Staff 
Thenkurussi (Kesh) Kesavadas, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Amanda Meleszweski, Chief Campus Counsel
Fardin Sanai, Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of The University at Albany Foundation 
Sheila Seery, Vice President for Government and Community Relations 

Deans of the University at Albany

Jeanette Altarriba, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Erin M. Bell, Interim Dean, School of Public Health        
Virginia Goatley, Dean, School of Education 
Robert P. Griffin, Dean, College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity 
Michele J. Grimm, Dean, College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering 
Carey Hatch, Dean, University Libraries 
JoAnne Malatesta ’99, ’08, Dean of Undergraduate Education and Vice Provost for Academic Innovation & Student Success 
Julie Novkov, Interim Dean, Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy 
Victoria M. Rizzo, Interim Dean, School of Social Welfare 
Gilbert A. Valverde, Vice Provost & Dean, Center for International Education and Global Strategy
Christine K. Wagner, Interim Vice Provost & Dean, Graduate School
Kevin J. Williams, Interim Dean, Massry School of Business

Our history

The University at Albany has a rich history dating 180 years.

In 1844, a "normal school" was founded in Albany to train teachers for a rapidly growing population. For nearly 50 years, the Normal School provided a two-year education to students from across the state.

By 1890, the evolving school system in New York required a new approach to teacher training. The Normal School gradually made changes: a four-year program, new curricula, new faculty and new standards for student enrollment.

In 1914, the institution officially became known as the New York State College for Teachers — one year after the figure of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, first appeared on the University seal. The New York State College for Teachers focused exclusively on training secondary school teachers, within the context of a liberal arts curriculum. Over the years, the College attracted a strong faculty with a majority holding doctoral degrees.

By 1962, the College had earned national distinction and the State University of New York system of higher education underwent a rapid expansion in response to rising needs. The College joined the system as one of four University Centers and became a broad-based public research institution.

Today, the University at Albany is a major public research university where over 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with top-ranked faculty to conduct major research and scholarship in a wide range of disciplines.

To learn more about UAlbany's history, visit the University Archives.

Our symbol of excellence

Since the University at Albany's beginnings as the New York State Normal College, Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, has been the institution's enduring symbol.

The figure of Minerva and the Latin motto “Sapientia et sua et docendi causa” — which means “Wisdom, both for its own sake and for the sake of teaching" — have appeared on the University seal since about 1913.

Today, Minerva, wearing her distinctive helmet, continues to symbolize the University's proud past and long-standing reputation for educational excellence.

The University’s 7-foot white plaster statue of Minerva dates to 1888. There’s no official record of the purchase but remembrances have it that the statue was funded by $1 make-up exam fee.

The Minerva statue was originally located at the New York State Normal College’s Willet Street campus but, when a devastating fire broke out in the college’s administrative offices in 1906, a brave custodian named Charles Wurtham rescued the statue from the burning building.

The statue was later relocated to the rotunda at Draper Hall, where she lived for six decades. It became a popular meeting place for students, who often used the phrase "Meetcha at Minnie."

The Class of 1967 moved the statue from the downtown campus to the new main campus in 1966 and paid for Minerva’s refurbishment as a gift to the University. The class named themselves the "Guardians of Minerva."

The Minerva statue was rededicated in 1987. Today, she graces the lobby of the Science Library.

A white plaster statue of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom


Commencement Colors

The colors indicative of the various fields of learning are as follows:

Arts (Liberal Arts), Humanities, Letters (Literature): White
Commerce, Accountancy, Business: Drab
Communication Studies: Silver Gray
Economics: Copper
Education: Light Blue
Engineering: Orange
Environmental Studies: Russet
Fine Arts: Brown
Journalism: Crimson
Library Science, Information Management: Lemon Yellow
Music: Pink
Philosophy: Dark Blue
Public Administration, Public Policy: Peacock Blue
Public Health: Salmon Pink
Social Science, Natural Science: Golden Yellow
Social Work: Citron