University President Havidán Rodríguez at commencement.

On behalf of the University at Albany, it is my distinct honor to congratulate you on the conferral of your degree. It took years of hard work, perseverance, and dedication, but you have crossed the finish line on this remarkable achievement.

Today, as we applaud your accomplishments, we also extend our gratitude for your unique contributions to UAlbany. Through your scholarship and research; your participation in athletics, clubs, and community service; and through friendships and mentorship of your fellow students, you have made an indelible mark on this institution, and left it a better place than you found it.

Regardless of the degree you are receiving today, you have been an integral part of a culturally and intellectually rich campus community—which will prove invaluable as you navigate an increasingly diverse and globalized society. As you join the ranks of 197,000 proud UAlbany alumni worldwide, I assure you that the time, energy, and spirit you have invested in this degree will pay tremendous dividends throughout your life and will enhance your every endeavor.

Again, felicidades – congratulations to you on this significant and transformative accomplishment. And never forget: we are the Great Danes!


Havidán Rodríguez

Students taking pictures at commencement.

Degree Recipients

Degree recipients from August 2022, December 2022, January 2023 and degree candidates for May 2023 are listed as of April 2023, alphabetically by school/college and degree. Please accept our assurance that being or not being listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status. If there have been any errors, please accept our sincerest apologies.

Doctoral Degrees

College of Arts & Sciences - PhD

Brianna Rose Altman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Examining the Influence of a Negative Affect Induction Task on Self-Reported Cannabis Use Expectancies and Problems
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mitch Earleywine

Marina Bonilla Conejo, Ph.D., Spanish
Entre la Ciudad y la Provincia: Variación Sociolingüística en Málaga
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Lotfi Sayahi

Andrew Allen Brooks, Ph.D., English
Intentional Entanglement: Walter Benjamin Transcendental yet Speculative Darstellung
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Helen R. Elam

Rachel Bucher, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
The effect of mindfulness on autonomic nervous system coordination in individuals with interparental conflict exposure
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Elana B. Gordis

Roy O. Cardenas, Ph.D., Mathematics
Two matrix-weighted norm inequalities for commutators with fractional integral operators and fractional matrix-weighted dyadic Littlewood-Paley theory
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Joshua B. Isralowitz

Rebecca Joesphine D'Esposito, Ph.D., Chemistry
An IMS-MS/MD Workflow for Determining Higher Order Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alan Chen

Serene Anne Durham, Ph.D., Biology
Parallel Networks that Govern the Transcriptional Response to Stress
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Morgan A. Sammons

Xinhao Fan, Ph.D., Chemistry
Methodology studies for dearomatized dimer and ß-lactone-mediated native chemical ligation in organic synthesis
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Qiang Zhang

Sai Sindhura Gundavarapu, Ph.D., Economics
Three Essays in Health Economics
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Pinka Chatterji

Alexa Michelle Henny, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
Changes in large-scale extreme precipitation in over Taiwan and the Northeast United States: Past and Future
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Christopher D. Thorncroft

Rebeca Herrero Sáenz, Ph.D., Sociology
The Media Discourses on Organ Donation and Transplantation in Spain (1954-2020) and their Implications for Spanish Nationalism
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ronald N. Jacobs

Alyssa Marie Hoy, Ph.D., Chemistry
Synthesis of oligonucleotides containing unnatural backbone and regulation of CRISPR activity using inverse electron demand Diels-Alder chemistry
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Maksim Royzen

Min Jang, Ph.D., Economics
Essays on Education and Health Disparities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Pinka Chatterji

Raghu Ram Katreddi, Ph.D., Biology
Mechanisms underlying pre- and postnatal development of the mouse vomeronasal organ
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Paolo E. Forni

Shelby Ruth Perimatha Khandasammy, Ph.D., Chemistry
Organic Gunshot Residue: Detection Identification and Characterization for Forensic Purposes
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Igor K. Lednev

Ting Chean Khoo, Ph.D., Physics
A novel phase and spectroscopic imaging technique to evaluate cellular functions
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alexander Khmaladze

Seulki Kim, Ph.D., Sociology
Understanding Deaths of Despair in US Counties Through Bourdieu's Theory of Capital
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Tse-Chuan Yang

Brittany Rose King, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Reviewing Recorded Teletherapy Sessions for Homework: Proximal Impacts on Client Insight
Dissertation Chair: Prof. James F. Boswell

Abigail Lincoln Kleinsmith, Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology
Expertise Effects on Visual Change Detection in the Music Reading Domain: Evidence from Eye Movements
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Heather Sheridan

Naoto Kojima, Ph.D., English
Before Realism: The Great American Novel and the Forms of Nationhood 1851-1882
Dissertation Chair: Prof. James D. Lilley

Nicole Lamarre, Ph.D., Sociology
Institutionalized Normative Heterosexuality: The Case of Sexual Fluidity
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Christine E. Bose

Yuanfei Li, Ph.D., Sociology
Spatial Diffusion of Immigrants and Children's Academic Performance in the United States
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Zai Liang

Cameron Longo, Ph.D., Chemistry
Development and Applications of Touch Chemistry Biometrics Analysis of Latent Fingermarks by MALDI-MS
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Rabi A. Musah

Adolfo Lugo Rios, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
The Mountain Gap Wind of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and Its Impact on Tropical Cyclogenesis in the Eastern Pacific
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Christopher D. Thorncroft

Yumeng Luo, Ph.D., Communication
Government Citizen and Social Media: Understanding Police-Citizen Interaction in Weibo in China
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Teresa M. Harrison

Maha Noor Mian, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Savoring as a Protective Behavioral Strategy for Cannabis Use
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mitch Earleywine

Anna Milgramm, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Parenting Profiles in Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cluster Analytic Approach
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kristin V. Christodulu

Raphael Faith Moser, Ph.D., Philosophy
Interpersonal Forgiveness is the Recognition that Justice is Attained
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Rachel Cohon

Christopher Anthony Myers, Ph.D., Physics
Turning Density Functional Theory Calculations into Molecular Mechanics Simulations: Establishing the Fluctuating Density Model for RNA Nucleobases
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alan Chen

Christa Deanne Mylin, Ph.D., Anthropology
A Patchwork Community: Exploring Belonging Gender Roles and God's Gifts among Progressive American Mennonites
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Louise M. Burkhart

Allison Marcela Nunez, Ph.D., Economics
Essays on Career Progression Among the Underrepresented in Academic Biomedicine
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gerald R. Marschke

Uttam Pyakurel, Ph.D., Physics
Phase and dark field radiography and CT with mesh-based structured illumination and polycapillary optics
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Carolyn MacDonald

Tatiana Quiñones-Ruiz, Ph.D., Chemistry
Amyloid Fibril Formation and Polymorphism: A Critical Role of Sulfur- Containing Amino Acid Residues
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Igor K. Lednev

Christina Scharmer, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Intolerance of Uncertainty Specific to Compulsive Exercise: Development and Preliminary Validation of the Exercise-Specific Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Drew A. Anderson

Carly Max Schwartzman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Therapist Facilitative Interpersonal Skills in Simulated Text-Based Telepsychotherapy with Cultural Minority Clients
Dissertation Chair: Prof. James F. Boswell

Christopher William Smith, Ph.D., Chemistry
Development of Nucleic Acid Diagnostics for Targeted and Non-targeted Biosensing
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mehmet V. Yigit

Thomas Vandermeulen, Ph.D., Physics
Calculational Methods in Conformal Field Theory
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Daniel G. Robbins

Brendan Wallace, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
The Simulated Sensitivity of the North American Monsoon at Convection-Permitting Scales
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Justin R. Minder

Jeremy Michael Wittkopp, Ph.D., Physics
Computational Methods for Propagation of Optical Fields With the Angle-Impact Wigner Function
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jonathan C. Petruccelli

Mengwen Yan, Ph.D., Chemistry
Probing the Stability and Solution Processability of Metal Chalcogenide Semiconducting Materials
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jeremy I. Feldblyum

Zhenhuan Yang, Ph.D., Mathematics
Stability and Differential Privacy of Stochastic Gradient Methods
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Yiming Ying

Anna Jang Yeo, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Child Temperament and Differential Susceptibility to Parenting: Implications for Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Care
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Betty Lin

Kai You, Ph.D., Economics
Applications of Search and Matching to International Trade and Unemployment Insurance
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Adrian Masters

Sarah Brooks Zahed, Ph.D., English
Contrapuntal Readings of the Exilic Consciousness: Reading Yehuda Amichai and Mahmoud Darwish Together
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Glyne A. Griffith

Tianran Zhai, Ph.D., Chemistry
Biomimetic Synthesis of Hitorins A and B and Discovery of Porous Metallopolymers
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jeremy I. Feldblyum

Yimang Zhou, Ph.D., Sociology
Thomas Malthus in East Asia: Population Policy Elite Competition and The Developmental State in East Asia
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Aaron W. Major


Amber Lyn Altrieth, Ph.D., Biology
Angiocrine Factor Profiling in Actively Regenerating and Non-regenerating Submandibular Salivary Glands
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Melinda Larsen

Joanne E. Barker, Ph.D., History
The Changing Role of the Judiciary in Antebellum New York State
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Richard F. Hamm

William Massey Bartolini, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
Using Stochastic Physics Perturbations in Ensemble Forecasts to Investigate Predictability of Mesoscale Winter Precipitation Events
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Justin R. Minder

Courtney Elizabeth Breiner, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Acceptability and feasibility of ARFID-PTP: A brief virtual parent-training intervention for avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder in children
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Mark Muraven

Shane Matthew Breznak, Ph.D., Biology
Regulatory mechanisms in the Drosophila germline
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Prashanth K. Rangan

Megan Isabella Chambers, Ph.D., Chemistry
Development of Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry Approaches for the Characterization and Quantification of Psychoactive Small-Molecule Constituents in Complex Plant Matrices
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Rabi A. Musah

Rumi Coller-Takahashi, Ph.D., English
Democratic Spaces of Reading: Constituting a Reader Figure in Nineteenth-Century American Print Culture
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. James Lilley

Allix Marie Coon, Ph.D., Chemistry
Development of New Mass Spectrometric Approaches for Biomarker Discovery: Application to Complex Biological Matrices for Tissue Characterization and Disease Diagnosis
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Rabi A. Musah

Audrey Barbara Crom, Ph.D., Chemistry
Post-Synthetic Modification of Metal–Organic Frameworks and Demonstration of Their Characteristics for Chemistry Education
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Jeremy I. Feldblyum

Eric A. Dohner Jr., Ph.D., Physics
Nonequilibrium dynamics of correlated disordered systems under interaction quenches
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Herbert F. Fotso

Shichao Du, Ph.D., Sociology
Intergenerationality:  The Making and Consequences of Parental Intervention in Children’s Marriage in China
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Katherine Trent

Christopher Ray Evans, Ph.D., English
Salt City: A Novel
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Edward L. Schwarzschild

Michalina Grzelka, Ph.D., Anthropology
Caregiving Automatons: Gender, Disability, and Care in Poland
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Elise L. Andaya

Catherine Munger Haag, Ph.D., History
Mainstream Radicalism: Labor Organizing in Schenectady 1886-1906
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gerald Zahavi

Zhaoxiangrui He, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
The Impacts of Atlantic and Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Variability on South American and Arctic Climate
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mathias Vuille

Samantha Hoff, Ph.D., Biology
Investigating Survival Mechanisms of Remnant Northern Long-eared Bat Populations
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Ing- Nang Wang & Wendy C. Turner

Jingyi Huang, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Effect of Hope on Contingent Faculty Members’ Engagement in Professional Development Activities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kevin J. Williams

Nathan Stephen Kemper, Ph.D., Social/Personality Psychology
From Judgment to Action: Moral Cognition and the Tenuous Link to Moral Courage
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Anna K. Reiman

Florence Lee, Ph.D., Anthropology
Immune system dysfunction to toxicant exposure: An examination of mismatch theory with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (p,p’-DDT)
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Lawrence M. Schell

Yunmi Lee, Ph.D., Communication
The Role of Community-Based Organizations in the Mental Health or Wellbeing and the Media Use in Receiving Social Support among Asian International Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Fan Yang

Hsiao-Chun Lin, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
Assimilating New York State Mesonet Observations for a Summertime Convective Event
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Everette Joseph

Eric Joel Macias, Ph.D., Spanish - Latin American, Caribbean & Latina/o Studies
Encajar from the Margins: Drop-Out and Undocumented Latinx Youth Negotiating Deservingness and Spaces of Belonging
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Johana Londoño

Jeremiah Joel Kephart Martin, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Perceptions of Organizational Entitativity: Justice as the Basis for Identification and Social Exchange
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Sylvia G. Roch

Anyeline Benita Mejia-McDonald, Ph.D., Spanish - Latin American, Caribbean & Latina/o Studies
Dominican Women Experiencing Violence: Transnationalism, Gender, and the Search for Social Justice
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alejandra M. Bronfman

Daisuke Nakamura, Ph.D., Economics
Labor Market and Inequality
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Benjamin S. Griffy

Jinwook Nam, Ph.D., Economics
Three Essays on Sovereign Default
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Betty C. Daniel

Amy Marie Osborne, Ph.D., Chemistry
DART-HRMS and Chemometric Analsis for Applications in Forensic Etomology
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Rabi A. Musah

Amanda Grace Samuels, Ph.D., Anthropology
Examining Colonial Impact on Beothuk Technological Traditions on the Island of Newfoundland
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Christopher B. Wolff

Laura Bain Santiago, Ph.D., Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Value Congruence and Employee Engagement: An Exploration of Mechanisms
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Sylvia G. Roch

Jayanta Talukder, Ph.D., Economics
Informal Migration Resilience and Response to External Shocks: Evidence from India
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Chun-Yu Ho

Ed Zandro Moina Taroc, Ph.D., Biology
The Formation and Migration of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone-1 (GnRH-1) neurons
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Paolo E. Forni

Benoit Vallee, Ph.D., Spanish - Latin American, Caribbean & Latina/o Studies
Scratchin’ Preconceptions: Transnational Hip-Hop Between New York City and the Dominican Republic
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Johana Londoño

Kasey Joy Waite, Ph.D., English
Abandoned Form: Secularity & Religion in the Eighteenth-Century British Novel
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Paul Stasi

Shih-Wei Wei, Ph.D., Atmospheric Science
Enhancing the impact of infrared satellite observations through aerosol-aware data assimilation
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Cheng-Hsuan Lu

Laura Morgan Welch, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
The Association between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Executive Functioning: An Adaptation-Based Perspective
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mark Muraven

Stanislav Zavoyskiy, Ph.D., Social/Personality Psychology
Smartphones and emotional transfer: An investigation of smartphone-to-human emotional contagion
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ronald S. Friedman

School of Criminal Justice - PhD

Jingyi Fei, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Lay Judges vs. Lawyer Judges: How Much Difference Can a Law Degree Make?
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Alissa P. Worden

Andrew John Thompson, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
The Racial and Partisan Underpinnings of Attitudes Toward Police in a Time of Protest.
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Justin T. Pickett

Haemi Won, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Spatio-Temporal Analyses of The Relationships Between Stop Question and Frisk and Crime in New York City
Dissertation Co-Chairs:  Profs. Robert E. Worden & Shiguo Jiang



Byung Gu Kang, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
The Age, Period, Cohort Effects on Crime Rates in the Republic of Korea
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Matt Vogel

Benjamin Thomas Kuettel, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Public Opinion and the Morality of Drug Use: Experimental and Time-Series Analyses
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Justin T. Pickett

Colleen Diane Mair, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Obstacles to Stability: An Analysis of the Marginalizing Effect of Non-Mainstream Banking Participation on Female Arrest Rates
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. David McDowall

Victoria L. Nelson, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Race and ethnicity in juvenile justice sentencing: The role of static and dynamic community threat
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Dana Peterson

Sishi Wu, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Public Opinion on Compensating Different Types of Wrongful Convictions
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. James R. Acker

School of Education - PhD, PsyD

Semih Bursali, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Exploring Academic Procrastination with Digital Trace Data
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Reza Feyzi Behnagh

Yajaira Altagracia Cabrera Tineo, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
A Moderated Mediation Model: The Interplay Between Discrimination Marianismo Alcohol Use and Acculturative Stress Among Latina College Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jessica L. Martin

Brian Patrick Carey, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Why K-12 Public-School Bus Drivers Stay in Their Jobs
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Susan D. Phillips

Chasen Rain William Speer Dillon, Psy.D., School Psychology
Mathematics Instructional Level as a Predictor of Explicit Timing Fluency Intervention Success
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Benjamin G.Solomon

Rachel Alexis Lola Kengle, Psy.D., School Psychology
Evaluating the Effects of Virtual Professional Development and Teleconsultation in Teachers' Implementation of Check-In/Check-Out
Dissertation Chair: Prof. David N. Miller

Maria Ishaq Khan, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Official Development Assistance (ODA) for Education in Middle East, North Africa (Mena) and South Asia (SA): Exploring Allocation Patterns of Two Major Donor Agencies, the World Bank and United States Agency for International Development Between 1990 and
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gilbert A. Valverde

Justin Michael Kimber, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Comparative Efficacy of Behavioral Interventions for MUS: A Meta-Analysis
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Lisa M. McAndrew

Katherine Kirkinis, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
The Impact of Workplace Racial Harassment on Inclusion and Talent Retention
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alex L. Pieterse

Lynsay Michele Paiko, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
The Role of White Guilt and White Shame in Awareness of Privilege and Anti-racism
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alex L. Pieterse

Alexandra Lynn Payne, Psy.D., School Psychology
Decision-Making Accuracy at the Classwide Level
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Benjamin G.Solomon

Simona Pesaresi, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Regulation of a Shared Focus in Open-Ended Collaborative Inquiry
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jianwei Zhang

Glenn D. Pichardo, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Does Mattering Matter? An Analysis of Mattering and Persistence Rates of EOP and Non-EOP Students
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Alan P. Wagner & Susan D. Phillips

Patricia A. Rand, Ph.D., Literacy
Two Case Studies Examining How International Graduate Teaching Assistants Built Mathematical Literacy Knowledge within the Affordances and Constraints of a Calculus Instructional System
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Margaret R. Sheehy

Katheryn Lucille Roberson, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
Black-white Interracial Contact and Anti-racist Activism: What Promotes Action in White Americans?
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alex L. Pieterse

Monelle S. Thomas, Psy.D., School Psychology
An Evaluation of Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Youths Enrolled in Two Residential Treatment Programs
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Deborah K. Kundert

Mary Elizabeth Wake, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Generation Z: Who Are They and What Do They Expect From Student Affairs on Campus?
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Teniell L. Trolian

Jessica Veronica Wenger, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Understanding Sense of Belonging of Students of Color Attending a Liberal Arts College
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Teniell L. Trolian

Xinyun Xu, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Sampling Distribution of Non-overlap Indices Using Bootstrapping Procedure: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study and Empirical Demonstration
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mariola Moeyaert

Sepideh Yasrebi, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
"We are the stories": Narrative Competence and Cognitive Mapping as a Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in the Education of Emergent Bilinguals
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Alan Oliveira & Kelly Wissman


Jacqueline Sturdevant Blass, Psy.D., School Psychology
The Burnout Crisis in Education: A Systematic Review of Interventions to Ameliorate Burnout and Promote Self-Care in School-Based Professionals
Dissertation Chair: Prof. David N. Miller

Quan Chen, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Effects of Mobile Technology Distraction on College Students’ Recall Test Performance: A Meta-Analysis
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Zheng Yan

Truong My Hanh Dinh, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Synergic Concepts and Lexical Idiosyncrasies as Means of Reconceptualization to Develop Bilingual Pragmatic Competence
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Istvan Kecskes

Charles Frederick Engelhardt Jr., Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Building and Sustaining Trust During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons in P-12 Educational Leadership
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kristen C. Wilcox

Gregory Fields, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Expectations for Success Impact on Achievement
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kathryn S. Schiller

Nahide Gelgec, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Where Students Spend Time On Campus: An Inquiry Into Students’ Use Of Time and Space
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alan P. Wagner

Maria Haji-Georgi, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
What happens when teachers practice daily lovingkindness meditation? Intervention effects on teacher burnout, social-emotional competence, and classroom interactions
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kevin P. Quinn

Lourdes Rebecca Hann, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
Understanding the Short-Term and Long-Term Academic Outcomes of College Students Displaced by Natural Disasters: A Statistical Case Study
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gilbert A. Valverde

Leandra Alicia Harris, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
An Ex-Post Theory of Change Assessment of Foster Care Alumni Support Services within a Higher Education System
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mitch Leventhal

Kiante Eli Jones, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
A Comparison of Approaches to Closing the Achievement Gap in Public Charter and Catholic Urban High Schools in New York State
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Sandra Vergari

Haley Loretta Muir Knox, Ph.D., Educational Psychology
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Postsecondary Transition for Students with Disabilities:
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Bruce T. Saddler

Matthew McNaught Livingston, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Mindfulness and the Making of Meaning in the Lives of Teachers
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Carol Rodgers

Chengyan Meng, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
The Field of International Education: Identifying Discrete Knowledge Communities, 2000-2019
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mitch Leventhal

Colleen Marie Monaco, Ph.D., Literacy
Elementary Students Co-Constructing Meaning During Read Alouds with Picture E-Books
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Virginia J. Goatley

Mary Josephine Morgan, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Understandings of Audience in First Year Composition
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Robert P. Yagelski

Dan Phung Nguyen, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
The Effects of Sources of Revenue on Efficiency in Higher Education in the United States
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alan P. Wagner

Ericka Lynn Pier, Psy.D., School Psychology
Evaluating Effects of Teleconsultation on Knowledge and Implementation of Self-Monitoring with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dissertation Chair: Prof. David N. Miller

Christopher M. Sgro, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
Noticing and Focusing on Chemistry Deep Structure in Integrated STEM Design Challenges
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alan Oliveira

Ruirui Sun, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
College Decisions and Earnings over the Lifecycle: The Effects of Timing
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Alan P. Wagner

Lindsay Marie Tresansky, Ph.D., Educational Policy & Leadership
A Comparison of Teacher Evaluation Systems in New York State and Finland - Are there Alternatives to APPR?
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Heinz-Dieter Meyer

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity - PhD

Nimrod Dvir, Ph.D., Information Science
Sticky Words: A Computational Linguistics Approach to Assessment and Manipulation of Information Engagement
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Suraj Commuri

Yutian Feng, Ph.D., Information Science
Spatial Analysis of Housing Vacancy: Time Lag Spillover Effects and Spatial Heterogeneity
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Shiguo Jiang

Shannon Marie Mersand, Ph.D., Information Science
Maker programs in PreK-12 school libraries: Identifying the drivers and consequences
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Mila Gascó-Hernandez


Monica Lynn De Tuya, Ph.D., Information Science
Using Classroom Assessments to Validate a Curriculum Sequence For System Dynamics Education
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Reza Feyzi Behnagh

College of Engineering & Applied Sciences - PhD

Ahmed Mamdouh Ali Abdelwahab, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Design and Implementation of a Novel EIT/ECG System with an Adaptive Current Source ACT-5
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gary J. Saulnier

Oguz Mohammed Aranay, Ph.D., Computer Science
Deep Active Genetic Learning with Evidential Uncertainty for Agriculture Crops and Lake Water Quality Assessment
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Pradeep K. Atrey

Shashank Arora, Ph.D., Computer Science
Frameworks for Secure Collaborative and Concurrent Editing
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Pradeep K. Atrey

Sourav Dutta, Ph.D., Computer Science
Motion Planning Under Uncertainties
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Chinwe Ekenna

Mohamadhadi Habibzadeh, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Improving Detection and Classification of Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials in Brain-Computer Interfaces
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Daphney-Stavroula Zois

Omid Rajabi Shishvan, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering
ACT5 EIT System: A Multiple-Source Electrical Impedance Tomography System
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Gary J. Saulnier

Baibhav Lal Rajbhandari, Ph.D., Computer Science
PRESTO: Fast and Effective Group Closeness Maximization
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Jeong-Hyon Hwang

Mengfan Yao, Ph.D., Computer Science
High-capacity and interpretable temporal point process models for user activity sequence modeling
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Shaghayegh Sahebi


Maqsood Ahamed Abdul Careem, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Architecting Future Multi-Modal Networks: Coexistence, Generalization & Testbeds
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Aveek Dutta

Daniel Alejandro Moreno Jimenez, Ph.D., Environmental & Sustainable Engineering
Novel nickel-functionalized activated carbon cathodes for hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Kyoung-Yeol Kim

Wenting Qi, Ph.D., Computer Science
Hierarchical Classification in Noisy Label Environments
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Charalampos Chelmis

Chunpai Wang, Ph.D., Computer Science
Sequential User Modeling and Recommendation Under Partially Observable Environment
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Shaghayegh Sahebi

Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy - PhD

Kenneth J. Bulko, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
Obstacles to Domestic Retail Investing: Evidence from Mexico
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Gang Chen

Philip Anthony Gigliotti, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
Performance Management and Contracting Out to Support Public Health Objectives: Evidence from U.S. Local Health Departments
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Erika G. Martin

André Sabastian Kiesel, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
Treating Anonymous Patients: The Effectiveness Costs and Strategies of Promoting the Use of Expedited Partner Therapy
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Erika G. Martin

Sungyoon Lee, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
Dynamics in Public Finance and Disaster Management: Financial Impacts of Natural Disasters Intergovernmental Aid and Community-Level Social Effects
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Gang Chen

Qianli Yuan, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
Innovation Capacity in Local Government Organizations: A Comparative Case Study of Three Innovation Labs in the U.S.
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Mila Gascó-Hernandez


Jisang Kim, Ph.D., Public Administration & Policy
Understanding the dynamics of accountability in the US public sector
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Edmund C. Stazyk

Ryan T. Pettibone, Ph.D., Political Science
Ascriptive Entrepreneurs and The Rise of the Illiberal Tradition: How Benjamin Tillman, George Wallace, and Donald Trump Exploited Ascriptive Americanism
Dissertation Chair:  Prof. Bruce Miroff

School of Public Health - DrPH, PhD

Jiacheng Chen, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Evaluating the Health Impacts of Fruit and Vegetable Intake at the Individual Level and Food Pantry Level among Food Pantry Users Dissertation Chair: Prof. Akiko S. Hosler

Pooja H. Clayton, Dr.P.H., Public Health
Sexual Reproductive Health of Asian Indian American Women Dissertation Chair: Prof. Julia F. Hastings

Christophe Maxime Fokoua Dongmo, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Metabolic alterations and cardiovascular risk after hepatitis C cure in subjects with or at risk for HIV
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Mark H. Kuniholm

Amber Marie Frye, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
Mechanisms by which protective human outer surface protein A antibodies block transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Nicholas J. Mantis

Qiushuang Li, Ph.D., Biostatistics
Multiple Imputation in High-Dimensional Data with Variable Selection
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Recai M. Yucel

Tia Marks, Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences
Trace Elements in Nails and Anemia in Children Living Along the Interoceanic Highway Madre de Dios Peru
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Beth Feingold

Eleni A. Papadopoulos, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Maternal Antifungal Use During Pregnancy: A Study of Prevalence of Use and the Risk of Birth Defects
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Marilyn L. Browne

Simone Andrea Seward, Dr.P.H., Public Health
Examining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on birth outcomes in Onondaga County New York
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Christine T. Bozlak


Amanda L. Andreas, Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences
Lead and cadmium exposure alters respiration and shell bioadhesive matrix in a single-chambered, agglutinated foraminiferan protist: implications for marine biomonitoring
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Samuel S. Bowser & Lei Zhu

Meredith Marjorie Howley, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Sleep aid use during early pregnancy and the risk of birth defects
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Marilyn L. Browne

Najm Alsadat Madani, Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences
Patterns of Emergency Room Visits for Respiratory Diseases in New York State in Relation to Air Pollution, VOCs Pollution, Poverty and Smoking
Dissertation Chair: Prof. David O. Carpenter

Neil Anthony Muscatiello, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Evaluating spatial relationships between environmental burden and contextual sociodemographic status and associations with respiratory morbidity among young children: an indicator-based approach
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Erin M. Bell

Emilia Jozefa Pawlowski, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Gestational epigenetic aging: Prenatal influences and early life associations
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Allison A. Appleton

Fatim Sannoh, Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences
State of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and its Chemical Constituents with Morbidity due to Pulmonary Diseases in an Urban City of Southern Asia
Dissertation Co-Chairs: Profs. Haider A. Khwaja & David O. Carpenter

Abigail Jeanne Stamm, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Association of prenatal exposure to air pollutants with select birth defects using the case-cohort approach
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Erin M. Bell

Fei Tang, Ph.D., Epidemiology
Trajectories of maternal parenting stress and adolescent behavioral symptoms in unmarried families: the roles of family immigration status, harsh parenting, and father’s early involvement
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Elizabeth Vasquez

School of Social Welfare - PhD

Amanda Lee Matteson, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Describing Participation in Veteran Peer Support: A Secondary Analysis of Women Veterans' Experiences
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Eric R. Hardiman

Shaojie Pan, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Narrating Trauma Developing Resilience and Making Policy: A Comparative Study of Traumatized Young Adults Caused by AIDS-Related and Post-Disaster Bereavement in China
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Eunju Lee

Nurul Widyaningrum, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Women's Work History and Mental Well-being: Evidence from the Indonesian Family Life Survey
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Lynn Warner


Ronald A. Bunce, Ph.D., Social Welfare
A Phenomenological Study of Social Workers Meaning of Food, Mood, and their Readiness to Adopt Dietary Interventions with Depressed Clients
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Loretta L. Pyles

Stephanie Lauren Carnes, Ph.D., Social Welfare
"Tu Eres Immigrante, Pero Com Mucho Honor": Exploring School Based Identity Messaging, Belonging, and Biculturalism in Central American Immigrant Students
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Lindsey R. Disney

Mette Christiansen, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Professional Socialization of Master Level Social Work Students Examined Through the Framework of the Hidden Curriculum
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ricky Fortune

Kristcha Deguerre, Ph.D., Social Welfare
"Talking Sweet And Moving Quiet": Trauma And Resiliency In Gang-Involved Girls In Belize
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Katharine Briar-Lawson

Anne-Marie Gomes, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Intersectionality Between Poverty, Physical and Mental Health among Mothers with and without Disabilities
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Victoria M. Rizzo

Kelly J. Gross, Ph.D., Social Welfare
The Role of Micro-Businesses Social Networks: Mutual Aid in Community-led Economic Development
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Wonhyung Lee

Jinhee Koo, Ph.D., Social Welfare
Stress Coping in Caregiving Among Korean Immigrant Parents of Children with ADHD
Dissertation Chair: Prof. Ricky Fortune

Three graduating students standing in front of a UAlbany bus.

Master's Degrees and Graduate Certificates

College of Arts & Sciences - MA, MFA, MRP, MS, CGS

Master of Arts


Alondra Aca Garcia
Arya Adhikari
Mario Luis Arredondo
Jie Wen Cao
Alexis Chamorro Ortiz
Zhaojie Chu
Libin Fan
Monet Irene Felton
Veronica Gbur
Catherine Hall
Bethany Harris

Abdelmajid Ihda
Marcella Selene Jugueta
Gyuri Kang
Jaime Lynn Kendrick
Fatama Zarin Khanam
Seong Eun Kim
Victoria Louise Ledsham
Boran Li
Qiang Li
Wendi Liu

Zi Ling Fiona Low
Rachel Renee Mitchell
Andra Lynn Zubkovs Ordansky
Tingting Peng
Taylor Perry
Ryan Baker Powers
Giordano Anthony Romano
Breanna M. Rooney
Daniel S. Rosenberg
Christina Marie Sanzari

Kate Lynn Senich
Alexander Joseph Short
Ryan M. Smith
Ruyue Sun
Samuel Tesfamariam Haile
DaQuan Vidot
Yang Wan
Mekhi A. Washington
Xue Wu
Yejia Zhang


Ngozichukwuka Jacob Agwu
Boluwatife Ajayi
Rebecca Elaine Akers
Brett A. Barragan
Taylor Rose Casey
Alexandra Rose Catalano
Karen Chang
Wei-Chia Chao
Rebecca Lynn Chartier-Hobson
Sean Segre Chung
Aimee Ciarimboli
Timothy Comfort
Eva Crisafulli
Layla Darougar
Pasan Vinura Joseph De Silva
Melissa Sarah Dieudonne
Danielle Alyse Duguid
Emma G. Falk
Kirsten Ferguson
Owen Fingar
Daniel Xavier Fitzsimmons Cruz
Chamanka Gamage

Elizabeth Theresa Gannon
Malick Assane Gaye
Ariel Gonzalez
Haylie Nicole Gray
Huakun Han
Jessica Havens
Brian Heller
Dante E. Jocelyn
Erik Thomas Jones
Madison Elisa Jones
Jack Kenney
Ryan King
Madison Shayne Laks
Derek Andrew Lawrence
Junyue Li
Christina May Lownie
Arturo Lua Castillo
Chad Steven Lubertowicz
Lauren Victoria Lyons
Henri T. Maindidze
Katrina Marie Manzari
Nia L. Matthews

Holly Elizabeth Maxwell
Kailey McCarthy
Christopher Cullen Miller
Michelle Monaco
Sharon Monaco
David Montilla
Sara Nogaret
Christian Hannah O'Callaghan-Leue
Austin David O'Connor
Alexander Gabriel Oda
Eileen Park
William Francis Pattee
Tristan Leonardo Paul
Rachael Lynn Penk
Emily Rose Peters
Carly Planker
Heather Jacqueline Porter
Alexander Patrick Quellhorst
Sara Regensburger
Joshua Zachary Rosen
Daniel Salage
Adam Neil Salih

Michael John Samul
Katherine Schultz
Christopher R. Schwabe
Jennifer Yuri Serbalik
Peter Sage Shirey
Wei Yang Sim
Ryan Douglas Skunda
Lena S. Smith
Taylor Ashley Smith
Trey Smith
Sydney Nicole Snyder
Millard Paul Sperbeck
Kylee Steffey
William Ashu Tanyi
Shannon B. Underwood
Elizabeth Urbanczyk
Katja Lavinia Annalisa Valz
Eric Warren
Brittanie Lauren Whyte
Molly Claire Wilkins
Ji-sun Won
Kenliang Yang

Master of Fine Arts


Erik Christopher Carrigan
Johnathan Desousa
Robin Du Plessis

Star Herrera
Pamela Grace Yang Rawden

Kelsey Anne Renko
Phoebe Kaimal Rotter

Jessica Lynn Stapf
Camryn Faustina Walsh

Master of Regional Planning


Angelina A. Apindem
Katherine Elisabeth Corini

Erika Corsi
Samuel Thomas Haas

Mansi Hiteshbhai Parmar
Nicholas James Schupp

Christopher Seeger
Megan Joan Zimba


Jack Connelly
Cindy Isidoro

Emily Patricia Loughlin
Dominic Maiello

Stephen A. Napier
Destiny Riviello

William Reynolds Singleton

Master of Science


Alleah Guiang Abrenica
Amir Agharezaee
Jack Thomas Andrews
Alejandro Manuel Ayala
Shelina Begum
Yucong Cai
Yury Chernyak
Gaietchyne Chery
Pikting Cheung
Izaac Edward Cooper
Theodora Pearl De-Veer
Harrison Dickler

Tyler J. Dion
Jhos Dufflart
Alan P. Eapen
Elena Maria Fernandez
Brian Chandler Filipiak
Fernanda Giongo Fernandes
Afrooz Golestanian
Megha Guha
Nabindra Gyawali
Christopher O'Neill Hoyt
Madison Hrysko

Marina Danielle Infantado
Sai Sandeep Kanneganti
Karthik Kurra
Tyler Christopher Leicht
Morgan I. Loder
James C. Mahoney
Candace Mathews
Alexander Kyle Mitchell
Nivas Reddy Munnangi
Eduards Norkvests
Rhilynn Haley Ogilvie

Pavan Anirudh Panditi
Melissa A. Piper
Cidny Alexandra Ramirez Martinez
Monica Patricia Rodriguez
Daneeth Reddy Tadiparthi
Erik Wolfgang Tripi, Jr.
Suman Udupa
Venkata Praveen Vallabhaneni
Vivek Vuyyuri
Patrick Harry Wehrle
Guru Datta Abhishek Yejju


FNU Alla Bhavya Seshasai
Jaideepsai Bandaru
Cassie Blazejeski
Tyler David Bobko
Evan Robert Breau
Andrew Burkhardt
Angelena Campisi
Steven Caraballo
Swapnil Cheerla
Mabel Alizah Chenier
Parvathaneni Divya Tejaswi
Redjon Fero
Justin Varughese George

Nicholas Keon Harrison
Neusa Hidalgo Monroy
Sean Mattson Hill
Bridget Hogan
Jeffrey Michael Hughes
Sri Vardhani Jammalamadaka
Diana Leigh Johnson
Laura E. Jones
Jessica Jean Kathe
Harshith Reddy Kothapally
Ishant Kumar
Sowmya Kunam

Samantha Lee Long
Sri Laxmi Sai Keerthi Mamillapalli
Suphanat Maneesai
Cassandra Nicole Mendez
Sharaz Michael Mohammed, Jr.
Jackson Nahom
Nishat Parveen
Tejas Dilipkumar Patel
Casey Jo Pendergast
Varun Premkumar Immanuel
Senia Quevedo
James W. Ramsay

Andrew Rophael
Erica Micaila Rossetti
Samuel Joel Sears
Asifmustaffa Shaik
Twinklebahen Chetansinh Sindha
Tristan Jude Sokach-Minnick
Tahseen Fathima Syed
Mahesh Utlapalli
Daniel Riley Woltmann
Krishna Chaitanya Yejju
An Yu
Guibing Zhang

Certificate of Graduate Study in Autism


Chantel Patrice Smith
Tina Marie Wright

Certificate of Graduate Study in Communication


Betsy Aldredge
Matthew John Valecce


Mallori Nicole Kitts
Devan Kruzinski

Certificate of Graduate Study in Geographic Information Systems & Spatial Analysis


Ryan Harry Gannon
Ikenna Keenan Mbadiwe
Daniel Riley Woltmann

Certificate of Graduate Study in Teaching Composition


Audrey Lenore Peterson-McCann

Certificate of Graduate Study in Urban Policy


Stephen A. Napier

School of Business - MBA, MS, CGS

Master of Business Administration


Matthew Louis Burnell
Samantha Lynn Cody
Nicholas Colangelo
Kevin Michael Connolly
Simhadri Srinivasa Rao Erni Venkata Satya Surya
Anthony Joseph Gaeta

Amelia Gifford
Aaron Misha Grondin
Adam Holland
David L. Holland
Jesse Holland
Saira Javed
Erina Ivanovna Jess

Joshua Luke Loeffler
Shashidhar Reddy Madadi
Obioma Emmanuel Nwachukwu
Caron O'Brien
Khadijah Adeola Onanuga
Jacqueline Ross

Magdalena Schmitz
Biswanath Senapati
David James Siewert
Megan Lindsey Steyer
Rebecca vonWedel
Donato Dante Zaza


Folayemi Adeyemi
Rikuya Aragaki
Tidiane Bakayoko
Jaclyn Bartell
Alison Bartoldus
Alexis Marie Bennett
Prachi Bharadwaj
Erica Rae Bombard
Raymond Ira Borst
Christopher Mikile Brown
Christian Antonio Candelario
Julius Robert Costanza
Auby C. Curtis
Sherland I. Daniels
Lucia Decortes
Lauren R. Dombrowski

Jacob M. Evans
Steven Fang
William M. Feil
Muskaan Gaur
Arianna Gomez Espinoza
Diego Enrique Gutierrez
Sara N.G. Holmes
Trey Eldon Hutcheson
Mai Huynh
Judith Aleh Indu
Meghan Lee Keyes
Rayan Khoukhi
Emily Morgan Kosier
Rhys Lawther
Melanie C. Ledesma-Cajas
Alec James Lee

Chloe Lavinia Lewis
Shu Yi Liang
Angela Lin
Huijuan Lin
Matthew Joseph Loubier
Andrew Don Lutchmidat
Steven G. Mendleson
Kayla Mary Miller
Thomas Miller
Jacob Tyler Mudloff
Quintain Murray
Sanjay Jayaprakash Nair
Bryan Duane Nicholson
Isaiah Jose Olavarria
Sarju Dharmendra Patel
Bradley John Randorf

Nooria Salma Rasoully
Morgan K. Reed
Kevin J. Regan
Breystar Josue Sevilla
Essence Simms
Tiffany Denise Stackhouse
Michael J. Steidle
Joseph Alan Stewart
Omar Tantawy
David P. Thibault
Jordan Tulloch
Whitney L. Walker
Julie Webb
Tamilee Webb
Matthew Thomas Whitman

Master of Science


Kevin Samuel Altman
Cassandra Mia Beneville

Heather L. Cunningham
Benjamin Padraic Mitchell

Ebony Palmer
Luelushee Learner Pa Thaw

Fernando Leonel Velardo


Tasnim Ahmed
Nathan Mathew Alexander
Connor Stephen Alfano
Unam M. Ali
Hannah Mollie Anuszewski
Matthew A. Arato
Eric Mark Ardis
Jillian D. Bayoneto
Kyle Robert Behrenfeld
Anna Elizabeth Booz
Jason D. Bottari
Anthony J. Buccheri
Ryan Daniel Buckley
Elaina Rae Burchell
Rachel Ann Burton
Celine Chang
Erica R. Ciccarelli
Nickolas Alexander Contreras
Brendan T. Cooper
Frederick Culver
Dylan Michael Curtin
Nicholas DeNinno

Cole J. Devereaux
Dylan Anthony Deyoung
Benjamin Gyesaw Dwomoh
Raegan Brooke Ehring
Rory Fabian
Kentera T. Gant
Fernanda Estefania Garcia
Lukas Glaser
Rashida Shakeria Goddard
Leonardo Enoch Salvador Gonzales
Dionne Danielle Greenidge
Lawrence F. Gropper
Joshua D. Halliday
Vanessa L. Hansen
Eduardo Ernesto Hernandez
Michaela M. Hogan
Benjamin Farrell Jones
Philip Jun
Gordon James Kelly
Neha S. Kothare
Kelli E. Kunick

Amanda Lagrange
Melissa Lee Lamar
Mark Larocque
Kaden John Laurilla
Zachary Hausman Leff
Jennifer Lopez
Rasheka Lue Foung
Sean Michael Maar
Hamza Idrees Malik
Jessica Anne Marchese
Tamiyah Massey
Liam T. McAllister
Daiana I. Medina
Hallie Christine Mingoia
Austin Michael Myrtle
Ted Williams Newcombe
Emily G. Niski
Brian Odhiambo Okombo
Priyaben Sunilkumar Patel
Arianna Donata Pecci
Michael Justin Porcelli

Abigail A. Richers
Dynelle Myia Roper
Meghan Roth
Jonathan Rousselle
Isabella Sammarone
Sarah Catherine Sampson
Grace L. Schlembach
Alexander Schulze
Brian Anthony Soden
Wei Sun
Joseph William Suraci
Fatima Elaina Syed
Ashley Moriah Terrero
Timmy Thomas
Kaitlyn Marie Trezzo
Michael Ngalula Tshiswaka
Francis Vargas
Cassandra M. Ward
Amanda L. Whitehouse
Jessica Rachael Winter
Jianfeng Wu

Certificate of Graduate Study in Information Security


Djoman Wisdom Matthias
Madison Lynn Van Cott


Amanda Crosby
Sanjay Jayaprakash Nair
Titus Fon Tekwe
Justin Velez
Sarika Yadav

School of Criminal Justice - MA

Master of Arts


Sujaya Padma Balachandran
Waverly Teresa Bernardez
Haley Nicole Bredbenner
Jiangni May Brown
Allison Maylin Castaneda Chang
Rachel H. Chen
Lauren Nicole Earley
Liane Janelle Espino

Jason McBrian Garcia-Martinez
Madison Marie Gregg
Hsiao-Jan Huang
Jake Michael Hynes
Marissa Anne Italiano
Christina Marie Koehnke
Kristin Krieg

Justine KorKor McCarthy
James M. Miller
Devin William Murphy
Luzevaldo Pereira Gois Junior
Mercedes A. Planavsky
Joseph Paul Pluchinotta
Connor James Reohr

Kendall Gleason Robinson
Rodriquez Sanchez Spurgeon
Elyssa Monet Thomas
Benjunior Ginika Udogwu
Anthony Lionel Vitkin
Briana Tatyana Williams
Hannah Elizabeth Zeilman


Joseph Bryant Barrington
Suki Chen
Alyssa Claffee
Shawn D. Davies
Peter Joseph Ellison
Anthony A. Favre
Theresa Carol Foster
Kristin Galeone

Kristin Emily Henderson
Beau P. Holladay
Katherine D. Holliday
Seung Youn Hong
Anika Bushra Lamia
Zhuoxi Li
Morgan Elizabeth Madison
Michael Justis Manchur

Kevin Daniel Manion
James Connor Mossman
Marilyn Mundell
Nadja Anae Pope
Katherine Pozo
Nassim Ramdani
Gabriel Oswaldo Ramos

Michael Paul Relosky
Kaitlyn Monique Rivera
Brenna Rustick
Chelsea Saxe
Nicole J. Tryon
Shao-Yun Tsai
Aneesah A. Wilson

School of Education - MA, MS, CAS, AGC, CGS

Master of Arts


Isabel Hansen
Magdalena Ibarra
Kryston Walker


Korrin Harvey

Master of Science


Alya Ahmed Abdelaziz Mostafa Abbas
Madison Ashley Akins
Madison Albright
Alexandra Margaret Alliegro
Adam S. Arbuse
Anna Christine Arcodia
Heidi Arnaud
Tara Ashraf
Amanda Lillian Averill
Megan Elizabeth Balter
Sara Barber
Margaret E. Barnes
Nicole Kristina Batista
Dana Joanne Battaglini
Daniella M. Battista
Abigail Bennett
Haley Valerie Benson Servidone
Briana Lynn Benwell
Skylar Elizabeth Betkowski
Kasey Morgan Biernacki
Kathryn L. Blazeski
Reilley Sky Blue
Amanda Bohlmann
Rachel Bonanno
Jarrod Alexander Bonaro
Alexandra Marie Browne
Erika Yudi Burke
Kaitlyn Eleanor Butterfield
Margeaux Cannon
Daniella Francesca Capitummino
Julie Caputo
Nicole A. Carey
Alyssa Carl
Jenny Celine Cartagena
Grace Catherine Rose Catalina
Anahi Mercedes Chabla
Timothy Owen Chizzik
Shane Tieger Ciancanelli
Jeffrey Ciminesi
Nicole Christina Cioffi
Shawn Matthew Cobstill
Caitlin Arlene Cole
Kelsey Cole
Tanya Jean Cole
Victor Concepcion
Fiona Conroy
Olivia Cook
Julia Faith Cornman
Jessica Coules
Emma Catherine Cremo
Thomas Culora
Linda B. Cunningham
Shannon Cush
Brianna D'Amico
Jaclyn Nicole DeFiore

Gabrielle Elizabeth DeGiorgio
Arianna Marie Denault
Anna Christine Despain
Adriana Rose DeVito
Annecia Diamond
Jessi Elizebeth Dickinson
Gabriella DiPierno
Michelle Dougherty
Elise Kathleen Dubois
Gabriella Dunkelberg
Brooke Marie Ebersold
Taylor Justine Emerson
Laurel Lebel Englesson
Abigail Hannah Erchak
Jacqueline Holly Ernst
Amie Renae Espinola
Devyn Nadean Fairbairn
Samantha Kali Farrell
Rachel Esther Federman
Sophia Rose Fendrich
Amanda Paige Ferguson
Diana Marie Ferretti
Cassidy E. Flanagan
Austin James Flower
Makala Elizabeth Foley
Steven Arthur Fosler
George Foti
Julie Rebecca Frey
Brenna L. Galligan
Aline Johanna Gardner
Thomas Gray Gargiula
Victoria Giaquinto
Alexis Giarratano
Mark Andrew Gillmeister
Karen Patricia Giordano
Matthew Goodwine
Emma Greenfield
Alexander E. Greenlaw
Hanna Rebecka Greulich
Jon Griffith
Daniel Mark Haber
Kristin M. Herrick
Kirsten Higgins
Natalie Higgins
Ryan Hinkle
Kevin Michael Hittle
Anya Naomi Hixson
Thomas James Hulbert
Megan Humiston
Jeffrey Edgar Humphreys
Laura Elizabeth Hunter
Jessica Rose Hurst
Brandon Michael Huyck
Courtney Alyssa Iorio
Miracle Dekontee M. James
Bre-Anna Michele Johnson

Mackenzie Johnson
Sydney Morgan Johnson
Mary Grace Judge
Aaron Richard June
Timothy Ryan Karpowitz
Lauren Marie Kexel
Katelyn Elizabeth Komarony
Carissa Marguerite Kumlander
Rachel Lynn Kwilos
Sara LaFountain-Bagrow
Lan Lan
Mary Laniewski
Emma Gene Larkin
Renata Terese Lee
James Leone
McKenzie Lynn Levan
Samantha Anne Link
Cierra Vanessa Long-Fennicks
Shawnna Long-Fennicks
Karaline Mary Lopoyda
Belal Frankie Lulu
Adrianna Macphee
Briannah Cheye Maloney
Erica Mancinelli
Celia Marhefka
Isis Marsh
Alexandra Mazza
Kimberly Toni McDonald
Katelyn Ashley McDonough
James Patrick McNamara
Penelope Medina
Hannah Elise Meisel
Anne Messley
Lesly Mayleny Meza Benito
Olivia Madeline Mihalko
Imani Miller
Cory A. Moon
Emily Elizabeth Morris
Kennadee Jo Mosher
Mina Rose Moussadek
Marisa L. Moutray
Melissa Emily Mowrer
Mecca Melody Muamba
Swetha Premachandran Nair
Amanda V. Navarra
Farzana Sharif Nazrana
Laci Sara Ann Nellis
Emily Niro
Kazumi Ohata
Stephanie Olbrys
Mary Anne Orin
Jade Palancia
Michele Palmese
Meghan Alyse Pannone
Sarah Elizabeth Park
Maxine Pearlman

Jennifer L. Perretta
Melinda Blythe Phillips
Samantha Nichole Poitras
Marissa Brooke Rabinowitz
Kaylyn Patricia Reynolds
Eric J. Rodrigues
Hodalis Rodriguez
Carmen W. Roman
April Jean Ross
Ryan Evans Ross
Naomi Nicole Rowe
Kate Runninger
Caroline Grace Russell
Joseph Russo
Raymond Sanchez
Adina R. Saperstein
Aleyna Nur Sarap
Mariam Sardar
Payton Casey Sawyer
Siobhan Eileen Schell
Haley Jean-Marie Scott
Hannah Serencsics
Samantha Nicole Shaw
Christopher Daniel Shepherd
Joseph Timothy Sheppard
Ruby Siegel
Stella Rose Sigal
Rebecca Silvashy
Nicole Anastasia Skoumpourdis
Stavros Athanasios Skyrianos
Jenna Marie Smith
Andrew Francis Soltani
Nicole Elizabeth Southard
Mackenzie Marie Talbot
Nicholas James Tarricone
Brianna Cheyenne Tartt-Taylor
Jocelyn Elizabeth Testa
Sarah Thomas
Alana Paola Torres-Trinidad
Jacqueline Belinda Trichter
Courtney Elizabeth Trudeau
Carolyn Ustin
Sarah Lynne Van Etten
Esteban Villalobos Araya
Randall W.A. Wachunas
Alex Joseph Wampole
Nicole Marie Warren
Lindsey Watters
Kayla Page Wdowka
Elizabeth Emily Wideman
Andrew Josef Wierl
Alyssa Williams
Clare Woolschlager
Shania M. Yearwood
Katherine Elizabeth Zanotelli


Keturah Jean Abdullah
Olivia R. Allen
Alexis Amash
Genevieve Veronica Audino
Amber Janelle Bailey
Kelly Nichole Bailey
Karina Baranski
Jacqueline Olivia Bates
Theresa Bork
Grace P. Bradley
Allison Bratt
Caitlyn Mae Brown
Shiana Brown
Marisa Bulgaro
Marissa Anne Calcutti
Stephanie Cambrea
Erin Marie Cassady-Dorion
Zareya Cole
Timothy Comfort
Kristin Patricia Connolly
Justin Covell

Karina Maria Cuba
Sophia Eneida Deglans
Victoria Jasmine DeJesus
Carolyn Delaney
Rachel Elizabeth Doody
Tera Doty-Blance
Kayla Lynn Eells
Jacklyn Elardo
Camille Agnes Faccio
Amber Leigh Fallar
Nicholas Ferrelli
Gabriel Flaten
Dylan France
Georgia Mei Gaertner
Deanna Giardina
Elizabeth Gomez
Danielle Rebecca Greene
Kelsey Marie Hall
Stephanie Marie Halloran-Doherty
Jaime Rose Hermann
Heather J. Hoff

Jillian Rose Hooper
Jenna Horton
Samuel Deane Huttig
Sumaiyah Islam
Danielle Jones
Jessica Frances Kelly
YangHyun Kim
Ryan James Layman
Jiacheng Li
Xiao Shirley Li
Lindsay Therese Lippolt
Alexandra Magliato
Samantha M. Marsted
Mikhaela Lee McFarlin
Justin Mullen
Brian Thomas Murphy
Enayatullah Nasir
Kelly Rose O'Hara
Thomas Parker
Violette Allora Payne
Madelyn Percy

Maxwell Jay Perry
Melissa Plitt
Caroline Violet Purdy
Crystal Nicole Rafferty
Nicole Roes
Catherine Russell
Alyson Palmer Schultz
Taylor Mackenzie Scribner
Jamie Dorothy Silverstein
Eric John Sinko
Halle Bria Nacole Stout
Seja J. Stubblefield
Rachel Nicole Vespucci
Rylee vonWedel
Brendan Weinberg
Jennifer Renee Weingarten
Erin McRae Wentworth
Nicole Winslow
Nolan D. Wolfe
Cante Yacobellis
Xiaotian Zhang

Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy


Harmonie Jade Petty

Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology


Carmela Battista
Georgina Breihof
Kayla Victoria Campaña
Cheyenne Greco

Olivia Diane Harmon
Ayaka Hisanaga-Probst
Ashley Macri
Sophie Judy Karin Parks

Samantha Jo Perry
Nicole Christina Petta
Rebecca Mae Phillips
Alexander Douglas Silva

Jenna Nicole Smith
Samuel Sutton
Laurin Thorud

Advanced Graduate Certificate in School Building Leadership


Alyssa Rae Zito Pagan


Amanda Bradley
Christal Wheeler-Cleland

Advanced Graduate Certificate in School District Leadership


Richard Whitney Arket
Amy MacKenzie

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Leah Grady
Kathy Quattlebaum

Certificate of Graduate Study in Community College Leadership


Caroline Ann McPartlin
Haley Jean-Marie Scott

Certificate of Graduate Study in Computing Education


Michele Palmese


Katherine D'Alto
Emily Ann Fenter

Certificate of Graduate Study in International Education Management


Deborah Wilson-Allam


Agustina Kustulasari

Certificate of Graduate Study in Online Learning & Teaching


Danielle Rebecca Greene
Sara LaFountain-Bagrow


Karina Baranski
Edward Joseph Beck
Tera Doty-Blance
Stephanie Marie Halloran-Doherty
Heather J. Hoff

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity - MS, CGS

Master of Science


Jack Alvarez
Maylynne Phyllese Auerfeld
Olivia Bauer
Charu Brar
Edward Sean Buckley
Julio Jesus Carrillo
Taylor Rose Casey
Miguel Castillo
Kylie E. Conley
Melissa Marie Contino
Chelsea Marie DeCicco
Ryan Jacob DiBenedetto

Roberta Regina Doremus
Schebnaldy Kerns Dossous
Farah M. Douglas
Logan Duddy
AnnaRae Elizabeth Furlong
Alexandra Susanne Gibson
Elliot Gnirrep
Kelsey Anne Hall
Devin Jessic Heise
Dilara E. Higgins
Sandra B. Hogan
Jordan Jackson

Jacqueline R. Kane
Gyuri Kang
Jack Kenney
Cassidy Ann Kokasko
Jordin Lissone
Erin Marie Meyer
Nadine Ann Meyerriecks
Nicole Reed Miller
Robert C. Mornan
Jacob Joel Novorr
Olamide Toluwalase Olowoniyi

Linda S. Rauch
Edward J. Reilly
Amy K. Smith
Matthew Spicehandler
Alexandra Nigro Stirpe
Michael Ian Suleski
Abigail Weil
Kelly N. Wells
Chloe M. Whittaker
Emily Abbott Wilkerson
Jennifer Windels-Metzler


Justin Adjei
David A. Araujo
Nora Evita Aresti
Sean P. Beirne
Kimberly Robinson Bellamy
Whitney Elisbeth Burke
Carly Nicole Campos
Jocelyn Nokjiu Chan
Erik Chung
Abigail Grace Cowan
Elliot Cudjoe
Ruixin Dang
Corrado Marco D'Angelo
Monica Julia Gandara
Anik Michelle Gibeau
Alexandra Noelle Goldfeder

Evan Gottfried
Alexander Graff
LaReva Frances Greene
Jye Guo
Andrew Michael Hewitt
Brooke Hill
Kyle B. Hirsch
Krishna Horrigan
Kolonne Appuhamilage Charini P. Jayasekera
Harrison A. Kazer
Sam Keller
Jordan Leigh Kortright
Seth Robert Kowitz
Thomas Michael Lindstrom

Andrea Elizabeth Lurie
Maria Christina Mawson
Taylor Lauren Miller
Daniel Moore
Ethan Ng
Wilsinia Cecilia Ocasio
Amanda Elizabeth Ospina
Jerusha Owusu-Barnie
Jaeyoung Park
Jason Darwin Perlaza
Donna Phillips
William J. Pinkava
Valerie Pinto
Calli Powell
Sharon Maxine Ramsay

Zachary M. Rizzo
Jennifer E. Rojas
Julie Rosier
Karlton Aldric Ruf
Daniel Salage
Laura Marie Scott
Kerry A. Sullivan
Katherine Ann Thomas
Jonathon Weise
Meghan Elizabeth Willis
Abigail Winters-Bona
Joanna Wright Wissinger
Adam Wood
Yuxin Zhang
Serena Zingale

Certificate of Graduate Study in Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity


Hsiao-Jan Huang

Jake Michael Hynes

Devin William Murphy

Elyssa Monet Thomas


Robert Benoit
Anissa Bisono
Erik Chung
Anthony A. Favre

Lara M. Hanley
Seung Youn Hong
Zhuoxi Li
Kevin Daniel Manion

Phil Melecio
Ashley Molina
Erin Delaney Morrison
Michael Paul Relosky

Chelsea Saxe
Peter A. Tedeschi
Shao-Yun Tsai

College of Engineering & Applied Sciences - MS

Master of Science


Thejaswini Reddy Bheemireddy
John William Bradburn
Shuvam Chakraborty
Yuwei Chen
Joseph David Conway III

Anusha Dhuthapati
Vinay Kumar Erla
Sahil Ghauri
Sai Sandeep Kajuluri

Rohaan Ahmed Khan
Sri Sai Nikhil Komatineni
Rishi Yogeshbhai Kotadiya
Pooja Chiragbhai Lokhandwala

Manisha Miryala
Durgesh Patil
Sai Venkat Pinapa
Tharani Harshitha Thota


Divya Bachu
Abhishek Patro Balivada
Koushik Chandra Billa
Dolunay Dagci
Harshalkumar Hasmukhbhai Dankhara
Keerthi Dasari
Aritra Dey
Rahul Kumar Edara

Medinah Ibdi
Tanoj Kumar Innamuri
Kavya Kallepu
Dinesh Kandimalla
Huiying Lin
Gayathri Matha Mandadi
Kavya Meka
Danish Umer Mohammed
S R K N S Bharadwaj Nidamarthy

Sriya Pingili
Naga Rajesh Polu
Mehwish Qazi
Haowei Qing
Ashikur Rahaman
Ragini Rani
Praneetha Ravi
Usman Abdul Rehman
Yashwanth Telukuntla

Amrita Tiwari
Sai Nikhil Vandanapu
Srujan Vepuri
Qian Wang
Varun Kumar Reddy Yadavelly
Chowdary Manikanta Yarramaneni
Naga Harshitha Yarrarapu
Daniel Yee

Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy - MA, MIA, MPA, CAS, CGS

Master of Arts


Sarah Carroll
Christopher Abasali Khan
Cynthia Ko
Emma Muirhead
Maria Monica Parada Hernandez
Samuel Josue Salazar


Samantha Tremara Arthur
Danielle Alicia Chan
Reed Alexander Chapman
Nicholas C. Chin
Ashari Cahyo Edi
Christian M. Hollins
Karina Putri Indrasari

Sydney Julien
Matthew Leville
Sean Peter Lisk
Olivia Frances Marfleet
Johann Poehlmann
Zachary Quinlan
Jasmine Nicole Saunders
Grace Toledo

Master of International Affairs


Cristina Rose DeCamargo
Adam David Khweiss
Karen Ilene Martino
Ryan Michael Notro
Philip John Perazzo
Kevin Mark Rayner


Hana H. Elgoarany
Charles F. Hailer
Andrew Bane Hewitt
Seng Ja
Ahmad Raheb Radfar
Thomas Anthony Reale
Benjamin J. Restaino

Master of Public Administration


Mary Kestrel Cypert Barthelme
Alanna Gabrielle Belanger
Katherine A. Better
Orrie Covert
Kaitlyn Michele Earle
Jessica Irene Frank

Nicholas Glass
Andriana LaMendola
Ashley Litchfield
Elizabeth M. McCormick
Ashley Molina
Nadia N. Momin

Vincent Muñiz
Priya Nariyambut Murali
Janette H. Oduor
Jennifer Danielle Paszko
Anthony J. Perotti
Cortney Rose Schwam

Nicholas Frederick Sinnenberg
Grace E. Sorci
Thomas John Straut
Tyler Imari Sumter
Carly Van Syckle
Amanda Marjorie Wingle


Mashaal Bhatti
Brianna Andrea Browne
Sophia Marie Calabrese
Travis Cox
Matthew DeLaus
Michael Alan Del Campo
Anna R. Derosa
Patrick Dodson
Jeffery Ernest Doherty
Jacob George Egloff
Madeline Rose Fasano
Chiara Ferrara

Divya Forbes
Drucilla A. Frimong
Cole Michael Gianessi
Sondia Malani Gordon
Kendra Adila Harris
Benjamin Miller Hunter
Jamie Kazi
Sarah Kate Krenicki
Gabrielle Megan Krupa
Mitchell White Lucas
Carmel Muyisa Lulihi
Hollyanne Lupi

Alessandra Magazzino
Kiara B. Mantz
Timothy James Marsh
Mary Royale Connors Martin
Sarina F. Matalon
Phil Melecio
Joanna Helen Meyers
Stefania Yurievna Moss
Tierney E. Nash
Sean O'Brien
Meredith Meehan O'Connell
Clark Kelley Oliver

Tallyn Patricia Owens
Anthony Joseph Parillo
Nina Pena
Shauna Gayle Plath
Jeffrey Andrew Scharl
Isac Sergio
Timothy J. Sheldon
Margaret H. Shugrue
Adam Tenney
Emily Towne
Brooke Ashley Van Slyke

Certificate of Advanced Study in Planning & Policy Analysis


Zakhar Berkovich

Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Sector Management


Daniel Benjamin Charbonneau
Mariam Magassouba
Zachary David Marsett
Sarah Peter

Certificate of Graduate Study in Women & Public Policy


Lisa Emefa Sengretsi


Karen Chang
Karli Jean Keator
Grace Toledo

School of Public Health - MPH, MS, CGS

Master of Public Health


Marwa Basim ALQuraishi
Cemile Antal
Sonnah H. Barrie
Matthew Boyer
Shaiza Bushra
Raven Aaliyah Cunningham
Tara Doherty
Lauren Christine Dorvil

Shiloh Duff-Sanchez
Gwladys Ndzifack T. Foko
Benjamin Mark Geisler
Abigail Jaye Guisbond
Alanna Hoffmann
Mahima Huq
Jennifer Jara
Cortney M. Knerr

Brooke Elizabeth Langella
Diane Kathleen Long
Kimberly Carrie Ann Mitchell
Nora Claire Murphy
Jacqueline Namukuru Nambiro
Christiana Maria Psichas
Mary Katherine Raiti

Rebecca Rose Reardon
Renee Irene Robles
Louis Philip Rotkowitz
Chandra K. Sharma
Mahtab Sheikh
Sarah B. Smith
Kerry Sue VanAuken


Sabeen Ali
David Boakye Appau
Ryann E. Augstell
Margot Christel Balzer
Monica Barrera
Yodit Abiy Berhan
Kimberly Boland
Karly Adele Boyd
Isa Brackett
Matthew Carter
David A. Casey
Teresa Antonella Costa
Ehbonni Cromwell-Reid
Samantha Fandl
Alexandra Dorothea Frary
Erin Rose Gilmore

Amanda Rose Golloub
Jancarlos Guzman
Saima Salsabil Hannan
Noelle Ann Horth
Deanna Victoria Jacobs
Zian Jaffery
Chinwe Agbomma Jon-Nwakalo
Nisha Anil Khubchandani
Ian Gregory Kundel
Mallory Ann Lloyd
Pablo Lopez
Ashley Samour Maitre
Taylor Jeanne Manzelli
Melissa Jeanette McCarter
Maeve E. McCullouch
Farzana Ferdous Musomi

Bridget Nandawula
Emily Cathleen Neimeyer
Allison Nolan
Emmanuel Nyarko
Marissa O'Dell
Hannah Olatunde
Kimberly Ann Ossorio
Kahnia S. Palin
Jennifer Elizabeth Pangburn
Danielle Pellino
Rebecca Pendergrass
Joanne Qiao
Mamunur Rahman
Jenique S. Reid
Yelena Reyes

Gabrielle Amber Roosevelt
Elisa Sacco
Rida Saeed
Daniel R. Schrank
Ashley Diana Shayya
Quinn Ashton Slingerland
Sarah Rose Snyder
Taina Suarez
Nicolette Christina Susi
Melissa Toback
Samantha Van Buren
Alexandra Videll
Samantha P. White
Christina D. Winn
Hlawn Bor Zi

Master of Science


Saiful Basir
Arjan Sarang


Octavian Adam
Jericho Lindee Paul Adams
Aditi Kamlesh Bhanushali
Mariama Ceesay
Megan Di Maio
Gianna Mirabile

Khadija Rafiqi
Marum Sadiq
Faria Sharmin
Shreya Shrinivas
Yang Yang

Certificate of Graduate Study in Global Health Studies


Isa Brackett
Perrie Rose Megyeri
Stephanie Saintilien
Quinn Ashton Slingerland

Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Disparities


Danielle M. Gumlaw
Dewi Kartikawatiningsih


Kahnia S. Palin
Ashley Diana Shayya

Certificate of Graduate Study in Maternal & Child Health


Cemile Antal
Sarah B. Smith
Shakera Cyri Tems
Rachel Wilson


Monica Barrera
Cassandra Diorio
Noelle Ann Horth
Deanna Victoria Jacobs
Kimberly Carrie Ann Mitchell
Farzana Ferdous Musomi
Bridget Nandawula

Emmanuel Nyarko
Hannah Olatunde
Kimberly Ann Ossorio
Danielle Pellino
Rachel Ann Scott
Nicolette Christina Susi

Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health Fundamentals & Principles


Linda Jean Allen
Madison Benedetti
Shawna Black
Amanda Tori Chambers
Ashley Daigle
Sitiwe Tembo Eaves
Ryan David Macherone
Erica Ovitt Mahoney
Rebecca Marinoff

Cyril Parr
Madison E. Petrella
Noah P. Savage
Michelle Christy Stefanik
Qi Sun
Gannon A. Thompson
Stephanie Nicole Williams
Crystal Wright


Aleah Abdellatif
Alyssa Marie Indelicato
Olga Jacqueline Neroni

Emily Theresa Rodak
Michelle Elizabeth Smith
Stephanie Kristine Verret

Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health Surveillance & Preparedness


Zian Jaffery
Jacqueline Namukuru Nambiro
Kenneth William Struble


Teresa Antonella Costa
Jancarlos Guzman
Ingrid A. Hahn
Taylor Jeanne Manzelli
Alexandra Videll

School of Social Welfare - MSW

Master of Social Work


Papa Jo Benya Amissah
Devon John Barrett
Waverly Teresa Bernardez
Taylor Olivia Bouton
Morine Andrea Bowen-Avery

Jimmy Dilone
Julius I.C. Faulkner
Scott Groffman
Marissa Anne Italiano
Marissa Raeanne Jones

Brendan Kavanaugh
Michael McLoughlin
Michael-Aaron Poindexter
Rachael Anne Restivo

Zakia Safi
Laura Elena Scrivo
Lenora Stewart
Shirly Tsur Magen


Charisse Abellard-Knight
Monica Abreu
Alexis Christine Adams
Elaine M. Anton-Lotruglio
Rosemond Aba Baah
Asmaou Balde
Romario Barnes
Laura Elizabeth Becker
Isly Benton
Kyle Biel
Brendan Boehm
Katie Elizabeth Bohart
Nicholas Peter Bona
Karly Adele Boyd
Megan Doris Callanan
Elena Isabel Camilo
Flora Canavan
Natasha Capobianco
Gabriela Beatriz Cardona
Brittany Anne Carmel
Angela Marie Casey
Thomas J. Ceballos
Kristina Cherubino
Sylvia Lynn Chestnut
Cierra Rochelle Clarke
Noah William Crane
Amarissa Crescenzi
Julia Cutler
Brianna Lee Darnell

Danielle Denardis
Kristy Lin DePasquale
Alexis Ann Dominie
Kayla Elizabeth Donohue
Kaitlyn Dunham
Ryan Emilio Espinal
Paul Robert Filkins
Haley Ann Fowler-Conner
Jonathan Pierre Gay
Shyda Gay
Brittany Janell-Anndrea Gourrier
Camila Winfield Grande
Troy Vincent Grant
Jayleen Ashley Guichardo
Alyssa Marie Gutierrez
Paul Hafner
Catherine Hammond
Jahlil Harris
Melinda Haley Haselton
John C. Haun
Emma Jane Heller
Rachel Barbara Hemmerstein
Ripley A. Hoffman
Lily Htoo
Tehya Elexis Johnson
Nehemie Joseph
Jeesoo Jung
Andrew Kaminski

Danielle Karen Kane
Karli Jean Keator
Alysia Marie Kelley
Shaelynn Kelly
Jensen Marjorie Keough
Samita Khan
Renick Wells Lalancette
Prince Tai-Shon Learry
Alondra Judith Martinez
Shoshana Eden Mazer
Madeline Grace Mazzotta
Crispin Rakibu Mbamba
Eric Devaney Mercadante
Yanira Johadine Michaud
Courtney Brianne Marissa Miller
Persephone Naylor
Daniel Jamison Newton
Kyra Elizabeth Nolte
Naileen Nunez
Meagan Lee Ortiz
Yema Edna Miata Otto-During
Jessica Bozena Palka
Heather Leona Palmer
Madelyn Rose Penrose
Essence Elaine Pringle
Sa'Dasia Janine Ransom
Yeimy D. Reynoso
Gianna Marie Rodino

Alyssa Rodriguez
Sadaf Sadiq
Brooke Saffle
Maria Luisa Scarangella
Elizabeth Hope Schaeffer
Rachel Ann Scott
Kate Arlene Selzo
Mahamadu Sillah
Stency Smith
Sarah Elizabeth Sroka
Cameron Stewart
Dominique Christine Stippa
Emina Stocevic
Emily Tabb
Mia Talarico
Brooke Lynn Terrier
Melissa Toback
Rachel Lynn Tremblay
Heather Anne Ulman
Adam Vanburen
Claire Wasienko
Alexandra Leigh Wasser
Jeremy Scott Weintraub
Michael Bradin West
Brooklyn Williams
Mia Willis
Michael Neil Wimberley
Xinling Yang

University-Wide Interdisciplinary Studies - MS, CGS

Master of Science


Nidhi Aggarwal
Gopinadh Bhupathi
Meetkumar Ashokkumar Dhola
Nkem Esamah
Tochukwu Eze
Harit Garg

Nitant Joshi
Sajjad Hassan Khan
Nicholas Salvatore Lopez
Dylan Malone
Disha Nagasiddappa Somashekar
Ramavath Rakesh Naik

Stephen Owusu-Addo
Joshua Paszkowski
Ryan Craig Pavlik
Zachary Pollard
Jai Sankar Rajappan
Rishi S. Reddy

Megan J. Reilly
Kashmir Singh
Tishawn Robert Smith
Hely Bhaveshkumar Thakkar
Madison Lynn Van Cott


Praveen Kumar Acha
Nnamorji T. Ajulu-Okeke
Samuel Demero
Ajay Elthuri

Olivia Catherine Gately
Jamal L. Goddard
Jaswant Katar Anandan
Tharageswari Kothandaraman

Shashidhar Manda
Aisha Minhas
Sri Harish Peddi
Ayush Singh

Priyanka Solleti
Venkata Sai Arun Vemuri
Zhiying Zhao

Certificate of Graduate Study in Nonprofit Management & Leadership


Ashley Berry
Janette H. Oduor


Autumn Nicole Coogan
Rachel Ann Scott
Maxwell Middleton Sears

The Torchbearer walking down the aisle to begin the commencement ceremony.

Bachelor's Degrees

SCL: Summa Cum Laude: signifies a cumulative grade-point average of 3.75 or above
MCL: Magna Cum Laude: signifies a cumulative grade-point average of 3.50-3.74
CL: Cum Laude: signifies a cumulative grade-point average of 3.25-3.49

College of Arts & Sciences - BA, BS

Bachelor of Arts


Hailey N. Abruscato
Emmanuel Oluwakorede Adeoye
Munisa B. Akhmedova
Alina Johamy Alonzo-Rodriguez
Jesse Asher Alsdorf
Paola Alvarez
Natalie Amendola
Natalia E. Amezquita
Trevor Maurice Anderson
Katie J. Andrade
Dylan M. Andrews
Jordan Harrison App
Adenike Are
Theodore Charles Ashley
James Raymond Ball
Lavarey Banton
Brett Adam Baratt
Hailey M. Basile MCL
Kali Bassingthwaighte
Angeliz Ileanna Batista
Ella R. Batto
Megan M. Bavis
Madison Veronica Beddows
Caitlin Begley
Neil Bellevue
DeJa Janae Benfield
Kahlid Benson
Kevin Andrew Bernard
Jordan Y. Bhagan
Zoey E. Bianco
Isabel C. Bidot MCL
Brandon M. Bolster
Ci'arra Ann Borter-Ramirez
Olivia Violet Bradt
Shavonna Celeste Elizabe Brooks
Hanna Marlee Brower CL
Blakely M. Brown SCL
Sophia Trinidad Apostol Buenviaje
Emmanuel Andres Cabral
Benjamin Tanner Calabrese
Isaiah William Caldwell
Mohamed Cheick Camara
Kenai Aurora Cameron CL
Abigail Lee Cannon-Bailey
Amberstorm Carrington
Hannah Bethanie Carroll
Vincent Castaldo
Gregory M. Castoria SCL
Edwin Castro
Yoel Rafael Castro
Josefine Grace Catalano SCL
Nicole Chalarca
Lessey J. Chase
Justin Chen MCL
Siji Chen
Terrence M. Christian
Darwil Christophe
Solomon J. Cleary
Jada LeNise Colbert
Erica Ann Collins
Amilani Colon
Marie Combs SCL
Grace Shae Comley MCL
Jasmine R. Cook MCL
Deyaneira Janice Cortes Gonzalez
Grace Elizabeth Costanzo
Connor S. Cota CL
Christopher James Coughlin
Kosen V. Croft
Bailey Keller Cummings SCL
Andrew Merrill Curtin
Kumiko Midori Dabney SCL
Nerklein Koener Daniel CL
Anna Mae Louise Davidson SCL
Miles Randolf Defranco
Jesse J. De La Fuente CL
Joshua Del Valle CL
Lillian Mary Desharnais
Kelsey A. Destra SCL
Gaelle Anne Devastey
Oumou Diallo
Waranka Diaw
Anna M. Diaz
Magie Diaz
Tia L. Didonna CL

Melissa Sarah Dieudonne MCL
AmberRose DiLorenzo MCL
Sonia Maria Dobronravov MCL
Ethan Garrett Donovan
Kemisa Kayla Aman Doumbia
Lové C. Drumgole
Carson Steven Dunkel
Lynette Duran
Clayton Edmunds
Alexandra Ellis
Ryan P. Enright SCL
Chinelo Chinomso Ezeilo
Jake L. Failing
Connor James Feeney
Naiwu Feng
Yaochen Feng
Alyssa Margaret Fernandez
Lyla Sobeida Fernandez MCL
WillieMae Fiddemon CL
Karlos Jovan Figueroa
Kevin Luis Figueroa
Isabella Flores
Devante Lemar Ford
Alex Furnia CL
Sophia R. Gaffney
Jasmine Christine Garcia SCL
Lydia Jean Garofalo
Briana Garrett
Raia Uha Garvin
Isaiah German
Natalie Leonidas Gomez SCL
Sergio Gomez-Martinez
Alanis Ivany Gouvea
Cecelia Gray
Thomas Joseph Graziadio
Kayla Green
Nyla Tenise Greene
Clarissa A. Griffith MCL
Chareese Guthrie
Jasmine Hampton MCL
Chloe Isabelle Hanson
Cyrus J. Harden
Bryce A. Harding
Cardisha Harford
Tanner J. Hay
Malayshia K. Hector CL
Tyler Herrera
Brad R. Hing
Kaitlyn Rose Holder
Rose P. Honold
Jamel Naquan Horton
Scott Bryan Houseman
Junjie Huang
Lily Beatrice Hughes
Nicholas Impaglia
Ptah Khayri Ivery
Luchana B. Jackman
Katelyn A. Jacobs
Jarai Jalloh MCL
Robert Jonathan James
Nicholas Jansen
Aisha T. Jean- Charles
Gunhee Matthew Jeong
Rashel Jimenez SCL
Dante E. Jocelyn CL
Alexis P. Johns SCL
Ashley Nana Johnson
Samantha Z. Julia
Noah Phillip Julien
Davis C. Kakely SCL
Victoria B. Kaltalioglu MCL
Monah Naomi Carmelle Kamara CL
Fanta Kante
Aleesa Karria
Destinée Lee Kearsing
Lynn R. Kemelman SCL
Hanifa Khatibi
William Paul Klose
Amber Alise Knight
Evan Christopher Konas MCL
Tatum C. Koster CL
Madyson J. Lacayo
Emmalie Marie Ladouceur SCL
Mark Anthony Lajeunesse

Keith Lamotte
Kayla Larsen
Jackson Paradise LaSarso SCL
Adalyssa Laureano
Nicholas Philip Lazaro
Noelle Elizabeth Lennard MCL
Emma Kathleen Letzelter MCL
Lakota F. Levandowski SCL
Jacob Ross Levenson
Michael Edward Levin SCL
Yifei Li
Jasmine Liang MCL
Jennifer Liu
Wenjie Liu
Gabrielle A. Lopez
Danny R. Lozano
Gabriel Lugo
Nezar Frankie Lulu
Kira M. Lunde
Caitlyn R. Lyons
Juan David Maldonado
Jonathan Maloney
Keturah Mapp
Chaunté A. Martin CL
Bryan Paul Masciola
Samantha Louise McCarten CL
Cassidy E. McConnell SCL
Kimberly McCoy
Madison McCoy
Wesley James Mc Ginnis
Aidan McKenna
Candace Joi McKinnon
Zoe A. McLeod
Sabriah A. McQueen
Sherlyn Mercado SCL
William Andrew Mercado
John Mhilli
Keianna A. Michel
Alexa Christine Miller
Sydney Nicole Miller CL
Nisha Anne Mirchandani
Lovell L. Mitchell
Sara Elizabeth Mitchell CL
Justina Jasmin Moczulski
Jasmine Angelina Mohabir
Alyssa M. Moore MCL
Tiffany L. Mootoo
Xavier A. Morgan
Alexi Marie Moro MCL
Ashley Marie Morrill
Brianna Kristene Morrison SCL
Krystal G. Moses
Aubrey Jillian Murphy
Cara M. Murphy
Glenn C. Murphy
Robyn Murray
Sumaiya Nasir
Mayra Cristina Neira
Tamia A. Newkirk
Collin D. Nicholson
Akeha Nishii SCL
Stephy Nivar- Martinez
Scout Stephen Noble-Buono
Denise Nolette MCL
Pamela L. Nomessi
Priscilla Novielli
Alaina Nuvola
Chinedu Victor Nzeama
Carina Oare MCL
Anulika Divine Okpalor SCL
Daniella Omotoso CL
Caitlyn Marie O'Neill
Liam Thomas O'Reilly
Amanda Nicole Pagan SCL
Shriti Panda
Pantelis Panteli
Julia Papanicolaou
Shaloni Tushar Patel CL
Destiny B. D. Paul
Leah Paulson
Samantha Peck
Emeli Alexandra Peguero
Zachary Michael Pelegrino
Georgina Marie Pellegrino

Zachary Ryan Pepe
Ellen Pearl Perkins
Zhadane S. Peters
Dinh B. Phan SCL
Samuel Robert Philip MCL
Mylara Laramé Pierre
Claudia Pique
Dylan William Pirone
Christopher D. Potts
Julian Pyke
Jiayu Qiu
Morgan Joyce Quay MCL
Robert E. Ramming
Callie N. Reid
Ian Renninger
Francisco Reyes
Taziya Shonice Reynolds CL
Camerin Rose Rivera
Michael Jacob Rivera CL
Iormares Rodas
Benjamin P. Rogers CL
Delaney Roloson
Erin Kathleen Rooney
Aaron M. Rosario
Alaina Rossetti
Lucinda C. Ruiz MCL
Willow Eve Ryan
Gil Matthew Salwen SCL
Lizairys Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez
Mohamadu Sankareh
Rebecca Jo Giel Santosuosso
Alexander J. Schwartz
Rachel Helen Shaw
Fan Shi
Jared Sierra
Amitral Simon, Jr.
Raheem Maurice Sims CL
Ja'Lein Singleton
Rashmi Chakraborty Sivam
Samantha Kathryn Smilovich
Ethan D. Snowball SCL
Madison Danielle Snyder SCL
Joaquim Tyler Soares
Rachael H. Solomon
Younghwan Son CL
Justin Thomas Spenard
Xavier Spencer
Mauro Toussaint Smilgies Stein
Marley G. Sterling
Alexander Elias Stoner CL
Emillia Surujnarain
Amore Swann
Giavanna Sylar
Jesse Rey Taylor
Dakota Tiana Torales Maxwell
Alima Traore
Erica N. Troiano
Casey M. Trone SCL
Aleah Trinity Trotman-Harris
Kyle Robert Tunney
Brandon Joseph Turco
Crystal Chante Turner
Annabella Uriah Ulysse
Maria Elena Vazquez
Robert Manuel Vivas
Jason Read Wagner SCL
Daiki Wakabayashi SCL
Tyler James Warman CL
Morgan Elizabeth Washburn CL
Ryan J. Watts
Emily Elizabeth Welsh
Carly Wetrich MCL
Kangee Wilson
Christopher Wunning
Yuhang Xu
Fatoumata Yara
Kenta Yashiro SCL
Alexandra Jean Yeager
Matthew Aaron Zaydman
Zhihao Zeng
Zhehan Zhang MCL
Rosemarie C. Zullo


Fairuz Abdalla MCL
Jason D. Abrego
Britney Allison Abreu CL
Rebecca Susan Barbara Acevedo SCL
Marianna Achlaoug
Chikaodi S. Adiele-Iroakazi CL
Sebastian Eduardo Agudelo
Ingrid Johanna Aguilar Rojas CL
Temitayo Deborah Akinfeleye
Phoenix D. Akutsu MCL
Olivia Albano
Luke P. Alexander
Doralis Maria Allen
Zachary Jordan Alonzo
Andy Ambroise CL
Zeesha Amjad CL
Sarah Amplo SCL
Natalie Oré Nurat Amusa
Tamarja Marie Anderson
Joanna Damilola Anny Anikulapo
Aaron A. Antwi
Camila Ardila SCL
Charlotte Ashley SCL
Elijah Jovan Ayers
Christie Ann Baade SCL
Shamell Sequan Bagley
Ashley Bailey
Dominique Catherine Bailey
Richard J. Baquero
Jalyn T. Barham CL
Devon Michael Barnett
Christopher J. Barr SCL
Celia Barranco CL
Amelia Aadrya Barrett MCL
Erika Basile
Edward W. Bassett
Charles Anthony Batts
Chelsea E. Beach
Charlotte R. Beckford MCL
Nevaeh Sabrie Bedell
Sharese Beharry-Richards
Peter Michael Bellino
Jada Leigh Belton
Mackenzie Rose Bennett SCL
Jennifer Sarah Berman SCL
Alexis Cierra Bernard CL
Allison Zoe Bernheimer
Tiffany P. Bernot SCL
Jack E. Besterman SCL
Hans-Christian Nathan Bhola
Grace Bilow CL
Talia Marie Biondo
Cherise Júliana Birchwood
Stefan Bivins
Elizabeth Black
Jacob Lawrence Black CL
Alexander Ricardo Blake MCL
Nicardo Neo Blake
Chelsea Nichole Bogart
Anisa A. Bomani MCL
Yoaliz Bonilla
Cydney C. Boughton MCL
Heather Lynn Braat
Briannie Bratcher MCL
Alexandra Tempest Broege
Anthony Patrick Michael Brooks CL
Steven Byron Brown
Mia Marie Brunken CL
Robyn Ann Brunner SCL
Sara Margret Brynjarsdottir MCL
Ja'Quan Bullock
Carly Jane Burczak MCL
Shyla N. Burrell
Paige A. Busacker
Ryan Ashlee-Diamond Butler
Christina F. Cafaro
Clay R. Calderon
Anthony Michael Caliguri-Brooks
Tiffany Marie Camp SCL
Nyah M. Campbell
Zachary Sawyer Canaperi
Rachel Ann Cantor-Varughese
Angela M. Capovani SCL
Deina Rae Carbonara
Logan Patrick Carey SCL
Emma Rose Carter SCL
Makayla Alexis Cary MCL
Orla Maria Cass
Colin C. Cassidy
Jailyn Castillo MCL
Channel Castro CL
Kate Joan Catalano SCL
Danielle Marie Cavaccini MCL
Kamela Cenko SCL
Christoph Cesar Ceano Cervantes SCL
Luke Cezimbra
Connor R. Chadwick
Mason Cham
Taylor Alexandria Chambers MCL
Chelsia Taliesha Chandratt
Kenny Charles
Phyllis A. Charles CL
Sarah A. Chasin MCL
Cynthia Chen CL
Yizhe Chen CL
Zheng Chen
Theodore Royal Chesnes CL
David Chin-Hong
Sia Choi SCL
Tommy Choi MCL
So Woo Chon CL
Emily Choon CL
Gunter Wanfung Chow SCL
Heather Christensen SCL
Claudia María Christensen Garrido
Maya Jade Clarke SCL
Taylor Blue Gil Clarke
Khaliya Chyna Nicole Coke
Wil Joseph Coleda
Reilly Byrne Coleman SCL
Savannah Emmalee Collins
Brianna Collora SCL
Genevieve Elizabeth Coonradt MCL
Olivia Paige Cote MCL
Dominick Joseph Cotugno CL
Maria Jean Covey MCL
D'Avalon L. Cox
Yessenia Raquel Crenshaw
Gabriel P. Criscuolo SCL
Jesus Alexis Cruz Castellanos SCL
Kylee Ann Culkin MCL
Devin Caroline Curtin
Sofia Anne Curto SCL
Andrew Pasquale Cutroneo
Connor James Daley
Dali Damian
Sharon Davila
Gillian Marie De Bard
Alexander William Decianni CL
Brenna Ann Delaney CL
Jaycelynn M. De La Rosa
Ryan P. DeLasho
Michael S. Del Gaizo
Jaclyn M. Deline SCL
Jacob Eugene Dellert SCL

Claire M. Dell-Priscoli MCL
Madeline Veronica Denehy
Arlo John Desimone
Halle O. Dever
Bhumika Devkota SCL
Adiouma Diallo
Fallon S. Diamond-Stedge CL
Nicholas C. Diana
Tianni S. Dicks
Santino G. Dicostanzo
Audrea Lee Din
Jacqueline Divietro
Victoria R. Doherty SCL
Eoghan S. Doran
Taylor A. Doran
Chris Drago
Colette F. Dreher SCL
Gerald Maurice Drumgoole
Kaila Dudley SCL
Isaac Thomas Duffy
Trevor Kenneth Dugan
Lucy Marie Dunn SCL
Kahlia Durso SCL
Anna Maria Dushanin SCL
Karrington F. Eagan CL
Abbigail J. Edwards
Savannah Christina Edwards
Sierra Amaran Edwards
Scott T. Ehlinger SCL
Elizabeth Katherine Elias
Carla Unique Ellis
Finola Catherine Emmens CL
Edilys Gladibel Encarnacion Magallanes MCL
Candace Alicia Erni CL
Joseph Anthony Esposito MCL
Justina Essel
Iliana Josephine Estrada CL
Diana Estrella
Galilea Estrella Rosario MCL
Natalie Anne Ferreira
Sarah Ann Fink
Gregory Hahn Finley
Kaleigh Claire Fitzgerald
Kierra Arielle Foster-Bagley SCL
Marcelina Fox CL
Julia A. Francisco
Cassandra S. Franco
Iván Ramón Francos Medrano SCL
Yasmine Z. Frederick
Tanner Freeman
Emily Anne Fronk MCL
Joseph L. Gaglia
Shaela N. Gaines MCL
Deven Jalani Gantt
Brandon Garcia
Francheska Cruz Gargantilla MCL
Elijah Gash
Gaelle F. Gaspard
Juliette Gauptman SCL
Gabrielle Geerholt SCL
Chelsea J. Georges CL
Catherine M. Giblin
Jazzmin Z. Gibson
Caroline G. Giuliani SCL
Alexander Marcus Gomez SCL
Froilan E. Gonzales
Jamarr Felix Gonzalez
Jenna Ashley Gort SCL
Jack Michael Grady
Gretchen Brianne Graf SCL
Kathryn Jeanne Graham MCL
Athena Grasse MCL
Mia Elizabeth Graziano
Connor V. Greco
Jaylee Marie Green
Kayla Marie Grimaldi MCL
Nicole Lynn Grimes
Madison E. Groff SCL
Andrew J. Guido
Heather Fabiana Guzman
Marleen A. Halepota CL
Clayton Hall SCL
Rashad Jamarr Hames
Taniya K. Hanner CL
Dylan Patrick Harrington
Ashley Lauren Harris SCL
Bianca Hart SCL
Paul Russell Harter
Kyla Hatchett
Ann M. Hauser
Madison Evelyn Hayes MCL
Marvin Louis Hayes
Sarah Nofan Hbaidi SCL
Grace Kathryn Heeps SCL
Bella Jenica Henry CL
Hannah Marie Hepp SCL
Michael Joseph Hermance
Fiona Elizabeth Hernandez SCL
Yerandi Orlando Hernandez
Brian Tehjaun Hicks
Kylie Hoey CL
Graydon E. Hogg CL
Ashley Ann Holmes MCL
Sumia S. Hong MCL
Elvira Horbata MCL
Michael P. Horton CL
Helena Horvat SCL
Emma Adriana Horvath SCL
Helen Hu CL
Arifa Huda
Juliette Lorraine Humphreys SCL
Jamika Jaya Hypolite
Evren Ilter MCL
Isabella M. Ingenito MCL
Audem T. Jackson MCL
Zephaniah Jericho Jackson
Gustin E. Jacques CL
Nina Maria James MCL
Tyler P. Javier
Dominique R. Jean MCL
AnaCristina Jiava CL
Odette P. Jimenez
Jada Simone Jinks CL
Simone Valencia John CL
Aaliyah S. Johnson CL
Elena Alexandria Johnson
Kamrin N. Johnson
Seana Johnson
Jalen W. Jones
Nigea Lamiya Jones
Sienna Anais Jones
Demitri Jordan Omar Rasheed Jordan
Caroline Ermise Joseph
Kaia R. Kahlon
James Matthew Kaplan SCL
Keana Amber Kapple CL
Fatou Karamoko CL
McKayla H. Kardas CL
Aminata Kargbo CL
Allison M. Keefe CL
Mia D. Kennedy
Kaitlyn Renee Kessinger SCL
Daeun Kim
Derek Kim MCL
Emily Phelan Kippen

Zanin Klapija
Jean-Paul Klem SCL
Claire C. Kletchka SCL
Evan Daniel Kline
Winnie Jessica Kongo
Sophie Elizabeth Koutsoftas CL
Emily Kaitlyn Kratz MCL
Damien Alexander Kritzer CL
Warren Kuhlman MCL
Jahniah Amia Kum
Dustin Labar
Axelle Reine LaBaw SCL
Nevaeh E. Labra
Conor Lackemann CL
Kimani Kamau Lafond
Melissa A. Lalonde MCL
Devin Lamb MCL
Emma I. Langsford MCL
Justin M. Larish
Samantha Larocque
Michael Kellman Lashley CL
Zeiydah Youneeq Latham Henry
Nia A. Lawrence
Caleb J. Lee
Sophia Michelle Lee
Leticia Theodosia Lekos CL
Brandon Astul Lemus MCL
Cierra Leo MCL
Spencer Leonette
Sariyah K. Lewis MCL
Helen Li SCL
Xiaowen Li CL
Steven James Lindsay CL
Christine A. Linton
Kenneth W. Loftus MCL
Sarah G. Loman CL
Sinai J. Lopez CL
Thelma M. Lopez
Rori Benae Lowe
Jinhao Luan
Hunter C. Luccari
Taylor Jade Lupis
Marialyce Jennifer Lyons
Ruiyang Ma SCL
Karla Nicole Machado MCL
Gianna Rose Maio
Bianca Elena Malave
Orly Hadar Mann
Emily Manning
Arianna Manobanda
Isabella Esther Marshall SCL
Jarith Martin
Jordan Katherine Martin MCL
Skye D. Matthews
Francis John Mazzella MCL
Lourdes McCabe CL
Michael Patrick McCormick
Courtney Marie McCotter
Jamie Elease McCoy SCL
Cecelia Mairead McElroy SCL
Kristian Onyx McGrail
Matthew Morris McIntosh SCL
Jordan McKay
Teneka McKenzie
Aidan M. McLaren CL
Lorelei Elizabeth McLaughlin SCL
Jordan Rae McQuillan
Justin Meisel
Nina Kathleen Melanson MCL
Shawn M. Melendez CL
Guadalupe Melgarejo
Frank Fred Menicola IV SCL
Daniel Meyers
Ava M. Micare CL
Samuel Joseph Milks
Jessie Elisabeth Miller SCL
Mikayla Anne Mills
Brielle M. Mitchell SCL
Caitlyn M. Mitros SCL
Brianna L. Molina
Chanell E. Molina CL
Lucas Shafik Molina
Jessica T. Molle
Kathryn Moncada MCL
Ashley L. Mone CL
Thomas M. Mooney
Bianca Morales CL
Abigail Catherine Morgan MCL
Justin Morocho
Sean Elias Morris
Alex Chance Morse CL
Jennifer Mota
Kenverly Gloria Munoz CL
Luiseach Sinead Hart Murray
Akunna J. Naana
Yuri Nagafuchi
Devon Nedoroscik
Ashlei Joy Nelson MCL
Brian Nelson
Shaynell T. Nelson
Dikshya Neupane
Alexandra Elizabeth Rose Newberry
Tri Manh Ngoc Nguyen
Asuantí Tova Bolden Nimmons CL
Jessica Nolie
Alex Noor
Amijahna Shadiamon Nugent SCL
Brianna Nugent MCL
Kaitlyn Ashley Nussbaum
Araba Bentuma Ocran
Irving J. Oliva
Abigail C. Olm MCL
Amenaghawon Eve Omorogieva
Gianpiero Salvatore Oriolo
Yu Osari MCL
Delvi Paez CL
Frances Nylle Pagadora CL
Emily Pahl
Declan Luke Palandjian
Volodymyr Panchishak
Seongyeong Park
Olivia Louise Parkin CL
Cameron Antonious Passarelli
Nicholas Christopher Pastizzo MCL
Vrunda Pratul Patel
Allexus Michayla Pecoraro
Imelda F. Pena
Ashley Pena Encarnacion
Jennifer Irene Pena Sanchez
Tor M. Pennington
Kelsey Grace Perala CL
Nerissa Arianna Peralta
Nicolas Perez Schrader
Simran Persaud
Cassidy Rose Marie Peters
Morgan A. Petty CL
Emily Pforzheimer CL
Ruyen R. Phan
Kathryn Anne Pilhofer
Jacob J. Piseno
Myah Margarita Pitts
Winnifer Polanco
Argyro Potter CL
Ronin Elizabeth Preusser
Tyler Price CL
Grace Hannah Proper
Amirah Quamina-Cummings

Antonio Quesada
Nina Alidia Rose Quick
Ayesha Rafiqi
Bryan Ramsaran
Craig Triston Reid
Sadiqka Reid
Andrew D. Reinhart SCL
Riley K. Revoir
Abel Reyes
Berenice Reyes
Britney Louise Richardson
Janay Tamia Richardson
Taylor Richardson
Rebecca G. Rivera SCL
Diavionne Diane Robinson
Kayleigh S. Robinson
Tevon J. Robinson
Kalie Eliana Rodriguez MCL
Rosemary Rodriguez
Arieana Marrie Rodriguez-Santana SCL
Bryana Lynnette Rogers
Charles Anthony Rogers
Kathryn M. Romano
Kelvin Rosario
Jordan Elizabeth Rosecrans CL
James Rossetti CL
Mary Rose Rozell
Kharissa Ruggiero
Raquel Yasmine Ruiz
Mia Cheyenne Russell
Jade N. Russo
Thomas F. Ryan
Nashca N. Saint Joie
Blanka San CL
Alexandria Sanchez CL
Kayla Milagros Sanchez MCL
Jordan John Sanchez-Kremnitzer CL
Cooper Lazarus Sanders SCL
Djaka J. Sano MCL
Nakaridia Sanogo
Amanda M. Scarlata SCL
Jolie Andrea Scerbo
Joseph Thomas Schillizzi CL
Dominick J. Schram
Sophia Lynn Schultz SCL
Anya V. Seemann MCL
Natalie A. Seow MCL
Jalibeth Sepulveda CL
Sophia Rose Sereluca
Sean Thomas Sewak MCL
Brianne Bailey Sexton
Dlyet Seyum
Nimo O. Shabelo
Jillian S. Sharp CL
Adian M. Sheeren
Samantha N. Sherman CL
Binbin Shi MCL
Imaan Jamal Siddiqui CL
Misbah Usman Siddiqui
Sierra Noelle Siedsma MCL
Livia Laine Silverbush
Samantha Marie Simmons SCL
Christopher Richard Singer CL
Astor Bryan Singh CL
Willow T. Singletary
Jack T. Slater
Abigail Smith MCL
Edward Ernest Smith SCL
Emily A. Smith CL
Kathryn A. Smith MCL
Katrina Smith
Kayla A. Smith
Sarah D. Smith SCL
Jessica Kathryn Sodoma
Emely C. Sosa
Shannon E. Spier SCL
Andrew G. Stacey
Alexander J. Steffen
Lillian L. Steinbeiser SCL
Olivia Grace Stephani SCL
Kayla Beth Stern SCL
Carlton Alexander Stewart SCL
Kai Maximilian Stingone SCL
Tamar Gracia St Victor CL
Andrea V. Suess
Harrisat Suleman MCL
Amanda Summers MCL
Barakat Sunmonu CL
Morgan T. Syvertsen
Kenneth W. Szesnat
Meghan Tanachion
Akin Abdu Taylor
Victoria Alyssa Taylor
Julia Rose Testa CL
Kayla C. Testa
Jeff Thielmann
Nyeelah T. Thomas CL
Brandon Micheal Tietje MCL
Sara Louise Tilbe MCL
Shian Tomlinson CL
Michael Toro MCL
Lourdes Torres SCL
Wendy Torres-Arechiga
Zofia A. Traczkowska
Veronica Rene Tribuzio CL
Nikki Anthipi Tsakirellis
Amillion Alexus Turner
T'Yana Maria Turner
Caroline R. Tyburski MCL
Habibah O. Ugbah
Alissa Rose Usyk MCL
Erinn A. Valentin
Ryan H. Valentine
Emily Rose Vandermeer
Grace Elizabeth VanRoy
Kyamali Vargas
Naishaly Velez Galan MCL
Dean Monroe Veronica CL
Samantha Mae Victor
Nicole Jay Vitolo CL
Michael J. Vogelsang MCL
Jasmine Vohra CL
Mahem Mustafa Waheed MCL
Destiny R. Walden
Lizette Wallace
Jamori Walrond
Alice Lena Wang SCL
Xu Wang CL
Dylan F. Ward
Imani Watts CL
Sophia L. Watts CL
Tianrui Wei
Keihasha Hi'Asia Wilson
Haley Olivia Winne
Siena Maria Wright
Natalie R. Wysokowski SCL
Seymour Amida Yarovoy
Jaci Elizabeth Yong SCL
Fatima Cristina Youssef
Issac Chaim Zaken
Susagi N. Zambrano
Maggie Zehr
Bo Zhong SCL
Wanting Zhu
Samantha G. Zitomer CL

Bachelor of Science


Mofetoluwa A. Abe SCL
Xavier H. Abreu
Gireny Abreu Rodriguez
Keyonna Monet Adams Ahmed
Nazefa Ali
Sara W. Ali
Abdelaziz Aljumaili CL
Joseph Alvarez
Stephanie Arredondo
Kaila Elizabeth Arroyo
Madison June Ascioti SCL
Imani D. Ashman MCL
Azim Junaid Asrar CL
Chineye Aworh MCL
Tahiya Azrafi
Janaiya A. Baker
Darrick P. Ball CL
Michael J. Beaman SCL
Tyanna T. Beckford
Christina Irene Beegle
Emily Anne Benson MCL
Adrian Arthur Bermejo MCL
Cameron H.A. Bilyeu
Airianna E. Bourdages
O'Havyah J. Boynton CL
Madison L. Brien CL
Lucas S. Bruno
Jamar Akeem Bryan
Brittany Tiffany Buckley
Amber D. Cadore
Michaelle Donnie Campagnone
Patricka Odette Campbell MCL
Earl Jordan Cash
Kelly C. Castine SCL
Lea Irene Chamberlain
Sanaa E. Chauvet
Jiaqi Chen
Nuo Cheng CL
Christine Choi
Jada P. Coleman
Jasmine A. Copeland SCL
Megan Patricia Cornelius
Jessica M. Dandrow SCL
Julissa D. Daniels
Lauren Michelle Dantz
Jacob Riley Davies
Alana B. DiMartino SCL

Jacob A. Dobson MCL
Hadiya Dorval
Liam Christopher Dougherty
Zakara Drakes
Nana Efua Dufu MCL
Francis C. Duruaku MCL
John A. Edie SCL
Ahmed E. Elhag
Robert Joseph Emig
Gregory Michael Emmons
Gabrielle Jolie Esposito MCL
Xiaoyu Feng
Bukola Fernandez
Taylor Danielle Ferreira
Megan E. Fico
Ben T. Filippini MCL
Nakya C. Fitzpatrick CL
Samara M. Flash
Ryan Frederick MCL
Sarah Ann Frizalone
Steven Fusco
Nicholas J. Gallino CL
Harshpreet S. Ghotra
Abdou-Ganiou Gountante
Rui Mario Gouveia
Arriana M. Grandchamps SCL
La-Tavia Janeilia Grey
Natalie S. Grober CL
Summayya Habib SCL
Ty Hamel
Alexander K. Hanlon
Adam Hansraj
Alexis Chante Harper
Tiffany T. Hoang
Gabriella Marie Hochberg
Hudson Cody Hoffman
Kyle Edward Holub
Emily Hsu SCL
Julie Huang SCL
Syed Talib Imam
Tyler K. James
Mir-Mammad Javad-Zada SCL
Farhan Muhammad Javed
Ryan Robert Johnson
Joyce May Kagan
Casey Michele Kaiser
Marisa Diane Kamper MCL

Leeana Karria
Baylee M. Kennedy SCL
Manahil Khalid MCL
Desmond Koomson
Gabriela Angelina Kowalczyk
Angelique G. Kravath
Kenneth Jacob Ladeau
Nyah Angelina Laurent
Maya G. Lovell SCL
Stephania Lowman
Allison M. Lupercio
Kathleen Priscilla Lustin
Zhuojin Lyu
Lesline E. Martes SCL
Roshnie Matadin CL
William Charles May
Trineisha A. Maynard
Dylan Thomas McAdams
Jack McCann
Mijhan-Toni A. McDonald CL
Erik Anibal Medina Espino
Hasan Syed Mehdi SCL
Michael Miller CL
Khristonya A. Mills
Ahmed Raed Mohammed Salih
Mario Joseph Montanti SCL
Tiara A. Morene
Emilee Elizabeth Morschauser
Mustafa Monadel Muhi MCL
Rochard K. Murray
Imaan Nasri
Alison Jane Negri SCL
Elena YuYuan Neimeyer
Dylan Jacob Niederauer
Laney North MCL
Joseph E. Novak
Ojiaku Ohams
Preston Paige SCL
Jair I. Palacios
Stephanie A. Panameno MCL
Hyuckwon Park CL
Olivia Ann Patricelli MCL
Miranda Grace Porter CL
Andreana Prifti
Spencer Olivia Proulx
Kelvin J. Reyes
Harrison H. Rich

Jaylen D. Robinson
Arlin A. Rodriguez MCL
Jovanny Rodriguez
Justin M. Rodriguez
Jonathan William Rose
Jayda Clara Rosene
Tre Rossi
Jessy Alexander Ruiz
Kaitlin E. Rurka
Daniel Patrick Ryan
Kara D. Santana CL
Maame Yaa S. Sasu
Michael DeFrancis Schur
Trace Schwartz
Ryan Jillian Schwimer
Neophytos Scottis
Alexis Michele Semon
Minwoo Seo
Pretima Christine Sharma
Hunter King Way Shiu
Kiran Zeba Siddiqui
Hyochang Son
Anna Christabel Sookraj
Sahara Steele
Jason Michael Strieble
Angelique Sugrim CL
Enya Grace Sullivan SCL
Joseph William Sylvester
Ciara Symone Taylor SCL
Kaylee Alejandra Torres
Ousmane Babalaye Toure CL
Souleman Traore
Lauren Makayla Unger
Andrew Z. Wang
Bowen Wang
Lu Wang
James William Watson
Damilola O. Williams SCL
Shawn Michael Wilson
Vix Arbor Wilson
Lance Julian Woodard
Liwei Xu
Dahun Yeon
Yang Yu
Sarah H. Zawada MCL
Victoria L. Zenobio SCL
Ludan Zhang


Samuel Abayev
Hassan Mohamed Abdalla MCL
Adam Abida
Brianna Amanda Shavon Acker MCL
Bianca Alexa Agosto
Alondra Esperanza Aguilar
Maryam Ahmad
Hadeer Zein Ahmed
Noor Ahmed
Nour Elhuda Ahmed Ali Ahmed MCL
Savannah Alam
Fernando Alava
Chelsi Shanice Albert Cumberbatch MCL
Monica Elizabeth Alexander SCL
Jasmine Olivia Alexis
Ryan Michael Alfiero
Melak Thaeer Al-Helli CL
John Paul Alicata
Karam Aljumaili
Maleah Allen
Brianna I. Alleyne CL
Angelika-Monique Roxas Almario
John Carlos Amaya
Ava Larkin Anderson CL
Sarah Patricia Anderson SCL
Peniel Ansa CL
Aaron A. Ansong
Kelvin N. Antwi
Alfredo Matthew Aquino
Cathrina R. Aris CL
Revital Aronov
Brandon Ellis Ascencio SCL
Henry Ashley SCL
Paloma Violet Avila CL
Matthew Darryl Aviza
Adeyosola Ayandeji SCL
Alizaay Azhar
Adeel Mirza Baig MCL
Shannon Deborah Bailey MCL
Soeun Bang CL
Shakira Z. Baptiste MCL
Labika Baral SCL
Suanu G. Barima CL
Michael N. Barletta MCL
Taylor P. Barnes CL
Jazmine M. Barnhill
Ana Michelle Barragan MCL
Michael Joseph Basford CL
Claire Rachael Basila SCL
Mackenzie Louise Beam
Cameron V. Becerril
Arif Begh MCL
Hudy Berger SCL
Marven J. Joseph Berlus MCL
Hosanna Nasim Bhatti
Samantha Hope Biaesch MCL
Carley Marie Bigando
Kevin Bimpey
Beyonce L. Blake MCL
Cornell Boakye-Ansah
Christopher S. Bodden
Adam Boese SCL
Richel A. Boroh CL
Nicolas Italo Bossero
Braelyn P. Bourgeois
Kaitlyn M. Boyle
Rebecca Lynn Braddon
Emma Sage Brophy SCL
Brett J. Brown SCL
Emily Mae Brown CL
Lamar Javonne Brown
Laney Rose Bruck MCL
Savannah Roselia Bryce
Wenruo Bu
Laura Buff
Isabel A. Bullis
Michael David Burko
Alia Butler CL
Olivia C. Buyea CL
Kelis J. Cage
Dashon Mario Calder CL
Derek Cao
Lucio Albert Cardinal
Jolie G. Carter MCL
John D. Caster
Dexhina Cene
Dustin James Chambers CL
Matthew Paul Charland
Hannahaliyah Ferm Augustus Charles
Jason Chen SCL
Qian Wei Chen
Ryan Lo Chen SCL
DeAndra Kayla-Nicole Clarke
Aniya E. Coleman
Patricia Colin
Devin S. Colon SCL
Zavian G. Colon
Alice Connelly
Gabriella Maya Constant
Josephine Conti CL
Hilary Conto
Rojani Cooper
William Patrick Coppola
Kolby A. Cox
Erik J. Creighton SCL
Damond M. Crothers-Maida CL
Liani Maire Cruz Reyes
Pamela Sabrina Cubias CL
Karina Elizabeth Cuzco Brito
Nina Elizabeth Cyrus
Amaya Ashli Dacosta
Sabrina Nicole Dakwar SCL
Liam Daniel Danaher MCL
Hillary N. Dang
Hannah M. Daniele SCL
Paige Mary Daniele SCL

Brooke-Lyn M. Daniels
Tiernan Thomas Darcy
Folayemi A. Dare
Mya Anita Darsan SCL
Corrina Dass
Linda Thea Dauphinais MCL
Kaleb Nathan Davie CL
Nahimat Dawaod
Eric James Dawdy
Shema Dawood MCL
Julianna Nicole Defeo MCL
Brianna Maria Degraff
Nikayla Bianca Dejnozka
Jonathan Michael Delaus
Alyssa Marie Della Posta SCL
Ariana Della Posta
Malado B. Dembele CL
Karleke W. Dennis
Damini Manojkumar Devpura
Eddy Diaz Vasquez
Rachel N. Dickinson SCL
Allison Marie Dixon
Kayla T. Ducille CL
Tyler Durivage
Tyra Bailey Echevarria SCL
Christia M. Edwards
John R. England CL
Osetohamen O. Eromosele MCL
Zain Ali Essa
Shavane A. Eulette MCL
Michell Fajardo MCL
Sarah Ann Falk
Julianna Faustin
Julieta Feleder SCL
Kaiyah D. Fergerson
Cole T. Fernandez
Anna Maria Ferrara CL
Cameron Ferri MCL
Ava K. Ferris CL
Dominick W. Fiacco
Michelle Lissette Figueroa
Peter Fleischer
Timothy Forbes CL
Nathaniel David Foster SCL
Lauren R. Fox SCL
Loiasia M. Frazier
Jacob M. Freeland
Britney L. Fulton CL
Alyssa Marie Gates
Stephen Matthew Geissler SCL
Kylee E. Gillmore
Mae Goh
Matthew D. Gonzalez
Spencer Maxwell Gorman
Keanu Alan Gouvea
Jedidiah Antony Grandison
Joseph Anthony Greaney
Doranni Mahogany Green
Rebecca Evva Gregg MCL
Jay Rose Grinberg-Ayala CL
Olivia T. Gropler SCL
Samuel A. Guano MCL
Coral Anahi Guzman Frias
Akos Gyau-Boateng
Chelsea D. Haibor
Susannah Mae Hall SCL
Cole T. Halvax CL
Jenna R. Hamelinck MCL
Molly G. Hamilton CL
Umme Hani SCL
Nyraeona Hargrove
Valen A. Headley
Keisha Nichole Henriquez
Robert K. Hiraldo
Courtney Catherine Hockey SCL
Brent Alexander Hoeffner
Maxwell J. Hofstetter CL
Khanysha Azaria Holder
Jae Hwa Hong
Farah T. Hoque CL
Brooke Emily Horowitz
Olivia M. Hull
Fahid S. Ijaz MCL
Samantha Ilasi SCL
Chase Irish
Demi Rachael Ishmael MCL
Aaliyah L. Jackson
Sakara P. Jacobs CL
Darian Nicholle Jacobson SCL
Danielle A. Jean MCL
Christie Isabelle Jeanfrancois
Yvonnè Denise Jenkins
Asya Jeune
Manuela Rowena Jimenez MCL
Trisha T. Johnson SCL
Nieka Jones
Precilaire Heberthzar Joseph
Peyton Victoria Kalb SCL
Kristina Karamchand MCL
Etan Kaziyev MCL
Binta Keita
Kezia Nishat Khan
Mohammad Faraz Khan
Matthew G. Kinlock
Chelsea A. Kirkland MCL
Erin E. Klingbeil CL
Jaskaran Singh Kohli
Rachel Thais Kozachkov
Brittany Kropp
Nikhita Kumar SCL
Emmanuella Ewura Adwoa Nyamekye Kwason
Kuhyun Kwon SCL
Savannah Jade LaCourse CL
Abigail Jean-Marie Lajti
Jonathan Lafortune MCL

Leah G. Lamson-Lindsey CL
Nicholas S. Lane SCL
Madelyn Rose Lashomb SCL
Rosegarine Veronica Laurent
Ariana A. Layton CL
Emily Leavey MCL
Hope J. Lee
Anthony William Leno
Gaia Levy
Antonny Lezama-Medel
Gaoang Li
Kechen Li MCL
Christopher Lim SCL
Zongze Lin SCL
Taylor Leigh Lindemann CL
Sierra A. Liotta SCL
Joseph Salvatore Loffredo CL
Danielle D. Lozano SCL
Emily Alice Lucy SCL
Morgan Love Lynn
Megan M. Madden
Lily Ann Rose Makely SCL
Collin Jakob Manley
Martina Elouise Cubacub Marquez SCL
Sharmaine Abigail Padilla Marquez SCL
Lucca M. Marra
Emily Howarth Marshall CL
Noah P. Martin
Bryce Mashas CL
Afnan L. Masih
Franssiely Mateo Silvestre
Grace Pahe Mbaga
Ijeoma Mbonu
Shane E. McCauley
Darcy May McClements
Brooke Alyssa McComb
Amanda M. McElheran SCL
Michael D. McGaughey CL
John J. McGowan CL
Jillian Elizabeth McMartin
Felicia R. Medici CL
Oswaldo Medina
Louis A. Mellone
Mikeala Mendoza
Michael Don Merzenin
Torrey C. Michaels
Anne Adhiambo Misoki
Skyla S. Mitchell
Hiba Mohamed SCL
Lawrence A. Momanyi
Casey C. Moreno
Aidan Morgan
Maurice Moyston
Jack Mulligan
Courtney Lee Munderville
Riku Murata
Kate Francesca Murphy SCL
Kelly Michelle Nagel SCL
Nathaniel Eugene Nagle MCL
Varin Nath CL
Fatou Rahim Ndiaye CL
Brianna S. Nelthrope
Kayla Tamia Newton-Alleyne
Esther Ngo-Oum
Obinna Ngwu
Corey M. Nilon MCL
Nicholas Brian Nolan
Mansoor A. Noory CL
Natalie Nunez
Shane O'Dwyer
Philip G. O'Flynn
Hannah Zene O'Grady
Oludayo Emmanuel Ogundimu
Alexandra O'Keefe MCL
Brianna Aniutka Olavarria
Sussan A. Olowu MCL
Serena O'Melia CL
Michael Ryan O'Neill CL
Rylan M. Oquendo
Emily Helena Ordonez MCL
Alexa Orsino SCL
Temilope O. Oshikanlu MCL
Schuyler Olivia Ossman CL
RavenJané Gabriel Ottley
Thalia R. Pacheco CL
Lois Min Seo Kang Pae CL
Victor Gabriel Pagnotti CL
Michaelangelo Pandolfo SCL
Maharshi Mehulkumar Pandya CL
Saif Aziz Parchment
Karen Liliana Paredes
Tannell Parkes
Griffin Dean Parks
Kiara J. Parris
Raghavi D. Patel SCL
Avik Kumar Paul SCL
Bryant Pearson
Tyler James Pelkey MCL
Jayden E. Pena
Nicholas J. Perkowski CL
Jephthe Personna
Makayla Peters
Oluwatanmiwa O. Peters
Catherine R. Pierre CL
Michael Christopher Pines
Lamar J. Plunkett
Carmela Polizzi CL
Matthew T. Popailo
Jack Ryan Porter
Renee G. Potasiewicz MCL
Hayley Marie Poupore MCL
Lia Isabella Prager
Judy Quansah CL
Monica M. Quianes SCL
Naomi M. Quintana

Shannon L. Quinton CL
Nicole Quiroz CL
Jacob Wesley Rassner
Daniel Phillip Reedy SCL
Ashlynn E. Rendine CL
Rosmery M. Reyes MCL
Omar M. Rezaka SCL
Patience Brionna Rhames
Rebecca V. Ribenbach
Juleyne Riche SCL
Jade B. Rickman MCL
Marjorie R. Rizzo
Kadejah A. Robertson
Sydney J. Robinson-Sigler CL
Isaiah K. Rodriguez
Kaitlyn Liz Rodriguez
Maggie Shuang Le Roosa SCL
Natasha Marie Sachs
Lillian Maureen Sahibdeen MCL
Emma Rose Saidenberg SCL
Joshua N. Salandy SCL
Nikolai Samardzija CL
Marco Savona
Evan Richard Scarsella SCL
Jessica Rene Schuh SCL
Clyde David Senat
Melinda Senat
Shi S. Sewell SCL
Emily M. Seymour CL
Nour Shakir
Reagan A. Shaw
Cathleen Shi
Nicholas Paul Sierzenga
Gretta Isabelle Silsdorf
Christopher B. Simmons
Merlin Simon
Dane Simpson
Kevin J. Singer
Reya Singh SCL
Vanessa Renee Slone MCL
Rasheed G. Smikle
Benjamin Richard Smith MCL
Jada S. Smith CL
Stephen Andrew Sokach-Minnick
Isaac Springer-Goldberg
Caroline J. Srokowski SCL
Madelyn Staffanson CL
Lydia Steenman CL
Emma L. Stein CL
Anna Lucia Stern
Christine Virginia Sternbach CL
Leighton R. Stewart-Miles
Alayna Elizabeth Stickles SCL
EhHtee Poe Stone
Jacob Michael Sweeney SCL
Ariana Marie Sylvain CL
Emma Rose Tambacas CL
Sarah Maye Magalona Terrazola MCL
Christina Marie Testa MCL
Annalise D. Thomas
Triannie G. Thomas CL
Xavier Tariq Thompson CL
Ankita R. Thumma SCL
Xiangxi Tian MCL
Madison Jade Torres MCL
Natalia Aryana Desiree Torres
Desmond Francis Totillo
Justin Tran
Uyen Duong My Tran
Charlotte Amber Triggs MCL
Brandon Michael Truong
Alexandra Rose Tsangarakis
Addyson Ryley Tymula
Tatyana T. Tyrell
Udeagha Udeagha
Kevin A. Urena
Karitza Valdez
Emily L. Valerio
Peter John Vanputte
Jay David Vanvolkinburg
Gabriel Vargas
Santiago Arturo Vargas-Daniels MCL
Jose Manuel Velez
Jordon Zanaya Ventour
Steven Vladi CL
Jenna Vonahnen
Brendan Alexander Waldorf SCL
James Wallace
Stuart Christopher Wallace
Kathleen Elizabeth Wandell SCL
Ning Wang
Mikalah A. Ware-Mercer
Jamal N. Watson
David Michael Weber
Lauren Abigail Weinberger CL
Turwaina Weish SCL
Tamia Ena Wellington SCL
Emily Elizabeth Wenzell CL
Mackenzie Evans Whiting
Carha Ann Williams
Jhaden T. Williams
Taryn Williams
Arriana Paige Wilson SCL
Ian Wood
David Wu CL
Carlsy Alexen Serrano Ybanez CL
Nana Ama Koran Yeboah
David Anthony Yevtukh
Tashawn Safire Young SCL
Iliana Marcela Zaldivar
Jiatai Zhang MCL
Anna Zheng
Chuqi Zhou
Emily Ryan Zinkhen MCL
Michael Quinn Zinobile

School of Business - BS

Bachelor of Science


Aichatou Abdou
Kacie R. Adams SCL
Nolan Maxx Adelsky CL
Austin Ali CL
Philip Antonoff
Briana Yvette Aquino
Ashley E. Augustin MCL
James Brady Barringer
Jillian D. Bayoneto MCL
Joseph C. Belmonte
Pedro Luis Benavides
Lockeshia Bennett MCL
Lillian V. Brandes SCL
Brandon E. Brathwaite
Mackenna R. Bruner SCL
Christian M. Cancel
Timothy Isaac Card MCL
Christopher J. Carpenter
Marlon Chapman
Kaitlynn W. Chen
Connor Michael Curtis
Claudia Pearl Daley
Roshae Daniel

Katherine A. Elefteriadis CL
Andrew J. Fahey CL
Danielle M. Farleigh SCL
Emily Fiaretti SCL
Josette Fortes MCL
Julian Fugatt
Omar Gai
Joshua Steven Honig Gold
Sean P. Gordon
Ronald Christian Grein
Camryn Shari Harrigan
Sana Iqbal Hashmi MCL
Cassandra Hodges
Chantelle Rudy Imayi Ngome
Dominic D. Jack
Morgan Elaine Jackson MCL
Arnelle Jean-Jacques MCL
Winnie Jiang CL
Yuhong Jiang SCL
Amelia Johnston
Hayley Kerley MCL
Justin Michael Kozlowski MCL
Ray Kupetz

Glenny Lema SCL
Lucy Lerman SCL
Wing Yan Leung CL
Amy Li SCL
Kendall Corinne Lillie CL
Patrick G. Louie
Ian Burke Luquer MCL
Annina Manera CL
Kyle Mastrangelo MCL
Charles Edward Maxwell MCL
Jenna M. McDonald MCL
Dylan James McGinnis
Lorenzo D. Meir
Ashley Elizabeth Moore
Nicole J. Mortensen CL
Bryan Ngan MCL
Brandon Ortega MCL
Jessica R. Pehush MCL
Jack Henry Peterson CL
Lily Precour SCL
Christopher M. Price
Vincent William Pugliese SCL

Xiang Qiu MCL
Renee Rattigan CL
Melida Lucia Rodriguez-Chavez
Morgan Lynn Sadowski MCL
Kyle V. Schiavone MCL
Treyton A. Schug
Bella Theresa Rose Simonds CL
Elizabeth Ann Strong MCL
Nimota Omowunmi Surakat CL
Julia Nicole Tallent
Reafa Tamanna
Yejin Tcha CL
Kaylie Elizabeth Tierney SCL
Jonathan Tserpelis
Healy J. Tureski CL
Nicole Rosalia Vargas Garcia
Jared Vartigian MCL
Devan A. Weis CL
Alexander J. Williams
Wayne Anthony Williams, Jr. SCL
Kamra Wint CL
Shuyang Yan SCL


Dylan T. Abernethy
Yetunde Adesunloro CL
Jayden Agosta SCL
Hiba A. Ahmed
Elizabeth C. Akujuo MCL
Julian D. Aldi
Lina Alia MCL
Kevin Alzate
Connor C. Andersen CL
Vincent J. Andreozzi
Ryan M. Ansuini SCL
Madeleine P. Anton SCL
Michael Artese MCL
Angela Aruanna SCL
Moiz Aslam MCL
Constantinos E. Athanailos SCL
Berk Aydogmus SCL
Moniba Azar
Kebra N. Baako MCL
Marjia Bhuiyan Babul CL
Abdula Badon MCL
Judah Christian Bailey
Jaclyn M. Baitz CL
Alethea Lillian Banerjee SCL
Zoe Elsabeth Barclay SCL
Helen Roxanne Barranco-Ramirez SCL
Peter Robert Barry MCL
Zachary J. Bauer CL
Dylan Bedford MCL
Clelie Anne Belizaire CL
Katherine Dorothy Bencivenga SCL
Malika Elizabeth Bensalah MCL
Michael V. Bianchi
Rebecca Lynn Bitman MCL
Dillan Michael Blake CL
Elsa Marina Blanco
Ethan A. Bluver MCL
Matthew P. Bogus MCL
Shareef R. Booker MCL
Tylar Y. Boone
David Joseph Borek
Ramya R. Bracey CL
Matthew Thomas Breslin CL
Christian Brooks
Emani C.A.S. Brown CL
Joseph Dean Bruno SCL
Tatjana Aleftina Budesheim SCL
Jasmine F. Buenaventura MCL
Kevon Travis Burke MCL
Alyssa N. Burline CL
Koraan Butler CL
Sherly L. Cabrera
Thomas Caltabiano CL
Adryana A. Campusano CL
Kaitlin Ji'An Cancelliere
Lucas M. Casab CL
Zachary W. Castro
Steven Gerald Chale MCL
Joshua L. Chandler SCL
Jason R. Chapas SCL
Christain Mark Chaplin
Raymond Chee MCL
Baiyu Chen CL
Chuqi Chen MCL
Wei Hang Chen CL
John A. Ciccotto MCL
Charles William Cinquemani MCL
Collin J. Clark SCL
Tylah Coleman-Sanchez CL
Zachary Paul Colwell MCL
Kane Robert Connery CL
Aiden Christopher Coolidge CL
Jordan Patrick Corwith
Amelia Rae Courtney SCL
Skyla-Rose M. Crawford
Claire M. Crino CL
Colleen S. Crino CL
Moniefa A. Crooks CL
Christina Cucinotta
Jadon L. Cupidon CL
Matthew R. Cupo
Connor Michael Currey
Abir Das CL
Tyler Robert Dauble
Liam Vincent Davey CL
Matthew Dayani CL
Tyler D. De Jesus CL
Karleigh Grace Delass MCL
Angelo Demiris CL

Xavier Paul Devore
Dean C. DiBenedetto, Jr. SCL
Kayla Elizabeth DiLiberto CL
Aiden Antonio Di Maio
Cody L. Doherty
Christopher J. Dormer CL
Amari Shane Valenson Douglas
Kristopher Fok Downes SCL
Hope A. Doyle MCL
Julian Du MCL
Brendan R. Dunleavy
Maximiliano Duque
Dana Janessa Duvalle MCL
Ashley Duverge CL
Ryan Michael Dwyer
Kiera Amara Edwards CL
Brionna Marie Eldridge CL
Jadé-Ann Ennis
Emily-Rose Evans MCL
Ethan John Faber SCL
Brendan P. Fallon SCL
Annaleigh Fernandez
Vittorio Ferranti
Sarah M. Fiaretti CL
Daniel C. Finne SCL
John Patrick Finnen CL
Emma R. Fitzsimmons CL
Johan D. Flores
Jason Matthew Floumanhaft MCL
Hewafonsekage Jehana Fonseka SCL
Shauna M. Fowler SCL
David Fuggini
Noelle L. Fusco MCL
Nicole Alexandra Galeano CL
Leah M. Gardner MCL
Luke S. Gauthier MCL
Michelle George MCL
Shawn George MCL
Zaylan T. George MCL
Anthony John Giangrasso
Vinicius Rodrigues Giannaccini MCL
Keylen Gil
Zachary Robert Glass
Desiree Glynn SCL
Sophia E. Gorman
Brandon Alonzo Grant
Deanna Haley Greenblatt SCL
Keenan J. Guludec SCL
Shondraia Guo
Helene Haegerstrand MCL
Samantha Lynn Haines
Samuel J. Hale
Ahmed Elhag Hamed
John Connor Hanson CL
Tyhler James Harty CL
Jahid Hasan
Hasnain Hashmi SCL
Kevin T. Hegarty SCL
Matthew T. Henderson MCL
James Hiciano
Mackenzie B. Hilditch
Jayden Mckenneth Hill CL
Cooper L. Holmes SCL
Melissa Hom
Erika J. Horne
Nora- Ann Taylor Howell CL
Joseph Stephen Hruska MCL
Ozzie N. Hutchinson CL
Kimberly Anne Hyndman SCL
Umut Ilgü
John Dalton Ingalls CL
Laszlo Jelisavcic CL
Aarthika Jeyagandhi
Brandon A. Jimenez MCL
John P. Johnston SCL
Daeyoung Jung MCL
John-Daniel Kane CL
Sean M. Kay CL
Aidan Thomas Kelly CL
Daniel Kelly SCL
Dylan J. Kelly CL
Jonathan A. Kelly MCL
Amir Khan
Mehreen Khan MCL
Taemin Kim MCL
Aaron King SCL
Ryan N. Kirchhof SCL
Arianna Akaiah Knight
Joelle Rose Koutsantanou MCL

Monica Elizabeth Lannier MCL
Darien C. Lapietro CL
Joseph C. Lasorsa MCL
Grace Anne Leader
Amrit Lekram
Meghan Erin Lenane MCL
Valentino Leon
Yuxi Li MCL
Winnie Lin CL
Logan Taylor Lis CL
Chun Quan Liu CL
Jenny Liu MCL
John P. Lively CL
Ethan M. Llanes MCL
Steven Richard Lopeck CL
Flora Lu
Giuliano Lucca SCL
Bryanna L. Lydell SCL
Evan C. Macduff CL
Melissa Ashley Mack
Adib Mahamud
Kenjoh Majima
Alexandra Maria Mallen MCL
Joseph M. Mancini MCL
William Andrew Mann
William G. Maouris SCL
Samantha Rae Marasciulo MCL
Matthew A. Marcinelli
Colton J. Martin CL
Shakena M. Mathieson
Samantha Mayers MCL
Marcus Jordan McFadden MCL
Shane P. McFadden
Emily R. McKendry SCL
Christopher J. McMains MCL
Aaliyah S. McNeil CL
Michael Curtis McNulty
Brennan McQuade MCL
Connor Hugh McStay
Bryan Medina
David P. Meisenzahl CL
Julian Andres Melendez
Kaylee Alycia Melendez
John Lester Sorbeto Mendoza
Morgan N. Mirtschev SCL
Danielle Gianna Modica SCL
Clint Mohammed
Matthew M. Molinaro SCL
Cooper John Monast
Gianna Madeline Moneta
Nicholas T. Montanez CL
Jaden B. Montes MCL
Jason P. Moon SCL
Regan D. Moriarty
Lauren N. Munderville CL
Logan Francis Murillo MCL
Brett William Musmacker CL
Timothy C. Myers CL
Sheel Narsaria MCL
Jack N. Nash CL
Samuel Neri
Amarachukwu Esther Nnadiri CL
Matthew Obrien SCL
Gabriella O'Keefe
Raymond Gregory O'Keeffe
Joshua Okusanya
Oluwanifemi E. Olatunji
Julia Lynn O'Neill
Hnin Ei Ei Oo Shein MCL
Jonathan Orellana
Brianny N. Ortiz-Estevez
Kevin Osorio
Christiana Owusu-Ampaw SCL
Christine Owusu-Ampaw MCL
Freddy Pachay
Christopher A. Padilla MCL
Marcela Elizabeth Pagoada
Jessica L. Parra Ventura CL
Timothy Q. Penny
Paul Andrew Peragine SCL
Jaya Sumita Persaud
Falicia Anne Peterson
Roshni Merlyn Philip MCL
William Law Philo MCL
Narolin Pichardo Ramos
Kylie N. Pinkans MCL
Juliana L. Plimley
Melissa A. Quezada
Angelica Belen Ramirez Hernandez SCL

Matteo Ramos
Luke Reagan CL
Jason Reed
Amara Bellicia Reid
Sean T. Reidy SCL
Nathalia M. Reyes
Calvin McClaine Rickard MCL
John Alec Ricupero
DeAnna Robinson
Joseph Robinson MCL
Julie Gaby Danyelle Rodijk CL
Daniel Rodriguez MCL
Klaudia Patrycja Rogala SCL
Kembalee Rolle
Kevin R. Rooney SCL
Tyler Hiram Ross MCL
Jacob Christopher Rousseau CL
Derek Ira Rowland
Ryan Reinaldo Ruiz CL
Trasian Ryan SCL
Ethan C. Sabini SCL
John Paul Sacco
Nelson Julio Salazar
Fernando Salomon CL
Alyssa Sanchez CL
Kyle J. Sanger
Christopher J. San Jose SCL
Shamil Mercedes Santos CL
Thomas P. Savino
Anthony Dominic Scandariato
Troy Robert Schauwecker
Giovanni G. Scotti
Jessica Skye Seibert
Nathan P. Serling
Umme Jowairia Shahajady CL
Maaz U. Sharif MCL
Clarissa Tang Shaw SCL
Tetyana Shpit MCL
Koshin A. Shwani CL
Nathaniel Andrew Simons SCL
Shaan P. Singh SCL
Patrick James Smith MCL
Martin F. Soto CL
Adia West Sperano MCL
Jeremy Vincent Spina MCL
Michael Anthony Spoto MCL
Sampath Srungaram MCL
Makayla T. Stafford
Lindsay M. Stancampiano SCL
Ky'Jaun Stanfield
Robert L.S. Steil MCL
Ben Steinberg SCL
Shania A. St Hilaire CL
Jason Ray Stryjski CL
Gabrielle F. Symons MCL
Sadia Tahmid MCL
Phillip Daniel Tam CL
Muhammad T. Tassaddaq SCL
Tanner Joe Taylor CL
Hunter W. Tegay CL
Sarah Thomas
Mowan Peggy Tony-Adiari SCL
Cami Chung Tran SCL
Moribine Traorey
Hannah James Truglio
Oneudy Matthew Ventura SCL
Michael P. Vertolomo
Derek Walter Viviani
James A. Vlachos
Jeremy R. Walter
Olivia Waszczak SCL
Nathan Clivens Watermann CL
Robert Joseph Wetter
Andrew D. Weyrauch MCL
Micah A. White MCL
Ryan P. Whitehurst
Scott J. Wienecke MCL
Aaliah Kimberly Williams-Clarke
Jendayi S. Womack CL
Ari L. Wyner MCL
Dylan W. Wynne CL
Jefferson Xu CL
Ryan Stephen Yavinsky SCL
Connor M. Zaneski CL
Nicholas Zegarra CL
Yongyi Zhang CL
Zitong Zhao
Mya Zylberberg

School of Criminal Justice - BA

Bachelor of Arts


Matthew Solomon Anthanial CL
Sean Asaeda SCL
Joseph Bryant Barrington SCL
Yaw Okodom Boadu
Tayvone D. Boone
Emma Britten
Brigit Arrachel Caizachana MCL
Hannah Elizabeth Ruth Cocco
Isabella P. De La Vega SCL
Macen De Lesio SCL
Adam P. Esposito CL
Markus A. Ford
Skylar Paris France
Omar Garcia
Haleigh K. Gaston SCL

Adriana Crystine Giles SCL
James Patrick Hardy SCL
Allana T. Hoyte MCL
Jhaleel Philip Hyland-James
Morenike H. Iyageh
Shauntaria Jackson
Kamara D. Kelly CL
Tiyana H. Kennedy
Brandon M. Koehler SCL
Monique A. Kwateng
Kayla M. Larmond CL
Isaiah M. Long
Amaya Jenna Lopez CL
Sierra Nicole Loria SCL
Cassidy A. LoSasso MCL

Dominique Justyce Louissaint MCL
Lauren M. Marble SCL
Gabriella Celenia Marrero MCL
Francesca Martin
Vishal Matadin
Christopher J. McDonald SCL
Caitlin Elizabeth Melvin
Edward Mora Peguero SCL
Amanda Jo Morgantini
Jayleen Justice Negron
Angelina L. Nelson CL
Robert C. O'Brien SCL
Kaitlin Paradiso CL
Samantha Rachel Pepe MCL

Jalen Walter Martin Robertson
Aryanna Russell MCL
Jordan Taylor Scivolette
Tyler James Silliman
Mikayla A. Sotak
Olivia Vipha Siewers Surprenant
Nicole Kathryn Tang MCL
Fallone Tarte CL
Marisa Rose Tava MCL
Joshua Frank Taveras
Vito Tinari
Briselys Cristina Vasquez
Mariella Vecchione
Ruoxuan Wang CL


Tamanna Akther
Zainab A. Alsaadi MCL
Zonel Solace Chance Antoine-Paul MCL
Nicolás E. Arnaiz
Theresa Amoya Ashman
Cameron Aviles
Essi U. Aziagbe CL
Reshma Balram SCL
Sofia Elizabeth Bank MCL
Nicole F. Barber CL
Taj Ahmier Bass
Tyler J. Bella MCL
Violet F. Belt MCL
Jillian G. Benedict SCL
Marwa Benzouina
Nicholas James Bonanno MCL
Allyson Elizabeth Brandow SCL
Matthew G. Brennan
Kristen Beth Brinsko
Sophia Clarissa Bronchetti MCL
Mathew Brooks
Taylor Anjolee Brooks CL
Shadez Cabrera-Jordan MCL
Brianna M. Caetano MCL
Jeriesha C. Callaway
Schuyler K. Carr MCL
Quialmeiry Carrasco Puntier SCL
Aryanna Justice Carter CL
Alexander Jeremiah Casiano
Taya Amber Catlin SCL
Britney Colas CL
Kayla D. Collins CL
Katelyn E. Cook MCL

Caitlin M. Costner MCL
Leslie Cruz CL
Noah V. Cunningham SCL
Alexis K. D'Agostino
Alexa Faith Damone CL
Gregory Dancy II MCL
Richard E. Davis IV
Gavin N. Demilio
Abigail Grace Dilbone SCL
Karen Dutan Sanango MCL
Lucas T. Dyer
John Floyd Evrard-Marsh
Dylan R. Faith
Mya Asanti Ferguson
Alina Fiodarava
Daniel Edward Foglia, Jr. SCL
Jade C. Foster
Alexander M. Francis SCL
Olivia F. Furia SCL
Georgina G. Garcia MCL
Israel Felipe Gonzalez
Jody Sherice Grant
Roderica B. Gyamfi CL
Ashley Leigh-Ann Hall SCL
Aliyah Hiciano CL
Luke Rogers Hollowood
Abu Hughifa Hossain CL
Jackson Christopher Howell
Arianna H. Ingraffia CL
Vladjann Reneé Jean-Baptiste MCL
Alyce Renay Johnson
Lauren Olivia Johnson MCL
Hannah Saika Joseph CL
Joshua M. Kane CL

Zahra A. Khan
Cierra King SCL
Zach Joseph Kochan
Ayda Kolakji
Johnna Anne Kollar SCL
Juliet Koszelak CL
Gregory M. Lachar
Jordan Thomas Landau
Fatima Lee
Wenting Liu SCL
Jeanne Marie Longworth
Anabelle F. Lopez MCL
Skylar Elizabeth Madden
Megan Marie Malloy
Joshua Kwame Manu-Tawiah
Hiylee-isses Marie Marte
Camilla T. Marzella CL
Bethany Joy Mastan SCL
Christopher McCarthy
Alexis Irene McQuade SCL
Qaeed Yasir Mir MCL
Yoanna Emel Moawad MCL
Jada K. Moncrieffe
Jasmine Marie Montalvo MCL
Mirelys Montano CL
Shane T. Morton CL
Emma R. Moynihan SCL
Cecilia Earlene Myott CL
Hunter Nauman SCL
Roshelle A. Nelson
Alexa M. Oliviero CL
Miála Marie Outcalt SCL
Cameron Pembroke MCL

Nyasia Melony Peoples
Elimar Leandra Perez Betances MCL
Salvatore Patrick Puoti
Kiara A. Ramirez Morales CL
Melania Josephine Randolph
Maleigh Ray CL
Carmine James Rivera CL
Abigail Robinson MCL
Vincenzo Paul Roosa
Blake C. Runkle MCL
Lauren M. Russell SCL
Anthony Christopher Santambrosio
Sarah Marie Schneider CL
Courtney E. Shields CL
Aaron Davis Sislowski
Spencer Sullivan Small
Haley Grace Sova
Malea A. Stanton MCL
Haley V. Starzec CL
Jennifer L. Stevens CL
Michael Joseph Tagliafierro SCL
Joanaluz Taveras MCL
Serena Sarika Tiwari
Casey Druccilla Tuero
Anna Mae VanRoy
William Edward Vasoll MCL
Kevin Michael Waltz
Michaela Webb SCL
Albert Joseph Williams CL
Brandon Wong CL
Nichole A. Zambrano
Xin Zhen SCL
Kyla M. Zybczynski SCL

School of Education - BS

Bachelor of Science


Emonty Barnes
Chara Eirene Boston
Brianna Lyn Cross SCL
Marissa R. Echezuria MCL
Matthew Lamar Gamble SCL

Ryleigh Goodrich CL
Karis Ana Granger
Thomas Greaney
Shania I. Guzman CL
Loc Huynh MCL

Charlotte A. Macken
Audrey Mohammed
Chayna Otero
Jennifer Alexandra Peraza
Eve Apatiki Peterson

Jane Frances Place CL
Serenity Ramos
Caseandra Ray-Ann Slater
Zariah Monea Wrancher CL


Connor Anthony Affinito CL
Ivy Annie Alcantara CL
Kevin Frederick Beha
Sarah Blanche Breuer CL
Sheldon Carpenter MCL
Farida Shanney Castillo SCL
Jocelyn M. Childs-Middleton
Katelyn M. Clemons MCL
Saniya Darby
Caileigh Hope Dean MCL
Sarah Marie Engel CL
Tess Alicia Fitzmaurice SCL
Amanda Marie Fowler SCL
Raechel Victoria Frasca MCL

Reilly L. Free CL
Alexandra Rose Garcia MCL
Kaitlyn N. Guity
Madison Elise Hammerle SCL
Lillian E. Hickey
Renee-Alexis Hosier MCL
Megan E. Hunt MCL
Jessica Lynn Hyman
Hillary Jiang
Jace Jisoo Kim SCL
Morgan L. Kyea CL
Gaelle R. Laguerre
Nadieshda C. Langille MCL
Michelle Lin CL

Dalton P. MacDormand Vine MCL
Kathryne Claire Diamse Miranda CL
Katie Marie Moore SCL
Alexis Marie Moseman SCL
Marina Nana MCL
Izabella Veda Om SCL
Amaya Gabrielle Reid MCL
Julianna F. Sgroi CL
Arshiya Kamal Shaikh MCL
Samantha R. Shkaf CL
Laila Melissa Siddiqui CL
Jocelyn Elizabeth Slaughter CL
Jolie P. Stark SCL

Autumn Kaye Stern SCL
Laurie Rachel Stern
Leanna Marie Strang MCL
Alexis N. Suarez SCL
Kayla Elon Terry SCL
Maya Rebecca Thomas
Abigail Rose Toranzo MCL
Samantha R. Vega CL
Taylor Mae Washington MCL
Tatiyana Denise White
Nakisha Alatoya Williams SCL
Jahnyse Leslie-Ann Wilson
Sophie Annika Zampariolo MCL

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity - BA, BS

Bachelor of Arts


Donna Victoria Bell-Tchega CL
Kevin R. Birkeland
Gage Michael Boddery
Hannah E. Brewer CL
Laura Natalia Caltabellotta
Joseph J. Ciaccio
Nasir Collins
Karlee R. Cumoletti MCL

Tiffany Drayton
Billy J. Estapinian CL
Noor Ammar Gravelle
Aaron Michael Grimes
Joseph C. Halasy
Mercedes La'Na Johnson
Samantha Marie Kittle SCL

Faith M. Ludwig CL
Cheyenne L. Mark MCL
Christian Elijah Melecio
Albion Mimini
Katherine Emerson Mittel SCL
Mohab Mergani Omer
Vincent Anthony Pastore CL

Juliana Marie Pirri
Antonia R. Rice MCL
Zachary M. Rizzo MCL
Jared Matthew Strong MCL
Samuel A. Swingruber
Timothy Tsipenyuk
Eric John Warren


Jasmine Dionne Ambrose
Bobby J. Ambush
Lindsey K. Andrews MCL
Matthew Theodore Arcieri
Anthony M. Arocho
Alexander Aspradakis
Thomas R. Augeri SCL
Skylar P. Aviles MCL
Shane M. Barone
Antonio Beltran MCL
Nathan Robert Berkery CL
Katherine E. Bobinski SCL
Cierra Alexis Brady
Jenna Elizabeth Brazie MCL
Emely Cabrera
Taylor A. Capicchioni MCL
Ian Louis Rey Diang Cetro
Michael J. Clahane MCL
Julianne R. Conforti MCL
Kaylee J. Cumberbatch SCL

Jessica Claire Daisak CL
Andrew T. Davenport CL
Briana M. Davis MCL
Rian Margaret Davis SCL
Carson Christopher Demyer
Samuel J. Eisenberg
Conner Christian Fingar MCL
Christopher J. Fisher
Tyler Matthew Flood MCL
Douglas J. Flug
Harrison Ward Fontaine SCL
Michael Francis Furch
Nathan C. Genevick
Griffin Charles Ghiraldini CL
Erin D. Golden SCL
Isaiah Harris SCL
Thomas P. Heller MCL
Arizona A. Houston CL
Devishti Jainarain MCL
Taylor Lynn Laduke

Jordy L. Leonardo
Christian E. Lewis
Emily A. Lynch
Tyler J. Mack
Thomas H. Magnan
Colin James Mance CL
Eric W. Marsden SCL
Frank A. Massa CL
Natasha K. Mather MCL
Edward J. McGuire CL
Ryan T. Meyer
Avery Daniel Middendorf SCL
Kathleen M. Miller MCL
Zachary B. Miller
Michael G. Mkrtichian MCL
Briana Neira
Jacob G. Nelson MCL
Ashley Margaret Obando MCL
Deirdre D. Occhino SCL
Ashley A. O'Keefe

Dylan Scott Olson MCL
Richard F. Otero CL
Curtis K. Paul MCL
Noah Ramon Pena
Jonathan Berk Polat
Brianna Krystal Roman SCL
Jordan R. Schroeder
Garry Sealey
Sa'Mya Carolyn Sewell
Maya Charlene Elizabeth Shah MCL
Zachary S. Silverman CL
Addison T. Simone CL
Alondra M. Sostre CL
Mitzu Jeannedy Surpris
Myla Cheyenne Swahlan SCL
Natalie M. Tedesco CL
Brendan Patrick Towne
Nicholas Weber
Nickolaus Alexander Wilson

Bachelor of Science


Efemena Philip Ageh
Nawsheba Shahrin Ahamed
Abdalkhadir Abdrahman Ahmed MCL
Kazi Ehsan Uddin Ahmed CL
Harrison Joseph Arnold SCL
Zachary John Ashdown MCL
David Ayala SCL
Anthony Joseph Barone
Rebecca Shannon Bieber
Samuel A. Biskup SCL
Ratu O. Bolenaivalu
Jarod A. Brooks CL
Brendan Patrick Connaughton
William S. Cook
Christopher Benjamin Cruz
Eliot B. Daks
Nicole Courtney Dayter CL
Arianette M. Diaz Ortiz SCL
Samuel Alexander Dolled CL

Adam Francis Dumas
Taryn Alicia Edwards
India Charm Esaw CL
Sean Ferris
Matthew Joseph Galletta
Connor Matthew Gates SCL
Lee Guzman CL
Elijah O'Neil Haynes
Jefferson Huang
Gilbert Karugu
Ahsen Khan
Eren Kilic
Soo Min Kim
Austin J. Komorsky MCL
Tyler Lange SCL
Shinwoo Lee
Clayton Joseph Leisenfelder
Kenneth Y. Liang
Jamari Lyndell Linen CL

Darren Liu
Joel Lussier
Charles E. MacGowan IV
Amal Malik SCL
Haiying Man SCL
Michael Joseph Martiniello MCL
Amel Mathew
Alex Dan Morales MCL
Andrew J. Mullen
Joseph D. Mullen
Nicholas Joseph Nelson
Alexander James Newell-Powers
Collin John O'Neill
Robert Abel Panduro Vasquez
Christopher A. Pearce
Brandon Perez
Bradon Raul Phillips CL
Dean Frederick Poeth SCL
Michael Patrick Preusser SCL

Tahmidur Rahman
Kyle Ratan
Tom Reeves SCL
Adeen Rehman SCL
Eric Victor Riemer MCL
Nicholas Savino
Jaskarn Singh Sekhon
Manny Shapir MCL
Charles G. Sidoti SCL
Karamvir Singh
Komael Raza Syed
Keontae Isiah Trotman
Matthew Thomas Vines MCL
Austin M. Walrath
Jared M. Whitford
Jason Zhang SCL
Brenton Ziehm
Umar Ali Zulfi SCL


Muniratu Abdulai
Michael Richard Accavallo CL
Hallie Nicole Adams
Oluwadamisi S. Akintayo
Rafal M. Aljumaili CL
Oscar James Alvarez
Michael Annella
Michalis Antoniades SCL
Amaechi Ifeanyichukwu Sobenna Anyene MCL
Christopher Donald Arcoleo
Stanley Oduro Asamoah
Enoma J. Asemota
Jonathan Alexander Barcher CL
Vincent Arthur Barikyan
Emmanuel O. Berkoh CL
Kori Anita Bowers
Meredith Bradley SCL
Amani Burke
William P. Burke
Jacob Riley Campbell
Jay Victor Carbone
Samantha Frances Carollo MCL
Adam William Carroll SCL
Kaitlyn W. Chan CL
Aidan James Clough MCL
Ryan Anthony Coulombe MCL
Jacob Coveney
Shannon P. Crowley MCL
Michael Joel Danquah SCL
Nicholas P. Davison MCL
Rashaun Dawkins SCL
Gent Demaj SCL
Luke Sullivan DeRizzo

Junia Doccy CL
Natania Donkorleh SCL
Kareem H. Elgamel SCL
Nakaela K. Elliott
Argyle R. Feliciano
Briana Ferrera
Michael Robert Fields SCL
Jonathan H. Foley
Bridget Foster SCL
Anthony Jay Fusco
Thomas Gade MCL
Matthew Gardner MCL
Nicholas R. George
Patrick E. Giannini MCL
Nicholas Hunter Gormally
Michael K. Greene SCL
Elianna Herrera CL
Cahsim Aquil Hill
Quinn G. Hosgood CL
Reese A. Hosgood MCL
Inul Huda CL
Usma Ul Husna MCL
Joseph Anthony Iavarone
Jahirul Islam CL
Robert Attillo Jackson
Liam Nicholas Jakowiw
Lucia Elizabeth Johnson SCL
Eric Robert Karaszewski MCL
Cameron John Karic CL
Shawn Patrick Kelly SCL
Azeem Ahmad Khan
Elizabeth Bryanah Kidd
Artem Kobylyanskyy SCL
Liron Kofman MCL

Hermann Evrard Kouamelan
Christopher Jason Kurdi SCL
Charisen Langlois MCL
Duy Le CL
Sean Lehey
Nicholas J. Leone
Jason Li SCL
Kathleen Elizabeth Liberty
Madison Paige Liebman
Chelsea Lojano CL
Tyler J. Loucks
Ram Madani SCL
KimberlyAnne McCarron
Ehden Josephine Medina SCL
Sheira Guadalupe Medrano
Justin Walker Miller
Thomas Douglas Moccia CL
Ricardo Stanley Mondesir
Alex Morales
Joseph Michael Moscato
James W. Murphy
Majed Mofaddal Murshed MCL
Matthew John Narusky
Shivangi Nayak MCL
Clara Ng
Noel Omar Nieves SCL
Christian Nikaj SCL
Christopher Nolan MCL
Nasir Ahmad Noori
Mohammad Nouri
Gerdier Nuesi
Tony Nwaneri
Kasey Rose O'Brien CL
Moyinoluwa O. Olowoniyi

Justin E. Parker
Janavi Parthipan CL
Nil P. Patel CL
Michael Pavinski CL
Nicholas R. Petramale
James Ryan Raggio
Kadeem Reid CL
Natalie Marie Robinson MCL
Colin T. Rooney
Tirrell Rose CL
Christopher Roux SCL
Denilson Saez
Brandon R. Sanders
Gianna M. Scarzafava
Dennis Kwaku Serbeh
Nipun Sethi SCL
Casey L. Sheridan-Smith
Darrius Benjamin Simmons
Olivia Ann Stgelais
Stephen George Strawgate
Victoria Elizabeth Taylor
Elijah C. Terrell
Daniel J. Thomas
Matthew Ross Thomas CL
Andrew Patrick Umbria
Sophia Rose Vieni CL
Joseph R. Ward
Jordan Warno CL
Keith V. Westerling
Raymond White SCL
Jack Connor Williams
Jacky Wu SCL
Aleksei Zaichenko MCL

College of Engineering & Applied Sciences - BA, BS

Bachelor of Arts


Aidan Hayes CL
Justin Thomas Howard
Gregory E. Lahens


Nabiha Ahmed MCL
D'Andre Carlyle Campbell
Julian R. Dorman CL
Gaia P. Kannan
Dylan Patrick Moran

Bachelor of Science


Brianna Adams
Darlington Ofosuhene Agyekum
Michael Annese
Hussnain Azhar CL
Duckhawn Baek
Joseph Thornton Blaauboer MCL
Stephanie A. Cain
Yulong Chen
Jesse Daniel Clegg
Travis Collins
Ryan M. Dawson MCL
Justin Deng CL
Peter Thomas Dipalma CL

Kyle Thomas Edwards SCL
Jake A. Eidelkind
Moemen A. Elmegahed SCL
Taha Ahmad Farooq
Igor Mikhail Valentin Glebov
Joshua Julian Gonzalez
Deshawn Hayes
Angela T. Huang CL
Raj K. Jagrup
Sai Vishnu Anudeep Kadiyala MCL
Ian Michael Kerr
Kumar Khalikaprasad
Seonye Kim

Nixon Kwok SCL
Joseph La Bianca
Danielle LaMotto CL
Kyle Mikael Cecilio Lee SCL
Nicholas R. Leong
Jiasheng Liang
Steven A. Maggio SCL
Salvatore S. Mannino
Brian Joseph McCorkle
Devin P. O'Brien MCL
Sean Matthew Orner
Daniel J. O'Rourke
Edward Luke Riley

Jose Daniel Salgado
Samantha J. Schaeffler MCL
Cynthia Francis Sengabo
Hafez J. Serdah CL
Amesha Priyanka Shamraj CL
Amritpal Singh
Abhinav Singhal SCL
Brian Stuart
Hassib Joseph Tleiji
Keenen M. Topple
Tiffany Wong
Daniel Yee SCL
Nicholas J. Zukaitis


Kareem Hashim Abdeltawab, Jr.
John P. Aliprantis MCL
Kiran Aziz SCL
Mark P. Bahor
Farid A. Barak
Kellen R. Bavis SCL
Thomas John Birkholz IV
Kaleb William Bogardus
Jahnavi Bonagiri SCL
Ugnius R. Brilinkevicius
Peter Buonaiuto SCL
Andrew Carvajal
Mazin Chater SCL
Tobin J. Cherian
Matthew Cheung MCL
Joshua Shua Cho SCL
Jillian J. Cipolla
Mason Andrew Digaudio
Arnold Joseph Discorsi SCL
Paris Jade Evereth
Jan Karl Fornolles Galia MCL
Rukayat Abimbola Ganiyu
Jilong Gao

Abhrajit Ghosh
Brian Noe Gonzalez Vasquez SCL
Sean David Hotelling
Jianxiang Huang SCL
Yunrui Huang MCL
Youssef Jalwaj-Soubai SCL
Edrisa Jobe
Adelson Sky Jules, Jr.
Alexander Karampelas
Abid Adnan Khawaja MCL
Alexander Roswell Lesky CL
Kaiyi Li
Brianna Elizabeth Lossow
Yifan Lu
Yuriy Luchnikov
Derren Patrick Lyons
Malik Shamar Maitland
Max Manier SCL
Connor McGarvey
Logan O. Mead CL
Matthew Melendez
Amit D. Merchant

Arica Nicole Miller SCL
Ayman Taher Mohamed SCL
Mariela Monterroso
Vivianna Murphy MCL
Nicholas Alexander Mustico
Hiroaki Ellis Nakahara CL
Ambroise Lumanikio Ngayinoko
Maduabuchi Chukuebuka Okolo
Izabella Ingrid Palange MCL
Jebadiah E. Parillo CL
Darshan J. Patel MCL
Sydney N. Pennington
Maria De La Luz Peregrina MCL
Jaden S. Pharoah
Ryan Daniel Porter
Yueheng Qiu CL
Abdullah A. Qureshi SCL
Alexis Reyes
Jonathan Michael Rhea MCL
Alexander Rotariu MCL
Emir Sahin MCL
Joseph August Saline

Christian R. Schmidt CL
John Thomas Seidenberg
Alexander B. Shapiro CL
Jin Long Shi
Imani Alana Sinclair
Brian Sorrentino
Owen Sterling
Alden James Strafford MCL
Alistair Clement Ozaraga Talaboc CL
Ekow Odapagyan Thompson CL
Brandon Tiev MCL
Alexander Maxwell Urmaza SCL
Sean Thomas Vassi
Yuhao Wang CL
Logan R. Weiner CL
Zachary T. Weller
Tiler Albert Williams
Mason Emmet Wolfe
Jason Wong MCL
Ethan J. Wrobel MCL
Zhen Xu MCL
Liuhuan Zhang CL

Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy - BA

Bachelor of Arts


Joshua Graham Abel
Nadine Yareb Al Annabi SCL
Arianna Taylor Aman
Oswaldo Ivan Arias-Sorto
Joseph Baird CL
Jack Bestler CL
Brendann Pepitz Le Blanchard
Daniel T. Brathwaite
Kevin D. Bunyea
Michelle Castellanos-Ojeda
Matthew Richard Cooney
Nathaniel A. Depaul MCL
Katherine Elizabeth Dixon MCL
Sonia M. Dyson

Abigail Linnea Evans SCL
Leslie Fuentes Mejia MCL
Natalia Garcia Perez SCL
Jayson Alexander Gayle
Gabriel Vinson Girault CL
Kaleb Robert Goodwin
Amanda Grace Gossin CL
Peyton Chandler Gouzien
Anthony Luke Grattan
Sabrina Damicka Hawkins
Christian M. Hollins CL
Aung K. Hset CL
Nazafat Jarrin MCL
Theodore Christopher King

Fatma M. Labeb
Yari Angely Laboy
Tsering Lhakyi
Mark Alexander Marinkovic SCL
Elaina G. Meyer SCL
Luke C. Morello SCL
Htet Naing Oo MCL
Alexandria R. Pandohie CL
Derek M. Perez
Ava S. Pipia MCL
Xanthe V. Plymale SCL
Colton James Repsher MCL
Tytiana Mercedes Richardson SCL

Jean Carlo Rivera
Imari Alyssa Roque MCL
Imani Almenia Saddler MCL
Shaho Kamaran Shwani
Robert James Silberman
Diana M. Slobodian SCL
Kathryn M. Smith SCL
Rebecca Lauren Vinciquerra SCL
Alan James Ward
Jacob K. Weissenburg SCL
Zachary A. Wood
Julia N. Zaremba SCL
Hari A. Zohn


Fadumo Siid Ali
Mariam A. Aliyu
Cristina Maria Aquino MCL
Liberty Jaden Arnold CL
Mahad Arshad
Brianna Louise Bace SCL
Ata Baglam CL
Zainab Bah
Saraiya R. Barclay CL
Carlos Eduardo Barquero
Steven Joseph Belford
Emily Theresa Berkemeyer MCL
Nathan J. Blank SCL
Genevieve M. Bombard
Sean Boylan
Taylor R. Bronson
Anna Catherine Brozycki SCL
Olivia Hallie Cappo SCL
Matthew James Carroll
Sadia Marie Chaudhry
Ashlen Hussen Chevalier MCL
Adam C. Cipriano SCL
Michael L. Clarizio SCL
Kylie L. Cooper SCL
Giuliana N. Crocco SCL
Catherine Louise Devaney CL
Jacob B. Duffy
Cemil Berkan Duran

Rebecca S. Dzuba
Cameron Grace Eder MCL
Holland Renee Fernandes MCL
Sarah Rose Finkelstein SCL
Nicole Caitlin Galvagni
David Allen Gilbert CL
Ava Elizabeth Green MCL
Kira Mae Gruber SCL
Kevin Anthony Guerrero CL
Owen Michael Hebert SCL
Tiffani S. Henry
Jerome Nicholas Honey
Calief Housen CL
Tyler James MCL
Alexander Francis Jennings MCL
Andrew Thomas Johnson
Sydney Jones
Natalia Rose Joslyn
Nicholas S. Kalogridis
Danielle Kaminski CL
Eleftheria Katsani MCL
Melanie Zhaolin King
Kamryn Niane Kinlow
David Benjamin Lackowitz CL
Isabella LaForte
Heather Jean Lipsky CL
Taylor Renee Listovitch
David Loparco MCL

Nalani Ishana Marzan SCL
Abby J. Mason SCL
Colin Albert Mattera MCL
Michael Maynard SCL
Erin M. McAliney SCL
Eamon Douglas McAuliffe
Jonathan T. Q. Moore
Elizabeth Alexandra Moreira
Jay Stewart Morwood
Teuta Mujaj MCL
Endia M. Nardi MCL
Zachariah Ali Onkaya-Budak SCL
Teresa Pavia SCL
Liliana Katherine Pena
Khadijah Justice Bria Pereira
Iliana Yanira Perez
Jesse Lawrence Pferr CL
Matthew R. Picciano
Harrison Gunther Polverelli SCL
Christopher Edward Rezny SCL
Abigail Richter SCL
Daniel Rotchford
Alyssa H. Rounds MCL
Alexander Jo Ruffo MCL
Nayeliz Linnette Santiago
Brendan C. Schmidt
Francisco I. Serrano

Nicholas T. Shannon MCL
Anjali Sharma CL
Paul Bernard Sherry III
Julia Katherine Sitors SCL
Victoria P. Smalley SCL
Kyle Joseph Smith SCL
Yehuda Sprei
Samantha Karen Streeter MCL
Aislinn N. Sweeney MCL
Julian Sean Terris SCL
Sadie Thomas MCL
Shraddha Jagdish Tripathi CL
Jack-Nelson Trombley MCL
Derek A. Valladares
Isa Vasquez
Alexa J. Vickery MCL
Nahomi Anahi Vindell MCL
Anthony P. Volpicelli
Markus R. Ward
Ethan C. Warren MCL
Kirsten M. Warth CL
Griffin Wendt MCL
Erica Nicole Whitman SCL
Dorcia S. Williams CL
Madison R. Wortman MCL
Julia Christine Yount
Alina Zulina SCL

School of Public Health - BS

Bachelor of Science


Giuliana Atzeni CL
Toni-Ann Ashara Bailey
Tanesha Leilani Brewster
Jamel Lancelot Cayard

Ehi Ceokharedia
Derek Coolidge Clegg CL
Chinwe Ezeilo SCL

Lynne Nwanneka Gbadamosi
Brandon James
Hui Ma

Leah C. Rivera CL
Tyese H. Sumpter
Gisandry Vargas


Sebah Alak SCL
Sanai J. Augustin
Felicia Avevor MCL
Ariana Elizabeth Ball
Alyce A. Bilello CL
Renee A. Clarke
Erica Lorena Cruz
Kayla I. Desmornes

Rhorianne Kerissa Foster MCL
Natasha I. Fowler-Varon CL
Laila G. Girgis MCL
Samantha M. Guerra SCL
Ahmed M. Hassan
Irene Kyei MCL
Brianna Ledesma Burgos
Julia R. Lewis SCL

Hannah Louise Mangan CL
Lauren M. Matter MCL
Shaniya Genesis Morrison MCL
Mame B. Ndiaye MCL
Olasubomi Boluwatife Ojo
Melissa Pierre CL
Rebecca Robinson MCL
Dulce Maria Rodriguez CL

Christina Rust CL
Puneet Kaur Singh MCL
Joseph Francis Sireci MCL
Audrey Irene Smith MCL
Alexa Starr SCL
Jocelyn Rose Vititow MCL
Eva Marie Voltz CL
Bracie Belle Vose CL

School of Social Welfare - BS

Bachelor of Science


Madison J. Coppola
Katilyn Nellis MCL
Eseka Nyamaa


Jessica Abriel SCL
Sarah Behan SCL
Madison Amaya Clark CL
Fatima Contreras-Pacheco
Tanairy Alanis Dehoyos CL

Diana Abdielis Del Rosario SCL
Casey L. Dickeson MCL
Crista Ilinca Edroi MCL
Sydnie Inosia Jean-Noel SCL
Julie JooHee Jeong

Janiva Kemp MCL
Ilaysha Sharianna Peterson
Isabella Marie Ramos
Aaron A. Saia SCL
Tameka Shekeba Sergeant

Esther N. Sigal MCL
Luis Vazquez CL
Kateri Grace Vumbaco SCL
Ella Corinne Wicks CL

University-Wide Interdisciplinary Studies - BA

Bachelor of Arts


Sandra E. Hernandez

Latin Honors for degree candidates were computed using the cumulative grade point average as of April 2023 and a projection that the student will have completed 56 or more credits at the University at Albany, including a minimum of 40 University at Albany credits graded on the A-E basis. Official Latin Honors status will be recalculated when semester grades are recorded and will appear on the diploma.


Students holding flags from their countries at commencement.
Flag Bearers

The following students have the honor of carrying international and local flags representing members of the graduating class:

Ata Baglam
Shannon Bailey
Marwa Benzouina
Dajeong Choi
Claudia Christensen Garrido
Vinicius Rodrigues Giannaccini
Alice Helene Haegerstrand
Sai Vishnu Anudeep Kadiyala
Duy Le

Giuliano Lucca
Sheel Narsaria
Akeha Nishii
Htet Naing Oo
Frances Pagadora
Julie Gaby Danyelle Rodijk
Zhehan Zhang
Daiki Wakabayashi

Purple & Gold Student Ambassadors

Purple & Gold Student Ambassadors are comprised of a select group of students who represent UAlbany at high-profile functions, serving as ambassadors for UAlbany to its multiple constituencies. Listed below are members who are graduating this Spring.

Josette Fortes, B.S., Digital Forensics & Psychology

Michelle George, B.S. Business Administration

Fiona Hernandez, B.A. Journalism

Katelyn Jacobs, B.S. Criminal Justice 

Amanda M. McElheran, B.S. Biology

Christopher A. Padilla, B.S. Digital Forensics

Bryana L. Rogers, B.A., Communication

Astor B. Singh, B.A. Communication


Class of 2023 Memories

Four female students in regalia on campus.
Congratulations and welcome to the University at Albany Alumni Association!

For more than 150 years, the University at Albany Alumni Association has been keeping alumni connected – to each other and to their alma mater.

The UAlbany community extends well beyond the campus, with alumni in every state and more than 120 countries. We urge you to tap into the power of this 197,000-strong network! All UAlbany graduates are automatically considered members of the UAlbany Alumni Association.

There are many services and programs offered to you, including the UAlbany Career Advisory Network (UCAN), Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) and affinity-based programs that will help you stay connected to the groups you participated in as a student. Our engagement opportunities are modified for virtual platforms, too – so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the perks of your most valuable network.


Alma Mater

UAlbany Video


"College of the Empire State"

College of the Empire State,

Mother of an army great,

Thou the molder of our fate,

Thee we sing today.

Thine the hand with clasp so strong,

Holding tho' the years be long,

Thou the burden of our song,

Thee we sing today.

Ways of pleasantness are thine,

Leading where in wisdom's shrine,

Joy and cheer, and hope divine,

Ever dwell for aye.

Thine the voice whose call we hear,

Thine the hand which holds us near,

Thine the heart, so true, so dear,

Cherished, loved alway.

Wisdom's duty heeds thy call,

Ever in Minerva's thrall,

Pass the torch from one to all,

Guide each destiny.

'Neath the Purple and the Gold,

Let thy history unfold,

Sons and daughters, young and old,

Hail to Albany.

Generous Donors & Grateful Students

The success of our students would not be possible without the generosity of our donors.

Alumni, parents, and friends of UAlbany support student success through gifts to scholarships, awards, and prizes. The impact these benefactors have on our students, particularly our graduates, cannot be overstated. Our thoughtful donors create a legacy, inspire others, and prepare future generations of leaders through their support.

View our Great Dane Gratitude page to learn more about our grateful students and the encouragement they received that helped them complete their academic journeys.

Doctoral student at commencement holding a '1st Generation Graduate' sticker.

Class Gift

An annual tradition led by UAlbany’s Student Philanthropy Council, the Class Gift is a way for UAlbany students and parents to give back to UAlbany, serving as a living tribute to great memories, an outstanding education, and a bright future.

This year’s Class Gift supports UAlbany Cares, which encompasses our need-based programs on campus such as the Purple Pantry, Purple Threads, and the Student Emergency Fund. Members of the graduating class who made a gift representing their class year received a purple and white generosity cord to wear with their regalia to symbolize their gift to future Great Danes … purple because they are forever a Great Dane, and white for being a Proud Donor.

Donors listed are as of May 5, 2023.


Hadeer Ahmed
Hiba Ahmed
Tasnim Ahmed
Andrea Akers
Olivia Albano
Madison Albright
Fadumo Ali
Bobby Ambush
Amaechi Anyene
Camila Ardila
Dakarai Arnold
Sean Asaeda
Charlotte Ashley
Brianna Bace
Amber Bailey
Dominique Bailey
Jaclyn Bartell
Christina Beegle
Alexis Bennett
Tiffany Bernot
Katie Bohart
Genevieve Bombard
Richel Boroh
Karly Boyd
Meredith Bradley
Lillian Brandes
Evan Breau
Sarah Breuer
Taylor Brooks
Lamar Brown
Matthew Bruitcher
Tiffany Camp
Violette Canelli
Deina Carbonara
Adam Carroll
Andrew Carvajal
Ian Cetro
Kaitlyn Chan
Rebecca Chartier-Hobson
Gunter Chow
Maya Clarke
Aniya Coleman
Josie Conti
Abigail Cowan
Noah Crane
Claire Crino
Gabriel Criscuolo
Rebecca Cropsey
Leslie Cruz
Christina Cucinotta
Elliot Cudjoe
Brooke-Lyn Daniels
Saniya Darby
Abir Das
Shawn Davies
Nahimat Dawaod
Ryan Dawson
Isabella De la Vega
Julianna Defeo
Victoria Dejesus
Madeline Denehy
Karleke Dennis
Damini Devpura
Casey Dickeson
Amber Rose Dilorenzo
Ishan Dosi
Farah Douglas
Tyler Durivage
Michael Dushanin
Dana Duvalle
Rebecca Dzuba
Christia Edwards
Moemen Elmegahed
Sarah Engel

Gabrielle Esposito
Anthony Favre
Mya Ferguson
Williemae Fiddemon
Doneida Finley
Peter Fleischer
Gwladys Foko
Kierra Foster-Bagley
Michael Furch
Joseph Gaglia
Nicole Galeano
Nicole Galvagni
Monica Gandara
Deven Gantt
Patrick Giannini
Jazzmin Gibson
Gabriel Girault
Laila Girgis
Rachel Giroux
Mae Goh
Amanda Golloub
Spencer Gorman
Abdou-Ganiou Gountante
Keanu Gouvea
Christian Grizzle
Samantha Guerra
Jayleen Guichardo
Kaitlyn Guity
Heather Guzman
Jancarlos Guzman
Ellen Hahne
Joshua Halliday
Stephanie Halloran-Doherty
Ann Hauser
Grace Heeps
Tiffani Henry
Hannah Hepp
Fiona Hernandez
James Hiciano
Nicholas Hickok
Tiffany Hoang
Heather Hoff
Jillian Hooper
Brooke Horowitz
Arizona Houston
Kevin Jackson
Gustin Jacques
Zian Jaffery
Nina James
Tyler James
Nazafat Jarrin
Hillary Jiang
Elena Johnson
Jalen Jones
Erik Jones
Sydney Jones
Natalia Joslyn
Sammuel Juste
Danielle Kaminski
Alexander Karampelas
Kamara Kelly
Jonathan Kelly
Aaron King
Zanin Klapija
Justin Kozlowski
Emily Krompier
Benjamin Kuettel
Nikhita Kumar
Ian Kundel
Kelli Kunick
Emmanuella Kwason
David Lackowitz
Kimani Lafond

Melissa Lalonde
Andriana Lamendola
Grace Leader
Jenelle Leon Saravia
Jordy Leonardo
Lucy Lerman
Wing Leung
Zhuoxi Li
Michelle Lin
Christine Linton
Taylor Listovitch
Kathleen Lustin
Morgan Lynn
Melissa Mack
Samantha Marasciulo
Sharmaine Marquez
Michael Martiniello
Tamiyah Massey
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Confetti falling on robed students at the commencement ceremony
About UAlbany
University Officials May 2023

John B. King, Jr.

SUNY Board of Trustees

Merryl H. Tisch, Chair
Cesar Perales, Vice Chair 
Joseph W. Belluck 
Courtney E. Burke ’96 
Alexandria Chun
Eric Corngold 
Marcos Crespo
Robert J.  Duffy 
James Haddon
Keith Landa
Eunice A. Lewin 
Stanley S. Litow 
Edward Spiro 
Cary F. Staller 
Camille Joseph Varlack
Christy Woods

The University at Albany Council

Michael J. Castellana ’84, ’92, Chair 
Robert P. Balachandran, Esq. ’88 
Matthew Batchker, Graduate Student Representative 
Patricia A. Caldwell ’75
Alexander Dawson, Faculty Representative 
Mark Eagan 
John R. Fallon Jr., Esq. ’77, ’81, Vice Chair
James O. Jackson, Ph.D.
Abner JeanPierre ’93 
Selwa Khan, Undergraduate Student Representative 
Stefanos Marcopoulos ’07, ’08, Alumni Representative 

Senior Leadership of the University at Albany

Havidán Rodríguez, President 
Carol H. Kim, Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Mark Benson, Director of Athletics 
Samuel Caldwell, Chief Diversity Officer & Associate Vice President
Michael N. Christakis ’01, ’05, Vice President for Student Affairs 
Melissa Connolly, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Todd D. Foreman, Vice President for Finance and Administration 
Claudia Hernández, Chief of Staff 
Thenkurussi (Kesh) Kesavadas, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Amanda Meleszweski, Chief Campus Counsel
Fardin Sanai, Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of The University at Albany Foundation 
Sheila Seery, Vice President for Government and Community Relations 

Deans of the University at Albany

Jeanette Altarriba, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Mary Gallant, Interim Dean, School of Public Health        
Virginia Goatley, Dean, School of Education 
Robert P. Griffin, Dean, College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security & Cybersecurity 
Michele Grimm, Dean, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences 
Carey Hatch, Interim Dean, University Libraries 
JoAnne Malatesta ’99, ’08, Vice Provost & Dean, Undergraduate Education 
Julie Novkov, Interim Dean, Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy 
Victoria M. Rizzo, Interim Dean, School of Social Welfare 
Nilanjan Sen, Dean, School of Business 
Gilbert A. Valverde, Vice Provost, Global Strategy & Dean, International Education
Kevin J. Williams, Vice Provost & Dean, Graduate School 

Our history

The University at Albany has a rich history dating back more than 175 years.

In 1844, a "normal school" was founded in Albany to train teachers for a rapidly growing population. For nearly 50 years, the Normal School provided a two-year education to students from across the state.

By 1890, the evolving school system in New York required a new approach to teacher training. The Normal School gradually made changes: a four-year program, new curricula, new faculty and new standards for student enrollment.

In 1914, the institution officially became known as the New York State College for Teachers — one year after the figure of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, first appeared on the University seal. The New York State College for Teachers focused exclusively on training secondary school teachers, within the context of a liberal arts curriculum. Over the years, the College attracted a strong faculty with a majority holding doctoral degrees.

By 1962, the College had earned national distinction and the State University of New York system of higher education underwent a rapid expansion in response to rising needs. The College joined the system as one of four University Centers and became a broad-based public research institution.

Today, the University at Albany is a major public research university where over 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with top-ranked faculty to conduct major research and scholarship in a wide range of disciplines.

To learn more about UAlbany's history, visit the University Archives.

Our symbol of excellence

Since the University at Albany's beginnings as the New York State Normal College, Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, has been the institution's enduring symbol.

The figure of Minerva and the Latin motto “Sapientia et sua et docendi causa” — which means “Wisdom, both for its own sake and for the sake of teaching" — have appeared on the University seal since about 1913.

Today, Minerva, wearing her distinctive helmet, continues to symbolize the University's proud past and long-standing reputation for educational excellence.

The University’s 7-foot white plaster statue of Minerva dates to 1888. There’s no official record of the purchase but remembrances have it that the statue was funded by $1 make-up exam fee.

The Minerva statue was originally located at the New York State Normal College’s Willet Street campus but, when a devastating fire broke out in the college’s administrative offices in 1906, a brave custodian named Charles Wurtham rescued the statue from the burning building.

The statue was later relocated to the rotunda at Draper Hall, where she lived for six decades. It became a popular meeting place for students, who often used the phrase "Meetcha at Minnie."

The Class of 1967 moved the statue from the downtown campus to the new main campus in 1966 and paid for Minerva’s refurbishment as a gift to the University. The class named themselves the "Guardians of Minerva."

The Minerva statue was rededicated in 1987. Today, she graces the lobby of the Science Library.

A white plaster statue of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom


Commencement Colors

The colors indicative of the various fields of learning are as follows:

Arts (Liberal Arts), Humanities, Letters (Literature): White
Commerce, Accountancy, Business: Drab
Communication Studies: Silver Gray
Economics: Copper
Education: Light Blue
Engineering: Orange
Environmental Studies: Russet
Fine Arts: Brown
Journalism: Crimson
Library Science, Information Management: Lemon Yellow
Music: Pink
Philosophy: Dark Blue
Public Administration, Public Policy: Peacock Blue
Public Health: Salmon Pink
Social Science, Natural Science: Golden Yellow
Social Work: Citron