Alumni Feature: Adelson Jules, Computer Science

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Adelson Jules, CS Alum

“CNSE wasn't just about leveraging existing knowledge; it was an immersive learning experience."


Albany, NY (2024): --Adelson Jules graduated from UAlbany's College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering (CNSE) program in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. From a young age, Jules has been passionate about technology, which has directed his strong work ethic and goals throughout his life. Now, as a successful Lead Quality Software Engineer at United Health Care, Jules has a desire to give back to college students.


How have UAlbany’s CNSE programs helped you to succeed in your career?

UAlbany equipped me with the skills to work effectively and efficiently in my new role where I enjoy a supportive environment, one which encourages innovation and experimentation, a positive environment that aligns with my beliefs in benefiting people's lives. I cannot discount the invaluable problem-solving capabilities I honed during my time at UAlbany. In my senior year, both the Software Engineering and Capstone courses significantly enhanced my team collaboration skills. These courses, coupled with a full academic load, taught us to manage time, delegate responsibilities, and ensure that everyone had an opportunity to contribute and learn. CNSE wasn't just about leveraging existing knowledge; it was an immersive learning experience.

What advice would you give graduating seniors about preparing resumes and applying for jobs?  

With the increasing competition in the job market, early and frequent applications are crucial. It's imperative to showcase a blend of academic achievements, internships, and side projects on your resume. Delve into projects that resonate with potential employers' main points or objectives.

How can a job seeker know they have found the right company to work with?

The importance of determining if your personal goals align with a workplace are essential. United Healthcare's mission centers around enhancing people's lives which aligns with my own personal goal of leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive positive changes in the healthcare sector.

What can freshman and sophomores do to make the most of their UAlbany experience?

I'd urge new students to actively engage with all of their professors throughout each semester. Building relationships with faculty members not only aids academic understanding, but also sets the foundation for valuable professional networking within the tech industry. Making connections throughout your college experience is essential. Never underestimate the power of networking. Many opportunities arise from personal connections. Engage with professors, attend tech conferences, and build a network that can vouch for your skills and character.

As a software engineer and someone who assists students seeking professional experiences, what advice can you offer to current or prospective students to help them grow?  

Given my positive experiences both at UAlbany and within my professional role, I am eager to give back to the student community. So, I would say to current or prospective students that having the right direction is key. For me, I firmly believe that internships play a critical role in securing employment post-graduation. A sentiment that I actively champion within my company. I would encourage students to secure an internship prior to graduation.

We are proud of Adelson Jules and his accomplishments since graduation. His passion for helping others has certainly left an impression on us and we are looking forward to hearing about his future accomplishments in the industry. If you are a current student and have an interest in an internship, consider UnitedHealth Group’s Technology Development Program (TDP). TDP is an exemplary internship-to-job program, a 10-week summer internship or semester-long co-op currently seeking students in computer science, engineering, technology and more. Alums, want to see your accomplishments showcased? Contact us at [email protected]. Are you a prospective student interested in our CS program? Contact [email protected].

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