Open Recreation Basketball

Due to construction on the PE courts there is no Open Rec basketball at this time. 

Headspace Guided Meditation

Guided meditation apps are a great way to destress, remain grounded, and support resilience wherever you are! Headspace is no exception to the list of amazing apps. Participate in the daily meditation theme or focus on a more specialized practice. The app even has varying length movement sessions or workshops inspired by the NBA and WNBA to foster a performance mindset!

American College of Sports Medicine Activity Guide

The American College of Sports Medicine has created a quick guide on how to maintain a physically active lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide includes indoor, outdoor, and strength training activities! It also provides extra precautions you can take to stay safe throughout your workouts.  

National Academy for Sports Medicine Body-Weight Workout

Body-Weight workouts are all the buzz! You only need YOU for an amazing workout that incorporates core, balance, and resistance-training elements. Check out this workout and more offered through the National Academy for Sports Medicine.

CDPHP Cycle Program

Still on campus or in the capital region? You are eligible to register free of charge for CDPHP Cycle program allowing anyone with a UAlbany ID card to use the program’s bikes at no charge through at least November 2022. The arrangement gives the UAlbany community 24/7 free access to the entire CDPHP Cycle! network of 360 bicycles in Albany, Cohoes, Saratoga, Schenectady and Troy. Bikes are available from April through November. 15 new bicycles will be available on the Uptown Campus for students, faculty and staff through the bike share program. The 15 CDPHP bikes on the Uptown Campus will be initially stationed at Collins Circle, Empire Commons and the Campus Center. The Campus Center station is operational now through the end of this riding season in November, while the other two locations will be installed in early Spring 2020.To register for the bike share program, CDPHP Cycle, scroll down to "Unlock Your Access", find UAlbany and register using your email address.

Pedestrian & Bike Paths

Whether you're walking, running, or biking we hope you enjoy your time on the UAlbany paths. Please use the following resources to discover the trail(s) that works for you! 

One Mile Loops

Two Mile Loops

5k Loop

Notes: The location of trails shown on this map may change over time. Please check with UAlbany Campus Recreation for updates. 

Trail Safety

Trails are not regularly patrolled. Please use caution and be aware of your surroundings. In case of a injury, or other emergency please call 518-442-3131 (UA Police Department).

Trail Etiquette

1. All trails are multi-use trails.
2. No motorized vehicles are allowed.
3. No trash shall be left anywhere on the grounds, but shall be placed in the proper receptacles where provided.
4. Be courteous and helpful to fellow trail users.
5. Avoid seasonal wet areas on the trails.
6. Use caution and keep right as all trails are two-way.


1. UAlbany policy requires animals to be on leashes at all times.
2. Persons bringing pets or other animals on the path shall keep them on a leash. Leads or leashes used to control animals shall be no longer than 8' in length.
3. Dog excrement will be removed immediately and properly disposed of in a sanitary manner.
4. Please be aware of your dog's behaviors and its effect on others.

Purple Path

While recent construction has altered the well-known perimeter path of the UAlbany loop, the notion of the Purple Path Project lives on. Structured to create "byways" for pedestrians and bicyclists, the Purple Path Project helps to establish a safe and inviting space to the campus and surrounding community. Learn more about the Purple Path Project

Equipment Checkout

Campus Recreation provides UAlbany students, faculty/staff and members with the option of checking out recreational equipment from the Recreation Services Office.  All you need is to bring your UAlbany ID or Campus Recreation Membership Card to the Recreation Services Office! Please note, Day Pass holders are not eligible to check-out equipment.

Campus Recreation is currently not checking out recreation equipment. Please check our social media and website for updates when equipment checkouts will become available. 

Check-Out & Returns

All equipment check-outs are done at the Recreation Services Office located on the main level of the Physical Education Building, (PE) 110A.  Eligible patrons may check-out no more than one of each item.  Equipment checked out through Recreation Services is restricted to use at UAlbany Campus Recreation Facilities (i.e. the PE Building, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, and outdoor field on the UAlbany Campus). 

All equipment checked out through Recreation Services must be returned by the person who checked-out said equipment, and it must be returned by 15 minutes prior to the building closing on the day it was checked out.

Equipment that is lost or damaged will be billed to the patron who said equipment was checked out to. 

Available Equipment

Recreation Services has the following items available for eligible patrons:


Soccer balls



Tennis Rackets
and Balls

Racquetball Rackets
and Balls