Open Recreation Basketball

Jan. 23 - May. 8


Monday - Thursday

11:00am - 12:00pm

7:00pm - 9:00pm


11:00am - 12:00pm

Open Recreation Basketball occurs in the P.E. gym located on the first floor of the Physical Education Building. All participants are required to wear wristbands at all times.

To access this facility, visit the Recreation Services office located outside the gym. The times listed above are the only times Campus Recreation can guarantee access to this facility.

Equipment Checkout

Campus Recreation provides UAlbany students, faculty/staff and members with the option of checking out recreational equipment from the Recreation Services Office.  All you need is to bring your UAlbany ID or Campus Recreation Membership Card!

Please note, Day Pass holders are not eligible to check-out equipment.

Check-Out & Returns

All equipment check-outs are done at the Recreation Services Office located on the main level of the Physical Education Building, (PE) 110A.  Eligible patrons may check-out no more than one of each item.  Equipment checked out through Recreation Services is restricted to use at UAlbany Campus Recreation Facilities (i.e. the PE Building, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, and outdoor field on the UAlbany Campus). 

All equipment checked out through Recreation Services must be returned by the person who checked-out said equipment, and it must be returned by 15 minutes prior to the building closing on the day it was checked out.

Equipment that is lost or damaged will be billed to the patron who said equipment was checked out to. 

Available Equipment

Recreation Services has the following items available for eligible patrons:


Soccer balls



Tennis Rackets
and Balls

Racquetball Rackets
and Balls

Bike Share

The Office of Environmental Sustainability and Campus Recreation have teamed up to provide the UAlbany campus with a bike share program. The bikes can be found at the Recreation Services Office on the first floor of the PE Building and can be rented by UAlbany students, faculty, and staff.

Bike Share Policies:

  1. There is no cost to rent a bike, as long as all policies are followed!
  2. A onetime waiver must be filled out the first time a patron rents a bike for the semester.
  3. Bikes must be returned to the Recreation Services Office the same day it is rented. Bikes must be returned ½ hour before the office closes.
  4. Bikes cannot be reserved for a set time. Bikes are signed out on a first come, first serve basis.
  5. User indemnifies the university and agrees to replacement costs in the case of loss.
  6. User agrees to use bicycle responsibly, according to all applicable laws.

How to Rent a Bike:

  1. Patrons interested in renting a bike must go to the Recreation Services Office located on the first floor of the PE
  2. Patrons are required to show their UAlbany ID card and complete the sign out form.
  3. If it is the patron's first time signing out a bike, they must fill out a waiver as well.
  4. Patrons will be provided with the bike, bike lock/key, and a helmet (if desired).


  1. Patrons will be held responsible for major damages to any bike share items.
  2. If a patron notices damage prior to using the bike, they should notify the Membership Services Representative immediately.
    • Minor Damage: flat tires, brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments. Minor damages are typically a result of normal wear and tear.
    • Major Damage (includes but is not limited to): misalignment of wheels, broken tire frame, bent or broken shifters.
    • Patron's will be charged for replacement parts/repair fees for bikes that are returned with major damage.

Late Returns

  1. Patrons are required to return bikes to the Recreation Services Office 1/2 hour before the office closes. If unsure about return time, patrons should check prior to leaving with the bike.
  2. Patrons will be charged a $15 late fee for bikes that are not returned the day the bike is checked out.
  3. Patrons will be charged an additional $20 per day for every day the bike is not returned.

Missing Bikes, Helmets, & Locks

  1. Patrons who lose a bike, helmet, and/or lock will be charged for the cost of replacement.
  2. Replacement Bike- $250
  3. Replacement Helmet- $40
  4. Replacement Lock- $30
  5. Replacement Key-$15

Bike Share Charges

Patrons who are charged with a Damage, Late Return, or Replacement Fee are required to pay the fee within one week of receiving the fee notice email. Failure to pay the fee within one week will result in a hold being placed on the patron's account. This hold prevents the release of transcripts and diplomas, and prohibits registration for future semesters. Patrons who are charged fees are ineligible to rent bikes until the fee has been paid. Fees must be paid by visiting marketplace, clicking on “Bike Share” and selecting the charges due. If unsure of what charges have accrued, refer to fee notice email, email, or call (518) 442-2627. Payments are monitored, but to release a hold sooner, please notify us at

Pedestrian & Bike Paths

Whether you're walking, running, or biking we hope you enjoy your time on the UAlbany paths. Please use the following resources to discover the trail(s) that works for you! 

One Mile Loops

Two Mile Loops

5k Loop

Notes: The location of trails shown on this map may change over time. Please check with UAlbany Campus Recreation for updates. 

Trail Safety

Trails are not regularly patrolled. Please use caution and be aware of your surroundings. In case of a injury, or other emergency please call 518-442-3131 (UA Police Department).

Trail Etiquette

1. All trails are multi-use trails.
2. No motorized vehicles are allowed.
3. No trash shall be left anywhere on the grounds, but shall be placed in the proper receptacles where provided.
4. Be courteous and helpful to fellow trail users.
5. Avoid seasonal wet areas on the trails.
6. Use caution and keep right as all trails are two-way.


1. UAlbany policy requires animals to be on leashes at all times.
2. Persons bringing pets or other animals on the path shall keep them on a leash. Leads or leashes used to control animals shall be no longer than 8' in length.
3. Dog excrement will be removed immediately and properly disposed of in a sanitary manner.
4. Please be aware of your dog's behaviors and its effect on others.

Purple Path

While recent construction has altered the well-known perimeter path of the UAlbany loop, the notion of the Purple Path Project lives on. Structured to create "byways" for pedestrians and bicyclists, the Purple Path Project helps to establish a safe and inviting space to the campus and surrounding community. Learn more about the Purple Path Project