Group Rentals & Reservations

Campus Recreation offers engaging event options for both campus groups and external organizations.

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Facility Reservations 

Campus Recreation manages a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a dance studio, indoor courts, and outdoor courts and fields.

Both campus groups and external groups may request reservations for our facilities. 

Note: UAlbany’s 5K route is currently under construction and unavailable for reservations.

Request a Reservation
Campus Groups 

Sign into UAlbany’s Event Management System (EMS) to review available spaces. Then, select “Campus Recreation Event Request Form” to request a reservation. 

External Groups 

Open UAlbany’s Event Management System (EMS) and click "Site Home" sign-in instructions. 

Once you have login credentials, click “Site Home” to sign in and review available spaces. Then, select “Campus Recreation Event Request Form” to request a reservation. 

Note: External non-profit organizations may only reserve our facilities if they are issued a revocable permit. 

Reservation Rates
Campus Groups 

Campus organizations, such as student organizations recognized by the Student Association and University departments/offices, are not charged for reserving Campus Recreation spaces. 

However, Campus Recreation Event Staff must be present. Campus Recreation will use information in your reservation request to determine the number of staff members needed for your event. 

Each event staff member costs $15 per hour. 

External Groups 

External groups, as well as student organizations not recognized by the Student Association, are charged an hourly rate for reserving Campus Recreation spaces. 

Facility Hourly Rate
PE 0350 (Dance Studio) $50
Dutch Quad Commons (Sand Volleyball) $25
Liberty Softball Field $75
Non-Varsity Tennis Courts $40
Outdoor Basketball Court A $40
Outdoor Basketball Court B $40
Outdoor Basketball Court C $40
Outdoor Basketball Courts $100
Practice Field $35
Rec Turf 1 $100
State Field East $50
State Field West $50
State Quad Fields $100

Additionally, Campus Recreation Event Staff must be present at all events in our spaces. 

Campus Recreation will use information in your reservation request to determine the number of staff members needed for your event. 

Each event staff member costs $15 per hour. 

Groups must pay a 50% deposit one week before the start of the reservation. The deposit amount will be deducted from the final invoice. 

Reservation Rules

General Rules 

  • Alcohol is prohibited on all Campus Recreation spaces.  

  • Any food must be ordered through UAlbany Dining’s catering service. Outside catering is prohibited by UAlbany’s campus food policy. 

  • If an event’s attendance exceeds the maximum capacity of the space, guests must be turned away or leave. If the group remains above maximum capacity, the event will be shut down and the group will be charged for the duration of the reservation. 

  • Music and other amplified sound must be kept to a volume that cannot be heard beyond the reserved space. 

  • Campus Recreation has the right to shut down the event at any time if the event becomes unsafe and/or if participants are not abiding by Campus Recreation rules and University policies.

  • Events cannot exceed four hours. 

  • Campus Recreation must approve of all recreational equipment to be used in our facilities before the reservation is made. 

Cancellation Rules 

  • Groups that cancel less than one business day before their reservation will be charged for the entire cost of the event. 

  • Groups will not be charged for weather-related cancelations. 

  • Campus Recreation has the right to cancel the event at any time. 

Field Rules 

  • Staking tents and other equipment is prohibited. Groups will be billed for any field damage.  

  • In the event of thunder and/or lightning, all fields must be evacuated. No one may return to the fields until there has been no thunder or lightning for 30 minutes. 

  • Poor field conditions due to inclement weather may result in a cancellation. 

  • Reservations for fields without lights cannot be made after 7 p.m. 

  • Amplified sound is prohibited on fields located on the south side of campus. 

Dance Studio Rules: Access to locked storage and speaker system is prohibited.  

Equipment Rentals 

Campus groups may rent Campus Recreation equipment for any programs or events.

External groups may rent equipment for any programs or events at a Campus Recreation facility.

To request an equipment rental, please complete an Equipment Rental Request Form. There is no fee for renting equipment.

Available Equipment

The following equipment is available: 

  • Basketballs 

  • Soccer balls 

  • Volleyballs 

  • Frisbees 

  • Tennis rackets and balls 

  • Racquetball rackets and balls 

  • Lawn games

Equipment Rental Rules

Equipment must be picked up and returned at Building 511 on the Uptown Campus. Download a campus map. 

Equipment must be returned to the same office on the day it was rented. Please schedule pick-up and drop-off times with Campus Recreation staff. 

When requesting to rent equipment, campus groups must identify a responsible individual. Campus Recreation will bill that person for any damaged or lost equipment. 

Low Ropes Challenge Course 

UAlbany’s Low Ropes Challenge Course is a fun, interactive and safe team-building opportunity available to both campus groups and outside organizations. 

Participants are encouraged to take risks, both personally and as a team — fostering a sense of trust and self-confidence. To successfully complete the course, participants must communicate, cooperate and think creatively.  

Whether your group is coming together for the first time or has been working together for years, we can customize a workshop to meet your needs. 

Reservations & Pricing

Our facilitator-led workshops have limited availability, especially at the start of each semester. We encourage you to request a workshop as early as possible to secure a reservation. 

To request a reservation, please send a completed Low Ropes Challenge Course Request form to [email protected]

Pricing for Campus Groups 

Campus groups are charged $20 per hour.  

Pricing for External Groups 

External groups are charged $20 per person. Checks should be made payable to The University at Albany. 

Parking: External groups will also need to pay for Visitor Parking. There are also several CDTA bus stops on the Uptown Campus. 

Mandatory Medical Release Form

Groups must provide all participants with the mandatory Medical Release Form before the workshop. On the day of the workshop, participants must hand in completed forms before the program begins. 

All information is kept confidential and will not be shared with the group who requested the workshop. It is important that participants provide any medical information that may affect their ability to participate safely. 

Organizers should tell our staff about any known access needs and/or physical limitations to ensure we create a workshop that will include all participants.  

Food & Drinks

Food service — such as continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages — is available for all workshops, for an additional fee.  

Any food must be ordered through UAlbany Dining’s catering service. Outside catering is prohibited by UAlbany’s campus food policy.  

Clothing & Footwear

This is a physically active, outdoor workshop, so participants’ clothes and shoes will likely get dirty. 

We recommend participants dress in comfortable clothing and wear sneakers or hiking shoes. Open-toe shoes are prohibited. 

In the cooler months, we suggest dressing in layers. And sunscreen is always recommended.

Weather Conditions

This is an outdoor workshop. Our staff will review the weather forecast in the week before your workshop and we recommend your group leaders do the same, so we can discuss any concerns or any need to reschedule.

Course Elements

Our non-competitive program follows the Challenge by Choice philosophy. While all members are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, no one is required to participate in any activity. 

Each course element provides a variety of ways for individuals to participate and assist the group in achieving success. There are no failures in these challenges.  

Our course — located near Indigenous Quad on the Uptown Campus — consists of nine Project Adventure Inc. Elements. We’ll select which elements to include in your group’s workshops based on the time frame and goals you identify on the reservation request form.  

Once your reservation is confirmed, our facilitators will reach out to discuss which course elements are available the day of your workshop.