Adam D. Gordon

Adam D. Gordon

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology


Arts & Sciences 246

PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2004

Adam D. Gordon

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Adam Gordon is a biological anthropologist with interests in the evolution of size and shape in non-human primates, modern humans, and our fossil relatives.  His work attempts to identify the relative importance of ecological and social selection pressures in producing the size and shape variation found in living primates at various levels of taxonomic scale, ranging from intrapopulation comparisons within subspecies to phylogenetic comparative analyses across the Order Primates.  Dr. Gordon is particularly interested in identifying sex-specific responses to resource stress in primates, including fossil hominins.  In addition, he is broadly interested in methodological questions related to analyzing variation in incomplete datasets such as those typically associated with fossil and zooarchaeological settings, and has developed new techniques for comparative statistical analysis of hominin fossil and extant primate data.


Interests: Paleoanthropology, primate evolutionary morphology, primate ecology

Areas: Madagascar, Africa, Asia, Neotropics