Kabel Nathan Stanwicks

Kabel Nathan Stanwicks

Senior Assistant Librarian & Head of Access Services
University Libraries
Kabel Nathan Stanwicks

Leveraging AI and user-generated description to enhance library cataloging, search, and discovery  

My current research demonstrates that user-generated social tags in the popular music domain align with the constructs of Name Authority Records (NARs).  

These are the records that libraries and cultural institutions use to describe the people responsible for creating works found in our collections. I would like to present a general overview of this research and discuss the next steps in my research agenda, which will examine how social tags relate to the controlled vocabularies used in NARs, explore the use of artificial intelligence to enhance NARs and library search interfaces, and apply these methods to other knowledge domains. This research has the potential to enhance user search and discovery, while simultaneously reducing the significant resources libraries and cultural institutions invest in creating and maintaining NARs. 

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