Dual Admission with Borough of Manhattan Community College and the University at Albany

The Presidents of UAlbany and BMCC signing the dual admission agreement.

Our Dual Admissions Programs support students by increasing access to the University at Albany. Students attending Borough of Manhattan Community College can seamlessly continue their education at our diverse R1 institution as they work towards completing their bachelor’s degree. 


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  • Prospective BMCC students can opt into this agreement during the admission process or after the initial semester of admission to BMCC. Students who opt in after their first semester at BMCC will follow the same requirements and enjoy the same benefits as those who opted in during the BMCC admission process. 
  • Jointly admitted BMCC-UAlbany students who have completed an applicable Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or select Associate in Applied Science degrees and achieve a minimum GPA of 2.5 at BMCC shall continue at UAlbany upon their graduation from BMCC.  
  • Students who have completed an articulated transfer pathway will be admitted into the corresponding major at UAlbany provided they have completed the required coursework and meet other admissions requirements for those programs.  
  • BMCC students who have not completed an articulated transfer pathway or who would like to pursue an alternative major option at UAlbany will be admitted to UAlbany as declared into their major of interest, provided all program admissions requirements are met. 
  • Transfer credits will be granted for courses in which a student achieves a grade of C- or better. Note that credits transfer, but grades and GPA do not transfer. 

*Whenever possible, BMCC students’ progress will not be affected by revised curricular requirements at UAlbany. 

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Students cheering at a UAlbany basketball game.
  • Dual admit students will receive a UAlbany identification card, which grants them access to use the UAlbany library, attend athletic events, and to participate in UAlbany student activities at UAlbany campuses and other locations.  
  • UAlbany’s academic departments will periodically contact jointly admitted students to provide opportunities to meet faculty and students, participate in departmental activities and become familiar with the UAlbany community. 
  • Dual admit students may also take a cross-registered course in their program of study on-campus at UAlbany in either their second or third semester at BMCC. 
  • Dual admit students will receive priority on-campus housing (this must be requested prior to May 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester). 
  • UAlbany is committed to enrolling students with superior ability and proven achievement. BMCC dual admission students, upon completion of all BMCC degree requirements and with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, will be guaranteed a UAlbany Transfer Merit Scholarship. 

*Scholarships are based on GPA earned at the time of transition to UAlbany. Merit based scholarships are subject to change and exact amounts may vary from semester to semester. All scholarships are awarded on a funds-available basis.  

Student Resources
  • UAlbany will support BMCC students with communication providing personalized information and guidance regarding admissions, financial aid, academic advising, campus life, and more.  
  • Upon completion of the BMCC degree, dual admit students will have junior year status at UAlbany and receive the corresponding advisement and timeslots to register for courses as all UAlbany students with the same number of credits.  
  • During a student’s time enrolled at BMCC, UAlbany will provide a point of contact to help answer questions about UAlbany’s campus and policies; however, while enrolled at BMCC, student advisement will be under the direction of BMCC professional and faculty advisors. 
  • Dual admit students will be assigned a UAlbany transfer transition peer mentor and receive regular communications from their peer mentor to assist in the transition to our campus. 
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