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Start your Army Career at the University at Albany

Charlie Company is located at the University at Albany and is a part of Mohawk Battalion at Siena College.

Army ROTC takes no more of your time than other college courses and counts as credit toward your college diploma. You can take entry level ROTC courses without making any commitment to the military.

In Army ROTC, you'll do stuff that will challenge you both mentally and physically. As you find yourself rappelling from cliffs or leading your team through various obstacles, you'll develop skills you can use throughout your entire life and career. Skills like thinking on your feet, and taking charge and making smart decisions. You will be offered opportunities that your fellow peers will not have such as leading large groups of your peers, traveling across the country for training, volunteering in another country, training with another nation's army, and going to various types of Army schools.

For the latest information on UAlbany's Army ROTC activities, please see our Facebook page:

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We invite you to explore our website and encourage you to contact us with any questions about participating in Army ROTC at the University at Albany.