Women in STEM Education & Careers

In the U.S. today there is a well documented need for highly skilled workers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. Of particular concern is the growing need for technician level workers. The current STEM workforce is comprised largely of men – 73% vs. 27% - with female racial and ethnic minorities comprising only 6.9% of the workforce. While some businesses and professional organizations have identified the recruitment of women to the field as a solution to the demands for worker capacity, the problem of women’s persistent underrepresentation in STEM careers requires a multi-faceted problem-solving approach.

CWGCS is aware of the importance of effective pipelines to STEM careers. Through research on best practices in educational programs that recruit girls into nontraditional education and career programs, and building partnerships and collaborations with girl-serving organizations from the Capital Region and across the state, we are working to build a STEM equity pipeline that addresses and serves the needs of women and girls.


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