Nontraditional Employment & Training Project

The NET Project provides statewide technical assistance to Career and Technical Education institutions that sponsor Carl D. Perkins funded programs for nontraditional career options. The NET Project website provides timely and useful resources to support the mission of building a nontraditional workforce through expanded educational and career opportunities for students. A monthly newsletter, Spotlight, is distributed electronically to a state and national audience.

The NET Project sponsors the Vanguard Award, which recognizes outstanding secondary and postsecondary level students throughout New York State who are enrolled in Career & Technical Education programs that are not traditional for their gender. Held annually since 1993, the Vanguard Awards are presented to four secondary and two post-secondary students. Each year, photos of the finalists and winners are made in nontraditional career posters that are distributed to schools and institutions throughout New York State and the nation. The NET Project also develops and pilots model informal education programs to encourage middle and high school girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) career pathways.

The Net Project is funded by NYSED through a Carl D. Perkins Grant.


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