Information for Faculty

Important Dates & Deadlines

Friday, April 14, 2023: Deadline to submit poster for free printing (optional). Printing instructions were sent to students when their abstract was approved. 

Friday, April 21, 2023: Whova Conference app opens with program and student information 

Thursday, April 27, 2023: Showcase Day 


Volunteer at Showcase Day 

We need volunteers to serve in various roles, including ushers, event assistants and tour guides. Sign up using Engage UAlbany.


Plan Class Assignments 

While most students won’t present on Showcase Day, all students will benefit from attending their peers’ sessions or filling a volunteer role.  

Instructors should plan for a classroom-free, academic day during which students who are not presenting can attend sessions and complete specific assignments that connect class concepts with presentation topics. A final presentation schedule will be released in March 2023.  

Presentations will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 27, 2023, in classrooms typically occupied by Thursday classes. Classes scheduled outside these times may meet as normal. 

Here are some assignment suggestions for students who are not presenting: 

Individual Assignment (100- and 200-level courses)

Identify which presentations and poster sessions are taking place during your normal class meeting time. Ask your students to determine which offerings contain concepts from your course and to select one to attend.

Then, assign one of these two assignments:

Option 1: Ask your students to prepare specific and open-ended questions for the presentation or poster session they have decided to attend.

Option 2: Ask your students to write a short report summarizing the presentation or poster session they decided to attend, identifying the following information: 

  • Title and brief summary of the project
  • Indicate a concept, test or something else relevant to your class
  • Discuss their thoughts on how the project relates to that concept
Individual Assignment (300- and 400-level courses)

If your course includes a semester-long project, ask your students to present at the Showcase during the 20th Annual Student Conference, hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Engagement (CURCE).

CURCE is available to help your students draft their abstracts and create their posters, as well as offer additional guidance to you on your course. Contact CURCE.

If your course does not include a semester-long project, ask your students to attend presentations and/or poster sessions relevant to your course content and provide them with reflection questions to answer.

Group Project (all course levels)

Ask your students to form groups (or place them in teams yourself) and create a poster presentation relevant to a reoccurring theme or topic in your course.

Groups can collectively develop an individual project idea or you can assign each group a specific theme or topic.

Ideally, these projects will translate into presentations and/or poster sessions during next year's Showcase Day. To that end, CURCE is available to help your students draft their abstracts and create their posters, and to offer additional guidance to you on your course. Contact CURCE.

    Volunteering (all course levels)

    In lieu of an assignment or project, ask your students to volunteer as support staff on Showcase Day. They'll gain valuable experience managing logistics and help ensure a smooth day of events.

    Track students' participation using Engage UAlbany.

    A student in a pink button-up shirt leans her elbows on a desk and smiles as she listens to a professor wearing a suit speak inside his office.


    Prepare Students to Present

    Showcase Day is a University-wide event designed to highlight student excellence. It will be formatted like a department symposium or school/college research showcase. 

    Graduate and undergraduate students will have several options to present their work, including: 

    • Poster presentations 

    • Panel or oral presentations 

    • Lab or other research demonstrations 

    • Creative exhibitions or performances 

    Students who are working with a faculty member on a project — as part of a class, lab group, research or creative team, or in a department-sponsored event — are welcome to present. 

    Students can present individually or in groups. A whole class can even present if the work is sufficiently rigorous and of a high academic quality, such as a project that involved extended faculty guidance and review. 

    Student work should represent the culmination of extended research or creative effort. Every presenter’s work must be reviewed and approved by a faculty member to be included in Showcase Day. 

    Students' abstracts will be included in the digital Showcase Day program. Poster printing costs will be covered by the event, as long as students meet the April 14 deadline. 

    Student presenters will benefit by having the opportunity to explain their research and demonstrate their achievements to a wide audience — an experience they can add to their resume. 



    Contact the Showcase Day committee at [email protected].