A Classroom-free Academic Day 

Showcase is designed to be a classroom-free academic day, with in-class activity suspended so students are free all day to present their work and attend others' Showcase Day presentations.

We encourage you to create assignments for students that connect their peers’ research to the content of your classes. Register to attend.

Since most of the Showcase activities will require use of classrooms typically occupied from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a Tuesday, observing the day as a classroom-free academic day will help free up needed space in key areas (such as the Lecture Centers and other Podium classrooms). 

Classes scheduled outside these times can proceed as normal. If you teach in a room affected by Showcase and wish to hold class during the event, please consider using an online format. Or you can contact the Showcase Steering Committee at [email protected] for help finding an alternative class space for the day. 

Faculty Testimonials from Showcase 2023

“For undergraduate and graduate students, Showcase is a time to show off all the hard work that they’ve put in during the year. For faculty, it is a moment to be proud of the tremendous progress that students have made.” — Mitch Aso, Associate Professor, Department of History and Department of East Asian Studies 

“Location and time were perfect — high traffic area in the Podium, middle of the day, we had lots of undergrads as well as high school students attend our posters. ... We will definitely continue to do this instead of our own undergraduate research symposium because the availability of a time when all students are both in session but not in class is too good an opportunity to miss, and it highlights what makes our school special.” — Alan Chen, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry 

“Showcase was a success! I wish we recorded our session — it would have been helpful to show future cohorts of SEED MBA consultants the impact that their efforts are having on the lives of local entrepreneurs. The event certainly showcased the partnership between our MBA students and the local business community.” — Bill Wales, Associate Dean for Research, Standish Chair in Entrepreneurship, Massry School of Business 

“We had two oral presentation sessions with graduate students, and I think they really enjoyed the experience and found it useful. Several faculty from the department were in attendance and offered them some useful guidance for their research. ... For my big undergraduate class, students were required to attend three presentations. ... In their write-ups, several students commented that they enjoyed the experience and learned a lot.” — Joanne M. Kaufman, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology 

A faculty member smiles as he uses his cell phone to take a selfie with two smiling students posed in front of a research poster.


Encourage Student Participation  

Showcase Day is a University-wide event similar to a department symposium or research showcase. Both graduate and undergraduate students may participate through poster presentations, panel or oral presentations, or lab or other research demonstrations. 

Student presenters will benefit from the experience of presenting their research, adding to their resume, and demonstrating their achievements. 

Presenters will be asked to provide an abstract or summary of their work that will be included in the Showcase Day program. They also will have the cost of printing their research poster covered by the event, if applicable. 

Students working with individual faculty on a project, as part of a class lab group or research team, or in a department-sponsored event are welcome to present at Showcase Day.  

  • If you are overseeing individual student work through independent studies, theses or class-based student research projects (undergraduate or graduate), you can involve students through your department’s planned Showcase Day activities.  
  • An entire class may participate as presenters if you consider the work to be of sufficient rigor and academic quality (such as work from a capstone, honors course or similar class work involving extended faculty guidance and review).  
  • If you have graduate students who have recently offered a poster presentation on their research, please encourage them to present this work on Showcase Day. 

Work should be sufficiently developed to represent the culmination of an extended research project or creative effort. Every presenter’s work must be reviewed and approved by a faculty member to be included in Showcase Day.

Review important dates and deadlines for student presenters and faculty sponsors. Access instructions for student presenters.



Plan Class Assignments 

The majority of students will not be presenting on Showcase Day. They can participate and will benefit by attending various sessions and interacting with their peers. We hope to have student raffles and other incentives to engage all students. 

Faculty are encouraged to observe Showcase Day as a classroom-free academic day and assign students to attend Showcase, perhaps with specific assignments to complete. Ideas are included below. 

Individual Assignment (100- and 200-level courses)

Identify which presentations and poster sessions are taking place during your normal class meeting time. Ask your students to determine which offerings contain concepts from your course and to select one to attend. 

Then, assign one of these two assignments: 

Option 1: Ask your students to prepare specific and open-ended questions for the presentation or poster session they have decided to attend. 

Option 2: Ask your students to write a short report summarizing the presentation or poster session they decided to attend, identifying the following information:  

  • Title and brief summary of the project 

  • Indicate a concept, test or something else relevant to your class 

  • Discuss their thoughts on how the project relates to that concept 

The Minerva Center for High Impact Learning offers guidance on reading a research poster and interacting with its author(s), which you may wish to share with your students.

Individual Assignment (300- and 400-level courses)

If your course includes a semester-long project, ask your students to present at Showcase. The Minerva Center for High Impact Learning has online resources to help your students draft abstracts and create posters.  

If your course does not include a semester-long project, ask your students to attend presentations and/or poster sessions relevant to your course content and provide them with reflection questions to answer. The Minerva Center for High Impact Learning offers guidance on reading a research poster and interacting with its author(s), which you may wish to share with your students.

Group Project (all course levels)

Ask your students to form groups (or place them in teams yourself) and create a poster presentation, panel discussion, lightning talks or other presentations relevant to a reoccurring theme or topic in your course.  

Groups can collectively develop an individual project idea, or you can assign each group a specific theme or topic.  

Ideally, these projects will translate into presentations and/or poster sessions during next year's Showcase Day. To that end, the Minerva Center for High Impact Learning has online resources to help your students draft abstracts and create posters.

Volunteering (all course levels)

In lieu of an assignment or project, ask your students to volunteer as support staff on Showcase Day.

They'll gain valuable experience managing logistics and help ensure a smooth day of events, and you'll be able to track students' participation using Engage UAlbany.