A Successful 2023 UAlbany Showcase

Thank you to all who participated and attended!

Award Winners

Save the date for UAlbany Showcase 2024: Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

  • Two students in suits lean over a table with two 3D printers in front of them during UAlbany Showcase.
  • Two students pose for a photo as a professor takes a selfie with them in front of a poster at UAlbany Showcase.
  • UAlbany President Havidán Rodríguez speaks at a podium in front of a room of people inside the University Hall atrium at UAlbany Showcase.
  • A group of students and professors stand in a circle talking inside the University Art Museum at UAlbany Showcase.
  • A quadcopter flies inside a netted arena, while a student in a yellow vest uses remote to control the drone at UAlbany Showcase.
  • Ten students in black and white clothing perform a choreographed dance on a stage at UAlbany Showcase.
  • A student smiles while watching another student play a video game on a desktop computer at UAlbany Showcase.
  • A student standing in front of a poster smiles and puts his palms together as he listens to someone off camera at UAlbany Showcase.
  • Four seated students perform on stage with three string instruments and one woodwind at UAlbany Showcase.
  • A student panelist gestures as he speaks to three other student panelists also seated on the stage at UAlbany Showcase.

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The University at Albany held its inaugural Showcase Day on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

Students shared their research, academic work, experiential learning and creative activities through poster fairs, performances, discussions, demonstrations and exhibitions. The rest of the campus community was invited to watch, learn from and interact with the presenters.

The day-long event highlighted and celebrated student excellence by offering students a chance to share their work with their peers, as well as faculty, staff, prospective students, donors, sponsors, legislators, community leaders, school groups, institutional partners and other visitors from around the Capital Region.

More than 1,500 students participated in over 900 presentations spread across UAlbany's Uptown Campus — demonstrating the many ways UAlbany students Unleash Greatness.

UAlbany Showcase 2023

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Award Winners 

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Department of Economics' Gordon Karp Award

The Gordon Karp Award honors the Department of Economics' most outstanding graduating seniors. The 2023 winners are:

  • Anna Brozycki

  • Jason Chen

  • Kuhyun Kwon

  • Kate Murphy

  • Michael Toro

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering announced the following Showcase Day presentation winners:


Team Members

Presentation Title

Winner for Best Senior Capstone Design

Mazin Charter, Youssef Jalwaj-Soubai, Abdulla Qureshi

Automated Paper Ream Opener

Runner-up for Best Senior Capstone Design Project

Logan Mead, Alex Reyes, Brian Sorrentino, Zhen Xu

Wireless Configuration for LED Light Fixtures

People’s Choice Award for Best Senior Capstone Design Project

Bailey McElhinney, Hiroaki Nakahara, Jason Wong, Liuhuan Zhang

Wearable Motion Tracking System to Reduce Back Injury

Winner for Best Junior Engineering Design Project

Brayden Box, Owen Kelly, David Sikander

Instrumentation System to Measure Polymer Tensile Strength

Runner-up for Best Junior Engineering Design Project

Daniel Brown, Jacob Bruno, Michael Jacques

Instrument to Measure the Tensile Strength of Common Polymers

People’s Choice Award for Best Junior Engineering Design Project

Amanda Berryman, Kristjan Bruno, Muhammed Shuaib

Low-Cost Implementation of a Polymer Tensile Strength Measurement System

Department of English Awards

The Department of English announced the following awards on Showcase Day:

The Jeffrey Berman Award: Gretchen Graf 
Awarded to recognize academic achievement, with a focus on grief and mental health.  

The Arlene Steinberg Scholarship: Logan Carey  
Awarded to an outstanding junior or senior English major in the field of twentieth-century fiction, poetry, or theater. 

The Vivian Hopkins Scholarship: Auger Copps  
Awarded for outstanding scholastic ability and character in the Department of English. 

The Eleanor Bazzoni 1906 Fellowship:
Zoe Barclay
Awarded for outstanding achievement in English, French or German. 

The Leah Lovenheim Award:
Sebastian Stone for “Jude” 
Awarded annually for best student short story.
Honorable Mentions: Robert Vivas for “King;” Mena Brazinski for “Lucy in the Sky;” and Troy Ashcroft for “Oklahoma”

The Shields McIlwaine Award: Kaitlyn Kessinger for “we are all made of sun” 
Awarded annually for best student poem.
Honorable Mentions: Emma Dickinson for “Mother’s Milk;” Victoria Zickas for “The Burden of Humans”  

People's Choice Awards

Showcase Day attendees voted to select the winners of the People's Choice Awards.


Best Undergraduate Student Posters, Presentations & Performances 

STEM: Afraa Kolaib, “Sustainability And Partnership for Impact” 

Arts: Kaitlyn Dembowski’s photography project, “The Stories Behind the Rainbows” 

Social Sciences: Mauricio Rodriguez, Proposal to Examine the Relationships of Eating Disorders with College Major, Immigration Status, and Class Year” 

Business: Daniel Finne, UASBIG Pitch 

Humanities: Katerina Bucek, “Translation Theory as Applied to Korean Sijo Poetry” 

Online: Maxam Daniels, “Unessay Cómo hacer té para gente perezosa” 


Best Graduate Student Posters, Presentations & Performances 

STEM: Omkar Kulkarni, “GARGI: Selecting an aesthtically pleasing Gaze-Aware Representative Group Image in Live Photos” 

Arts: Robin Du Plessis’s work at the MFA Exhibition 

Social Sciences: Ehasuyi Gomes, “The role of doulas and Black Women’s Maternal Health” 

Business: Isaiah Olavarria, “Advancing Entrepreneurship in the Capital Region: MBA Students and the Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) Program” 

Education: Gillian Bausch, Wuri Kusumastuti, Tom Underwood, “Designing for integrated learning trajectories - ETAP DocS as a case study for bringing a distant and diverse learning community together in new ways” 

Humanities: Nyssa Knarvik, “Development of lexical complexity in Spanish learners” 


Best Group Posters, Presentations & Performances 

Posters: Shivam Barot, Lorrain Bernard, Scott Berntsen, Ajsia Cabrera, Michael Castellano, Andrew Frauenberg, Faith Froehlich, Talya Grant, Taryn Hodge, Sherene Josephs, Isabella LaForte, Danielle Long, Emily Ludden, JaNai McAdoo, Jacklyn McCarthy, Selena Mohammed, Angely Montero, Robert-Joseph Robichaud, Joseph Rosi, Nicole Supliguicha, Rachell Tinoco, Emily Wilson and Eunice Yuen, “First-Generation College Student Status and Academic Success at UAlbany” 

Presentations: Samantha Mayers, Ari Wyner, Jason Moon and Dominick Foti, “Computer and IoT Hacking Demonstration” 

Performances: Alexandra Clougher, Ali Lancia, Breanna Phillips, Caroline Tyburski, Elana Bynoe, Ellie Sarratori, Emma Dworetsky, Gabby Samson, Grace Firman, Grace Mancuso, Kiah Carr, Madison Galarneau, Savannah Silva, Sophie Giles and Sophie Koutsoftas, UAlbany Dance Council Performance, “Ellie Hip Hop” 

Online: Ariana Ball, Yoaliz Bonilla, Tyra Echevarria and Aaliyah Hussain, “La salud mental (Mental Health)” 

Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022-2023 Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research:

  • Liam Monahan, Department of Anthropology

  • Emily Lucy, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Science

  • Alexandra O'Keefe, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Science

  • Emma Saidenberg, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Science

  • Lia Prager, Department of Biological Sciences

  • Arlin Rodriguez, Department of Biological Sciences

  • Hannah Talbot, Department of Biological Sciences

  • Charles Cinquemani, Department of Business Administration

  • Klaudia Rogala, Department of Business Administration

  • Michael Spoto, Department of Business Administration

  • Joshua Cho, Department of Computer Science

  • Loc Huynh, Department of Educational Psychology and Methodology

  • Natasha Edwards, Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

  • Ethan Fowler, Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

  • Logan Carey, Department of English

  • Gretchen Graf, Department of English

  • Morgan Sherlock, Department of English

  • Kai Stingone, Department of English

  • Brianna Collora, Department of History

  • Kylie Cooper, Department of Political Science

  • Razan Elsir, Department of Political Science

  • Luke Morello, Department of Political Science

  • Amanda Scarlata, Department of Psychology

  • Jessica Abriel, School of Social Welfare

Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry (WCI) Awards

The Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry (WCI) presented awards at two ceremonies held during UAlbany Showcase. The first ceremony honored oral presentations and poster session presenters. The second ceremony honored winners of the WCI Writing Contest.


Oral Presentations & Poster Sessions
  • Maliyka Aziz

  • Caroline Bittle

  • Evan Block

  • James Cuddy

  • Serigne Diouf

  • Daniela Escamilla

  • Mattie Fitzpatrick

  • Kira Gruber

  • Skylar Hollingsworth

  • Kaila Johnson

  • Jasleen Kaur

  • Brianna Langston

  • Maggie LaPine

  • Sophia LoRe

  • Leeza Milman

  • Millee Modasra

  • Kellianne Parrett

  • Leah Punnoose

  • Ana Radojevic

  • Julie Repanti

  • Tishan Roye

  • Maddison Smith

  • Vinishasree Thumilan

  • Kyle Wolff

  • Rachel Wolk

  • Jordene Wynter


WCI Writing Contest
  • Kate Bucek

  • Kelsey Classen

  • Julie Hong

  • Allison Quaranto

  • Sharie Rhea

  • Emma Rumney

School of Public Health Student Poster Day 

A total of 78 students presented research during the School of Public Health Student Poster Day at Albany Showcase. 

Excellence in Scholarship winners ($250 award) and Honorable Mention winners ($150 award) were selected for each academic subject area. 

Monetary awards for the 16 winners, totaling $3,000, were sponsored by Health Research, Inc. (HRI). 

Biomedical Sciences 

Fifteen students presented research posters in this academic subject area. The award winners are: 

Excellence in Scholarship: Ryan Schneider ($250 award) 

Honorable Mentions:  

  • Kathleen McCarthy ($150 award) 

  • Rachel Fay ($150 award) 

Environmental Health Sciences 

Thirteen Environmental Health Sciences students presented research posters. The award winners are: 

Excellence in Scholarship: Najm Alsadat Madani ($250 award) 

Honorable Mentions:  

  • Cindy Arthur ($150 award) 

  • Kimberly Mergen ($150 award) 


Twelve students presented research posters in this academic subject area. The award winners are: 

Excellence in Scholarship: Charlotte (Bishan) Huang ($250 award) 

Honorable Mentions:  

  • Isa Brackett ($150 award) 

  • Alexandra Frary ($150 award) 

Health Policy & Management 

Sixteen students presented research posters in this academic subject area. The award winners are: 

Excellence in Scholarship: Maeve McCulloch ($250 award) 

Honorable Mentions:  

  • Rebecca Pendergrass ($150 award) 

  • Yodit Berhan ($150 award) 

Social Behavior & Community Health 

Twenty-two students presented research posters in this academic subject area. The award winners are: 

Excellence in Scholarship:  

  • Jamie Reedy ($250 award) 

  • Danielle Pellino ($250 award) 

Honorable Mention:  

  • Allison Nolan ($150 award) 

  • Ashley Shayya ($150 award)

A student gestures toward a research poster board with colorful maps of New York State at a poster session at UAlbany Showcase.