World of Politics and Policies for Transfers

The World of Politics and Policies is a unique opportunity for new transfer students who share a passion for politics, government, and public policy to live and learn together in a fun community on campus. Membership in this World is a great way to get to know faculty who specialize in this field and to learn more about University resources that you can utilize to be a successful student here.

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Rockefellar College Staff


There is space on Alumni Quad to live with other students in the World of Politics and Policies students, however living together is optional. You can be a part of this community whether you live on Alumni, somewhere else on campus, or commute! Living with other transfers who have similar goals and interests means you will have a supportive network of peers right from the start. You can study together and attend social and co-curricular programming together. Friendships form quickly in Learning Communities!

Students on Alumni Quad


The World of Politics and Policies will take one class together in the fall semester of your first year here, and attend UAlbany events together. This class will be a Political Science class that meets on the Rockefeller campus (conveniently located just a few blocks away from Alumni Quad). 

Fall 2015 L-LC Course
RPAD/RPOS 329: Bureaucratic Politics

Examples of co-curricular events:

Field trips to the Capitol
Tours of legislative buildings
Live on Alumni Quad in the downtown Albany area to be immersed in New York State government offices and resources
Networking and leadership events
Weekly meal gatherings with your World
Study sessions with L-LC friends


As a member of a Learning Community you will have a built in community of friends and colleagues right from the start!

Friends: Study and socialize with fellow Learning Community members. Tackle courses with your friends by forming study groups where you live!

Transfer Transition Leaders: Meet with a TTL weekly! Learn the ropes from an undergraduate peer mentors who also transferred into UAlbany. They will plan study sessions, community service and social events for your world. If you are an active member within your Learning Community and want to help future transfer students, you could become a Transfer Transition Leader for the World of Politics and Policies after your first semester!

Lead Faculty Member: Get to know a member of the faculty outside of the classroom!
World of Politics and Policies Lead Faculty: Professor Michael Christakis, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Zakhar Berkovich, Director of Undergraduate Student Services for Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

World Representatives: Leadership opportunities abound in the Learning Communities! Earn a spot as a World Representative by being a leader in your Learning Community! World Representatives are elected by the Learning Community to represent the group at meetings throughout the academic year.