Heather Sheridan

Heather Sheridan

Associate Professor, Area Head
Department of Psychology
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Social Sciences 317
Heather Sheridan

Research Interests: 

Reading is a complex skill that provides a rich domain for studying language, attention, vision and memory.  By studying reading, I hope to understand how visual expertise develops, individual differences in performance, the link between eye movements and on-going cognitive processing (i.e., the eye-mind link), and a variety of related phenomena (e.g., lexical ambiguity resolution, re-reading, and cross-language differences).  A key goal of my current work is to understand the time course of the cognitive, perceptual and neural processes that support reading, by integrating findings from a wide range of tasks and methodologies (e.g., eye tracking, distributional analyses, computational modeling, ERP/EEG).  More broadly, I am also interested in other domains of visual expertise beyond reading (e.g., chess expertise), as well as learning, memory, and the conscious/unconscious distinction.