Faculty Mentoring

What does mentorship look like at UAlbany? 

The University at Albany encourages its faculty to develop mentoring programs and cultivate a culture of mentoring on our campuses.  

Mentorship is about the flow of knowledge between people, and not necessarily in only one direction or within a hierarchy. Whether you are a junior or senior faculty member, your peers are a valuable resource. 

Individual faculty members, academic departments, schools, colleges and the University itself all have a role to play in fostering mentor-mentee partnerships on our campuses.

While this guide emphasizes the mentoring of junior faculty, opportunities for mentorship can and should be available to faculty of all ranks. 


UAlbany’s Guide to Faculty Mentoring 

  1. Starting a Mentoring Initiative: Learn why mentoring matters and how to start a mentoring program. 
  2. Mentoring Best Practices: Learn how to foster mentoring as a dean or department chair. 
  3. Guidelines & Resources for Mentors: Learn how to structure an effective mentoring relationship. 
  4. Guidelines & Resources for Mentees: Learn how to get the most of your mentoring relationship.

Templates & Worksheets: