Online Ordering Registration

To register for online ordering with State funds, or to update a current profile, please email [email protected] . For RF accounts, please contact Sponsored Programs Administration.

We offer a number of online ordering systems that enable users to place orders from state contracted vendors directly.

Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead:

Industrial Supplies:

Laboratory Chemicals & Supplies:

You will receive login information directly from the vendors.

You must be authorized to place orders using state accounts. The authorized signatures list, managed by the Accounting Office, can be found here. If you are not an authorized signatory for the state account(s) provided, you will need to either provide an approver who is an authorized signatory or have an authorized signatory complete the Online Ordering Account Authorization Form.                  

If your orders require approval from a authorized signatory, select "yes" on the online ordering registration form and boxes will appear to enter the approver's information. Please note, all scientific orders require final approval from Procurement Services (this will happen automatically, you do not need to enter this information).

Effective December 17, 2018, Procurement Cardholders must use their p-card to pay for Staples/Proftech purchases. Please follow these detailed instructions on how to add your p-card information to your profile. If you receive a new pcard, please contact Procurement Services to update your Staples profile. Staples profiles using p-cards do no require an approver.

Letterhead, Business Cards & Envelopes

The University has established an online storefront with Pugs Print for letterhead, envelopes and business cards preformatted with the University logo and word mark.

The layout and design of University Stationery Items cannot be altered or modified in any form. Stationery fonts, logos, and designs are all to be produced with adherence to the University Graphic Identity Manuals. For more information, please contact The Office of Communications and Marketing.

Business cards may also be ordered from The Rapid Copy Center.

Lab Supplies

The University currently takes advantage of the New York State Office of General Services' contracts for lab supplies to provide desktop ordering of commonly used items.

Those items requiring special approvals such as radioactive materials, lasers, syringes and live vertebrates (lab animals) may not be ordered using the online system.

Please note that this ordering system is also separately available for RF Accounts.

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