Online Ordering Registration

To register for online ordering, please submit our ONLINE ORDERING REGISTRATION FORM. The information will be received by the Purchasing Office and forwarded to the appropriate vendor(s).

Effective December 17, 2018, Procurement Cardholders with Staples user IDs must use their p-card to pay for Proftech purchases. After you receive your Staples user ID and login information, please follow these detailed instructions on how to add your p-card information to your profile.

From the online ordering registration form, you may select from the following vendors:

Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead:

Office Supplies:

Industrial Supplies:

Laboratory Chemicals & Supplies:

You must be authorized to place orders on the accounts that you select. The authorized signatures list, managed by the Accounting Office, can be found here. If you are not currently authorized to place orders for any accounts that you selected, please have an authorized account signatory complete the Online Ordering Account Authorization Form. This form can be returned to the Purchasing Office in person, by fax 7-4571, or email at                  

If your orders require approval from a supervisor, select "yes" on the form and boxes will appear to enter the approver's information. Please note, all scientific orders will require final approval from the Purchasing Office (this will happen automatically, you do not need to enter this information).

Please feel free to contact us with any issues or questions at 7-4579.

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