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Think clearly, argue persuasively, write effectively

Practical Reasons to Study Philosophy

Philosophy comes from the Greek meaning "love of wisdom." Thinking deeply about philosophical questions can be very rewarding. But what can you do with it at the end of the day? Philosophy is fundamentally about thinking clearly, reading carefully, arguing persuasively, and writing effectively. You can apply these skills to any problem and that can be more valuable than learning facts about a specific field.

Studying philosophy is flexible. Since there isn't a strict sequence of courses, it makes a great second major or minor regardless of what you want to do after college. The numbers back this up. Philosophy majors make more money 10 years after graduating with an  undergraduate degree than any other humanities field majors. [source]

Through lectures, seminars, guided research, colloquia, student clubs, interdisciplinary and special studies programs, and visiting philosophers, a challenging and balanced context for philosophical development is provided for major and non-major alike.

Instructor Toan Tran helps a student with a logic problem

Alumni Spotlight

alumna Sydelle Alvarez

Sydelle Alvarez, class of 2016, was a Philosophy major with minors in Public Health and Bioethics.

What classes do you remember most fondly?
Morals and Society from my freshman year, I really liked the topic of ethics. After this class I decided to become a philosophy major.

What are you doing now? What are your future plans?
I'm currently a 2nd year masters student studying integrated marketing at NYU and I'm the global digital marketing intern for Calvin Klein fragrances at Coty, Inc. Future plans are to continue working as a digital marketer within the beauty industry.

What impact did studying philosophy have on you?
Studying philosophy taught me how to think critically and outside the box even as a marketing professional where I push myself to constantly develop strategic and creative campaigns.


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