Information for Faculty & Staff

Microcredential Proposals

Professional, Adult & Continuing Knowledge (PACK) works with departments that issue microcredentials by: 

  • Providing guidance on how to develop microcredential programs 

  • Approving and implementing microcredential programs

  • Connecting faculty with employers who want to help their staff expand their skillsets

  • Maintaining a website about UAlbany’s microcredentialing program that includes a University-wide catalog of microcredentials

  • Helping design and create the digital badge that will be posted on Credly Acclaim

Faculty and staff may propose new microcredentials. Please email [email protected] for assistance and guidance on developing microcredentials. 


Evidence of Learning

Digital badges are effective as resume builders in part because they are tangible evidence of learning. To earn a microcredential and its corresponding badge, students must submit that evidence. 

Student Privacy: Since the evidence required to earn a badge must be posted publicly online, students must be allowed to opt out of earning a microcredential. Students who don’t submit the evidence won’t earn the microcredential or the corresponding badge, but they will earn course credit, when appropriate, for completing the assignment. 

Types of Evidence: When microcredentials are built into a course, one of the designated competency-based assignments may be used as evidence. If you plan to offer skills or continuing education badges that are not built into courses, you’ll need to outline a plan for assessment and determine how participants will create physical evidence that they have obtained a skill or competency. 

Credly Acclaim accepts images, videos, audio files, documents and links to be uploaded as evidence. Here are some examples of course work that fall into those categories: 

  • Infographics 

  • Presentation slides 

  • Videos of presentations 

  • Research papers and white papers 

  • Case studies 

  • Completed questionnaires 

  • Interviews 


Policy and Procedure for Microcredentials 

In March 2019, the University at Albany Senate voted to approve this policy and procedure for governing microcredentials at UAlbany: 

Microcredentials at UAlbany are a collection of courses and/or experiences that help students develop and document professional skills and competencies. The University at Albany will offer three types of microcredentials: Professional Pathways, Skill Badges and Continuing Education Badges. Microcredentials will be issued as an icon called a digital badge. They will not appear on the academic transcript, but on an online credentialing platform called Credly Acclaim. Students will earn a microcredential based on tangible evidence of competencies and skills that they will upload to the digital badge on Credly Acclaim.  

Faculty and/or departments will develop microcredentials through a proposal process centralized in the Center for Experiential Education (CEE), which will convene a committee of faculty and staff to review and approve them. This committee will include a current member of the Undergraduate Academic Council (UAC) and a current member of the Graduate Academic Council (GAC). The CEE will report approved microcredentials to GAC for those at the graduate level, to UAC for those at the undergraduate level, and all approved microcredentials to the Senate Executive Committee. 

Learn more about SUNY’s system-wide microcredentialing initiative.